Travel Lessons James Bond Gives Us !

Travelling is a very sassy and interesting hobby. Not only you get to have lots of places to visit but also get to share them. But then, there is traveling and there is traveling in James Bond style. In every Bond movie, two of the most awaited things are the killer tuxedo he showcases and the exotic places where he travels for his next mission. This guy definitely has his travel game on. Be it the business class tickets or his swaggy Aston Martin, he has everything to his standards. The Bond movies have definitely taken the travel expectations to a whole new level.


A suit in hand is always worth its weight

This film image released by Sony Pictures shows Daniel Craig in a scene from the film "Skyfall." The super spy might be 50 years old on screen but he never wants to look out of date. It's a unique dressing challenge for a character that is simultaneously modern and timeless. Costume designer Jany Temime says her mantra for the entire wardrobe of “Skyfall,” which opens Friday, was “iconic for 2012.” (AP Photo/Sony Pictures, Francois Duhamel)

Bond may not seem to be a fan of excess baggage, but one thing that is always on him is his impeccably tailored suit. Whether he would be about to blow an oil tank or cross a sea, he would be always be dressed in his suit which he would flaunt after opening his cover clothes. Likewise, carrying an extra piece for spontaneous occasions,be it a last minute dinner plan or rocking in a casino, you won’t ever regret going prepared.


Speak the language people understand

James bond style hacks

Going to a foreign country, and the first problems that are inevitable is that of the language. No doubt getting a guide cuts your problems in half, but knowing the local language definitely gives you an advantage. And chicks dig for such men who can take control of the conversation. It’s not well known but Bond is fluent in many languages. Be it joking with the valet in Tomorrow Never Dies, or fooling Denise Richards with his Russian in The World Is Not Enough, Bond shows his excellence in sporting various languages skilfully and that what makes him the man of mystery he is.


Blending in like chameleon

James bond how to drink

For Bond, his friend is his vodka martinis. But being a classy traveler, he doesn’t hesitate to ditch his drink for the taste of the local bartender. Be it cheering mojitos in Die Another Day or Mint Juleps in GoldFinger, he doesn’t think in trying some new taste. After all shedding old habits and tastes for the sake of new ones are all the riches of keeping traveling as a hobby. Even though Bond insists on keeping his name to identify himself instead of fake identity, these little actions show that he makes efforts to blend in, which is as very essential


Knowing the place of your taste in every place you visit

James bond style tricks

After a long day of endless traveling and sightseeing the last dilemma, one wants to get trapped is ‘Where to eat?’ Even in The Living Daylight, after the plane crash the one thing, he said that flushed the stress out “I know a great restaurant in Karachi”. Knowing a good place to eat which can please your taste buds is a great asset, especially when you are in strange lands.


Wasting your resources on expensive traveling

james bond travel destination

Although we see Bond traveling in class, but needlessly wasting on cars when not needed is indeed not his style. After all, money saved is money earned. And it’s also frustrating to spend more on something and not being able to get full back from it. And for Bond, it’s only about wasting bad guys, not anything else.


Yeah, it’s all about comfort

james bond travel destinationjames bond travel destination

Bond may be careful in spending, but when it comes to hotels, he is all money. When he is walked into a fleabag Bolivian hotel, he went all raged up as he stormed out of the hotel and lead straight to a five-star hotel. Because, rental cars might be something he can make exceptions in, but comfort and peaceful rest period is the secret to a memorable trip.


Technology can be a blessing

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Not everyone can get to have sassy gears before every trip as Bond gets to have, but having your phone battery charged, your headphones on and your I pad loaded with movies and books can save you from lots of travelling nonsenses and get off your harassment, as well as are a good friends when travelling alone. And after that, one thing Bond gives you is to bring all the equipment back safe and alive.

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