The Story Of a Sadist


He was a broken man. Being in love was the best feeling he ever had. He had an abusive past – a dipsomaniac father and a sweeper mother. His mother never had any time for him. Being their only son, he had to spend long lonely hours. For the whole day, he was either at the Government school or locked up in his room, cooking meals for his abusive father. His father used to beat him up but he never complained to his mother. He studied hard and moved out of his house at the age of eighteen. Now he is a manager in a multinational company.

Years passed by and he met a girl whom he loved more than his own life. She used to hold him when he had nightmares. She used to croon to him until he fell asleep. She used to take away all the horrors of his childhood with sweet kisses. He loved her with all his power and might. Their relationship lasted for two years. Thereafter, she left him saying she had found another man. He wept and cried and cursed God. He shouted out to him, “Why me among them all?” He slowly learnt to cope up with his fear and grief.

He started drinking like his father and came home with a whore each night. The women of the street used to whisper sweet nothings in his ear. One night a whore said to him, “Give me all your pains and I will make them disappear like a witch.” She said she loved him and wanted to help him overcome his grief. He obliged.

He tied her hands with a handcuff and legs with a piece of cloth. He told her how hopeless and broken he felt. Then he brought a sharp knife from his kitchen. It looked like a butcher’s knife. He slowly cut off her long mane and made her bald. He then proceeded to make small gashes and wounds on her unmarked body. “I feel as if I am being stabbed a hundred times”, he said with a lunatic look in his eyes. The girl was filled with acute horror. Her eyes became moist but she kept quiet thinking he will leave her when he is done. After an hour he was done with inflicting this pain.

He still did not uncuff her. “I feel like a fish which has been taken out of water. You see I am suffocating and you said you want to take all my pains? Your demands shall be fulfilled”, he said with his eyes rolling in their sockets. He was laughing like a mad man. The whore realised what situation she has been trapped in. She realised he was a sadist who liked inflicting pain on little girls. There was no escape and no one to help her. She tried to wriggle free from the grip of the handcuffs but in vain. He slowly bought his hands to her neck and pressed it with all his might. She tried to kick and smash him with her tied legs but failed. Everything was blurring and lack of air made her choke. He continued laughing like a maniac. At last, her horror filled eyes came to a deathly standstill. He softly murmured in her ear, “I gave you what you wanted. Its my turn now to take the same medicine.” Saying this, he hanged himself from the ceiling fan, thus bringing an end to this gruesome act.


– Ayushi Gupta

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