Visual Marketing: The Game Changer for Digital Marketers

Visual Marketing is no new term in the Marketing world. Biologically validated, Human brain is more receptive towards visual information and takes it 90% faster. The reason why Image and Video are playing a heavy role in era governed by Social Media. The success of YouTube, as the third most visited website after Google and Facebook and Instagram beating Twitter in terms of user count shows that the consumption pattern of Digital world is clearly inclined towards the visual marketer. Even Facebook had to introduce video functions in its Click-To-Website, Carousel and other ad offerings. Virality of Memes and GIFs in Social Media is no hidden fact.


Intel is rocking its Instagram Marketing with stunning visuals, testimonial videos and real time coverage.

Be it brands or celebrities, they all need to get set with marketing strategies using the power of visuals, specially videos. But the bigger challenge lies in being unique with your visual content, social media world offers a short shelf life of posts. You can definitely go back to Starbucks, Oreo or even Intel for inspiration for your Instagram strategy but you can’t really be successful if you don’t offer something which they don’t. These platforms are littered with stereotypical images of sunsets, birds, food, technology, etc. and the user may simply scroll away your content as well. Making the user stop by your brand is the challenge.


Starbucks is one of the biggest brands on Instagram. They believe in making their brand a part of your routine.

This is again threatening for brands who are looking to create memorable brand stories. The right content at the right time is the thing. Brands really need to define their content themes, image templates, video shoots, much in an integrated manner to create impact. Good visuals backed by targeted ads can surely ensure desired ROIs for brands. Other than this, the targeting of online advertisements need to be meticulously planned. ‘My brand is for everyone’, doesn’t really works in Digital world. Customer Profiling based on age, gender, purchasing power, interest, geographical conditions is prerequisite. Other than this, use of relevant hashtags, timings and consistency in postings is equally important. YouTube videos and Instagram Images/Videos, both need to be interactive to ensure regular consumer engagement. Even a simple one-liner after your post text asking for audience feedback can make a lot of difference. Technical brands can rely on infograph for explaining their cases well, research suggests that presenters who use visual aids are 43% more effective in persuading audience. Slideshare has been highly instrumental in use of presentations to increase business outreach.

Other than these, another aspect of Visual Marketing is Live Streaming; the possibility with applications like Periscope, YouTube Live and Facebook Live have created are enormous for the Social Media Marketer. They can be thoroughly harnessed for sneak peeks, product presentations, behind-the-scene footage, question-answer rounds or simply live coverage of your event. You can even conduct contests with Live Streaming on any of the platforms and cross-promote it across channels. This makes your brand more interactive and fun.

Adding to these, usage of videos can also revitalize the Email Marketing for the better. Embedded videos in mailers can give a better glimpse of your message and definitely generate a greater ROI. Embedded videos can be used on websites as well to give a sneak peek into your product.

Coming to the end, Visual Marketing needs to be a priority for every Digital Marketer and I would advice that instead of rushing to generate fresh video and image content, take a back step; look inside your brand and pick what can be marketed. Use and convert your data into video and move forward to innovate more.

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