• भारत भूमी प्यारी

    गगन चूमता है. नीचे चरणों तले पड़ा, नित सिन्धु झूमता है. झरने अनेक झरते, जिसकी पहाडियों में, चिड़िया चहकती रहती, जहाँ मस्त झाड़ियो से. भाषा अनेक, जाती अनेक, रहे जहाँ मिल-जुल कर एक, बसे जहाँ एकता हमारी, वो है भारत भूमी प्यारी. — Vishal  * © MagMug 2016 . Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without

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  • Everything you should know before you visit JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK

    Encountering one of the most ferocious hunter in its natural habitat, would be any adventurers dream vacation. Visit India’s oldest – JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK to fulfil your appetite for ever itching memory of some splendid landscape and diverse wildlife. And never fading experience with the Royal Bengal Tiger About : Jim Corbett is the oldest

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  • The Unexpected Guest

    My unparallel love for dogs had been a sentence of nuisance for my family. This was the reason I wasn’t allowed to keep a dog. I tried to persuade my parents to have one but to my utter dismay I failed. I argued for the reasons but my parents always avoided and changed the topic.

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  • Dad vs Startup – Day 1

        *Inspired by  True Events*                                             DAD                      Vs                       STARTUP      

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