Why Is The King Always Lonely?

Why is the king Always Lonely

There’s always a desire to be a king in all of us. We want to be number 1, we want to be the rulers and not the ones to get ruled. We run the rat race only to reach the finishing point and then learn that nothing like that really exists. There’s no end to this blind race of desires and unfulfilled wishes. Our expectations only keep soaring and by the time we learn that there’s no winner in this ‘rat race’, it’s already late.

I don’t know if I am the right person to write this, but I really pity the ones who ascend the thrones and entitle themselves with coveted position of the ‘king’.  I really think of their pain as to whom do they really get to talk to when the entire world is under their feet? They don’t have anyone standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them and holding them when they need support. Whom do they really call when they are sick or weak? Or may be, they don’t even have the liberty to be sick or weak. What kind of wretched life is this?

Why do we want to be the king when there’s no companionship, no luxury of friendship there? Why are we such sadist that we want to subject ourselves to so much pain? Why?

And as usual the question remains unanswered.
– Udisha M.


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