These mystifying cities are hidden under the depth of water since ages!

  1. Tyno Helig, UK



There are great mysteries on this Earth which are still unknown. And one of them is the mystery of this city. It is said this submerged city is actually a submerged castle which is the result of a curse by a noble man who was killed by a common man who was in love with a lord’s daughter.


  1. Dunwich, England




It is believed that this city of England was as big as London and the reason behind the drowning of this city is said to be its rough weather and erosions. And due to all these conditions Dunwich finally submerged under water with all the people and structures.


  1. Willow Grove, USA


The reason behind the drowning of this city is the creation of dams around this city after the World War. This creation of dams led to the floods and as a result the city submerged under the Dale Hollow Lake.


  1. Canudos, Brazil


This small town of Brazil is said to get submerged under a man-made lake and the reason behind it is the creation of dam by the idea of Farmers so as to escape from the conditions of Droughts.

And so the people were drowned under a man-made lake.


  1. Pre-Incan Ruins in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia


This place is believed to be a holy place. The city drowned has all the temples, terraces, houses and many other such physical facilities which are submerged from 1500 years. The city (as per the belief) was known as Wanaku and was home to hidden stolen treasures by Spanish kings.


  1. Baiae, Italy


This Roman city used to be a vacation spot of rich people. And the reason behind the drowning of this city is believed to be sudden increase in the water level of hot water springs from Volcanoes. This finally became the submerged city of Italy.


  1. Doggerland, North Sea


It is believed that this was once inhibited by Mesolithic Tribes. The reason behind the submergence of Doggerland is believed to be the continuous movement of tectonic movement in Europe and England. This led to the water level increase and a final submergence.


  1. Gulf of Cambay, India


Scientists believe that this lost Indian city is probably the oldest city on the planet may be older than Harappa and Mesopotamia. And the reason behind this scientific prediction are the 9500 years old skeletons and teeths. This lies along the West coast of India in Gujarat and has an inlet in Arabian Sea.


  1. Allit Yam, Israel



The city which developed civilization for about 8000 years ago and was located along the Carmel coast. The city then, however, was completely submerged and washed out because of repeated attacks of Tsunami.


  1. Shicheng, China


It was founded more than 1300 years ago and was believed to be governed by Ming and Qing. The city submerged for about 40 meters under the water. The drowning of this city is believed to be because of the role of Gravity.

So its time to pack your diving gear..for these amazing destinations !! A dive in the past..

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Beautiful tears

A story by Dove for her lifebouy..

A few months ago when they saw each other for the first time..Days passed and turned in to weeks and months. It seems like a digit but during this time every breath they took has narrated the feeling of longingness. Lonely nights, Dove’s amateur fights and Lifebuoy’s meaningful phone calls.
They finally met 9 months later…

When they first met it was Lifebuoy waiting for her standing tall next to his only love of life – his only car. ? But, This time it was Dove’s turn to wait for him as Lifebuoy is going to arrive in her city.

Dove to herself: OMG!! He is coming.. Just with the thought of “his coming” she blushed everytime she cross marked the calendar and thanked god. She reached at the decided place and decided to take a stroll into the nearby park until he arrive. She was busy analysing the statue of the ruler of the city and her phone rang..

He: Hello…kaha hai tu?
She: Yahi pe pass vale garden me..ok ok I saw you..stay there am coming. ?

She reached till him wanted to hug him but knowing his nature she decided not to hug him publicly. They traveled till hotel in an auto Dove’s favourite transportation mode and his nightmare like travel mode. Hahaha but that is how he is! <3 They hugged each other followed by a gentle kiss. I am so happy that you came ignoring all the odds she whispered. I so wanted to love and he wrapped her in his arms once again and kissed her forehead. A silent tear of love rolled down her cheek. <3


Reader’s note: Lifebuoy- The hero of our story is a very sensitive same like all the other good men of this planet, he weighs words before uttering them and one such beautiful man. <3


They rested for a while in each other’s arms before going for the sightseeing. The city which was unfamiliar for her too turned magical instantly. They went for boat ride, palaces, lake side and visited 1000 years old temple. Meaningful silence surrounded them while appreciating beauty of the city. They lived once again like happily ever after.. 🙂 Returned back after the long tiring tour actually he was tired after travelling thousands kms for her.. during the bed time her never ending questionnaire started: Did you miss me? How many times a day and all those deliberate and annoying for him KBC session started as he loves to sleep and “not to let him” is her solemn duty. He took her in his arms and replied: Nah! I didn’t. Just to annoy her. She said “ok” and she kissed him knowing the fact that how much he actually loves her.

The next day arrived and they went for shopping. She was constantly busy thinking how blessed she is to have him in her life. He was a kind of man we can put into the category of a beautiful man. Even though he was a family oriented guy he always manages to find time for her no matter what. This time he travelled almost 1000kms to fulfill her wish and finally the time came which none of them actually like. Time to depart. Before leaving the residence Dove asked to LB how many times do you remember me?

LB replied in his sensible man like manner: Every time I look at any girl, I remember you. In fact I always miss you so much..sensing her sadness she decided to stay strong and this time she pulled him towards her and took him in her arms, hugged him tightly and kissed him.

“Kya baat hai that was awesome” he teased her. And they both laughed. They thanked god for making it happen. <3

His words are enough for her to understand his feelings. It was not easy for him either. She started crying in his arms wanting him not to go. And the tears of love- “the beautiful tears”, had filled her eyes. It was uncontrollable for her knowing how disturbing it could be for him. But she cried her heart out in his arms any way. Tears might have manny different types and kinds or reasons. But for her it was all beautiful to cry for him, with him and for “not to leave without him”. It all started seeming meaningless in that particular moment to her as she realised how ghastly the clock was tick-toking. He kissed her forehead and hold her in his arm tightly for some time saying “yehi hi tto hoon, kaha kahi jaa raha”
With his kind word the “sob sob session” touched the new heights. It was unbearable for her to watch him go. But as usual taking care of her he asked her to leave and reach at her place safely. As soon as she entered inside the room the silence of the empty room made her miss him even more. She started missing him like anything. She went near the temple and asked a question to god, “This entire universe is yours including my pumpkin but can’t you give him to me? Can’t you make him mine? It is Dove’s nature to punish her loved ones by asking questions. Automatically she remembered the dress she wore on the previous day. It must have got his smell intake she thought and took them out from her bag. She hugged her clothes sensing his presence in the surrounding and slept in her bed. Tears roll down her eyes whenever she missed him but she calls them “tears of love”.

“The beautiful tears of love”.

He called her and pampered her saying just stay strong, The more you smile, the sooner I will arrive. And kissed her over the phone.

She followed her command and replied “I know and I am waiting……” then she insisted him to sleep, as he was going to travel thousands kms back again, and kissed him back.

Some stories are not meant to be end they are meant to be loved and lived. Such was their love unique in their own way and incomplete without each other.


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Why Is The King Always Lonely?

Why is the king Always Lonely

There’s always a desire to be a king in all of us. We want to be number 1, we want to be the rulers and not the ones to get ruled. We run the rat race only to reach the finishing point and then learn that nothing like that really exists. There’s no end to this blind race of desires and unfulfilled wishes. Our expectations only keep soaring and by the time we learn that there’s no winner in this ‘rat race’, it’s already late.

I don’t know if I am the right person to write this, but I really pity the ones who ascend the thrones and entitle themselves with coveted position of the ‘king’.  I really think of their pain as to whom do they really get to talk to when the entire world is under their feet? They don’t have anyone standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them and holding them when they need support. Whom do they really call when they are sick or weak? Or may be, they don’t even have the liberty to be sick or weak. What kind of wretched life is this?

Why do we want to be the king when there’s no companionship, no luxury of friendship there? Why are we such sadist that we want to subject ourselves to so much pain? Why?

And as usual the question remains unanswered.
– Udisha M.


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Big Bag Theory: Thank you Delhi



I sat on the platform waiting for the metro. A wait of 12 minutes for the Airport Express to arrive. The time seemed to be moving so slow. My parents were coming to see me and it was more that 40 days since I had met my mom. I was restless, the plane carrying my parents would touch down at the Delhi Airport any given moment and here I was, fashionably late! What the hell?

I looked around observing the crowd. A newly wedded couple was all set to fly for their honeymoon. The girl’s excitement was beyond measures as she talked to her husband in baby voice and complained that her mother-in-law has made her wear salwar-suit. The innocent husband pacified her saying she can change into comfy shorts as soon as they reached the airport. An old man was playing with his 5-6 year old granddaughter. An anxious fellow was looking at the watch again and again to make sure he doesn’t gets late for the important meeting. My heart was too excited to stay at a place for a long while. I walked the perimeter of the platform as if my walking would have made any difference in approaching train’s speed.

After a wait that seemed like an year, the train arrived. I took my seat and wished it could simply fly to the airport, well it didn’t! 5 minutes into my journey, I got a call from my dad telling me that they have arrived. I shamelessly confessed that I am still on my way. Instead of getting angry my dad said, ‘take your time, we are waiting.’

I got down at the Delhi Aerocity Metro Station and took the feeder for Airport terminal. I was saving those 150 bucks of cab thinking that will help me buy something for parents. The saving costed me another precious 20 minutes, but I reached. Hoping, jumping, running and most importantly smiling I was there at the arrivals to receive them. They came out smiling even when they had been waiting for some 40 minutes without a bite of food or sip of water.  I booked a cab and we got into it, my mom handed over a packet of 2 biscuits to me. I was surprised and asked her what it was?

She said, ‘The air-hostess gave this to me, I saved it for you.’

I didn’t had any words for that. Had it been any of my friends or anyone else in this world, they would have never done that. Nobody waits for you for 40 minutes without complaining. They stood there, hungry and thirsty, still wanted to push the first drop of water down my throat.

That’s how parents are. That’s how mothers are. And may be an alien city can only teach you their importance!

Thank you Delhi! 🙂
– Udisha M.

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जाने क्यों मैं देता हूं शब्द अपनी भावनाओं को

जाने क्यों मैं देता हूं शब्द अपनी भावनाओं को


मैं रोक देता हूं उस धार को

जो बहती है बेधड़क.. उन्मुक्त..शब्द नहीं मिलते हर सोच को

फिर शब्द में डालने के लिए मैं सोच बदल देता हूं।मैं मूर्त करना चाहता हूं अपने हर एहसास को

जो सांसों की तरह चलती रहती है

अनवरत.. बिना मेहनत के..बांधने के क्रम मैं रुक जाती है वह धार

जो शायद विषाद की सीमा लांघ

खुशी की तरफ बढ़ जाती

और अपने ख्यालों में डूबा दुखी मैं

शायद खुश भी हो जाता!

लेकिन अब शब्दों के जाल में घिरे मेरे एहसास
दुख का प्रयाय बन के रह गए हैं..

जाने क्यों मैं देता हूं शब्द अपनी भावनाओं को!  





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The First Ride : Chapter 1



Date :  19th October      motorcycle-riding-tips

It was 5 past four in morning, outside the window it was still dark and I was awake way early then planned, my head was pounding and my spine was still expecting the comfort of bed  but it was my arm which brought me to awareness in the death of night, my left arm was paining badly, excruciatingly . The source was undetected so was the cause. I tried to hold but in vain, was at someone else’s place, and had no choice.

                I called upon my friend who was dead asleep. “I need a Pain relief spray, mine is in saddle bag at your Garage”, he was worried but there was no help to come, most of the medicines were in other room where rest slept.  I had no choice but to tie my arm with the bungee cord and get back to sleep, I had less than an hour to get back on my way.

0700 hours; I checked my watch again, I was late…way late. My left arm was still in pain, I was tired but  low on time; I quickly massaged the relief gel, did my daily score and was at garage within next half hour. Quickly tied the luggage, wiped off the dirt, lubricated the chain, checked the oil level took some quick snaps, switched on the ignition key and kicked

‘Thug…Thug…thug…thug…’ and comes alive the goddess, relieving me from night of despair & agony.

‘JUNE’ had I named her “THE YOUNGER ONE”. The Goddess of marriage – voluptuous, luminous, strong, sexy and scrumptious was few to lionize.

580kms had we covered together, before reaching Vadodara (Gujarat) at 12:30 am last night. It had been a long day but not once had June showed any sign of weariness. Uneven surfaces, eye opening potholes, nerve breaking bumps we saw it all but none ceased our determination. We were good on schedule, 10 hours sharp, exactly what was planned.  775kms was the target for day 2, and if I felt brave enough 1000kms was the dare.

Few minutes more and I was set to move, tied my wrist watch loosely, I believed the strap had one of the wrong nerve and caused the pain. Shashank was guiding me to the highway. Few more minutes of quick but scrumptious breakfast and I bid adieu to the warmth of comfort and hospitality of a good friend.

“Voadodara to Ahmedabad is a bad patch, it would be night, by the time you reach Rajasthan, You must stay down at Udaipur or Chittorgarh “suggested Shashank.

At 100kmph and 15kms from Vadodara, I was yet not sure; stopping at Udaipur or Chittorgarh was never in plan but

With needles of clock already striking the Nine and Twelve, I knew another 775kms before sunset was a dream run.

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Biker diaries: 2 || The Royal Enfield fanatics


Often I came across fascinating stories from history about royal men and their stallions who were as brave as them, as ambitious as them and as wild as them. I failed to understand how a human can and an animal can go along so well as if they were a single soul? What was that love which made them mad for each other, making them push all limits to stand by each other?

Then I met this special breed (as I define them) of men in today’s world who are insane to say the least for their machines. They love their bikes more than anything; take care of it like a family member. Guard it like a soldier on the frontiers and what not? And all this, for that amazing piece of metal which gives them immense pleasure merely by its sight.

Their every journey is defined and even planned for it. They can fight with their women for the sake of their machines. They can run away from everything if their urge for that ride calls.

When I see such crazy creatures, I can very much understand how and what kind of bonds did those royals from history had with their stallions. How did they manage to feel the pain of their animal? How well they understood every move, every heartbeat, and every breath of their companion? Why they preferred their cavalry over anything else?

Because they were the ‘Royals’ dying to take a taste of those ‘fields’, of vast lands, battlegrounds and never ending searches.
Those travellers, warriors and wanderers are the men who took birth time and again to become what we call as, Royal Enfield riders!

-Udisha M.


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Diary of a ‘COMMON’ Indian.

Day:1 || An encounter with my ‘common’ India.

Dear diary,

Today I started for my evening walk from my place at 7:00 P.M. As usual this biting cold was taking its toll over my pace! I didn’t wanted to walk much, but I kept walking as staying stagnant at a place made me shiver much more!

I heard the music of a ‘damroo’ from a distance, I walked towards that music, its beats were making my legs hurry towards its tune!

I went near and saw a pair or in correct words a ‘couple’ of Monkeys dancing over the tune. That was the stereotype ‘Bandar-bandariya ka naach’ being supervised by a ‘madaari’.

I forgot everything about my walk, removed my earphones, and started watching those monkeys hopping and jumping at every instruction given by their master! It made me nostalgic, my childhood memories started over-whelming me!

common man




There was a time when we didn’t had any PSP and X-boxes, we requested out parents to take us to the annual fair or ‘mela’ where we could watch such street shows! This was an integral part of our life and also a symbol of our ‘common’ Indian culture!

I know many people argue saying that our Indian culture or such traditions are vanishing with time! I don’t agree with them! The metro life-style has made these things confined to very petty levels, but they are still there! No matter what all gadgets we provide to our kids, they still love to watch these ‘bandar-bandariya ka naach’, and this is what a ‘common’ Indian is!

-by a common Indian [written by Udisha M.]



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10 Reasons why faujis make the coolest boyfriends and husbands!

1) He can make you forget about the adventures of Mogli and Tarzan with his never ending stories of jungles and mountains.


“How to find directions in jungles, how to sense the coming animal! Damn, he knows everything “

2) His presence in your life will unintentionally build up your geography and military history. Kudos to his transfers and his craziness for wars.

You know there are places like Dibrugrah, Suratgrah, Pathankot, Kirkee, Mhow etc. Etc…
And you know what Kargil war is popularly known as Operation Vijay. Got it?

3) He will make you memorize his raising day, army day and all those days which are important for Indian fauj.


Thus, making you a better patriot than others.

4) He will get you gifts from all corners of the country, thus lightening up your wardrobe even more.

“Awww… Sweety your guy got you a Goa T-shirt, mine got me a Patola from Gujarat, Bhagalpuri from Bihar, Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh, Pashmina from J&K, and so on and so far! “

5) No matter how Tom boyish you are, you will learn to behave like a lady In his presence.

118“You know, normally I dress up like a drug addict deprived of daily dope, but I have learnt to drape a Saree and also carry the Salwar suit with dupatta! Damn! Did I just say saree? Hell yeah”

6) No matter what happens, he will never panic and will come up with a solution for your problem.

He will always be like, “Chill babe! I have suffered worse situations, and got away with it! You too can!”

7) He will spoil you with his chivalry completely.


He always has the attitude, “I am a gentleman, I never make a lady wait for me, I always open doors and pull out chairs for them. Women are supposed to be respected!”

8) You will always benefit from the kind of camaraderie and brotherhood he has with his brother soldiers.

145From those occasional salutes to arranging for medical facilities at the time of emergency. Faujis stand by their brothers and ladies in every aspect.

9) You can always look up to him for inspiration, be it a tough time or a happy day.

It is said, faujis are ordinary men with extraordinary courage, so there’s always something in them which inspires you and commands respect.238

10) And last but not the least, as Queen Elizabeth said: “if a soldier loves you, then walk like a queen!”

92Because there are few things money can’t buy and they are respect and honour of being loved by country’s finest gentleman and a warrior.

Say cheese faujis!

-compiled by Udisha M.

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A new beginning.

DSC03147 - Copy

I can’t deny the fact, that I always dreamed of owning a platform where I could tell those million stories which cloud my mind every now and then. Yes, I already had a blog, and yes, I have done a lot of writing there and even got enough love from it. But, still there was something missing, something which I couldn’t define or describe.

But here’s a new beginning with a new vibe and energy, and thanks to the person who made it possible, Arpit Mishra, my elder brother. 🙂

You keep fighting, keep taunting, keep irritating me, that too in amazingly creative ways! 😛 But, you are always the one who understands my dreams and aspiration more than anyone. So, this post is dedicated to you! I just hope, I manage to keep your gift alive.

Cheers, wish me luck people!

-Udisha M.

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Biker diaries: 1 || The Royal Enfield fanatics



Biker diaries. That young guy who saves his pocket money to buy that helmet instead of branded clothes to wear for college. That newly recruit, who keeps his salary for the new upgrade his bike needs instead of throwing a party for his friends. That enthusiast, who avoids dating, because he has to spend on his next trip. That guy next door, who forgets to go to church every Sunday, but never misses an auto-expo. That middle aged man, who keeps his blood pressure and diabetes in control, not just for the sake of his health, but also for his wife’s approval for that Ladakh trip. That man in grey hairs, who never regrets that he hasn’t gone on pilgrim, but grieves for that one unexplored inch of land! That girl, who fought with her parents, to buy a bike for herself! That young guy, who never hears his mom when she asks him to clean his room, but makes sure not a bit of dust touches his bike! That insane fellow, who knows how to kiss the air and hug the scenery while he crosses them on his bike, That bunch of weird fellows who find solace under the cover of sky instead of comfortable bedrooms, Those weirdos are travel-sick, like you are homesick! And you know, who they are? They are the BIKERS!

-Udisha M.  On the request of my brother. 🙂

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‘Aashayei’ 5th Abstract

‘Aashayei’ 5th Abstract-By Udisha M.

Yashwardhan was left alone in his room with the luggage. He had come to this place with lots of hopes in his heart! But the encounter with Arjun, had made him question his decision. His beliefs got eroded today, he was questioning his god for being so unfair and brutal!
“I don’t know how can a kid of 17-18 can get a fatal disease like this!”, he kept pondering, he didn’t know whom he was supposed to blame?

There was a sudden knock on the door which broke Yashwardhan’s thoughtful slumber, he realized somebody had been knocking on the door since quite long, but he was too lost in his thoughts to take notice of it!
“Hello sir! Good-evening”, Sanskripti greeted him.
“Good-evening!”, Yashwardhan replied, still in the trance of his turmoil.
“Sir, the dinner is served at 8:00 P.M. sharp in the dinning hall, please be on time! We are a little particular about timings over here!”, Sanskripti explained him.
He nodded head in yes, and she went back to her desk!
Sanskripti had noticed Yashwardhan’s uncomfort while talking to him, she very well understood his psyche. She was not just the receptionist of the aashayei, but also the counselor for the patient. Who made sure that every person living in the ashram, lives freely and happily.

She was like a godmother for every patient, she looked over everyone, be it children or old ones. She made sure, that everybody gets adjusted in the place well and discovers a new home. This little abode was her entire universe. The constellation of happiness always danced in her little sky, she felt relieved every time she saw people putting up a brave fight in front of a fatal disease like AIDS. She was an inspiration for many.


Yashwardhan nervously unpacked his luggage, placed his clothes in the cupboard provided, shoes were shown their place in the shoe rack. He pulled out a picture of his wife and placed it on the study table! This photograph was something which he valued the most. A small idol of Lord Ganesh and goddess Durga adored a corner of his room. He was a realistic man, but had started worshiping after his wife’s death, as she was very much fond of her ‘gods’ and believed that they were there with her and more importantly ‘with them’ always.

Yashwardhan took a bath, changed into a white Kurta-pajama, lighted a Diya in front of the gods and made his way to the dining hall. His brain was still not able to rest, he had thousands of thoughts churning in his veins, which were throwing his consciousness apart.
“Are you new here?”, a man almost of his age called from behind.
“Oh! I stay in the room next to you! Hello, I am Sandeep Awasthi!”, the old man introduced himself.
“Pleasure meeting you! I am Yashwardhan!”, he shook hands with him.
“I guess, you are heading to dining hall?”
“Oh! Then you can join us, you know we are a gang of 11 oldies, you are the 12th one who looks youngest!”, Sandeep laughed as he kept his hand on Yashwardhan’s shoulder. Yashwardhan was a little amused and surprised by the sudden friendship which was forming.
He didn’t say much, just smiled. He was actually not getting the right way to react to this situation.

“Oh! I understand, you are new that’s why you are finding us weird. Isn’t it? Honestly, 2 years back when I came here, I too was like you! My children had abandoned me as they thought that they couldn’t face the society because their father was an HIV+ man! At that time, I hardly had any idea of this disease. I was in depression, but you see, this place is magical! It brought me back to life! Now I have friends who have the same secret as I, so why should I feel depressed and ashamed?”, Sandeep told his story without any hesitation. Yashwardhan realized how brutally honest, this man was, but somewhere down the line Sandeep’s story had a stark resemblance to his own. This made him feel better. Those thoughts of Arjun got sidelined for some time.

Yashwardhan walked with Sandeep towards the dinning hall, in the way he was joined by many men and women of his age. Now, he was getting why Sandeep had said, “we are a group of 11, you are the 12th one!”
They all introduced themselves to Yashwardhan, they had almost the same stories to tell, some of them were abandoned by their families, some didn’t have anyone to take care of them, some had walked out of their hometowns to escape from the social stigma the disease had!

They all had a dark past, but were brightening each-other’s present by being there, their lives were imperfect at their own levels, but their group seemed so perfect to Yashwardhan. They didn’t judge him for the disease, he was carrying, didn’t pay heed to why and how of his infection! They were just the way they were, happy to have each-other!

Yashwardhan didn’t even realize when he reached the dining hall, when he ate with them, even the tasteless food in the mess seemed fun with a company like this! They exchanged jokes like youngsters still had the understanding and knowledge befitting their age.
Yashwardhan felt as if he knew them for ages! He no more had any remorse in his heart, somewhere deep he was thanking Vinay for suggesting this place! He felt as if he was falling in love again. And this time, this love was the love for himself! There was a strange courage building up in him suddenly. There was a time, when he just wanted to cuddle the coming death and leave the world quietly thinking he has done the necessary duties towards the world, but today he was realizing that the duties were not just meant towards others, he had a duty towards himself as well! And that duty was to love self unconditionally and live the life fully!

This new realization was taking on him and brought a bright smile on his face in that darkness of the night!
TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………..

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‘Aashayei’ 4th Abstract


‘Aashayei’ 4th Abstract 

Yashwardhan kept staring outside his window as the chauffeur drove him to the beautiful and serene land of Haridwar. The soothing and refreshing air of the holy land was filling the atmosphere. Yashwardhan was in a deep slumber, as if he had finally found a lap of someone so beloved, to rest himself forever. He didn’t even come to know when he reached the asharam, ‘aashayei’.

“Sir! Please wake up!”, the chauffeur woke him up and held the car’s door open for him.  Yashwardhan was rubbing his eyes like a little kid, trying to adjust himself in the bright daylight of the city! Haridwar always had a special place in his heart. It was the birthplace of his beloved wife Yamini, and also the place where she took her last breath. How much he missed her! He felt as if she came rushing to hug him as he felt the fresh air touching his body. Her childlike laughs were still audible in those currents of the Ganga on whose basin the asharam was built. Those chirping of birds reminded him of her blissful voice, nothing on earth was as divine as that! For a second he was taken back in those days when he visited this city as a young man, coming to meet his would-be bride for the first time. The beauty of Yamini’s eye which made him go bonkers in the first encounter. The bright clear sky reminded him of that blush-fill smile of her’s which she noticed, he was looking at her from the corners of his eyes. That first emotion, of that thing which poets and authors called ‘LOVE’. Who says there is something called, ‘arranged marriage’?
You fall for your soulmate in seconds when, you know, you have found the one!

“Sir!”, the chauffeur’s call brought him back to the present state. His heart sank a little, he missed Yamini every second, every minute of his life! But he knew she was there, somewhere inside him, and everywhere around him. Holding his hand, walking next to him. Smiling with him, every time his lips stretched in one, and crying every time he felt something paining.

Yashwardhan walked towards the reception area of the asharam. It was a beautiful place, with plants and trees adoring every corner of the area. He passed through the joggers park, and was surprised to see that people from all age groups, even young kids were playing around. He felt a little amused, as he had thought that an HIV+ asharam must be only for old aged people like him.

“Hello Sir! Welcome to aashayei!”, a pretty young lady Sanskripti welcomed him.
“Thank-you, my friend Dr. Vinay Singh had spoken to you about my stay I guess!”, Yashwardhan asked.
“Oh! Yes, sir, I hope you are Mr. Yashwardhan Singh from Delhi?”, the lady at the reception inquired.
“Alright sir, the arrangements for your stay have already been done! I am calling an attendant, he will take you around the asharam and will show you the rooms allotted as well! I hope you will like our humble place! If in case, you face any problem, we are here to assist you!”, she said with a smile and called a young boy Arjun to escort Yashwardhan to his abode.

Yashwardhan smiled at Arjun, as he picked his luggage and requested him to follow to the room.
“Hey, you don’t need to carry everything, wait! Let me share your trouble!” Yashwardhan smiled, and look a bag from Arjun. Arjun was relatively impressed by Yashwardhan’s kindness, he said Thank-you and smiled back to him. There was something, which was connecting them instantly.

As they walked towards the room. Yashwardhan noticed Arjun, he was a tall and well built boy, still in his teens. His growing facial hairs or beards and mustaches were giving the signs of his growing masculinity. His demeanor and etiquette clearly showed he was a kid belonging to a cultured and well to do family. Still, why was he working in an asharam like this?
Yashwardhan kept pondering over it. He wanted to ask Arjun as to why was he here. But wasn’t able to get right words for that.

“Here’s your room sir! I hope you will like it!”, Arjun finally uttered something, as they reached the room allotted to Yashwardhan and he opened the door for Yashwardhan to enter.
“Thank-you son! That’s so kind of you!”, Yashwardhan thanked him and pulled out his wallet to give him some tip for his service.
“No need for that,  sir! I am not an employee over here. This is my home!”, Arjun told him when he saw Yashwardhan opening his wallet.
“What?”, Yashwardhan was taken aback. He couldn’t get, what was Arjun trying to say.
“I mean to say, sir, I also live in this ashram because of the reason you have come here!”, Arjun told his side of the story.
“That means….you too are……………”
“Yes sir! I am also an HIV+ patient! That’s why my mom and dad have sent me here! Now this is my home!”, Arjun replied. He seemed so composed, as if expecting a fatal disease that too at such a young age meant nothing to him. Yashwardhan was crestfallen!
He felt so sorry for the kid! His life was just about to start, and it took the turn of a dead end out of nothing! He went numb, he didn’t know how to react. He kept staring at Arjun’s adolescent face! He was such a handsome yet so innocent looking boy!
“You don’t need to worry sir! I am perfectly fine. I take my medicines regularly, and the doctor says I have, many years to live!”, Arjun replied confidently. Even though his reply made Yashwardhan feel better, still his heart for pounding in pain.
“How did you get this infection kid?”, Yash asked him.
“Nothing much, sir! You make mistakes out of stupidity and lack of knowledge of consequences, then pay for it!”, Arjun answered. His remorse was coming over face now, but he was trying to shove it!
“I didn’t get you!”
“Sir, it is simple, I went to Goa with my school friends two years back, we all decided that we will get a tattoo of our group’s name on our shoulders! I didn’t want it, but still out of peer pressure I agreed! We didn’t have any knowledge of how and what precautions should be taken while getting a permanent tattoo! We went to the shop with cheapest rates as we all were mere school kids and didn’t have enough to pay a hefty amount! He used the same needle for tattooing  for at least 10-15 people. My friends were lucky that they all got tattooed by a un-infected needle, but I wasn’t!”, Arjun told Yashwardhan.

Yashwardhan collapsed in bed, he had never expected that HIV could spread by such casual mistakes also. He stared at Arjun’s face blankly, unable to utter anything. There was a long undefined turmoil which was troubling him inside. His eyes were going moist. He was just not able to take the harsh truths of life! He lay down there like a stone suddenly hit by a thrashing sea wave, he was hurt but couldn’t move. He wanted to scream, but didn’t have any strength left within him. He wanted to hug Arjun and tell him, he will be alright someday. But that too was a lie!
TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………..

By – Udisha M.
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‘Aashayei’ 3rd Abstract.



 ‘Aashayei’ 3rd Abstract.

Vinay and Yashwardhan started loading the luggage in the car as soon as the chauffeur arrived.
“Have you told Vishnu everything?”, Yashwardhan asked Vinay. He somewhere deep inside knew that Vishnu would not accompany him once he comes to know about his disease, but still he wanted to see him for one last time.

“Yash, I want to ask you once again! Do you really want to go? I still want you to go to Europe for further treatment!”, Vinay tried a last time to convince Yash.
“I am absolutely sure about my decision Vinay, I want to do what I am doing!”, replied Yashwardhan adjusting his luggage.
“What if Vishnu doesn’t come with you?”, Vinay asked, still doubtfully about Vishnu’s decision.
“As I said earlier, it’s OK with me, I will keep paying his salary as pension, and please do me a favor! Get him some work if he wants to!”, Yashwardhan was still very worried about Vishnu.
“Don’t worry about that Yash, everything will be taken care of!”, Vinay replied.

Once the luggage was adjusted in the car, Yashwardhan turned towards Vinay to give him a warm hug!
“Saahab!”, Vishnu called from behind.
Yashwardhan turned back, to see him in tears. His throat was choked, he was trying to say something, but it seemed he was too over-whelmed to utter anything! He had been a loyal servant for years, and was extremely attached to Yashwardhan. Seeing his master falling prey to a disease like this was agonizing for him!

“Saahab!”, Vishnu fell at Yashwardhan’s feet, he was sobbing uncontrollably.
“It’s perfectly OK Vishnu, you haven’t done any crime!”, Yashwardhan was getting as to what kind of emotional turmoil was troubling Vishnu. He held him by shoulders and picked him up. Vishnu was still in tears, he was feeling ashamed of himself for being so selfish. He couldn’t match eyes with Yashwardhan.
“Saahab! Humei maaf kar dijiye!”, he finally uttered something.
“Vishnu! Listen to me! It’s your life and you have the rights to decide what you want from it! If you don’t want to come with me, that’s perfectly OK! You will always be the same Vishnu for me!”, Yashwardhan smiled at him and pulled out his handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to Vishnu.

Vishnu was still sobbing, but didn’t say anything. His silence clearly told Yashwardhan that he was not accompanying him for the Haridwar stay.
“I have instructed Vinay about everything, you won’t face any problem here! Just let Vinay know if you want to work somewhere else!”, Yashwardhan finally said those last words to Vishnu and sat inside the car. The chauffeur closed the door for him, and he took the driving seat.

Yashwadhan smiled for the last time to Vishnu, Vinay waved good-bye!
Vishnu was still sobbing, but tried to smile for Yashwardhan.

The car sped away, Yashwardhan finally realized that AIDS had just snatched away a part of his life in the name of Vishnu and many more like him were way to go!
-By Udisha M.
TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………..

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Aashayei 2nd Abstract

Aashayei – 2nd Abstract


“Yash at what time you are leaving?”, Vinay called Yashwardhan early in the morning to know his schedule.
“I have sent the chauffeur with the car to get it checked before we leave; as the journey is pretty long and I don’t want to take any risk! I will leave as soon as he comes back!”, Yashwardhan replied.
“I am coming to see you right now! Stay at your place only!”, said Vinay in a commanding tone.
“Alright, I am not going anywhere!”, answered Yashwardhan and the phone was hung.


“Yash, I need to know few things about your stay in Haridwar!”, Vinay questioned as soon as he entered the house.
“Where are you thinking to stay there?”
“I have booked a room in an asharam there, it is the only place which will let Vishnu live with me as he is reluctant to leave me alone!”, Yashwardhan replied.
“Listen Yash, I know some people in Haridwar and have come across a asharam on the Haridwar-Rishikesh highway, which is meant only for HIV+ people, its name is ‘Aashayei’ and was built by a doctor in the memory of his son who died fighting AIDS, they have a very good atmosphere there with all the medical facilities and care which are needed by HIV patients. I want you to go there!”, Vinay was not requesting Yashwardhan, today he was ordering like a caring doctor, who knew what was best for his patient.
“But Vinay! I don’t know anyone there! And how will Vishnu stay with me in that place?”, Yashwardhan was taken aback by his friend’s command.
“I have already spoken to asharam people for your stay, and as far as Vishnu is concerned, I will talk about him also! If possible, we will get him employed in housekeeping or something if he is OK with it!”, Vinay replied. He knew that Yashwardhan was a sensitive man, it was not easy for him to leave Vishnu just like that, as he had served him for years together.
“Vishnu doesn’t know about my disease Vinay, I don’t know how he is going to react once he comes to know that I am HIV+”, Yashwardhan was concerned about the social taboos which a disease like AIDS had.
“You don’t worry about that Yash, I will speak to him about it. If in case he doesn’t want to go with you, I will get him employed elsewhere.”, assured Vinay.


Vinay was considerably relieved once Yashwardhan was convinced to stay at the asharam, he had brought all the important medicines of Yashwardhan with him and got them packed in his luggage.
“Yash, I will come to see you every month, I promise!”, said Vinay, Yashwardhan smiled and hugged him.

Next, Vinay went in servant’s quarters to see Vishnu, he knew that he was an illiterate man and it would be difficult for him to make him understand the cause and effects of a disease like AIDS.
“What? What are you saying sahab? Yashwardhan sahab has AIDS?”, Vishnu screamed at the top of his voice.
“Yes Vishnu, but you don’t need to worry! AIDS doesn’t gets spread through mere body touch or simple……………………..”
“Ram! Ram! Ram! Doctor sahab! Aap rehne do! Aap log chaar kitaabei padh kar sochte ho ki hum gareeb aadmi bewkoof hai! Batao, hum Yashwardhan sahab ke saath rahenge to humei AIDS nahi ho jaega? Aap humari jaan khatre mei daal rahe hai!”, Vishnu didn’t even let Vinay complete his sentence and interrupted in between.
Vinay tried explaining Vishnu, but he couldn’t, finally he gave up thinking that he is illiterate and will not get convinced no matter how much he tries.

“Alright, since you are not ready to go with Yashwardhan, he has asked me to get you a decent job somewhere, you will keep getting your salary from Yashwardhan as a pension like before.”, said Vinay, coming out of Vishnu’s quarter.
“Sahab! Hum itne bhi swaarthi nahi hai! Aap bas humare Yashwardhan sahab ko thik kar do, humei aur kuch nahi chahiye!”, Vishnu started crying. He had served Yashwardhan for years and even after being scared to go with him, he was worried about his health.
“Look Vishnu, the only cure for Yashwardhan is love and support of his near and dear ones. He has cared for you all like his own child, do you think he would have ever thought of taking you along with him if in case he is carrying a disease which may infect you!”, Vinay held Vishnu by the shoulders.
“Nahi Sahab! Yashwardhan sahab jaise maalik bohot naseeb se milte hai! Wo kabhi humara bura nahi soch sakte”, replied Vishnu.
“It’s totally on you Vishnu that you want to go with Yash or not, he will be leaving in a few hours. Pack your stuff if you wish to go, else you are free!”, concluded Vinay and went back to Yashwardhan’s room.

Vishnu sat on the threshold of his quarter, he couldn’t get over with his turmoil, he was worried about his master at the same time was scared of the fatal disease which Yashwardhan was carrying. His heart wanted to believe in what Vinay had told him, but his illiterate brain kept over-powering it and stopped him from doing what was right.

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………………
-Story by Udisha M.

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Aashayei:1st Abstract


Aashayei – 1st Abstract

Aashaye 1

It was a warm summer evening; every face in the office was excited yet sad about the farewell party of their boss Yashwardhan Singh. They worked diligently to make sure that each and every corner of their workplace looked as perfect as their boss himself was. Even though Yashwardhan was their boss, but he treated his workplace like his own baby, nurturing each and every detail to make sure that it brings pride and joy to everyone. Each and every subordinate of his loved and respected him like his own family member.

 “Hurry up Aditi, sir, must be reaching here anytime!”, screamed adult, Yashwardhan’s personal secretary.

“Apporva, make sure that all the blue balloons have got the same shade!”, he screamed on some other guy. Blue was Yashwardhan’s favorite color and hence, Adyut made sure that the color theme for the party is strictly blue.

Finally, after a hard work of two hours, staff managed to decorate the office as Adyut wanted it to.

“Sir will reach by 9:00 AM, he is very punctual guys, we need to be ready before that!”, instructed Adyut.
In a splendid career of 40 years, Yashwardhan had never got late in his office, his entire record was full of appreciations and achievements; he was a man of high values.

Everybody went back to their seats, trying to pretend that they were treating it as a normal day. Yashwardhan dressed smartly in a gray suit, blue shirt and tie stepped inside the office and was wished Goodmorning by all his subordinates like it happened every day, he went straight into his cabin and asked the peon to call Adyut.

“Goodmorning sir!”, said Adyut entering his cabin.

“Goodmorning young man! Kindly get me the file of Bhatia enterprises, I need to check something in it!”, he commanded.
“But sir………………………………..”, Adyut paused trying to say something.
“What? I am asking for Bhatia enterprise’s file!”, Yashwardhan was himself getting emotional about his last day at the office. His work was his passion and leaving it today forever was pounding. He was trying to sound stern to hide his grief.
“But sir…………………………….”, Adyut’s throat choked. He wanted to ask Yashwardhan to come out of his cabin so that they could start his farewell party, but surprised and scared by Yashwardhan’s sudden change of temperament; he couldn’t get the right words to request his boss.

“May I come in sir!”, finally Aditi and Apoorva came to Adyut’s rescue.

“Yes!”, replied Yashwardhan.
“Sir! Actually, we have arranged for a small surprise for you, but for that you need to come to the main hall, please sir!”, said Aditi.
“What kind of surprise?”, Yashwardhan understood that his subordinates have planned something for him.
“Sir, please come with us, so that we can show you!”, requested Apoorva.

Yashwardhan walked with them, and was welcomed with a huge round of applause by all his employees.

There was a huge blue banner hung at the wall reading “We will miss you sir!”
Yashwardhan’s eyes went moist; he tried controlling himself and cut the cake, which his subordinates had got for him.
There were few games in the party and the entire menu had only Yashwardhan’s favorite cuisine. Adyut, Aditi, Apoorva and almost the entire staff gifted a farewell memento to him and the day passed.

Yashwardhan left his office with a heavy heart, he wept like a four year old in his car way back home. It seemed as if, his world had finished with his professional life.

He stepped inside the house and closed the door behind, loosened his tie and crashed on his rocking chair and closed his eyes.



“Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaabbbbbb!!!!!”, that was his servant Vishnu waking him up.
“Yes!”, Yashwardhan woke up and rubbed his eyes.
“Sahab, Doctor Sahab aaye hai aap se milne!”, Vishnu replied.
“Unko bithao, hum aa rahe!”, replied Yashwardhan. He didn’t remember when he dozed off in his rocking chair itself. He stood up, washed his face, combed his hair and went in the living room where his best-friend, his confidant and his family doctor, Vinay was sitting.

“Hey old man!”, Vinay winked as soon as he saw Yashwardhan. Even though both of them were in their late 50s, but seeing each-other made them feel young always.

“Hello uncle!”, Yashwardhan winked back, taking on Vinay’s sarcasm.
“How are you? How was the last day at the office?”, Vinay asked getting a little serious. He had some important and grave issues to discuss today.
“Ah.. It just went by! I don’t even know how time passed so quickly!”, replied Yashwardhan poignantly.
“Yash! You know what? I need to discuss something with you!”, Vinay held his hand.
“What? Am I going to die tomorrow?”, asked Yashwardhan trying to crack a joke to make the situation lightly.
“Can you call your sons from US for a few days?”, Vinay asked.
“You know I can’t do that, even if I call them, they won’t come!”, Yashwardhan knew his children well, they both were self-centered and never bothered to look after him, even after his wife’s death.
“Yash! actuallyyyyyyyyyyyy……………………”, Vinay stopped and lowered his eyes, he could feel a lump forming in his throat. It was painful to bring out these things in front of his best-friend.
“What is it Vinay? I know I am HIV+ and will die someday!”, Yashwardhan replied calmly. He had acquired this infection from an infected blood donor and was fighting it since past 8 years. Nobody but Vinay knew this secret of his.
“Yash! We had been controlling your HIV since these many years with the help of medicinal drugs, but the last blood test shows that we have lost it! Your body has caught Tuberculosis, and hence this HIV has finally turned into AIDS!”, a drop of tear rolled from  Vinay’s eyes. Even though he was a doctor, he knew that some or the other day his ARTs will fail and Yashwardhan will fall prey to AIDS, but seeing his best-friend catching a fatling disease was agonizing.

“It’s OK Vinay, as such I have retired today, I have fulfilled all my duties towards my work and family, I don’t have any reason to live a very long life anymore!”, said Yashwardhan taking Vinay’s verdict calmly.

“No Yash! Don’t say that! I have spoken to one of my colleagues in Europe, he said that if you go there for treatment, we can inhibit the virus for some more time and give you a longer and healthier life!”, Vinay suggested. He was struggling to do every bit to save his friend.
“Vinay! Look, I don’t want any treatment now, I have a few months or maybe a year left with me and it’s my last wish to die where my wife, my love took her last breath!”, Yashwardhan stood up and walked towards the wall where his wife’s photo was hung.
“But Yash!”, Vinay tried saying something.
“I don’t want to discuss anything else Vinay, I am moving to Haridwar tomorrow morning itself!”, declared Yashwardhan.

Vinay knew that he won’t be able to convince Yashwardhan for anything at this point of time, he stood up and went back to his clinic to make medical arrangements in Haridwar, so that his friend doesn’t face any problem once he reaches there.

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………..

– By Udisha M
*© MagMug 2016 . Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the Author and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content *