The way I will remember you


I will always remember you as an angel,
who walked into my life when all other faces seemed like strangers.
Those large shimmering eyes captivated my soul almost instantaneously.
Don’t get me started coz i can go on praising those eyes for three days continuously.

Nothing can be cuter than your sweet, mischievous smile.
I have always been awe-struck seeing your elegant dressing style.
With that stupefying and bewildering figure,
it was hard for me to maintain my composure.

Your voice and accent complimented each other,
and confidence so high that could make anyone stutter.
You were ambitious and fun loving at the same time.
I remember how soon we became partners in crime

whenever i saw you, you were extending someone your help.
With the most complicated situations, it was you who always tactfully dealt.
You were good to even those who were nasty to you,
You found happiness in smallest of things when most magnificent of things were at service for you.

I still don’t get it how you fell in love with me.
And then you did things for me which no one would have done to set me free.
You played numerous roles in my life,
a friend, my love, a preacher, a teacher and a beautiful wife.

Life couldn’t have been more beautiful without you,
You made my dreams, my imaginations astoundingly come true.
I used to be at seventh heaven when I had you by my side.
You got me from low waist jeans and baggy t-shirts to three piece suits and smart looking ties.
Precisely, you made a man out of a spoilt brat,
You saved me from getting lost in marijuana’s painfully tempting trap.

I never said a word to let you know,
It was you who still understood if I was hurt, sad or hungry for those mouth-watering momos.
It was me who always came first to your head,
Before even thinking bout yourself instead.
You loved me the way no one ever did before.
The sentiments are enormous which I am scared to even bring to the fore.

You were amazing in bed, even better at academics,
Jaw dropping looks disconcerted the paramedics.
You were innocent and naive,
Concomitantly aggressive and brave as warriors and knights.
Your will and might,
made easy the most fierce looking fights.

Your dreams so big, your ego so small,
Thats what made you stand out, thats what made you stand tall.
Your elegance and decency were witnessed at their best,
wherever and whenever my sweet lil child was put to test.
A girl so loving, which she let herself be,
was meant to be out there, so i let her go free.
Like you said the other day: “all the good things come to an end,
but believe me my angel, in my heart, you will always be my silent friend….

                                                                                                                                                               —-Anant Gyan Singh

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