• Keep Calm and Love Chai Over Coffee

    It is not ‘tea’, it is ‘Chai’! Do you get it? Chai! Chaha! Chah! Cha! Call it by any name, in any language, have it in mug or glass; it is awesomeness, pure awesomeness! I always have this debate with my intellectual and sophisticated friends who love coffee over tea! I mean, like what? Coffee

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  • ‘Aashayei’ 3rd Abstract.

         ‘Aashayei’ 3rd Abstract. Vinay and Yashwardhan started loading the luggage in the car as soon as the chauffeur arrived. “Have you told Vishnu everything?”, Yashwardhan asked Vinay. He somewhere deep inside knew that Vishnu would not accompany him once he comes to know about his disease, but still he wanted to see him

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  • Aashayei 2nd Abstract

    Aashayei – 2nd Abstract   “Yash at what time you are leaving?”, Vinay called Yashwardhan early in the morning to know his schedule. “I have sent the chauffeur with the car to get it checked before we leave; as the journey is pretty long and I don’t want to take any risk! I will leave

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  • Aashayei:1st Abstract

      Aashayei – 1st Abstract It was a warm summer evening; every face in the office was excited yet sad about the farewell party of their boss Yashwardhan Singh. They worked diligently to make sure that each and every corner of their workplace looked as perfect as their boss himself was. Even though Yashwardhan was

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