• ‘Aashayei’ 5th Abstract

    ‘Aashayei’ 5th Abstract-By Udisha M. Yashwardhan was left alone in his room with the luggage. He had come to this place with lots of hopes in his heart! But the encounter with Arjun, had made him question his decision. His beliefs got eroded today, he was questioning his god for being so unfair and brutal!

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  • ‘Aashayei’ 4th Abstract

      ‘Aashayei’ 4th Abstract  Yashwardhan kept staring outside his window as the chauffeur drove him to the beautiful and serene land of Haridwar. The soothing and refreshing air of the holy land was filling the atmosphere. Yashwardhan was in a deep slumber, as if he had finally found a lap of someone so beloved, to

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  • ‘YOU’ :tiny love tales #1

    You are a figment of her memory. Living somewhere at the back of her mind,  somewhere in those lost smiles and dried eyes. Your soul has left,  but it’s touch still remains! Somewhere in the essence of that dried rose,  somewhere in the touch of that silken robe! You are a dead event,  but tend

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