Travel diaries – 7 bollywood celebrities and their favourite destinations

When it comes to talking about the Bollywood Celebrities, then Indian Fans go crazy about knowing more and more information about them. It may be about their cars, Houses, their personal life information and other such. Some of the Famous Bollywood celebrities and their favorite destinations all around the world includes:

  1. Salman Khan, Dubai


Whenever this great Bollywood actor gets leisure time from his shooting schedule, he likes to stay and hang out at him farmhouse in Panvel. But not only this, apart from staying at his farm house he likes to visit Dubai every now and then. He has been wandering in Dubai many times and it seems like Dubai is the favorite destination of Salman Khan to get a sigh of relief from his busy hours.


  1. Shahrukh Khan, London


This Actor is one such Actor whose favorite spot for spending free time is London. He even owns a villa in this glamourous city. In fact, not only London but he can also be seen enjoying with his Family at Dubai or Paris. And after all the tiredness from all around the world, this famous Actor loves to come back at his House in Bandra, Mumbai namely Mannat.


  1. Aamir Khan, London


Mr. Perfectionist-as he is known in the Bollywood Industry. And he is rightly known so as this actor chooses some particular movies as per his choices. This Actor hardly gets free time from his busy schedule and has a much lesser time for traveling. But he loves to enjoy the scenic beauty of buildings and grasslands of London and can be seen wandering in London many of the times.


  1. Anushka Sharma, Italy


Italy love of Anushka Sharma is simply unavoidable. Whenever this beautiful Bollywood actress wants to get away from the hectic schedule and the limelight, she favors taking off to Italy. She loves to enjoy the beauty of Italy and can’t avoid the regular visitings to this beautiful city. So, for this PK Lady, Italy is the most favorable destination from all around the world.


  1. Katrina Kaif, London


This beautiful tall Bollywood actress is from London and her favorite destination is London only. She keeps visiting London every now and then and loves to spend time with her family. This is why the first love of this leggy actress is London. Katrina loves to enjoy and be in the crowd of London.


  1. Hrithik Roshan, South Africa


Bollywood’s Greek God – yes, this is Hrithik Roshan. One of the best dancers of this Bollywood Industry.  This famous actor loves to spend quality time with two of his little boys in South Africa. He did not seem like stopping himself from having visits to this beautiful country.


  1. Kangana Ranaut, Paris


One of the beautiful actresses of this Bollywood industry i.e. Kangana Ranaut cannot stop to show her love for Paris. Her love for Paris can be known from the fact that she loved to play her role in the movie ‘Queen’ as the shooting was done in Paris. So, whenever she gets bored with her monotonous schedule she takes off to Paris.

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