जाने क्यों मैं देता हूं शब्द अपनी भावनाओं को

जाने क्यों मैं देता हूं शब्द अपनी भावनाओं को


मैं रोक देता हूं उस धार को

जो बहती है बेधड़क.. उन्मुक्त..शब्द नहीं मिलते हर सोच को

फिर शब्द में डालने के लिए मैं सोच बदल देता हूं।मैं मूर्त करना चाहता हूं अपने हर एहसास को

जो सांसों की तरह चलती रहती है

अनवरत.. बिना मेहनत के..बांधने के क्रम मैं रुक जाती है वह धार

जो शायद विषाद की सीमा लांघ

खुशी की तरफ बढ़ जाती

और अपने ख्यालों में डूबा दुखी मैं

शायद खुश भी हो जाता!

लेकिन अब शब्दों के जाल में घिरे मेरे एहसास
दुख का प्रयाय बन के रह गए हैं..

जाने क्यों मैं देता हूं शब्द अपनी भावनाओं को!  





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10 traffic rules which exist only in India.

We, the people! The people of this great country completely abide by the rules and laws enforced upon us. In fact, we are so motivated and sincere towards abiding them, that we have a parallel set of rules and laws! 😀 😉

Here, are some brilliant examples!

1] Our TWO WHEELER are meant to be [at least a] THREE SEATER!



“Dude, do you think I am not going to give you a lift just because we are already two on a bike? The ‘great Indian jugaad’ has a scope for everything! Even for you!” 😉

2] While crossing a one way road, you must always check both the left and the right sides.


“Oh mister! What do you think you are? Some Chinese soldier? That you will stop me from taking the wrong lane! It’s my birth right to drive on the wrong side!”

3] Auto-wallahs and the Rickshaw-wallahs are the superheroes of the Indian traffic, they can change lanes without indicators, over-take without giving horns. They can do it all!


“Saab ji! Forget about the fast and furious! We believe in being full-time Rajnikant!”

4] Helmets and seat belts don’t protect you from accidents, they ONLY protect you from the traffic police.


“Oye yaar! There’s a police uncle standing at the signal, let me take out my helmet from the utility compartment before he sees me!”

5] Inappropriately aligned speed breakers aren’t enough to control the traffic speed, we keep FEW MANHOLES AND SEWER-LINES OPEN for the purpose!


“Oh come on, it’s just a manhole! What’s there to create a fuss of it, even if you lose your life! You will be a martyr!”

6] Every second traffic signal has some highly talented artist performing to keep you entertained!


“Sajj rahi gali teri amma, chunar gotte mei! Chunar gotte mei, sunar gotte mei……………………………….!!!”

“Ae cheekne, free ka performance nahi tha, pagaar leti hai mai!”

7] You can enjoy adventure sports like river rafting and yachting during the monsoon that too for free! Free! Free! Free!


“So what, if we get stuck for 4-5 days in the rain! We love the adventure our authorities offer us!”

8] PARKING in NO-PARKING zone is a ritual!


“Me: I just found a free corner on the roadside in the main market and parked my vehicle there! I will be blocking the traffic for next few hours!” 😀

Friend: “OMG! OMG! I am so proud of you!”

9] ZEBRA CROSSINGS are not meant for pedestrians, they are for those prodigy leaders, who lead the traffic as soon as the signal goes green!


10] TRAFFIC CHALLANS are not punishments, they are simply a utility meant to be bought for 100-500 bucks.


“Police uncle, please na! Please! Please na! Have this 200 and don’t give a challan of 700 na! I am like your younger brother na! Please na!”