The CHANGE – A Short Story


” Selvi ! How long are you taking? What the hell are you doing anyways? ” screamed Radha from downstairs.

” Right in a minute lady ! “, Selvi cried out. Taking her sari pallu she wiped her forehead. Swish swooshing the floor clean and carried the bucket downstairs to be met by a glaring pair of eyes.

Selvi lowered her gaze immediately. 6 years she has been working for this house and she still can’t seem to muster the courage to face her landlady.

” Amma….”

” Are you even aware of who these people are? They are gonna be here any moment and look at you. Drudging around like an old lass. Buck up now and get yourself moving ! I want the place spick and span in the next half hour “.

Saying this, Radha walked away in a stern manner, her head in the air.

Her girth and determination made all the difference
Her girth and determination made all the difference

Selvi buckled up her pace and started hurrying to get things done.Who would want to listen to this female’s disgracing speech again. No matter how high you go in life, the rich will behave like poorly bred adults, she muttered more to herself.

A momentary flash ensued and she remembered how her kids yearned for Pongal.

Probably if I do well, get in her good books, maybe she will provide me well. What with this being Pongal and the festival spirit lingering in the air. With that, her thoughts continued on a trail, and the next hour went on in her chores that she could forget everything about her misgivings.

Life has been hard on her but still she woke up everyday to a shining sun and a bright blue sky thanking her stars for the blessings she received in the form of her kids. 2 kids and a drunkard for a husband she had an indomitable spirit always remaining upbeat and cheery even when things were going downhill. Her strong willed personality acted as an iron pillar supporting the family.

Soon her work was done and she took leave from her mistress. Just then she was summoned inside.

Radha counted out the money and handed it over to Selvi, her monthly salary.

” And by the way, tomorrow being Pongal and everything, I wanted to give you this “. Saying so, Radha handed over a bag containing old clothes. ” Sara hardly wears these, and maybe you can put them to some use”.

With a light-hearted smile Selvi spoke. ” Amma. I wish to tell you this. I being your maid doesn’t mean I don’t have my dignity. And while the rich lavish in new things, why should we be denied the pleasure of wearing new clothes? “, she asked indignantly. ” I feel touched by your gesture ma. I really am. But it’s a festival and my kids deserve better than somebody’s worn clothes which has been discarded because they had outgrown it or they don’t match with the latest trends. I don’t question your intentions but your attitude hurts me”, she spoke, a huge lump in her throat obstructing her voice.

” Beggars cannot be choosers”, came the harsh reply, the steel in Radha’s voice unmistakable.

” Just to clarify Mam, I am not what you call , ‘ a beggar ‘. I earn my money fair and square. And I definitely don’t need somebody’s used items. Now, if you will excuse me. I have better things awaiting me back home”, and with that Selvi turned her back to an astonished Radha.

Off she walked, away from that place, her head in the air and the roads ahead blurred in her blinding vision.

                                                                                                                                                             – Pavithraa  Swaminathan

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Ikraar – e – Mehfil

Ikraar – e – Mehfil




ikraar – e – mehfil Pic credit :














— Shakti singh

About the writer: Shakti Singh is an amateur poet from the City of Nawabs, Lucknow. He’s pursuing CS and has a deep interest in poetry and music. His writings reflect the symbiotic nature of languages, Urdu and Hindi of the Awadhi region. Stay with us to read more of his work.

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You ain’t a Tourist; I ain’t a Traveler


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Image source:

This is not uncommon for us to find articles, blogs, quotes and pictures on the internet which make a comparison between a traveller and a tourist. There is no complication in defining the two words in different ways if they want. The origin of the word “Travel” is most likely lost to history, so all the definitions circulating today are mostly based on different perceptions. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word comes from middle English word “Travelen” , which means to torment, labour, strive or journey and the earlier from an ancient French word “Travailler”, which means to work strenuously or toil.

Also, as per Oxford Dictionary, the word “travel” means “To make a journey, typically of some length”; word “Traveller” is defined as “A person who is travelling or who often travels”; and the word “Tourist” means “A person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure”. Based on their definitions alone, the two words “Traveller” and “Tourist” are pretty much the same. The only difference can be attributed to the frequency or the purpose of travel. But, the meaning of both these similar words have been modified quite effectively over the years majorly owing to the way these have been used and shared on the internet between the users.

In a gist, the contrast that I established based on the new definitions passing rounds on web was that Tourists love to travel with everything planned well in advance, be it destination, routes, mode of transport, stays, expenditure, food, people accompanying them on their tours and everything which they feel is needed. Whereas, Travellers are the ones who take off for unknown destinations (pre-dominantly alone) based on their instincts without much of a plan and see things as they come across to them. Those are the definitions I believe to be fair to quite an extent in today’s scenario.

I am listing a few quotes from some renowned people, which can regularly be spotted on the social media networks.

“Please be a traveller not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people and look beyond what is right in front of you. Those are the keys to understand this amazing world.” –Andrew Zimmern 

“Tourists don’t know where they have been; Travellers don’t know where they are going.” –Thomas Theroux

“The traveller sees what he sees; the tourist sees what he has come to see.” –G.K. Chesterton

“A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”- Lao Tzu


A post on the internet I came across also said:

“A tourist observes, sticks out, complains and is oblivious; while a traveller experiences, blends in, is curious and sensitive.”

You ain’t a Tourist; I ain’t a Traveler
You ain’t a Tourist; I ain’t a Traveler

There are endless quotes and pictures out there to promote travelling, which in almost all cases is someone’s personal opinion and which is great to have too. The not so great side is the way people have perceived it through these quotes and comparisons and how this difference is being portrayed all over the internet belittling the ones who plan their journeys in advance, The Tourists. Undoubtedly, planned travel can give you an equal amount of experiences and pleasure as an unplanned travel could, given you do the things the way you like them.

While travelling across India myself, I was all alone initially and I also did not plan my travel when I first left. But, there were months or days in between when I travelled with friends and family with the whole itinerary planned and ready. It pretty much kept on happening on and off during the whole year of my travel. That made me a traveller for a few months and a tourist for the others. I did not find anything inappropriate or undesirable in planning my trips once in a while. It is true that it takes a lot of time and efforts to plan (which has it’s own fun) and accomplish a trip that suits your taste. It is all worth it if it makes your trip as delightful, pleasurable and exciting at the end as you want it to be.

It’s irrational in my personal view to demean any of the two ways of travelling when in the end all that matter is the movement and experience we get out of it. Having the same idea, which is to see the world, I believe everybody has both a traveller and a tourist in them. If the new definitions are to be believed, I guess we need both of them while we move; it all depends on how you want to travel and who you want to be in that particular moment. The world is huge. Let us try both ways of seeing it.

                                                                                                                                                                        -Anant Gyan Singh

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He was rummaging through his cupboard to find the small pills which lulled him to sleep. The cupboard was huge and finding one small bottle was an arduous task for him. It had been three full months since the onset of this life taking disease. People thought of him as retarded but none among them knew that he has been suffering from acute depression.

He was always a jovial child. He scored well throughout the 10 years of his school life. He was among the top five position holders of his school. A bright child, they called him, who was adept in many extra curriculars. Badminton, swimming, painting, pottery and writing were his muse. What other quality could parents yearn for? Teachers were always happy with him. He always won accolades for his school. Everyone was proud of him. Little did they know the oodles of negative emotions he carried in his heart. How could they even guess when he was always smiling? He never cried, never got angry and didn’t speak much.

a sisters letter

This little gentleman never told people that he was bullied for two continuous years. He never told people the shit he went through when he was just 10 years old. His classmates used to make fun him. They would call him ugly (though there were many uglier people than him in his school)  but that bunch of bullies always chose him as their target as they know he was weak at heart. He used to ignore them but late at night, when every one was in a deep slumber, he cried his heart out. Years passed by and he learnt to ignore people. Suddenly, there was a fall in his marks. He wanted to prove all those people that he was not ugly. He started working hard and made his mark in the school. But bullies have no bounds. They now resorted to use his falling marks against him. They called him dumb when all he was, was innocent. They called him a food- the same fool who topped in his class. They called him a gigolo as he never had any girlfriend. He was a true gentleman who never broke a girl’s heart. He never believed in flings but always in true love. How unfortunate that the bullies were not able to find the diamond in his heart.

Now he stood on the cold floor searching for sleeping pills. He wanted to end his life for once and for all. Suddenly, he found a small blue envelope. It was his sister’s letter. She had been in the USA for the past six months. She was well aware of the inner turmoil he was going through. He remembered each and every word she wrote to him in that letter. The end said, “There will be many people who would taunt you for what you are. You will always have to work hard to make them shut their mouths  but if you quit midway, you will be damned. Life is all about dying with the things you never acquired by birth. Work hard, stay positive and overcome your fears.” With tears in his eyes, he kept the letter close to his heart and began with his late night studies. He thanked his sister for being his inspiration and telling her the way of life. Never in the history had a sister’s letter saved the life of her little brother.


– Ayushi Gupta

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RED!!! – The Cold Murder

RED!!! – The Cold Murder

Red - The Cold MurderInvestigations were going on in full swing. Inspector Dwivedi kept visiting the siblings every now and then. Every time when the inspector came for queries, he got a much valid proof showing that Akshat’s sister is the prime accused. 

She kept screaming and crying that it’s not she, who is responsible for such a heinous act, but nobody was able to prove anything in her favor! Akshat, Nischal and Jennie all were in dilemma, as to these allegations had some truth in them or were merely a part of half-way investigations! She was even asked not to leave the city till the time investigations were not over.

“Akshu! I swear! I could never as hell think of such thing for mom and dad!”, his sister cried begging him to understand her.

“Relax sister! We love you and won’t let anything wrong happen to you!”, Akshat consoled her.

“Akshu then why are they blaming me? I haven’t done anything! I swear!”, she kept sobbing on his shoulder.

“We know sister; you can never as hells do such a thing! Don’t worry! Cops will catch hold of the real culprit very soon!”, said Jennie who was sitting next to Akshat and was actually feeling very sorry for the way their sister was being made to suffer.


Few more days rolled away, it was a Sunday evening, Akshat and Jennie came back to their home after having dinner with Nischal and their sister. Both of them seemed tensed with whatever was happening in the family.

Jennie sat on the sofa, staring blankly at the ceiling.
“What happened sweetheart?”, Akshat asked her.
“Nothing  Akshu! I am just a little worried!”, she answered.
“Even I am! I am afraid of whatever is going to come next!”, said he wiping his forehead.
“Akshu can didi ever do such kind of thing?”, she asked anxiously.
“I don’t know Jennie! I won’t be able to trust anyone from now on! I can’t even think that the murderer of our parents is one of us!”, he replied.
“Me too!”, she laid her head on his shoulder.

He kissed her forehead and hugged her tight.
“Let it go sweetheart! Forget everything for a while!”, he kissed her lips and smelled her hairs.
“Akshu I am scared!”, a drop of tear rolled down Jennie’s eye.
He wiped her tears and kissed her eyes, “Your eyes are not meant to shed tears my angel! You are my queen! And you will always be treated like that, irrespective of what the world says!”, he smiled at her. Jennie smiled back faintly; she was still stressed because of things happening around.

Akshat stood up and headed towards the kitchen.
“Akshu! Where are you going?”, she questioned him.
“C’mon honey! Its Sunday today, it’s my duty to prepare the after meal coffee!”, he replied from the kitchen itself. She had actually forgotten that Akshat used to prepare coffee on every Sunday night! 

Jennie went to change her attire and when she came back, she saw Akshat sitting with two mugs of coffee in his hand. She smiled at him, “Ummm… the aroma is delicious my king!”
“Yes it is my highness!”, Akshat replied playfully.

“Hey! Why haven’t you changed your clothes till yet?”, she noticed that he was still wearing the same soiled clothes.
“I will! Once we have this royal drink!”, he winked and smelled the coffee as if it was some cocktail served to him by some spell-bounding beauty!

“Nope! I am not going to hear anything! Go and change your clothes fast! These clothes are dirty and smelly! They don’t befit my king!”, she held his hand and started pulling him.

Akshat finally gave up and went in to change; when he came back he saw Jennie had already finished her cup of coffee.  Akshat finished his coffee and they both kissed each other goodnight and went to sleep.


Next morning Jennie woke up quietly and slipped into her shoes! Without waiting much she picked a knife and packed a considerable amount of red chilli powder from the kitchen.

She opened the bedroom window discretely and slipped out of it to the apartment’s garden and hurried her steps towards the country-side Shiv temple where Akshat’s sister used to go on every Monday.

After half an hour or so, she reached the temple and saw Akshat’s sister’s slippers lying outside the temple. She understood that she is there inside still offering the prayers. She hided herself behind a nearby stall and waited for her to come out.

Akshat’s sister showed up after 10-15 minutes, Jennie started following her without giving her any clue. After passing half a distance or so Akshat’s sister realised that someone was following her! She froze away at that very place, her forehead was sweating profusely, hands were trembling in fear! She knew that something was seriously wrong around her!

She turned back, but found no one; she felt a little relieved thinking that she might be hallucinating things! She turned forward, but saw a tall figure wearing burqa attacking her with a knife, she screamed in terror and the plate with holy offerings fell out of her hands! 
She tried making an attempt but was completely blocked by the assaulter. 

“Leave me! Please let me go!”, she cried for help, making futile attempts to escape the assaulter who had pointed the knife straight at her eyes and was ready to pierce it inside.

“aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…!!!”, he screamed and suddenly fell backward. Jennie had banged his head with a heavy stone. He stood up and pulled out the veil from his face. Jennie was almost desensitized to see Akshat threatening his own sister. His head had started bleeding because of Jennie’s attempt.

He pushed Jennie aside and picked the knife to attack on his sister, Jennie couldn’t think of anything and picked the same stone again and banged his head in the same way! This time the thunder was much louder, Akshat fell on his back, with blood gushing out of his head and spilling out to make a pool.

“Jennie! I love you Jennie and these people need to learn to respect you! I won’t let them live because they hate you!”, he screamed to her like a psychologically challenged man and made an attempt to stand up and attack his sister! She didn’t think of much and banged the stone again on his face, he screamed as much loudly as he could!

His face was almost disfigured, with blood pushing its way from his nose, ears, eyes, mouth and every possible corner, still his shivering hands showed that a sign of life in his body still left, he was still a potent threat to the family. 

She pulled the stone as high she could, and banged it straight on to his chest, Akshat’s body thumped, showing a sign of pain and reaction for the last time, and those shivering hands and legs were numb forever.

Jennie had killed her own husband to save his sister. She crashed on road staring at his lifeless body lying in a pool of blood, now she knew that why he made her drink coffee on Sunday nights, so that she could be numb for the whole Monday and why he complained that he cannot figure out what he did on Monday! Why he chose Monday to kill his parents! 

Akshat’s sister called up inspector Dwivedi and Nischal immediately. She was herself startled by whatever had happened in front of her eyes! Nischal and the Inspector reached the spot with few of his assistants, his case and mystery were solved now, and they were solved only because of Jennie, who told them many such in-discrepancies in her husband’s schedule which showed him as a potent accused.  

“We are sorry for your loss ma’am! But we really want to thank-you!”, said the inspector trying to console Jennie who was still in a state of shear shock!

Akshat’s each and every memory kept flashing in front of her eyes, his hugs, his kisses, his love! And she kept staring at his lifeless body lying in the pool of RED blood! Life had taught her the most difficult lesson today that, NOT ALL LOVE-STORIES ARE FAIRY TALES!!!


-Udisha M.

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RED !!! – AB Positive

RED !!! – AB+

Red - ABpositiveJennie, Akshat and his sister were in shear shock! They didn’t knew how to react to such kind of situation. Akshat’s mind kept pondering over the fact that who could have been that one person who knew so well about his parents and had a grudge with them too.

He called up Nischal and asked him to come home as soon as possible! Nischal was busy with some clients and hence refused to be home soon.
“Brother! Can it actually happen this way?”, Akshat’s sister asked him almost out of senses.
“I don’t know sister! We all are being kept under surveillance as if we all are culprits! Why will you and me or Nischal even think of hurting our parents?”, he answered her back.
“Keep cool guys! Everything will be alright! Don’t worry! The real culprit will be caught soon!”, said Jennie trying to console both of them.
“Akshat I need to talk to you!”, asked Nischal.
“Yes brother!”, replied Akshat looking at Nischal strangely, he never addressed him as ‘Akshat’, that was way too formal for his brother to address him.
“You know what? I feel really alone these days!”, he told his grief.
“I can understand that brother, I am also missing mom and dad a lot!”, Akshat added.
“Can I ask you something?”, Nischal looked into Akshat’s eyes.
“Akshu! Please come back! This office, this business everything seems haunted to me now! Dad is no more, whom shall I talk too when I need someone?”, Nischal was almost in tears but was any how controlling himself. He had been working under his dad since always and suddenly now he had to take care of everything all alone! He felt lost and lonely both at personnel and professional level.
“Brother! Dad wanted me to leave this home and business, so I won’t insult him by coming back into it, but this doesn’t means I am not there with you! I will be there with you at each and every step of your life brother!”, Akshat placed a lovable hand over Nischal’s shoulder.
“Akshu! I know dad was strict but he loved you a lot, he never thought of throwing you out! That was just a little bit of anger, it wasn’t his last decision!”, Nischal tried convincing the intentions of their dad. 
“I don’t know about all that brother, and I won’t comment much as well! Just remember you will have me by your side whenever you need me! OK?”, Akshat stood up and gave a warm hug to Nischal who smiled faintly at him. 
Jennie was watching both of them talking and was feeling happy that at least Akshat’s brother understands him well.
A day or two passed for the police inquiries, inspector Dwivedi came back with the autopsy reports. 
“Can I have all the three of you before I can talk!”, asked the inspector.
“Yeah sure! Give me few minutes I will call my brothers!”, said Akshat’s sister who had opened the door for inspector Dwivedi.
After half an hour or so, Akshat, Nischal and their sister were sitting in front of the inspector.
“Where’s your wife gentleman?”, inspector Dwivedi asked Akshat sarcastically.
“She’s at office!”, Akshat replied indifferently. He hated those expressions of the inspector.
“Ammmmm… quiet a career woman she is!”, he commented.
Akshat didn’t reply to his comment but his facial expressions clearly showed that he hated the way he talked about his wife.
“By the way Mr. akshat, what’s your blood group?”, he asked changing the topic immediately.
“AB+, but why are you asking this?”, he replied.
“And yours Mr. Nischal?”, inspector turned towards Nischal without paying any heed to Akshat’s question.
“Same as my brother, AB+”, Nischal replied.
“And yours my lady?”, asked the inspector to their sister.
“Same as my brothers, AB+”, she answered completely bewildered as to why inspector was asking about these details.
“Well, that means that none of you had blood group matching to your dad, isn’t it?”, he questioned them.
“No! Actually our mom was AB+, so all three of us have this blood group, but dad was O+”, Nischal replied.
“You are right Mr. Nischal, but when your dad’s body was taken for autopsy, and the entire test were performed. We discovered that, he had made considerable attempts to fight the attack on him. He even tried to hurt the killer with some heavy object. This might have lead to some minor bleeding, and few drops of culprit’s blood had fallen on your dad’s clothes as well! When we tested that blood sample, it was found that it belongs to AB+ group!”, inspector told the siblings.
Their faces turned white, what was this strange riddle which inspector was trying to ask them. Akshat’s sister held his hand; these things were disturbing her lot within.
“What do you mean inspector? Please say it straight!”, said Nischal firmly.
“Well! Mr. Nischal as I said earlier, the murderer is not some outsider. And one more thing, if your dad had hurt the murderer that means he must be still carrying a wound over his/her body!”, told the inspector looking straight towards a tiny bandage on Akshat’s sister’s toe.
Akshat and Nischal were startled, what was inspector Dwivedi trying to say. Akshat’s sister got really conscious and stood up, “Why are you looking at me like that? I got hurt when I was coming home from Temple!”, she said.
“And I guess you were coming back from temple on a Monday morning lady?”, asked the inspector sarcastically.
“Yes! But I go to temple every Monday morning, because I am fasting on Monday!”, she replied.
“And surprisingly, your mom and dad, both of them have got murdered on a Monday morning only!”, said inspector Dwivedi firmly.
“You can’t put such kind of allegation on me inspector, they were my mom and dad!”, Akshat’s sister started shivering in tears. Nischal stood up and held her by shoulders.
“Look inspector, you can’t talk to our sister like this, this might be a mere coincidence!”, Nischal defended his sister.
“Yeah! A real great coincidence that your sister arrives at your place on a Sunday and your mom gets murdered on a Monday! That too when only two of them had stepped out of the house, nobody else!”, said the inspector and walked away!
“It’s not going to be easy!”, he murmured to himself and drove off in his jeep…………………
Udisha M.

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RED!!! 7th Abstract

RED!!! – Blame Game

Red - Blame Game“Akshu what is this happening to our family?”, cried Akshat’s sister on his shoulder.
“Everything will be fine sister don’t worry!”, Jennie tried and consoling her.

“Go away woman! Its because of you only that I have lost my mom and dad! This all has started since the day you married my brother!”, screamed Akshat’s sister sobbing. 
Jennie felt disgusted. She never expected this kind of behaviour from Akshat’s sister atleast, she thought that she was a kind and understanding woman. Who understood their love for each other, but today all the myths were broken. Jennie was in tears, she stood up and slowly walked to the washroom with heavy steps.

“How can you say like that sister? She is my wife, and your sister-in-law!”, screamed Akshat on his sister. He couldn’t tolerate his wife’s insult again and again.

“What? You are screaming on me! Just see what kind of fate your wife has brought for our family! We lost our parents! We have no one to take care of us!”, wept his sister.
“So what has Jennie done in this tell me? In fact she is the one supporting us in everything! She respects each one of us as her own family, and you people are such that you can’t even return back the same respect which she deserves!”, Akshat tried convincing his sister.
“So, you want that I should accept her in our house! Something which mom and dad would have never done!”, she questioned Akshat.
“Listen sister! If you can’t allow Jennie in our house, well and good; don’t do that! I won’t force you, but atleast give her the respect which she deserves!”, Akshat requested.

“I hate her!”, Akshat’s sister turned her head away from Akshat.

Akshat was about to same something out of anger, but he was interrupted by inspector Dwivedi who had been observing the entire episode between them secretly.

“Seems like an interesting conversation is going on between the brother-sister duo!”, he said in the same sarcastic and mysterious tone.
“Nothing much inspector! Just a bit of family talks!”, said Akshat hating his looks.
“Ahan! Your family talks don’t look much like family talks gentleman! By the way mam, what do you think? Who can be behind your parent’s killings?”, inspector Dwivedi turned towards Akshat’s sister.

“I don’t know! I don’t know anything inspector! My parents were the most noble people, I don’t understand why will someone ever think of killing them!”, Akshat’s sister sobbed in front of the inspector.
“If they were so noble my lady, then why did they threw your brother out of the house?”, questioned inspector Dwivedi raising a brow.
“What do you mean to say inspector? This is our family matter!”, Akshat interrupted in between.
 “Where is your brother Mr. Nischal mam?”, asked inspector Dwivedi without paying much heed to Akshat’s talks.
“He has gone to attend some meeting which dad had finalised for today!”, Akshat answered.
“So, why didn’t you go with him? I guess you were also into family business, isn’t it?”, asked inspector Dwivedi sarcastically.
“What do you mean inspector? I left my family business on my own will and my brother is good enough to handle it all alone!”, Akshat replied firmly.

“Look gentleman! I am a cop! Its my job to get into each and every detail of your life! And as far as I know, even though your dad had thrown you out of the house, he had not thrown you out of the property matters yet! He had called his lawyer on the day your mother was murdered, but because of the tragedy he delayed it for sometime, and before he could again revive his plan of changing his will! He was murdered! This means, now you too have a fair share in your dad’s property! Isn’t it a valid reason for you to kill him!”,

“Shut-up inspector Dwivedi, just shut-up!”, Jennie screamed from behind. She was coming back from the washroom when she heard the inspector putting such deadly acquisitions on Akshat.
“What do you think of yourself? How can you even think of putting such baseless acquisitions on my husband? If he would have been so much fond of money, he would have never married me!”, Jennie’s eyes were burning in anger. Her body was almost shivering in rage. She could tolerate anything on herself, but someone insulting Akshat was just not acceptable to her.

“You can’t put such allegations on my brother without any concrete evidence inspector! My brother is an ideal gentleman, he respected his parents to the core!”, added Akshat’s sister. She too was shocked by what inspector Dwivedi had just said about Akshat.

“Well mam! As far as I know, you too had some feuds with your parents too!”, inspector Dwivedi turned towards Akshat’s sister.
“What do you mean?”, Akshat’s sister felt a little confused as to what Dwivedi was trying to imply.
“I mean to say that your dad was a very orthodox man! He had decided to distribute his entire property among his sons without sparing any penny for you just because you are his daughter! Isn’t that a fair enough reason!”, inspector Dwivedi had done his homework well, and was observing each and every little reaction of the siblings.
“How can you even think like that?  I am happily married and my dad had spent enough on my education and my marriage, I didn’t expected anything more from him! And I was absolutely fine with the fact that property is getting distributed between my own brothers! My parents had done all the duties towards me well!”, Akshat’s sister made her point clear.

“Cool down mam! Each and every evidence says that the murderer is a near one! The person who knew each and every detail of your parent’s routine!”, inspector claimed.
“But! Anyone can come to know about our parent’s routine by keeping a watch on them for sometime!”, asked Akshat’s sister unable to sulk-in the facts that inspector was trying to unfold in front of them.
“Yes! That’s true that anyone can come to know about the routine of your parents by keeping and eye on them for sometime, but not everyone knows that the gold chain’s locket which your father wore had the password of his bank account scripted on them!”, said the inspector.

Akshat and his sister were taken aback, this was a detail which only the siblings and their mother knew about their dad’s belonging. Even the house helps and closest relatives were never told about such minute details of their father’s private things.

“Listen to me carefully Mr. Akshat and mam! The killer is not an outsider, he is within the walls of your house, a member of your own family! It will be better that you try and check as many things as possible and try and find out if there was anyone else who knew these details about your family!”, said the inspector and stood up to leave.

Akshat, Jennie and his sister were all numb. The idea of their parents being murdered by someone of their own family was not so easy to accept. They kept staring blankly at the floor, wondering how awful and painful the reality could be…………

-Udisha M.

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RED!!! – An Interesting Love Story


RED!!! – An Interesting Love Story  

Red- An Interesting love story“Jennie! Jennie!”, Akshat screamed anxiously.

“Yeah sweetheart! What happened?”, she came running from the kitchen.

“What is the day today? Tell me what is the day today?”, he asked impatiently.

“It’s Tuesday honey!”, she replied worried. She didn’t have any clue why was Akshat behaving so weird.

“Jennie! What’s wrong with me? Why am I not able to figure out days and time properly? Jennie my head is aching! Jennieeeee!!!”, Akshat almost fainted. Jennie held him and any how made him sit on a chair.
“Akshu! Akshu! Nothing is wrong! Trust me nothing is wrong!”, she hugged him tightly and kept patting his back lovingly to comfort him.

She made him have some breakfast and asked him to take off from work and take rest. Akshat followed her instruction, but his mind refused to get stable. It kept drifting from one thought to another, from one worry to another. It felt as if his eyes are asleep but his mind hasn’t slept for days together. So many things kept coming and leaving in his thoughts.

Suddenly his concentration was disturbed by a sudden phone ring. He stood up to see that it was his brother Nischal calling.
“Akshu! Akshu dad!”, Nischal panicked as soon as he heard Akshat’s voice.
“What happened with dad brother? Is everything alright? Nischal??????”, Akshat’s heart started racing, he was worried as to what might come up next.

“Akshu! Dad has been attacked in the same way as mom was! I am taking him to the hospital! Please be there!”, Nischal screamed in a shivering and choking voice.

Akshat couldn’t think of much, he picked his phone and wallet and ran for the hospital in his bathroom slippers itself. 


Akshat reached the hospital. This was the place where he saw his mother lying lifelessly on the bed just a fortnight back! This was the place where he had cried for forgiveness from his family. This was the place whose name also felt like a nightmare to him. He walked towards the ICU with heavy steps.
“Akshu! Akshu! Dad is calling you!”, Nischal cried as soon as he saw Akshat.

“Is he fine? What has happened to him? Nischal he will be alright na?”, Akshat fired as many questions as he could in those few seconds. But Nischal didn’t had any answer for his questions, all he could do is to take Akshat to the place where their dad was lying almost half dead. 

His body was also brutally assaulted, with every inch carrying a deep and sharp wound, his eyes were pierced, ear drums ruptured, his tongue was into pieces. He couldn’t utter anything properly. But he wanted to tell something to his sons. He kept calling Akshat even when he was losing consciousness.

“Dad! Say dad! I am here!”, Akshat tried to hide his worry and fear.
“Yoooooooo….uuuuu…!!!!” , Akshat’s dad tried uttering something but his ruptured tongue couldn’t bring out the words correctly.
“Dad! Dad! Don’t worry everything will be fine!”, Nischal tried to calm his father down.
“Yoooooooo…. uuuuu….aaa….!!!”, Akshat’s dad again tried saying something, but this attempt took a toll on his suffering body. His heart started slowing the beats, his brain started becoming numb.
“Dad! Dad!”, Akshat tried calling in a hope against hope.
“Doctor! Doctor!”, screamed Nischal.
Doctors and nurses immediately took the charge and the brother duos were asked to move out of ICU and wait there.

Akshat held Nischal’s hand as he used to do whenever he made a mistake as a child. Both of them saw the doctors screaming for oxygen masks, giving their dad electric shocks to bring his dead heart to life! Akshat and Nischal watched it all standing outside. They could see the most important man of their life walking away from them. They had become orphans in a mere span of 14 days!!!

“Sorry! We couldn’t save your father!”, said the doctor walking out of the ICU with a poignant face.
Akshat and Nischal went numb. They didn’t know how to react on this news. What should be done now? Akshat stepped forward and hugged Nischal as tight as he could.

“Brother I swear I won’t leave that @#$&*@#. Let’s call the police in! We can’t let anybody hurt our family and walk away just like that!”, Akshat stood up. This time he was not just sad, he was angry and determined to find the person behind his parent’s brutal killings.


“Tell us exactly what all has happened!”, asked Inspector Dwivedi to the brother duo.
“Sir, we don’t what is going on, our mom dad both have been killed in similar fashion! We don’t know what to do inspector!”, Nischal was any how trying to control his grief and was describing the course of events in as much details as he could. Inspector Dwivedi kept listening to him patiently; occasionally questioning him in between. He understood this case was absolutely different and may be one of the most complicated cases of his life. 

“We understand you pain Mr. Nischal, but we would suggest that you send your father’s body for autopsy so that we can get a detail report of the way of killing!”, suggested Inspector Dwivedi.

“But sir! It will delay the last rites of our father!”, said Akshat’s sister anxiously.

“Ma’am but it is very important for us to do the autopsy, we are expecting to get some concrete evidences from it!”, said the inspector confidently.

“Let them do their duty well, it is important for us!”, said Akshat keeping a consoling hand on her shoulder.

“Akshu! What has happened to dad?”, Jennie finally got the news of Akshat’s dad and came running to the hospital. Till the time Akshat could hold her and calm her down, Inspector Dwivedi noticed them and came walking towards Akshat and Jennie.

“Hello mam! Sorry to interrupt but Mr. Akshat didn’t introduced me to you!”, said the inspector showing a strange expression of doubt and kindness.

“She’s my wife Jennie!”, Akshat introduced her to the inspector. 
“Jennie… ammm….!!!”, inspector’s brows were raised. “But Jennie is a Christian name i guess and you people aren’t Christian if am not wrong!”, said Dwivedi giving Akshat and Jennie a mysterious look.
“Sir, my family was against our togetherness, but I loved her, and hence we are married!”, said Akshat firmly, he was not liking the way Inspector Dwivedi was looking at his wife.

“You seem to be quite possessive for your wife Mr. Akshat! Anyways you both are a great couple together! I take a leave now! Will come back with the autopsy report!”, said Inspector Dwivedi and walked away.

“Seems like an interesting love-story!”, he murmured to himself and drove away in his Jeep.


-Udisha M.

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RED!!! – The Rejection

RED!!! – The Rejection

Red - The Rejection“So finally you are back!”, said Jennie welcoming back Akshat.
“Yeah Jennie!”, Akshat replied in a heavy and poignant tone. Jennie understood that Akshat is depressed by the loss of his mother; she didn’t say much and just tried to comfort him as much as possible.

“You don’t worry sweety! Everything will be fine!”, she said as she brought water for Akshat.

“Nothing is going to be alright Jennie! Mom is gone! My mother is no more Jennie! There’s no one to take care of me now! I feel like an orphan!”, Akshat started crying like a little child lost in a fair.

“Akshat  baby! Don’t cry! See I am there! I am there to take care of you na! Everything will be fine!”, said Jennie and hugged him tight. They both wept on each other’s shoulder.

“Nothing is going to be fine Jennie! Dad is still the same. He says that its because of you that mom is no more! Instead of helping the police to find the real culprit, he blames you of bringing ill-omen for the family!”, Akshat said in pain and disgust.
Jennie was taken aback! She knew that Akshat’s family was orthodox and even superstitious, but she could never ever think of that she will be the one who will be blamed for such a heinous crime. She wanted to scream and shout to show her abhorrence. But she knew that Akshat needs her right now and she needs to keep strong for her husband’s sake. She wiped her tears and silently whispered, “We will see that later Akshu!” and kissed Akshat’s forehead. 


Slowly and steadily Akshat was learning to live with the loss. Jennie took care of every little thing so that Akshat didn’t missed his mother much! His best friend and second cousin Adrit was another pillar of strength for him. He made sure that Akshat never felt alone on work! Almost a week passed away. Akshat went to see his family on weekend with Jennie accompanying him.

Akshat opened the gate and rang the door bell. The house help Kiran opened the door. Akshat greeted her with a smile and asked her to call Nischal and dad. But her face went white suddenly in fear, as if something was seriously wrong. 
“akshu bhaiya butttttt…..”, she tried saying something.
“What but? Kiran tell dad and Nischal that I am home to see them!”, Akshat ordered.

Kiran ran upstairs to inform Nischal and Akshat’s dad.

“Why was she behaving so weird?”, Jennie asked Akshat.
“Don’t know. Maybe she is disturbed because of mom’s demise!”, he tried making a wild guess.

“Akshat how dare you bring this woman in our house?”, akshat’s dad roared as he descended the staircase in white kurta and pajama. The red tilak on his forehead showed that he was sitting in puja. 
“But dad!” , Akshat’s tongue was frozen. He had never dared to look into his father’s eye. His retired colonel father treated him like his academy’s cadet instead of his own son.

“What dad haan? Haven’t i told you earlier? This house is not for such women!”, he screamed on top of his voice.
“Dad please! We are sorry!”, Jennie tried saying something.
“Don’t you think of calling me dad lady! Never in this life time will you get the status of a daughter-in-law in this house! it will be better for you that you leave as soon as possible and please don’t come back again ever, i don’t like insulting women!”, Akshat’s dad gave his verdicts loud and clear and climbed back to staircase to attend his Puja which he had left in between without showing any trace of emotions for Akshat and jennie.

Jennie’s eyes were in tears. She had never thought that someone could have hated her so much! She held Akshat’s hand tightly and wanted to fall and cry on his shoulders. Akshat’s dad had insulted her far more than she could have taken. Akshat supported her by shoulder and brought her back to their place. he himself couldn’t match Jennie’s eyes as it kept making him feel guilty of his complete silence in front of his dad.

Jennie kept crying all night and Akshat kept making attempts to pacify her. But he couldn’t console her.


next morning Akshat woke up early as it was a Monday morning and he had to comfort Jennie as he thought she was still upset.

He checked his phone after stepping out of his bed; it showed the day as ‘TUESDAY’, Akshat felt confused. The memory of past few days and the terrifying things following it started haunting him again!
He walked to the main door and picked the newspaper only to see that it was the Tuesday’s edition. Newspaper slipped out of his hand. What was this strange game happening around him?


-Udisha M.

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RED!!! – The Murder

Red - The Murder

“Your mom hated your wife and hence I don’t want her in your mom’s last rites!”, Akshat’s dad gave his verdict to him.

“But dad! What’s wrong in it? Jennie respected mom as her own mother!”, Akshat couldn’t argue in such a condition so made a request to his dad.

“I don’t want to discuss much son! My decision is final! If you want to attend the last rites of your mother then ask than christian woman to leave! Choice is yours!”, said Akshat’s dad and walked out of the room.

Akshat knew that there was no point in arguing with his dad because his decisions were final and irreversible. He needs to ask Jennie to leave the house. He stood up and started walking towards the living room where Jennie was sitting. His steps felt heavy, his eyes were lowered in guilt and embarrassment to ask Jennie to take a leave that too when she was here only for him.

“Jennie! I need to talk to you! Please come to the garden!”, he called her.
Jennie walked behind him like a faithful wife without asking a single question.
“Baby! I need to tell you something!”, Akshat held her by shoulder and turned his face slightly away from her eyes in remorse.
“Say sweety!”, Jennie lifted his face lovingly.
“Jennie! I don’t how to say this but…………………………………..”, he stopped in between as if the guilt has frozen his tongue.
“Say honey whatever you want to! I am listening!”, she again tried to cheer him up.
“Jennie! Dad! Dad has ordered that you shouldn’t stay up for mom’s last rites!”, Akshat finally gathered up the courage and conveyed what his dad had asked him to.
“But Akshu! I wanted to……..!!!”, Jennie’s eyes were also in tears, she wanted to stay back and attend her mother-in-law’s last rites. This was insulting as well as pain staking for her.
“I know I am being ruthless on you! I should have taken a stand for you Jennie but I am too helpless today! I want to bid good-bye to mom for the last time. That’s why I need to send you back!”, Akshat’s self esteem was hurt today, asking his wife to leave was like leaving half of his life somewhere else and moving out incomplete.
“Its ok Akshu! I understand! I am leaving, you stay up here! Your family needs you!”, she said and kissed his cheeks. Her own eyes were in tears but she controlled her grief for the love of her husband and walked away to her home.

Akshat and his entire family wept as his mother’s last journey began. His sister and brother Nischal kept receiving people who came for condolence of the grief stricken family.
“How has this happened Akshu?”, asked a worried aunty from him.
“I don’t know aunty, I got a call that mom is ill and I came running to the hospital just to discover that she is taking her last breathes.”, Akshat replied staring at the ongoing rites blankly.
“Where were you? Dont you stay with your parents?”, She again pinched him with a question.
“Aunty, I have married Jennie! And yes I don’t stay with my parents anymore! Do you have any other question now?”, Akshat gave a disgusted look to the woman! Such questions were surely not meant for such occasions.
“Huh… I have seen your choice kid, your wife is such a ‘Lakshmi’ that she ate away her own mother-in-law’s life as soon as she became a daughter in law of your house!”, murmured that woman into someone else’s ears.
Akshat understood that there is no point in arguing with these superstitious women! He loved Jennie and she was his lucky charm no matter what the world enforced.
The family was heading to Haridwar for the ‘asthi visarjan’, Akshat took a leave for few hours from his family and went to see Jennie. He knew he couldn’t be with her in all these days. He reached home but saw it locked. He took the keys from the neighbours and opened the door lock. There was a note kept on the centre table of the drawing room,
“Hey Akshu,
I got a call from office, so I need to leave. Your lunch is prepared! Do have it! And eat properly, you haven’t had enough in last few days, I will be back by five.
Love you!
Akshat smiled at the note and thanked god for such a loving and caring wife. He went to his room, packed his essentials and then went for a shower. He came back and saw few missed calls from his home on phone.
He called back on Nischal’s number,
“Akshu hurry up brother, we are leaving in next 10 minutes, I will be picking you from your place only!”, Nischal said.
“Alright I am ready and waiting for you!”, Akshat replied. He forgot everything about the lunch and got ready to leave with his brother.
He left a short text message on Jennie’s phone,
“Hey Jennie!
I didn’t get time to have lunch, sorry! But thanks for preparing it with so much of love!
Love you!”
Nischal gave a honk to call Akshat out! He stepped out and locked his door and gave the keys to neighbours.
“Akshat how have you been?”, Nischal asked him.
Akshat didn’t understood what Nischal was trying to say. “What do you mean brother?”, he asked him with a bewildered look.
“How is Jennie? Is she alright?”, he asked him again in the same style.
“Yes brother! She is fine and is at office!”, Akshat replied still not getting what Nischal was trying to imply.
“Akshu! You know what?”, Nischal gave a serious look to Akshat.
“Yes brother!”
“Mom’s death was not some accident, it was a murder; a cold blooded murder and the way she has been killed the police officials say that the killer is not some ordinary one! He/she has a deep and dark grudge with our mother!”, Nischal stopped the car as his own thoughts had made him numb.
Akshat was himself desensitized after hearing Nischal’s words. He couldn’t think of a reason as to why anyone would kill his mom. His mother was strict yet a simple woman at heart who would never as hell did any such thing which would provoke anyone to kill her. He kept staring at the car’s window wondering what the world was trying to do to him and his family!
TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………………………………
-Udisha M.



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RED!!! -The Waiting Room

Red - The waiting room

Akshat reached the hospital where his mom was admitted. He was still running out of breath. Huffing and puffing he asked the receptionist about his mother’s bed number in ICU and ran towards it.

Entire family was standing outside the ICU, “brother! How’s mom?” Askhat asked his elder brother Nischal.
He didn’t reply to his question, instead turned his head away from him in disgust. Entire family stared at him as if he was the culprit.

Akshat felt like breaking down, he was being held guilty for a crime he had not even committed! ‘Dad! Please dad I am sorry! Please tell me how’s mom!”, he begged to his dad who didn’t bothered to show any trace of emotion towards his son.

“Didi! Atleast you try and understand me! I love mom and you all! Please tell me how is she, what’s wrong with her!”, Akshat begged to his elder sister, she was his only ray of hope.

“Go away Akshu! You don’t love us; you just love that woman for whom you left all of us! Look at mom! She is lying lifeless there! And do you even care of what she is going through?”, Akshat’s sis finally showed her aggression.

Akshat kept begging to meet his mom once! Finally after few hours his elder sis took him inside the ICU where his mom was lying.

“Mom!”, Akshat called out in trembling tone but there was no reply! His mother was unconscious, with a oxygen masked placed on her face! A whole pipe was inserted inside her body to remove the toxins inside.
“We found her lying outside our gate; her body was completely in blood and was attacked by flies. We couldn’t recognise her at first sight, but Nischal made an attempt and went close. He screamed out horrified, on seeing her! Her whole body was full of wounds, as if someone had made tiny holes on her body to make her bleed to death. Initially we thought that she has been attacked by some street animal, but doctors say that animals don’t attack like this! The murderer even tried to pierce her eyes and destroy her ear drums!”,
Akshat’s sis broke in tears.  Never in her worst dreams could she have thought of this kind of thing for her mother.

Akshat hugged his sis and tried consoling her; he himself had tears in his eyes! They had a common pain and anger in them.

Akshat’s sis went outside after sometime as only one person was allowed to sit next to the patient in an ICU. He sat on the stool next to the bed and stared at his mother’s lifeless face.

His mind went back to the last day when he was leaving home to marry Jennie.
“Akshu! Akshu! Son you can’t do this to us!”, his mom screamed as he packed his belongings.
“Mom! I tried convincing you all but you didn’t get me and my love for Jennie!”, he screamed back in disgust.
“Yeah Akshu, you love Jennie but you don’t love me or your family!”, his mom’s voice started trembling in pain.
“Mom I said it earlier also and am saying it again! I don’t have anything against you all, instead you all are against me and Jennie! I am leaving this home, this business, this money everything! I don’t need people who dont understand me!”, Akshat roared and stormed out of his house.
“Akshu! Akshu! Listen to me son! Akshuuuuuuuuu…………!!!!”, his mom’s voice kept ringing in his mind making him feel sad and guilty at the same time.

“I am sorry mom!” Akshat whispered and closed his eyes, drops of tears rolled down his cheeks and felt on his mother’s numb hand.


Akshat called Jennie from hospital to tell her about his mom’s condition.
“What? What are you talking honey? I am coming! I am coming to see mom!” Jennie screamed as soon as she heard of Akshat’s mom.
“No Jennie don’t come here! Dad won’t be liking it! Stay at home and take care of everything!” Akshat instructed her.

Jennie couldn’t keep herself away from Akshat in such a crisis; she picked her purse and took an auto for the hospital. She knew that she will be ridiculed there, but she didn’t bothered, her love for her husband was much more than anything.

Jennie reached the hospital and found a strange dead silence covering the place! She reached near the ICU and saw Akshat’s sis weeping on Nischal’s shoulder. She went numb as to what may come upon her.

“Jennie!”, Akshat called from behind. Jennie turned back, she had never seen Akshat so depressed and disturbed. His eyes were in tears. He was shivering in trauma.
“Akshu!”, she screamed and held Akshat tight.
“Jennie my mom!”, he sobbed.
“Don’t worry Akshu everything will be alright!”, Jennie tried consoling Akshat and herself crossed her fingers in terror.
“Jennie my mom! My mom is no more!”, Akshat screamed in pain. Jennie couldn’t believe her ears. She didn’t knew what to say. She felt frozen for a while. All she could do, was to hug Akshat tight and hear him sobbing! She didn’t know is she consoling him or is she herself wants to be consoled………………..


-Udisha M.

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RED!!! – The Lost Monday

 RED!!! – The Lost Monday 

the lost monday“Awww… my baby is finally up! How are you doing honey?”, asked Jennie rolling her hands lovingly in Akshat’s hairs.

Akshat still felt a heaviness in his head, “where were you?” he finally asked her in a trembling tone.

“I was here only all the time sweetheart! I guess you had taken too much wine that’s why your head is troubling you so much!”, Jennie replied playfully! That was true that Akshat had enough wine, but it wasn’t so much also that would had made him numb for so long!

“I am still not getting what’s going on! What is the day today? tell me!”, Akshat asked her impatiently.

“Its Tuesday sweety!”, she said still rolling her hands in his hairs trying to comfort him.

“What? What are you talking?”, Akshat stood up with a swift!

“Yes! Baby its Tuesday! What happened?”, Jennie asked him still surprised as to why was he behaving so weird?

“We got married on Sunday isn’t it?”, he questioned her still holding his head in agitation.

“yeah! So?”, she asked him still wondering what’s wrong with him.

“And we had our wedding night also on Sunday itself!”, he again fired the question in same tone.

“Obviously!”, Jennie replied, still clueless.

“So, how come its Tuesday today? I slept on a Sunday night, I should had woken up on a Monday morning! How is it happening?”, Akshat was feeling mad. He felt confused, angry, frustrated all at once! It was impossible to figure out where had those 24 hours of his life vanished!

“Honey! You cool down! Listen to me!”, Jennie took his face in her hands and kissed his lips. “Relax! Everything will be fine! Nothing is wrong! Trust me sweety! Nothing is wrong! Let me get a cup of hot lemon tea. You will feel better!”, Jennie said trying to pacify him and walked towards the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea for him.

Akshat lied down on his bed staring at the ceiling, his mind was still in utter confusion.

Jennie returned with a cup of tea and his favorite biscuits. She never expected that her husband will be behaving so weird right after 48 hours of their marriage. She was still getting phone calls from her friends who were teasing her as any newly wedded bride. “Where are you going on honeymoon ma’am? Better go to some exotic place, where’s its just you and him! Hope you are getting what I mean!”, chuckled Jennie’s best-friend Riya over phone.
“Riya! You know na! How me and Akshat have managed to save for our wedding! This honeymoon and all is not for now! We need to join back our work as soon as possible, as such we are on leave-without-pay!”,  Jennie told her quite disappointed. She knew since beginning that marrying without families consent won’t be easy, they both will be sacrificing many valuable things.

Akshat was still in the same pity condition. Jennie made him sit up right and handed over the cup to him.
“Have it! You will feel better!”, she said trying to fake a smile to hide her worries and disappointments.
“Jennie! I am still worried!”, Akshat said blankly.
“Everything will be fine Akshat! Just try and relax! I am telling you na! You had too much wine on our wedding day, it is just its toll! Relax! We need to join our work from tomorrow, remember? So, forget about everything and just look at me once in the same way as you used to before our wedding”, Jennie hugged him and stared into his eyes.

Akshat forgot everything for a while and hugged her back. Her love was enough to make him forget all the adversities.

Everything became normal for the day, Akshat and Jennie went shopping in the evening, there was a lot to be bought for their new home! After the shopping they both lied down on their terrace staring at the stars and recalling their college days and teasing each-other about all the stupidity they did. Akshat couldn’t be more happier than this, his love was his for a life-time now!


Next morning Akshat and Jennie both got ready for their respective offices, Jennie kissed Akshat good-bye and took her metro train and Akshat took his!

He reached the office and was expecting a cheerful welcome by his friends, but there was something absolutely unexpected waiting for him. Akshat entered the office and found a sudden chillness in the atmosphere, he felt as if every eye was staring at him, and that stare was surely not a friendly one. Nobody greeted him, even with a formal gesture.
He held his bag close and walked towards his desk quietly and sat there trying to avoid everybody’s gaze.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, Adrit, his best-friend and second cousin came to him. “What are you doing here man? You should have been at home at present!”
Akshat felt a little bewildered at Adrit’s advice, he actually couldn’t figure out exactly that Adrit was giving him an advice or was charging a question on him?

“Why? What happened? You know I had taken leaves for only 2 days!”, he replied trying to avoid Adrit’s eye.
“Akshat! Are you nuts? Man aunty needs you! She is fighting for her life! She needs you! And you are still clueless!”, Adrit held Akshat by his shoulder and shook him swiftly.
Akshat was taken aback, what was Adrit talking. “What? What’s wrong with mom? Tell me? Adrit tell me!”, Akshat almost screamed on Adrit.

“I don’t know! Nobody knows! She went for a walk yesterday morning and didn’t returned on the expected time. We kept searching for her all day long, but couldn’t find her. Today in the morning, housemaid spotted her on the house’s gate brutally wounded! It seems as if she been attacked by some mad street dog or something like that! But wounds are deep and scary.”, Adrit narrated Akshat’s mother’s condition to him. His facial expression were telling how horrified he himself was after seeing the pathetic condition of Akshat’s mother. Akshat could clearly see goosebumps rising on Adrit’s body recalling about his mother’s miseries.

Akshat forgot everything and ran for his mom. His life was taking a tough turn now. Leading him to somewhere where he was no where!

TO BE CONTINUED…………………..!!!!

 -Udisha M.

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