Writer and storyteller

‘Writer ‘
They called. And as usual, I felt offended. Don’t know why, don’t know how. But yes I did! 
I know there must be millions or maybe everybody who finds it a compliment but not me. 
Am I a sadist? Or a maniac? 
God knows! Paradox might be the right word. But let’s not get into this business of defining me.
As this post is a justification of the reason for feeling offended when being addressed as a ‘writer’
During my growing up years, I wasn’t a voracious reader; honestly, I am still the same. I never had the ability to read anything and everything, and I still don’t have unlike many others. (Intellectual people to be precise)
I read only what I like, or only things which bound me to them, called me within themselves, asked me questions, slapped my ideologies, shattered my ego. Yes, I still like such stuff.
No, I am not a geek. As I said, I am a paradox. 
The only thing which I learnt from my choices of books and writings is that, not everyone has an appetite for the so called intellect, not everybody is interested in complicated philosophies, and not everybody is same!  Some people (including me) choose to be lame. And they are happy to be that!
And the most important thing, sometimes the most complicated truths are addressed by simple expressions and many a times the simplest expressions take eons to take the face of truth. 
Too complicated?
Yes it is! If you will view it from the eyes of a writer, yes it is complicated.
But from the perception of a ‘storyteller ‘ it’s simple, you like it! Go for it! You don’t like it! No need to give a fuck about it! No complications, no extravagant motives. Just a plain and candid string of sentences containing the meaning of those flying thoughts.
The patrons of literary masterpieces will as always argue with you for such an attitude, but trust me dude, not everybody is intellectual enough to understand that simple things are more complicated than the ones which seem complicated in reality.
So before you call me a ‘writer’ kindly understand something, I am not here to write, I am here to, ‘tell stories’. 
Of those deadly crimes, of that girl-next-door, of that old faceless face, of that ghost and witch, and many other idiotic things which are so-not-intellectual. 
You think we are rebels? 
Nah. We are just the ‘storytellers’writer vs storyteller
-Udisha M.

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