Whom am I?

I lay down in my bed,
Tossing and turning adjusting myself in life’s twilight!
A series of moments flash in front of my eyes.
Like a sinking boat on a cyclone’s tide!
What all I did and what all I got?
What all I lost and what all I forgot?
Millions of question flock around,
Like a lost rain cloud craving to pour down!
Whom am I the question rises?
A doll of imperfections or a mountain of flaws.
I am made answerable for every scar I carry.
I am interrogated for every stain in my personal diary.
i stand in front of the mirror,
trying to recognise the stranger in it!
“you are a paradox!”, it screams on my face.
my eyes go quiet and body turns stoned!
living a life of flaws and imperfections,
but still they say, i am doing right.
i try to be a part of crowd,
only to be thrown out,
who am I? the question rises.
A stranger to myself, a question for the soul, 
I wander, I roam, on unknown lands, 
And into unknown worlds, 
Only to know, I am a bird, caged in a golden prison.
I try to flap my wings, 
And try to fly away, 
But I am held by a cage. 
I see the beautiful world, the colors it holds,
Just like a rainbow after  the first rain, 
Just like the golden Sun kissing the horizon, 
I try to reach there, to touch the sun, 
To touch the horizon! 
But what I discover is that they too are mere illusions, 
The horizon keeps shifting and the rainbow disappears! 
Only to make me realise that nothing is real. 
I submit myself to the golden cage, 
Taking it as my fate, 
Who am I? The question rises. 
But this time, I refuse to answer it! 
-Udisha M.

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