भारत भूमी प्यारी

गगन चूमता है.

नीचे चरणों तले पड़ा,
नित सिन्धु झूमता है.

झरने अनेक झरते,
जिसकी पहाडियों में,
चिड़िया चहकती रहती,
जहाँ मस्त झाड़ियो से.

भाषा अनेक, जाती अनेक,
रहे जहाँ मिल-जुल कर एक,
बसे जहाँ एकता हमारी,
वो है भारत भूमी प्यारी.

— Vishal 

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Everything you should know before you visit JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK

Encountering one of the most ferocious hunter in its natural habitat, would be any adventurers dream vacation. Visit India’s oldest – JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK to fulfil your appetite for ever itching memory of some splendid landscape and diverse wildlife. And never fading experience with the Royal Bengal Tiger

About : Jim Corbett is the oldest national park in India, established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. It is located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. Taking its name from legendary tiger hunter Jim Corbett (1875 -1955). The terai land is home to 200 tigers, about 300 elephants, bears, leopards, several species of dear and other animals. The varied landscape is a view in itself

Best Season : November to June

 Park remains closed from 15 June to 15 Nov. Some areas of  the park near the southern edge of the park are accessible all  year around via the Jhirna gate. However, there is relatively  little wildlife there.

How To : Ramnagar is the gateway to the Jim Corbett National Park. The town of Ramnagar is the headquarters of Corbett Tiger  Reserve.There are overnight trains available from Delhi to  Ramnagar. Also, there are trains from Varanasi via Lucknow and  Allahabad via Kanpur to Ramnagar. Reaching Ramnagar, one can hire a taxi to reach the park and Dhikala.

Corbett National Park is 86 km north of Ramnagar.  Visitors can move about in vehicles inside the park area after  making entries at the respective gates (Permits available at  Respective Gate) Permits for night halts are issued at the CTR Reception Office at Ramnagar.

Other places worth visiting in the region are the Crocodile Pool, Dhikala Machaan, Getheryo Library (Dhikala), Corbett Museum(Dhangadi gate), Corbett falls.

In The Park : Jim Corbett Park and Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary together comprise the core area of 1318 Square km Jim Corbett Reserve.

There are 4 entry gates available

  1. Amdanda Gate (Birjani Zone)
  2. Jhirna Gate (Jhirna Zone)
  3. Durga Devi Gate (Lohachaur Zone)
  4. Dhangari Gate (Dhikala Zone)

Jim Corbett National Park Map

Safari Timing : The safaris can be booked in advance and are easily available via every resort at Ramnagar, but keeping in mind the delicate balance between wildlife, nature and humans, there is a limitation on the amount of jeeps allowed inside the park at one time. The elephant safari is an exhilarating experience; where you can travel through the unfamiliar terrain never visited before and explore the grasslands teeming with wildlife sitting on the backdrop of the enormous animal.

Morning: 5:30 am – 10:00 am

Evening: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Accommodation : Forest Rest House – Plan & Book months in advance for best experience at Jim Corbett. All the places to stay outside the park are privately managed. All the places to stay inside the park are govt managed and are forest rest houses.

The government managed Forest Rest Houses are the only accommodation to stay in the park (No private resort has the accessibility for the same)

  • Dhikala
  • Bijrani
  • Khinnanauli – usually reserved for VIPs
  • Gairal
  • Sarpduli
  • Kanda
  • Sultan

Corbett Dhikala Forest Rest House (FRH) is the most popular and best place to stay in Corbett. It is perpetually booked months in advance.

Dhikala Forest Rest House (FRH) is the most popular and the largest forest rest house and is located in the core area of the Corbett National park. It is the best place to stay in the park. It is 52 km from Ramnagar and the entrance is via Dhangarhi gate. Visitors are only allowed entry via this gate if you have booked accommodation in core area of the park. Only those who have permit to stay overnight in the park are allowed to take the safari. Dhikala FRH and its annexe has rooms, dormitory accommodation, 2 canteens, mini-library and electricity.

If not staying one can travel into this area by a Canter which takes in 18 passengers and starts off from Ramnagar. This tour is called as Ramganga conducted tour and is permitted by the Corbett Tiger Reserve .

Dhikala Map


Quick facts : Jhirna, in the southernmost part of reserve is the only zone that remains open around the year.

 Sitabani tourist zone is not under corbett tiger reserve. In Sitabani, there is no limitation of vehicle. It’s a famous zone for bird watching. This is the only forest in corbett where we can walk inside the forest. Sitabani known for a temple and river.

Kaladhungi 26km southeast of Ramnagar, is where Jim Corbett stayed during his period. His stay has been now converted into a museum.

Nimbubhiji, en route to Dhikala, is by far the best place to sight a tiger at Corbett. is official Jim Corbett Park website. 

Park’s reception centre – 05947 251489



The Unexpected Guest

redbone coonhound 9 month old

My unparallel love for dogs had been a sentence of nuisance for my family. This was the reason I wasn’t allowed to keep a dog. I tried to persuade my parents to have one but to my utter dismay I failed. I argued for the reasons but my parents always avoided and changed the topic. Finally, I went straight to my granma for the answers. She told me some unrealistic facts about dogs and their uncanny abilities which humans didn’t possess. But she also didn’t give straight forward answers. I left, thinking no one is interested in what I want. This was my childhood.

The childhood desire grew with me and the moment I had the opportunity I had a dog that too a Red Hound. The dog’s previous owner had a grey record and was found dead in his apartment by the local authorities. Never the less who cares, I just wanted the dog. It came with me without any dogmatic melodrama which is uncommon for a pre owned pet. It started living with me. Initially it didn’t respond, didn’t eat etc I tried various combinations of food but no success. One night I saw my dog jumping and wagging its tail. The same gesture a dog gives when it sees its owner, thinking may be dog went insane or may be I m dreaming I slept again. Next morning I saw scratches on my outer door as if the dog frantically wanted to leave. I went to see my dog again but it didn’t respond. I was shocked this stupid creature was dancing at night and what happened to it just by overnight.

             Then I started noticing weird acts by my dog during night which surely  concluded that there is someone else present other than me. That night I went on to search about the previous owner and was shocked to know that the man had been on trial for hunting humans with his dogs. Suddenly I heard scratching on my door, it creaked open and I again saw my dog dancing and giving gestures to its owner. My heart beat skipped and then something fell on the floor. The dog turned towards me with blood red eyes waiting for an answer and the answer came in a shrieking and dreadful voice…

                                                                                                                  —War Child

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Dad vs Startup – Day 1



*Inspired by  True Events*

                                            DAD                      Vs                       STARTUP                      


BOSS in & as DAD

   Experience of Centuries

   Works as Boss @ Office & Home


Experience – 4 Years

Works as “Who are You?” @ Office

                       Day 1

                        2200 Hours

Typical middle class  environment. Everyone is in the room with television. Dad is reading newspaper, Mom intensely involved in the soap opera, I am looking for appropriate moment to speak , I lower the Volume.  ask-your-dad-blog-300x259

Me : Dad,I have thought of something.

Dad : Good, occasionally people should do such things.

Me : Dad, I am serious

Dad : Say?

Me : I am planning to Quit my job !!

Dad : So, they are Firing You !! (Doesn’t even look at )

Me : No !! I am Discontinuing

Dad : You think so.

Me : Com’on, OK leave it !!

Mom : At least Listen to him (Gets back to TV)

Dad : Speak.

Me : I think……, I believe …… No !!! I have an Idea. I plan to quit my job and start my own company.

Dad : Done??? Huhhh…. .Cant even start the scooter in the garage, and plan to start a company

Me : Its a 25 years old scooter, which has not been used in 6 years.

Dad : See thats the problem with your generation, there is always an excuse to not do something !! Its not about the scooter, its about the attitude…………………………………..still going

………………………………………….still goin

……………………………………………Still going

……………………………………………..still going ..

…………………………………….Think over it, will talk about it later

Me : I have thought a lot

Dad : Later !!


Leaves for bedroom

I look furiously at Mom

Switch Off the Television & leave the room.