Stones Vs Pellets: Which Side Are You?

kashmir_stome_pelting_20100712.jpgA lot of discussion and debate has been done over the Kashmir issue, and I have always stayed quiet over it. But I got a few request saying as to why being an aspiring writer of Indian Military History, I haven’t yet let it out? Am I one of those ‘Bhakts’ who are supporting BJP or am I one of those ‘intellectuals’ who are supporting the Kashmiris.

Let me tell you, I am none. I am just a rational human who believes in supporting what is right after studying the cases well.

I heard people saying, ‘They are just throwing stones? Why pellets are being used on them?’

Then let’s consider this case, not long ago, ‘stone-pelting’ by mob was a capital punishment for accused in many parts of the world [even in India]. There used to be a pedestal and the mob was allowed to surround it with accused standing in the middle of it. They used to pelt stones at a brutal velocity and frequency. The one on pedestal used to run in all possible corners of the small area to find an inch where they could save themselves. But people being merciless kept pelting stones at an unarmed man or a group. They usually lost their vision, hurt their temple, got their private parts injured and a lot more serious injuries before they succumbed to a painful, merciless death. This practice was banned in most part of the world because it was inhuman, even the worst of criminals and terrorist didn’t deserve it.It was a strict violation of human rights.’ f70295c0906fa13efe0b3a2f369a-grande.jpg

Your security forces are getting to face this situation in Kashmir almost every now and then. They are surrounded by a brutal crowd and are heavily outnumbered. The crowd off-course of localites knows the nook and corner of their towns, surrounds the forces in a vicious circle and pelt stones on them. Not just this, many a times these men even use petrol bombs, tear gases and everything they can arrange for to hurt the security personnels. Even in this situation, the forces are asked to maintain, ‘maximum restrain’ and not fire until and unless the situation is ‘out-of-hand’. Do you know the definition of    ‘out-of-hand’? Most of the time it’s when the security men are on a verge of getting martyred in a protest which is a norm for the Kashmiris.

Have you ever thought of these men, as they too have family which cares for them. Try putting your own friend or a family member in place of that innocent jawan who has joined the defence forces thinking he will ‘serve’ the nation. He will live protecting you and me. Try thinking that what if he doesn’t fires a pellet or a tear gas to save himself and his men, what kind of painful death he will die?

srinagar_650_041715081117.jpgIf you say that pellets aren’t a solution then give me one. Sitting on a coffee table and discussing about this situation or applauding a journalist who is biased towards the Hurriyat to ensure her TRPs will bring out solutions? I don’t think so. Let me tell you, at times I don’t really care. You blame the current government and the security forces for being this oppressive. Then a quick reminder for you, Article 370 or AFSPA was not introduced by the present government in Kashmir, it’s the result of the ‘secular’ and ‘liberal’ leaders we had in past. And the situation now is so bad that gunshots need to be used no matter you like it or don’t.

You say killing of Burhan Wani was not judicial. What if a terrorist like Burhan Wani comes and points his AK47 on your forehead while you are vacationing in Kashmir? Should the security forces would have waited for a situation when Burhan Wani would have kidnapped some film star and killed him? May be that would have justified it, because in our country a film star can get away with murders but a soldier doing his duty can’t.

I am not saying every Kashmiri deserves to die but if they are perpetrating against our nation, they will get an answer. Indian Judiciary allows you to murder in self-defence. My forces have done that in the interest of the nation. I am sorry for the Kashmiri families who lost sons, brothers, husbands, fathers even if they were like Burhan Wani but I can’t see families mourning over the fact as to why they sent their sons, brothers, husband, fathers to guard a nation like that of us.

You think I am a ‘Bhakt’, yes I am a ‘Bhakt’ of truth. I don’t wear khadi and carry a jhola and comment on situations which are not in my control. I believe in being rational and supporting what is right. You want the pellets to stop, then stop the stone-pelting first. If they can’t, we can’t!

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Patriotism: The Social Media Patriots

Patriotism: meaning and perception

Patriotism is it real

Google says ‘Patriotism’ means “the quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one’s country.”
Well, that’s pretty confusing. Honestly, I never understood the real meaning of being a patriot or being patriotic or patriotism. I always felt proud when I saw my country’s flag flying high, I always had goosebumps while singing my national anthem, I danced like hell when I saw the Indian Cricket Team Captain lifting the World Cup Trophy, I clapped every time I saw any Indian bagging a medal at Olympics, I felt angry and frustrated when I saw my innocent countrymen getting killed in terrorist attack.

This what patriotism means? Isn’t it?
I guess, most of you will say yes! May be, in some ways it is! But is singing a national anthem or saluting a flag enough? What about the small and tiny things which we usually ignore without giving it a second thought?

What about keeping the roads of our country clean? or what about making sure that the laws and rules of our constitution are followed well? Many of you will say that its the work of judiciary to assure that these things are taken care off. Frankly speaking, if it is so, then why does the law asks you to ‘wear a helmet while driving’? Or why does it comes to your doorsteps to check whether your child has taken his dose of polio vaccine or not? 

Its non of government’s business if you meet with an accident and suffer serious injuries because of absence of helmet, or your child doesn’t takes the vaccines and falls prey to a contagious disease.

Being patriotic is not a ‘gesture’, it is supposed to be a ‘way of life’. You complain about rising petrol prices and at the same time, don’t even bother to take a receipt after refuelling your bike/car, in a way you are yourself supporting black-marketing of the black gold, as we call it! You might haven’t noticed it, but this is the truth. Somewhere, down the line, mine and yours way of living is corrupted, and this little corruptions has given birth to the bigger monster which is ready to swallow our integrity and self-respect on the national level.

We keep putting stupid updates and mock around the politicians on Facebook just to show how ‘cognizant’ we are! But how many of you actually take pains to register yourself to vote?
I guess hardly handful of you! You can put thousand allegations on some party’s PM candidate but you yourself don’t know who is the contender of that party from your constituency! Is it being ‘cognizant’? I don’t think so! This is being stupid and ignorant.

Above things are condemning! Isn’t it? But they are the harsh truth. It is said that ‘take care of the smaller things! The bigger ones will fall in place on their own!’, you want bigger changes in your country, but you don’t want to change the smaller things in you! You don’t want to take pains to park your car in a paid parking lot, and then you expect that the roads shouldn’t be congested. You don’t want to take pains to walk to the dust-bin to throw the trash but you expect that the roads should be clean! You raise a voice against the injustice done to a rape victim but don’t mind watching/reading movies or novels where women are been projected as an object!

Is it shameful? Or its shear hypocrisy?
If you expect someone else to change, then be that ‘someone’ first! Do your bit for the country and then expect others to follow!
I repeat my words, ‘patriotism is not a gesture, its a way of life!’

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