Upside Down


Is it some kind of searing pain?

Coz I feel numb..

Numb at heart, mind & soul.

My thoughts have turned so elusive & cold.

I guess life requires further elucidation.

After all, it’s God’s one of the most exquisite creation.

But, he won’t explain

Coz nothing is logically framed.

I try to see things upside down,

But the world still seems the same.

I see people die,

I see people live like they’re dead.

Ask them where is their God.

I bet they won’t even need a second thought.

Men eating men,

That’s what petrifies me.

Is that the gospel truth?

Coz that’s what brutally justifies me.

I am scared of what I do,

And I know you’re one in the queue.

Things have changed.

Cries of pain sound lyrical.

Chirp and laughter seem strange.

Caring expressions feel rhetorical.

Meaning of love is completely re-arranged.

Where was God at the sudden demise of my inner self?

It was sickening.

Blame goes to the devil.

Why weren’t you listening?

The truth is

We are all scared.

Or else “who’s God?”

Nobody would have cared.

The fate for us is cut and dried.

It’s not going to change,

No matter how much we try.

I’ll try to see things upside down again,

But I am quite sure the world will still seem the same.

                                                                                           —Anant Gyan Singh

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