Keep Calm and Love Chai Over Coffee

2It is not ‘tea’, it is ‘Chai’! Do you get it? Chai! Chaha! Chah! Cha! Call it by any name, in any language, have it in mug or glass; it is awesomeness, pure awesomeness!

I always have this debate with my intellectual and sophisticated friends who love coffee over tea! I mean, like what? Coffee over tea? Shut-up tea is better than coffee! Yes, it is! Your long trips or your night before exams are incomplete without some hot cups of tea and those delicious combos of biscuits or papad or pakode with chai!

Aah! Bliss!

I can’t imagine a day without tea, that sheer feeling of seeing the chai boil in its rusty, bubbly glory is joy! An overwhelming ecstatic happiness. That wait for letting the chai get ready on low flame and watching it anxiously as it sheds colors is heavenly. These are the joys which a coffee lover will never experience in life. Coffee is so stupid. It costs you bomb amount and hardly offers any taste.  Moreover, you cannot fix coffee with your favorite desi breakfasts like pakode, bun-maska, vada-pav, Parle G, etc. You need tea for that.

A rainy day will not make you ask for coffee, it will make you ask for tea. Because tea meets the feel and sound of roaring thunderstorms and the smell of soil after rain. Tea gives you the liberty of enjoying it with cardamom and cloves or black pepper or basil or all of them. Coffee surely doesn’t stand a chance. Coffee cannot be fixed with sutta, it cannot make you brag or listen to your friend’s woes after a long day. Only tea can do that! Tea rocks everywhere, be it home or office or trips or college adda.

The morale of the story: Keep Calm and Love Tea Over Coffee!
– Udisha M.

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‘Aashayei’ 3rd Abstract.



 ‘Aashayei’ 3rd Abstract.

Vinay and Yashwardhan started loading the luggage in the car as soon as the chauffeur arrived.
“Have you told Vishnu everything?”, Yashwardhan asked Vinay. He somewhere deep inside knew that Vishnu would not accompany him once he comes to know about his disease, but still he wanted to see him for one last time.

“Yash, I want to ask you once again! Do you really want to go? I still want you to go to Europe for further treatment!”, Vinay tried a last time to convince Yash.
“I am absolutely sure about my decision Vinay, I want to do what I am doing!”, replied Yashwardhan adjusting his luggage.
“What if Vishnu doesn’t come with you?”, Vinay asked, still doubtfully about Vishnu’s decision.
“As I said earlier, it’s OK with me, I will keep paying his salary as pension, and please do me a favor! Get him some work if he wants to!”, Yashwardhan was still very worried about Vishnu.
“Don’t worry about that Yash, everything will be taken care of!”, Vinay replied.

Once the luggage was adjusted in the car, Yashwardhan turned towards Vinay to give him a warm hug!
“Saahab!”, Vishnu called from behind.
Yashwardhan turned back, to see him in tears. His throat was choked, he was trying to say something, but it seemed he was too over-whelmed to utter anything! He had been a loyal servant for years, and was extremely attached to Yashwardhan. Seeing his master falling prey to a disease like this was agonizing for him!

“Saahab!”, Vishnu fell at Yashwardhan’s feet, he was sobbing uncontrollably.
“It’s perfectly OK Vishnu, you haven’t done any crime!”, Yashwardhan was getting as to what kind of emotional turmoil was troubling Vishnu. He held him by shoulders and picked him up. Vishnu was still in tears, he was feeling ashamed of himself for being so selfish. He couldn’t match eyes with Yashwardhan.
“Saahab! Humei maaf kar dijiye!”, he finally uttered something.
“Vishnu! Listen to me! It’s your life and you have the rights to decide what you want from it! If you don’t want to come with me, that’s perfectly OK! You will always be the same Vishnu for me!”, Yashwardhan smiled at him and pulled out his handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to Vishnu.

Vishnu was still sobbing, but didn’t say anything. His silence clearly told Yashwardhan that he was not accompanying him for the Haridwar stay.
“I have instructed Vinay about everything, you won’t face any problem here! Just let Vinay know if you want to work somewhere else!”, Yashwardhan finally said those last words to Vishnu and sat inside the car. The chauffeur closed the door for him, and he took the driving seat.

Yashwadhan smiled for the last time to Vishnu, Vinay waved good-bye!
Vishnu was still sobbing, but tried to smile for Yashwardhan.

The car sped away, Yashwardhan finally realized that AIDS had just snatched away a part of his life in the name of Vishnu and many more like him were way to go!
-By Udisha M.
TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………..

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Aashayei 2nd Abstract

Aashayei – 2nd Abstract


“Yash at what time you are leaving?”, Vinay called Yashwardhan early in the morning to know his schedule.
“I have sent the chauffeur with the car to get it checked before we leave; as the journey is pretty long and I don’t want to take any risk! I will leave as soon as he comes back!”, Yashwardhan replied.
“I am coming to see you right now! Stay at your place only!”, said Vinay in a commanding tone.
“Alright, I am not going anywhere!”, answered Yashwardhan and the phone was hung.


“Yash, I need to know few things about your stay in Haridwar!”, Vinay questioned as soon as he entered the house.
“Where are you thinking to stay there?”
“I have booked a room in an asharam there, it is the only place which will let Vishnu live with me as he is reluctant to leave me alone!”, Yashwardhan replied.
“Listen Yash, I know some people in Haridwar and have come across a asharam on the Haridwar-Rishikesh highway, which is meant only for HIV+ people, its name is ‘Aashayei’ and was built by a doctor in the memory of his son who died fighting AIDS, they have a very good atmosphere there with all the medical facilities and care which are needed by HIV patients. I want you to go there!”, Vinay was not requesting Yashwardhan, today he was ordering like a caring doctor, who knew what was best for his patient.
“But Vinay! I don’t know anyone there! And how will Vishnu stay with me in that place?”, Yashwardhan was taken aback by his friend’s command.
“I have already spoken to asharam people for your stay, and as far as Vishnu is concerned, I will talk about him also! If possible, we will get him employed in housekeeping or something if he is OK with it!”, Vinay replied. He knew that Yashwardhan was a sensitive man, it was not easy for him to leave Vishnu just like that, as he had served him for years together.
“Vishnu doesn’t know about my disease Vinay, I don’t know how he is going to react once he comes to know that I am HIV+”, Yashwardhan was concerned about the social taboos which a disease like AIDS had.
“You don’t worry about that Yash, I will speak to him about it. If in case he doesn’t want to go with you, I will get him employed elsewhere.”, assured Vinay.


Vinay was considerably relieved once Yashwardhan was convinced to stay at the asharam, he had brought all the important medicines of Yashwardhan with him and got them packed in his luggage.
“Yash, I will come to see you every month, I promise!”, said Vinay, Yashwardhan smiled and hugged him.

Next, Vinay went in servant’s quarters to see Vishnu, he knew that he was an illiterate man and it would be difficult for him to make him understand the cause and effects of a disease like AIDS.
“What? What are you saying sahab? Yashwardhan sahab has AIDS?”, Vishnu screamed at the top of his voice.
“Yes Vishnu, but you don’t need to worry! AIDS doesn’t gets spread through mere body touch or simple……………………..”
“Ram! Ram! Ram! Doctor sahab! Aap rehne do! Aap log chaar kitaabei padh kar sochte ho ki hum gareeb aadmi bewkoof hai! Batao, hum Yashwardhan sahab ke saath rahenge to humei AIDS nahi ho jaega? Aap humari jaan khatre mei daal rahe hai!”, Vishnu didn’t even let Vinay complete his sentence and interrupted in between.
Vinay tried explaining Vishnu, but he couldn’t, finally he gave up thinking that he is illiterate and will not get convinced no matter how much he tries.

“Alright, since you are not ready to go with Yashwardhan, he has asked me to get you a decent job somewhere, you will keep getting your salary from Yashwardhan as a pension like before.”, said Vinay, coming out of Vishnu’s quarter.
“Sahab! Hum itne bhi swaarthi nahi hai! Aap bas humare Yashwardhan sahab ko thik kar do, humei aur kuch nahi chahiye!”, Vishnu started crying. He had served Yashwardhan for years and even after being scared to go with him, he was worried about his health.
“Look Vishnu, the only cure for Yashwardhan is love and support of his near and dear ones. He has cared for you all like his own child, do you think he would have ever thought of taking you along with him if in case he is carrying a disease which may infect you!”, Vinay held Vishnu by the shoulders.
“Nahi Sahab! Yashwardhan sahab jaise maalik bohot naseeb se milte hai! Wo kabhi humara bura nahi soch sakte”, replied Vishnu.
“It’s totally on you Vishnu that you want to go with Yash or not, he will be leaving in a few hours. Pack your stuff if you wish to go, else you are free!”, concluded Vinay and went back to Yashwardhan’s room.

Vishnu sat on the threshold of his quarter, he couldn’t get over with his turmoil, he was worried about his master at the same time was scared of the fatal disease which Yashwardhan was carrying. His heart wanted to believe in what Vinay had told him, but his illiterate brain kept over-powering it and stopped him from doing what was right.

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………………
-Story by Udisha M.

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Aashayei:1st Abstract


Aashayei – 1st Abstract

Aashaye 1

It was a warm summer evening; every face in the office was excited yet sad about the farewell party of their boss Yashwardhan Singh. They worked diligently to make sure that each and every corner of their workplace looked as perfect as their boss himself was. Even though Yashwardhan was their boss, but he treated his workplace like his own baby, nurturing each and every detail to make sure that it brings pride and joy to everyone. Each and every subordinate of his loved and respected him like his own family member.

 “Hurry up Aditi, sir, must be reaching here anytime!”, screamed adult, Yashwardhan’s personal secretary.

“Apporva, make sure that all the blue balloons have got the same shade!”, he screamed on some other guy. Blue was Yashwardhan’s favorite color and hence, Adyut made sure that the color theme for the party is strictly blue.

Finally, after a hard work of two hours, staff managed to decorate the office as Adyut wanted it to.

“Sir will reach by 9:00 AM, he is very punctual guys, we need to be ready before that!”, instructed Adyut.
In a splendid career of 40 years, Yashwardhan had never got late in his office, his entire record was full of appreciations and achievements; he was a man of high values.

Everybody went back to their seats, trying to pretend that they were treating it as a normal day. Yashwardhan dressed smartly in a gray suit, blue shirt and tie stepped inside the office and was wished Goodmorning by all his subordinates like it happened every day, he went straight into his cabin and asked the peon to call Adyut.

“Goodmorning sir!”, said Adyut entering his cabin.

“Goodmorning young man! Kindly get me the file of Bhatia enterprises, I need to check something in it!”, he commanded.
“But sir………………………………..”, Adyut paused trying to say something.
“What? I am asking for Bhatia enterprise’s file!”, Yashwardhan was himself getting emotional about his last day at the office. His work was his passion and leaving it today forever was pounding. He was trying to sound stern to hide his grief.
“But sir…………………………….”, Adyut’s throat choked. He wanted to ask Yashwardhan to come out of his cabin so that they could start his farewell party, but surprised and scared by Yashwardhan’s sudden change of temperament; he couldn’t get the right words to request his boss.

“May I come in sir!”, finally Aditi and Apoorva came to Adyut’s rescue.

“Yes!”, replied Yashwardhan.
“Sir! Actually, we have arranged for a small surprise for you, but for that you need to come to the main hall, please sir!”, said Aditi.
“What kind of surprise?”, Yashwardhan understood that his subordinates have planned something for him.
“Sir, please come with us, so that we can show you!”, requested Apoorva.

Yashwardhan walked with them, and was welcomed with a huge round of applause by all his employees.

There was a huge blue banner hung at the wall reading “We will miss you sir!”
Yashwardhan’s eyes went moist; he tried controlling himself and cut the cake, which his subordinates had got for him.
There were few games in the party and the entire menu had only Yashwardhan’s favorite cuisine. Adyut, Aditi, Apoorva and almost the entire staff gifted a farewell memento to him and the day passed.

Yashwardhan left his office with a heavy heart, he wept like a four year old in his car way back home. It seemed as if, his world had finished with his professional life.

He stepped inside the house and closed the door behind, loosened his tie and crashed on his rocking chair and closed his eyes.



“Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaabbbbbb!!!!!”, that was his servant Vishnu waking him up.
“Yes!”, Yashwardhan woke up and rubbed his eyes.
“Sahab, Doctor Sahab aaye hai aap se milne!”, Vishnu replied.
“Unko bithao, hum aa rahe!”, replied Yashwardhan. He didn’t remember when he dozed off in his rocking chair itself. He stood up, washed his face, combed his hair and went in the living room where his best-friend, his confidant and his family doctor, Vinay was sitting.

“Hey old man!”, Vinay winked as soon as he saw Yashwardhan. Even though both of them were in their late 50s, but seeing each-other made them feel young always.

“Hello uncle!”, Yashwardhan winked back, taking on Vinay’s sarcasm.
“How are you? How was the last day at the office?”, Vinay asked getting a little serious. He had some important and grave issues to discuss today.
“Ah.. It just went by! I don’t even know how time passed so quickly!”, replied Yashwardhan poignantly.
“Yash! You know what? I need to discuss something with you!”, Vinay held his hand.
“What? Am I going to die tomorrow?”, asked Yashwardhan trying to crack a joke to make the situation lightly.
“Can you call your sons from US for a few days?”, Vinay asked.
“You know I can’t do that, even if I call them, they won’t come!”, Yashwardhan knew his children well, they both were self-centered and never bothered to look after him, even after his wife’s death.
“Yash! actuallyyyyyyyyyyyy……………………”, Vinay stopped and lowered his eyes, he could feel a lump forming in his throat. It was painful to bring out these things in front of his best-friend.
“What is it Vinay? I know I am HIV+ and will die someday!”, Yashwardhan replied calmly. He had acquired this infection from an infected blood donor and was fighting it since past 8 years. Nobody but Vinay knew this secret of his.
“Yash! We had been controlling your HIV since these many years with the help of medicinal drugs, but the last blood test shows that we have lost it! Your body has caught Tuberculosis, and hence this HIV has finally turned into AIDS!”, a drop of tear rolled from  Vinay’s eyes. Even though he was a doctor, he knew that some or the other day his ARTs will fail and Yashwardhan will fall prey to AIDS, but seeing his best-friend catching a fatling disease was agonizing.

“It’s OK Vinay, as such I have retired today, I have fulfilled all my duties towards my work and family, I don’t have any reason to live a very long life anymore!”, said Yashwardhan taking Vinay’s verdict calmly.

“No Yash! Don’t say that! I have spoken to one of my colleagues in Europe, he said that if you go there for treatment, we can inhibit the virus for some more time and give you a longer and healthier life!”, Vinay suggested. He was struggling to do every bit to save his friend.
“Vinay! Look, I don’t want any treatment now, I have a few months or maybe a year left with me and it’s my last wish to die where my wife, my love took her last breath!”, Yashwardhan stood up and walked towards the wall where his wife’s photo was hung.
“But Yash!”, Vinay tried saying something.
“I don’t want to discuss anything else Vinay, I am moving to Haridwar tomorrow morning itself!”, declared Yashwardhan.

Vinay knew that he won’t be able to convince Yashwardhan for anything at this point of time, he stood up and went back to his clinic to make medical arrangements in Haridwar, so that his friend doesn’t face any problem once he reaches there.

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………..

– By Udisha M
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