THAT LADY IN MY DIARY || First Meeting. :)



Passengers attention please!!! train number four thousand, one hundred fifty nine,  Allahabad to Ambala, Shambhavi Express  is arriving on platform number 1.

Dhruv stood up from his seat after hearing the announcement and called his porter to get ready with his luggage. A newly “boy turned Man”, Dhruv counted his two black trunks, two skybags, one back-pack and one Laptop bag. His sweat and blood have finally proved its worth and he had those “two stars” stuck on his broad shoulders.  So the G.C. Dhruv Tyagi was now Lt. Dhruv Tyagi.

He was hell happy to have them, but the pain of leaving his Academy Friends behind and walking into the professional life also brought  him pain. He was commisioned in Engineering Corps. A technie fellow in right words!!!

Finally the train arrived at the Platform. Dhruv boarded the train with the luggage and made himself comfortable in the “2nd A.C.” Compartment. He however got some stern looks from his fellow passengers because of his much luggage. Now he was realising why his seniors have advised him to get the trunks by the GATI services.

This was the first time he would see his unit people. He was feeling like a newly wedded bride expecting to see her in-laws for the first time. 


Finally after a tiring journey of 15 hours Dhruv reached Ambala.  A unit senior was standing on the station to receive him. 
“Good afternoon Sir” Said Dhruv in a nervous voice.
“Good Afternoon Lt. Tyagi, welcome to Ambala!!!”, Said Capt. Rathore in an affectionate but commanding tone and shook hands with him.
Dhruv was escorted to his unit office with Capt. Rathore after dumping his luggage in the bachelor’s quarter. The  “newly wedded bride like” poor chap crossed his fingers to gain courage to see his “Saasu Maa” or the C.O. 
“So, My boy!!! You are finally here!!!” said the C.O. tapping his shoulders.
“Yes Sir!!!” replied Dhruv nervously.
“Well!!! I guess Capt. Rathore and Capt. Shekhawat can guide you well to get acquainted to the unit work and customs!!!” ordered the C.O.
Dhruv started wondering, “Now!!! Who the hell is this Capt. Shekhawat??? Must be a Cocky, tyrant man!!!”
“Welcome to the unit Lt. Tyagi”, called a beautiful, soft female voice from behind.
Dhruv immediately turned around and almost went numb to see a beautiful lady wearing the Olive Green Uniform.
He read the name on her uniform mentioned as, “DHRITI SHEKHAWAT”
“Thannnnnnkkkyou ma’am” Dhruv started stammering, he couldn’t digest the fact that the “Cocky, Tyrant Man” he expected is such a gorgeous, graceful lady!!!
He felt a sudden hard and strange blow. He had goosebumps all over his body. God knows what was stored in those beautiful eyes he just could not take it away!!!
He kept wondering………….
“What was this strange feeling….?????????????????????”

-Udisha M.

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