The First Ride : Chapter 1



Date :  19th October      motorcycle-riding-tips

It was 5 past four in morning, outside the window it was still dark and I was awake way early then planned, my head was pounding and my spine was still expecting the comfort of bed  but it was my arm which brought me to awareness in the death of night, my left arm was paining badly, excruciatingly . The source was undetected so was the cause. I tried to hold but in vain, was at someone else’s place, and had no choice.

                I called upon my friend who was dead asleep. “I need a Pain relief spray, mine is in saddle bag at your Garage”, he was worried but there was no help to come, most of the medicines were in other room where rest slept.  I had no choice but to tie my arm with the bungee cord and get back to sleep, I had less than an hour to get back on my way.

0700 hours; I checked my watch again, I was late…way late. My left arm was still in pain, I was tired but  low on time; I quickly massaged the relief gel, did my daily score and was at garage within next half hour. Quickly tied the luggage, wiped off the dirt, lubricated the chain, checked the oil level took some quick snaps, switched on the ignition key and kicked

‘Thug…Thug…thug…thug…’ and comes alive the goddess, relieving me from night of despair & agony.

‘JUNE’ had I named her “THE YOUNGER ONE”. The Goddess of marriage – voluptuous, luminous, strong, sexy and scrumptious was few to lionize.

580kms had we covered together, before reaching Vadodara (Gujarat) at 12:30 am last night. It had been a long day but not once had June showed any sign of weariness. Uneven surfaces, eye opening potholes, nerve breaking bumps we saw it all but none ceased our determination. We were good on schedule, 10 hours sharp, exactly what was planned.  775kms was the target for day 2, and if I felt brave enough 1000kms was the dare.

Few minutes more and I was set to move, tied my wrist watch loosely, I believed the strap had one of the wrong nerve and caused the pain. Shashank was guiding me to the highway. Few more minutes of quick but scrumptious breakfast and I bid adieu to the warmth of comfort and hospitality of a good friend.

“Voadodara to Ahmedabad is a bad patch, it would be night, by the time you reach Rajasthan, You must stay down at Udaipur or Chittorgarh “suggested Shashank.

At 100kmph and 15kms from Vadodara, I was yet not sure; stopping at Udaipur or Chittorgarh was never in plan but

With needles of clock already striking the Nine and Twelve, I knew another 775kms before sunset was a dream run.

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