Tinder: When Dating Meets Marketing

Dating is no more a taboo for the Indian youth. Youngsters are getting to Tinder, TrulyMadly, Happn and a lot more dating applications to find a match. Most of these mobile applications rely on Geo-targeting to help their users find a partner. Tinder alone boasts of a 50 million user-base where more than 85% are aged between 18-34. Tinder offers a great opportunity for startups and enterprises to reach out to consumers with a more personalized experience.  However, the brands need to be really smart in making a move. Tinder has some really successful campaigns to boast about overseas but in India we haven’t yet seen any brand harnessing the opportunity well.

The user base of Tinder in India is majorly restricted to metro cities, this is an opportunity and a threat as well. Since, there’s least competition on the platform in India, enterprises and startups can smartly plan campaigns that are engaging and hit the right nerve of the users. Campaigns like that of ‘Ex-Machina Stunt‘ can be a huge success. Bollywood and Hollywood Filmmakers can engage Indian audience with Tinder profiles of their lead actors or villains and set the town talking easily for movie promotion. In the same way, small enterprises or restaurants can attract audience like Domino’s Pizza which allowed Tinder users to swipe right some great deals on Valentine’s Day. In a similar fashion Gillette did a marketing research on Tinder just to find out as to how facial hair affects the popularity of men on dating platforms.

Looking from the Tinder’s perspective, the dating application really needs to allow such campaigns on its platform to boost its popularity in India. Campaigns related to movie promotion/restaurants/social causes etc. will create curiosity among the youngsters and compel them to install the mobile application.

My suggestions for Tinder Campaigns: A find-your-team-match for the Indian Premier League: A campaign wherein the Tinder users can interact with their favorite teams and once they have swiped right the team they wish to support, the teams can tell the users as why they should be with them and redirect the users to their Instagram/Twitter handles. This cross-promotion will help not just boost the social media handles but will increase the branding.

To sum up, being a Digital Marketer, this is going to be an exciting phenomena to watch out for. I am really looking forward to see which Indian brand really takes the risk of starting with a Tinder campaign and making it a success in this world of opportunities yet uncertainties.

Udisha M.

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An Engineer by degree, Digital Marketer by profession and a Blogger by passion, Udisha is an aspiring writer and a published poet. She has contributed on leading Indian and international defence forums. A born foodie, she has a keen interest in contemporary literature and cinema. She’s biased towards humans with intellect. Reach her on

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  1. Sajal

    Very interesting stuff.. I didn’t know so much goes on in tinder. Certainly looks like an unchartered territory and a big opportunity for so many brands out there. I am just not sure what the tipping point would be.


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