अच्छा लगता है..

अच्छा लगता है..

ये शाम न जाए, कभी रात ना हो         
उदासी-अंद्धेरे की बरसात ना हो
हाँ ले चल मुझे कहीं साथ अपने,
जहाँ बंदिशों की कोई बात ना हो

वो रोना, वो गाना, सताना, मानना,
करें जब जो चाहें,जो दिल ने ठाना,
बहें धार में हम अपने ही दिल के,
मिले हमको वो जो अच्छा लगता है..

 ना दुनिया है ज़ालिम ना लोग दीवाने
ना लब किसी के पुराने फ़साने
क्या आगे निकलने की होड़ बुरी है?
क्या रह जाएँ यहीं पे, नया कुछ ना जानें?

वो बाते पुरानी निकलती नहीं है
मगर उन बातों की गलती नहीं है
इन बातो को सीने से लगा के, कहीं  डूब जाना ही सच्चा लगता है

कहाँ थी ख्यालों की चादर ये फैली
न सिलवट थे इसमें, न दिखती थी मैली
हकीकत से ही तो था याराना अपना
न दूजे की खद्दर न दूजे की थैली

अब चलते-चलते निकल आये आगे,
जाने कब थे सोये और हम कब थे जागे,
क्या खोया क्या पाया की पर्ची भुलाके बस सो जाना ही अच्छा लगता है

सभी ने कहा कि कयामत भी होगी
कभी किसी रोज़ बग़ावत भी होगी,
निकल आयेंगे परिंदे घरो से,
सबपे खुदा कि इनायत ही होगी,

कि चाहे भी हम ये और सोचे भी हम ये,
न हो फिर भी ये हम कह दे सभी से,
बड़ी बाते छोड़ क्यों ना चुन ले लम्हा इन सब के आगे जो बच्चा लगता है.

— Vishal 

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Dad vs Startup – Day 1



*Inspired by  True Events*

                                            DAD                      Vs                       STARTUP                      


BOSS in & as DAD

   Experience of Centuries

   Works as Boss @ Office & Home


Experience – 4 Years

Works as “Who are You?” @ Office

                       Day 1

                        2200 Hours

Typical middle class  environment. Everyone is in the room with television. Dad is reading newspaper, Mom intensely involved in the soap opera, I am looking for appropriate moment to speak , I lower the Volume.  ask-your-dad-blog-300x259

Me : Dad,I have thought of something.

Dad : Good, occasionally people should do such things.

Me : Dad, I am serious

Dad : Say?

Me : I am planning to Quit my job !!

Dad : So, they are Firing You !! (Doesn’t even look at )

Me : No !! I am Discontinuing

Dad : You think so.

Me : Com’on, OK leave it !!

Mom : At least Listen to him (Gets back to TV)

Dad : Speak.

Me : I think……, I believe …… No !!! I have an Idea. I plan to quit my job and start my own company.

Dad : Done??? Huhhh…. .Cant even start the scooter in the garage, and plan to start a company

Me : Its a 25 years old scooter, which has not been used in 6 years.

Dad : See thats the problem with your generation, there is always an excuse to not do something !! Its not about the scooter, its about the attitude…………………………………..still going

………………………………………….still goin

……………………………………………Still going

……………………………………………..still going ..

…………………………………….Think over it, will talk about it later

Me : I have thought a lot

Dad : Later !!


Leaves for bedroom

I look furiously at Mom

Switch Off the Television & leave the room.




Yes, we are introverts!

wallie.539“You are an introvert! A bloody self centred hypocrite! I have never seen a heartless, selfish woman like you! Bloody feminist!”

This was may be the worst kind of insult I have ever been subjected to in my life! But, that was the day, which left me with millions of unanswered questions! Is being an introvert means being self-centred? Or I am a hypocrite? Do I lack empathy to such levels, that I am tagged as heartless, or I am actually this selfish? I do believe in gender equality, but this doesn’t mean I am a feminist or I hate men! wallie.537

Then why were these adjectives being used for me? 

May be because the world has this atrocious habit of judging people by what they look and what they say! If, somebody chooses to differ or stay quiet, he is always a misfit to the ‘crowd’

Yes, we are introverts, and we like being alone! We are deeply in love with our solitude, we don’t like being disturbed or questioned too much about our thoughts! We talk when we want to, we make ourselves unavailable intentionally, just to seek that one moment of love with ourselves! We don’t like a huge bunch of people around us, we prefer being surrounded by a few chosen ones or sometimes not even then!

Is that thing agitating for you?

If yes, then trust me, it’s not our fault! We aren’t self-centred, we do care for people whom we love and trust me, we don’t need to prove this to the world! That’s the beauty of an introvert! 

We are hypocrites? Oh really? We are the ones who are brutal in terms of expression. We don’t give a shit about this world, we are happy to be the weirdos, the bloody misfits! We are WE! And that’s what we are! Is this being hypocrite? Then Yooo…hoooo… We are that!

As far as being selfish or heartless is concerned! Then read the above text, the answer is conspicuous. 

We prefer writing over speaking, we can overwhelm anyone with the power of our pens. We are the quiet ones, but not the lifeless ones! We stay alone because we want to! We take eons to fall in love, or get over with it! Don’t try to push us outside our tiny cubicles, you might lose us forever.  We are not hard to understand, only if you try seeing us with our perspective! 

-Udisha M.