The Unexpected Guest

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redbone coonhound 9 month old

My unparallel love for dogs had been a sentence of nuisance for my family. This was the reason I wasn’t allowed to keep a dog. I tried to persuade my parents to have one but to my utter dismay I failed. I argued for the reasons but my parents always avoided and changed the topic. Finally, I went straight to my granma for the answers. She told me some unrealistic facts about dogs and their uncanny abilities which humans didn’t possess. But she also didn’t give straight forward answers. I left, thinking no one is interested in what I want. This was my childhood.

The childhood desire grew with me and the moment I had the opportunity I had a dog that too a Red Hound. The dog’s previous owner had a grey record and was found dead in his apartment by the local authorities. Never the less who cares, I just wanted the dog. It came with me without any dogmatic melodrama which is uncommon for a pre owned pet. It started living with me. Initially it didn’t respond, didn’t eat etc I tried various combinations of food but no success. One night I saw my dog jumping and wagging its tail. The same gesture a dog gives when it sees its owner, thinking may be dog went insane or may be I m dreaming I slept again. Next morning I saw scratches on my outer door as if the dog frantically wanted to leave. I went to see my dog again but it didn’t respond. I was shocked this stupid creature was dancing at night and what happened to it just by overnight.

             Then I started noticing weird acts by my dog during night which surely  concluded that there is someone else present other than me. That night I went on to search about the previous owner and was shocked to know that the man had been on trial for hunting humans with his dogs. Suddenly I heard scratching on my door, it creaked open and I again saw my dog dancing and giving gestures to its owner. My heart beat skipped and then something fell on the floor. The dog turned towards me with blood red eyes waiting for an answer and the answer came in a shrieking and dreadful voice…

                                                                                                                  —War Child

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