These mystifying cities are hidden under the depth of water since ages!

  1. Tyno Helig, UK



There are great mysteries on this Earth which are still unknown. And one of them is the mystery of this city. It is said this submerged city is actually a submerged castle which is the result of a curse by a noble man who was killed by a common man who was in love with a lord’s daughter.


  1. Dunwich, England




It is believed that this city of England was as big as London and the reason behind the drowning of this city is said to be its rough weather and erosions. And due to all these conditions Dunwich finally submerged under water with all the people and structures.


  1. Willow Grove, USA


The reason behind the drowning of this city is the creation of dams around this city after the World War. This creation of dams led to the floods and as a result the city submerged under the Dale Hollow Lake.


  1. Canudos, Brazil


This small town of Brazil is said to get submerged under a man-made lake and the reason behind it is the creation of dam by the idea of Farmers so as to escape from the conditions of Droughts.

And so the people were drowned under a man-made lake.


  1. Pre-Incan Ruins in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia


This place is believed to be a holy place. The city drowned has all the temples, terraces, houses and many other such physical facilities which are submerged from 1500 years. The city (as per the belief) was known as Wanaku and was home to hidden stolen treasures by Spanish kings.


  1. Baiae, Italy


This Roman city used to be a vacation spot of rich people. And the reason behind the drowning of this city is believed to be sudden increase in the water level of hot water springs from Volcanoes. This finally became the submerged city of Italy.


  1. Doggerland, North Sea


It is believed that this was once inhibited by Mesolithic Tribes. The reason behind the submergence of Doggerland is believed to be the continuous movement of tectonic movement in Europe and England. This led to the water level increase and a final submergence.


  1. Gulf of Cambay, India


Scientists believe that this lost Indian city is probably the oldest city on the planet may be older than Harappa and Mesopotamia. And the reason behind this scientific prediction are the 9500 years old skeletons and teeths. This lies along the West coast of India in Gujarat and has an inlet in Arabian Sea.


  1. Allit Yam, Israel



The city which developed civilization for about 8000 years ago and was located along the Carmel coast. The city then, however, was completely submerged and washed out because of repeated attacks of Tsunami.


  1. Shicheng, China


It was founded more than 1300 years ago and was believed to be governed by Ming and Qing. The city submerged for about 40 meters under the water. The drowning of this city is believed to be because of the role of Gravity.

So its time to pack your diving gear..for these amazing destinations !! A dive in the past..

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The CHANGE – A Short Story


” Selvi ! How long are you taking? What the hell are you doing anyways? ” screamed Radha from downstairs.

” Right in a minute lady ! “, Selvi cried out. Taking her sari pallu she wiped her forehead. Swish swooshing the floor clean and carried the bucket downstairs to be met by a glaring pair of eyes.

Selvi lowered her gaze immediately. 6 years she has been working for this house and she still can’t seem to muster the courage to face her landlady.

” Amma….”

” Are you even aware of who these people are? They are gonna be here any moment and look at you. Drudging around like an old lass. Buck up now and get yourself moving ! I want the place spick and span in the next half hour “.

Saying this, Radha walked away in a stern manner, her head in the air.

Her girth and determination made all the difference
Her girth and determination made all the difference

Selvi buckled up her pace and started hurrying to get things done.Who would want to listen to this female’s disgracing speech again. No matter how high you go in life, the rich will behave like poorly bred adults, she muttered more to herself.

A momentary flash ensued and she remembered how her kids yearned for Pongal.

Probably if I do well, get in her good books, maybe she will provide me well. What with this being Pongal and the festival spirit lingering in the air. With that, her thoughts continued on a trail, and the next hour went on in her chores that she could forget everything about her misgivings.

Life has been hard on her but still she woke up everyday to a shining sun and a bright blue sky thanking her stars for the blessings she received in the form of her kids. 2 kids and a drunkard for a husband she had an indomitable spirit always remaining upbeat and cheery even when things were going downhill. Her strong willed personality acted as an iron pillar supporting the family.

Soon her work was done and she took leave from her mistress. Just then she was summoned inside.

Radha counted out the money and handed it over to Selvi, her monthly salary.

” And by the way, tomorrow being Pongal and everything, I wanted to give you this “. Saying so, Radha handed over a bag containing old clothes. ” Sara hardly wears these, and maybe you can put them to some use”.

With a light-hearted smile Selvi spoke. ” Amma. I wish to tell you this. I being your maid doesn’t mean I don’t have my dignity. And while the rich lavish in new things, why should we be denied the pleasure of wearing new clothes? “, she asked indignantly. ” I feel touched by your gesture ma. I really am. But it’s a festival and my kids deserve better than somebody’s worn clothes which has been discarded because they had outgrown it or they don’t match with the latest trends. I don’t question your intentions but your attitude hurts me”, she spoke, a huge lump in her throat obstructing her voice.

” Beggars cannot be choosers”, came the harsh reply, the steel in Radha’s voice unmistakable.

” Just to clarify Mam, I am not what you call , ‘ a beggar ‘. I earn my money fair and square. And I definitely don’t need somebody’s used items. Now, if you will excuse me. I have better things awaiting me back home”, and with that Selvi turned her back to an astonished Radha.

Off she walked, away from that place, her head in the air and the roads ahead blurred in her blinding vision.

                                                                                                                                                             – Pavithraa  Swaminathan

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Ikraar – e – Mehfil

Ikraar – e – Mehfil




ikraar – e – mehfil Pic credit :














— Shakti singh

About the writer: Shakti Singh is an amateur poet from the City of Nawabs, Lucknow. He’s pursuing CS and has a deep interest in poetry and music. His writings reflect the symbiotic nature of languages, Urdu and Hindi of the Awadhi region. Stay with us to read more of his work.

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You ain’t a Tourist; I ain’t a Traveler


Image source:
Image source:

This is not uncommon for us to find articles, blogs, quotes and pictures on the internet which make a comparison between a traveller and a tourist. There is no complication in defining the two words in different ways if they want. The origin of the word “Travel” is most likely lost to history, so all the definitions circulating today are mostly based on different perceptions. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word comes from middle English word “Travelen” , which means to torment, labour, strive or journey and the earlier from an ancient French word “Travailler”, which means to work strenuously or toil.

Also, as per Oxford Dictionary, the word “travel” means “To make a journey, typically of some length”; word “Traveller” is defined as “A person who is travelling or who often travels”; and the word “Tourist” means “A person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure”. Based on their definitions alone, the two words “Traveller” and “Tourist” are pretty much the same. The only difference can be attributed to the frequency or the purpose of travel. But, the meaning of both these similar words have been modified quite effectively over the years majorly owing to the way these have been used and shared on the internet between the users.

In a gist, the contrast that I established based on the new definitions passing rounds on web was that Tourists love to travel with everything planned well in advance, be it destination, routes, mode of transport, stays, expenditure, food, people accompanying them on their tours and everything which they feel is needed. Whereas, Travellers are the ones who take off for unknown destinations (pre-dominantly alone) based on their instincts without much of a plan and see things as they come across to them. Those are the definitions I believe to be fair to quite an extent in today’s scenario.

I am listing a few quotes from some renowned people, which can regularly be spotted on the social media networks.

“Please be a traveller not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people and look beyond what is right in front of you. Those are the keys to understand this amazing world.” –Andrew Zimmern 

“Tourists don’t know where they have been; Travellers don’t know where they are going.” –Thomas Theroux

“The traveller sees what he sees; the tourist sees what he has come to see.” –G.K. Chesterton

“A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”- Lao Tzu


A post on the internet I came across also said:

“A tourist observes, sticks out, complains and is oblivious; while a traveller experiences, blends in, is curious and sensitive.”

You ain’t a Tourist; I ain’t a Traveler
You ain’t a Tourist; I ain’t a Traveler

There are endless quotes and pictures out there to promote travelling, which in almost all cases is someone’s personal opinion and which is great to have too. The not so great side is the way people have perceived it through these quotes and comparisons and how this difference is being portrayed all over the internet belittling the ones who plan their journeys in advance, The Tourists. Undoubtedly, planned travel can give you an equal amount of experiences and pleasure as an unplanned travel could, given you do the things the way you like them.

While travelling across India myself, I was all alone initially and I also did not plan my travel when I first left. But, there were months or days in between when I travelled with friends and family with the whole itinerary planned and ready. It pretty much kept on happening on and off during the whole year of my travel. That made me a traveller for a few months and a tourist for the others. I did not find anything inappropriate or undesirable in planning my trips once in a while. It is true that it takes a lot of time and efforts to plan (which has it’s own fun) and accomplish a trip that suits your taste. It is all worth it if it makes your trip as delightful, pleasurable and exciting at the end as you want it to be.

It’s irrational in my personal view to demean any of the two ways of travelling when in the end all that matter is the movement and experience we get out of it. Having the same idea, which is to see the world, I believe everybody has both a traveller and a tourist in them. If the new definitions are to be believed, I guess we need both of them while we move; it all depends on how you want to travel and who you want to be in that particular moment. The world is huge. Let us try both ways of seeing it.

                                                                                                                                                                        -Anant Gyan Singh

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He was rummaging through his cupboard to find the small pills which lulled him to sleep. The cupboard was huge and finding one small bottle was an arduous task for him. It had been three full months since the onset of this life taking disease. People thought of him as retarded but none among them knew that he has been suffering from acute depression.

He was always a jovial child. He scored well throughout the 10 years of his school life. He was among the top five position holders of his school. A bright child, they called him, who was adept in many extra curriculars. Badminton, swimming, painting, pottery and writing were his muse. What other quality could parents yearn for? Teachers were always happy with him. He always won accolades for his school. Everyone was proud of him. Little did they know the oodles of negative emotions he carried in his heart. How could they even guess when he was always smiling? He never cried, never got angry and didn’t speak much.

a sisters letter

This little gentleman never told people that he was bullied for two continuous years. He never told people the shit he went through when he was just 10 years old. His classmates used to make fun him. They would call him ugly (though there were many uglier people than him in his school)  but that bunch of bullies always chose him as their target as they know he was weak at heart. He used to ignore them but late at night, when every one was in a deep slumber, he cried his heart out. Years passed by and he learnt to ignore people. Suddenly, there was a fall in his marks. He wanted to prove all those people that he was not ugly. He started working hard and made his mark in the school. But bullies have no bounds. They now resorted to use his falling marks against him. They called him dumb when all he was, was innocent. They called him a food- the same fool who topped in his class. They called him a gigolo as he never had any girlfriend. He was a true gentleman who never broke a girl’s heart. He never believed in flings but always in true love. How unfortunate that the bullies were not able to find the diamond in his heart.

Now he stood on the cold floor searching for sleeping pills. He wanted to end his life for once and for all. Suddenly, he found a small blue envelope. It was his sister’s letter. She had been in the USA for the past six months. She was well aware of the inner turmoil he was going through. He remembered each and every word she wrote to him in that letter. The end said, “There will be many people who would taunt you for what you are. You will always have to work hard to make them shut their mouths  but if you quit midway, you will be damned. Life is all about dying with the things you never acquired by birth. Work hard, stay positive and overcome your fears.” With tears in his eyes, he kept the letter close to his heart and began with his late night studies. He thanked his sister for being his inspiration and telling her the way of life. Never in the history had a sister’s letter saved the life of her little brother.


– Ayushi Gupta

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The way I will remember you


I will always remember you as an angel,
who walked into my life when all other faces seemed like strangers.
Those large shimmering eyes captivated my soul almost instantaneously.
Don’t get me started coz i can go on praising those eyes for three days continuously.

Nothing can be cuter than your sweet, mischievous smile.
I have always been awe-struck seeing your elegant dressing style.
With that stupefying and bewildering figure,
it was hard for me to maintain my composure.

Your voice and accent complimented each other,
and confidence so high that could make anyone stutter.
You were ambitious and fun loving at the same time.
I remember how soon we became partners in crime

whenever i saw you, you were extending someone your help.
With the most complicated situations, it was you who always tactfully dealt.
You were good to even those who were nasty to you,
You found happiness in smallest of things when most magnificent of things were at service for you.

I still don’t get it how you fell in love with me.
And then you did things for me which no one would have done to set me free.
You played numerous roles in my life,
a friend, my love, a preacher, a teacher and a beautiful wife.

Life couldn’t have been more beautiful without you,
You made my dreams, my imaginations astoundingly come true.
I used to be at seventh heaven when I had you by my side.
You got me from low waist jeans and baggy t-shirts to three piece suits and smart looking ties.
Precisely, you made a man out of a spoilt brat,
You saved me from getting lost in marijuana’s painfully tempting trap.

I never said a word to let you know,
It was you who still understood if I was hurt, sad or hungry for those mouth-watering momos.
It was me who always came first to your head,
Before even thinking bout yourself instead.
You loved me the way no one ever did before.
The sentiments are enormous which I am scared to even bring to the fore.

You were amazing in bed, even better at academics,
Jaw dropping looks disconcerted the paramedics.
You were innocent and naive,
Concomitantly aggressive and brave as warriors and knights.
Your will and might,
made easy the most fierce looking fights.

Your dreams so big, your ego so small,
Thats what made you stand out, thats what made you stand tall.
Your elegance and decency were witnessed at their best,
wherever and whenever my sweet lil child was put to test.
A girl so loving, which she let herself be,
was meant to be out there, so i let her go free.
Like you said the other day: “all the good things come to an end,
but believe me my angel, in my heart, you will always be my silent friend….

                                                                                                                                                               —-Anant Gyan Singh

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No Grey: All Black and White


I have always found it difficult to make people understand the kind of person I am. Some think I am rude, others think I am geek. Some take me as an intellectual, others as dumbass. There’s a huge list of names I have got in this short span of life.  Some love me for the kind of mess I am and some hate me for the kind of sorted mind I am.

But nobody knows that I have seen extremities of emotions in my life. Extremity to love someone insanely, extremity to hate someone madly! Extremity to understand and also the extremity to ignore everything and let people around me get hurt.

But what I realised all this time while religiously failing to embed shades of grey in my black and white life of love or hatred; that people never understand you, no matter how much you try. They will love you, hate you, accept you, reject you…… all according to their own fancies. But does that really means you have to hate them?

I think No! You can’t really hate people just because they disliked you; you can’t really hate them because they disapproved what brought you happiness. Life is unfair, so are people. The only thing you can do to help yourself is accept the fact that, it’s OK to let it go and not ask for justice all the time. As the definition of justice varies from individual to individual. It cannot be put into a catalogue of definitions, as it will turn out to be vague at the end of the day.

My tryst with the greys have been really unpleasant. I have tried and failed, and then tried again and failed, and then again tried to fail. Registering so many failures really makes me question the stranger in the mirror, as to what it actually seeks and the only reply I get is, there can be no grey for me, only black and white!

– Udisha M.

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Why I write?

Why I write? 

I don’t write to create literary masterpieces! I don’t write to match that sky-high heavy lexicon! I don’t write to be called as Shakespeare or Keats! I am hell not interested in creating classics! Yeah! You are right! I am not even good enough to do that!
I write for myself! I write for that unconsolidated voice which keeps screaming in me! I write for those flawless flaws! I write for all those things you termed Impossible! I write for myself!
Read or reject it! That’s genuinely none of my business!!!

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10 Reasons why you should marry a Lucknow girl!

10 Reasons why you should marry a Lucknow girl!

1] She can easily impress anyone with her ‘tehzeeb’, including your friends and family! 😉

“Namaste aunty! Pranaam uncle!” are still more prevalent than ‘hello aunty and goodmorning uncle in this city!’

2] Lucknowites are foodies by birth, so you will never have any complains about lack of tasty food in your house and even in your Lucknow visits. 😀

Tunday kababi, wahib ki biryani, veg kabab rolls, gol-gappe, dahi-jalebi, imarti-rabdi. Everything over here is yummmmmmmmmmm………………….. :p

3] No matter how angry she is on you or any of your family members, she will never get abusive as it is against our culture. Even if she is warning you, that will also be in courteous style! 😉

“Janaab aisi gustakhiya na karei, ki humei aap ki waalida ki khidmat mei zaleel kalimatei pesh karni padei!”
4] She has a natural taste in art, music and poetry. As Lucknow is a city which has given one of the finest artist and musicians to the world. 🙂

5] She can make your family members drool with exclusive chikankaari gifts from Lucknow! 😉 Trust me dude, even the biggest designers of the world go gaga over our embroidery.

6] Lucknow is considered to be one of the most historically beautiful city. So, if your girl is from Lucknow you will get to see one of the richest cultural heritage. 😀

even the Lucknow Railway station has a story to tell, Bada Imambara, Residency, La Martiniere, Ambedkar park are few to name.

7] Besides her ‘tehzeeb’, she knows how to have ‘tafri’ as well. 😉 So you can go doing ‘Rangbaazi’ on the streets of Hazratganj any given day, as it is said…’Shaam-e-avadh’ 😀

8] She can pray at a temple, dargah, church or a gurudwara! Because secularism is in the veins of Lucknowites. Our legacy of Hindu-Muslim unity is still alive in our hearts. 🙂

9] She is a perfect amalgam of modern and traditional woman. She can enjoy a happening club life with you and also make sure that your family life is always in place. 😀

10] You can always complain that she uses ‘HUM” for singular as well as for plural, uses ‘AAP’ for everybody ranging from younger ones to older ones. But once you have fallen for a Lucknow girl, you wont be able to do without her sugar coated tongue. 😉

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‘YOU’ :tiny love tales #1

You are a figment of her memory. Living somewhere at the back of her mind,  somewhere in those lost smiles and dried eyes. Your soul has left,  but it’s touch still remains! Somewhere in the essence of that dried rose,  somewhere in the touch of that silken robe!
You are a dead event,  but tend to remain alive! In the lonely corner of that coffee shop! In that favorite menu kept on that table top. In that hustle bustle of the city!  In the quietness of the lanes which told the stories of your long walks! Hand in hand you walked with her, making her feel that you are the one for her!
Though your finger prints have faded, but that card still holds your writings! Not-so-beautiful,  nor so-charming,  still these words held so much when once they were born on this paper! They are dull and blur,  craving for the meaning which they once held!
Had she known that the tokens which she thought were a memory, will be the chains of her past!
She still holds that dried rose,  trying to smell the love which once it smelled of!
She sits at the same lonely corner of that coffee shop,  eating the same favorites in a hope that somehow they will taste the same as they did!
The stars in the sky are still the same,  but why do they have lost the directions?  The directions of  your love which they once showed to her? 
The shooting stars no more show up to her,  as they are also tired of granting  her wishes!
You compared her beauty to the moon,  now it is the only one watching over her when she weeps at night! #tiny_love_tales
-Udisha M.
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no title!

I don’t belong to here,
the sense of belonging eludes me! Don’t know, Am I a believer or an atheist, I want to believe, but belief gets eroded by the mortal existence.
There is something in the air, so suffocating and so disheartening, may be the questions which fill my mind more than anything! 
I don’t belong to where I live, neither do I belong to the space I wish to live. I am a wanderer, whose soul keeps travelling to unknown lands, to undiscovered places. Fighting undefined battles, loving faceless faces! Neither do I belong to the places I travel, nor to the places I have chosen to live. Because I am a wanderer, who doesn’t has a home nor a will! I want to rest, but there is something which doesn’t stops, its just doesn’t stops to let me take a breath, a breath of fresh air, or a gulp of life!
What is it? How is it? Don’t know!
But it is there, somewhere deep, somewhere inside there, which pierces the bone and flesh, and the soul refuses to rest!

-Udisha M.
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Things You know If You Grew Up In Lucknow

*LUCKNOW & the Lucknowities*

The ‘Pehle-aap, Pehle-aap’ thing isn’t a joke. Mind you, it happens here.
When asked why do we always speak in plural, we always say it proudly ‘It’s a City of Nawabs and this is the Nawabi style’.
We love it when we talk to non-lucknowities like ‘Ama yaar..’ and their eyes go wide.
If you don’t use words like Dhaansu’ and ‘Bhaukali’, dude you are missing half of the fun.
If you come to Lucknow and miss the ‘Tunde-Kabab’ and ‘waahib ki biryaani’ (if in case you are not a vegetarian) then I promise you will regret if for your entire life, like seriously!
The only place on earth, where even an abusive slang is sugar coated and prefixed with ‘AAP’
Like a dog hates water, we hate the word ‘TU’
We have the weirdest nomenclatures of places, Bhootnath, Daana-Paani, Wire-less Chauraha, Hahnemann chauraha ( often confused as Honeymoon chauraha ) and the list goes on.
When you hear ‘Phod dena’ as a good luck wish from someone, have no doubt, he/she is definitely from Lucknow.
If you know all the ‘Khands’ of gomti-nagar, dude you deserve a standing-ovation.
We don’t need Sarcasm. We possess the ability to threaten someone to death with sugar coated words.
‘Jugaad’, ‘rangbaaji’, ‘Setting’, ‘Maamla’, ‘Scene’, ‘tafri’ ‘Matter’ are the most frequent words used by us.
A, B, C, D are not just alphabets for us. They refer to the blocks of Indira-nagar
When whole India uses ‘Chutte’ for change, we use ‘Toote’ for the same thing.
If you don’t raise your eyebrows when you hear someone wearing ‘Chikan’ then definitely you are a Lucknowite.
We have a special love for ‘Royal cafe’ no matter how many options we have to dine at we chose it without a second thought.
Every outing with your friends ends with an ice-cream on Marine Drive.
No matter you spend all your day at CCD or Barista, you still die for Sharma ki chai and Kesarbagh ki Lassi.
If you have not tasted the basket chat of Royal Cafe, dude you don’t know what chat is!
You have been to Deva Sharif and Chandrika Devi for god knows how many times. [actually you went there after all your exams to beg for passing marks!]
You know you are a real Lucknowite, if I.T. is Issabella Thouborn Girls college and not Information Technology!
If an evening on the streets of Hazratganj[specially the Cathedral Church] is much more fascinating than any Adventure park, then you are surely a Lucknowite.
If your house has atleast one or two art pieces of Chinhat Pottery, you are a Lucknowite.
If you go fasting on a hot summer day, just to stay on a diet of Lucknawi Dasheri, you are ‘pakka Lucknow-wala’
You address your kaam-waali, rickshaw-wala and even a rag-picker as ‘aap’, that’s not a show-off its in our blood, our ‘tehzeeb’
If you celebrate ‘Bada-mangal’ and even organise and participate in a ‘bhandara’, then you are Lucknowite.
If you save your pocket money just to shop enough in ‘Lucknow mohotsav’, you are a Lucknowite.
You find it funny when people from so called ‘hi-tech’ cities go mad on seeing historical monuments, because you have seen a so called historical monument every 500 meters in old city.
When you know the congested lanes of Aminabad and also the wide and clean roads of Gomti-nagar where you go racing with your friends, you are a Lucknowite.
May be the reason for our
‘Dhaansu Luck’ lies in the name of
city itself. After all I belong to ‘LUCK-NOW…!
                                                                                                          Shared from: Ayushi Singh: slightly edited by me. 
                                                                                                                                                                       -Udisha M.
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An open letter to the citizens of India, from an anonymous U.P. woman.

Dear citizens of India,
Well, Uttar Pradesh is that one state which is hated by many, loved by few but is just not ignorable. We are known for our population[eh.. there are hardly handful of “countries” which beat us in that!] our illiteracy, our “desi gawarpana” and above all, we are the ‘Bhaiya jis’ and “Behan jis” for people from other states!
Honestly, I never had any grudges against anyone who judged me. As I have seen my dad getting posted from length and breadth of the country. Everywhere we have faced this kind of judgmental attitude of people.
But we got used to it, thinking there was no point in arguing with these idiots, as they have the ability to drag you to their levels and beat with their experience!
Now, this is a different story of my life and I don’t want to go into its depth. What shattered me most, when I saw the case of two teens being brutally raped and murdered in my own state, in my own land, in the place which I call ‘home’. and then came the Mohanlalganj case! Even more shocking, but afterwards the stories which unfolded giving the clear pictures were however ignored by the media and even the people!
I felt disgusted and dishonored as any human would do, our bunch of friends decided to protest irrespective of our busy work schedules and we did that.
But there was something more happening around us, on Facebook, on Twitter, or almost every social networking platform. People had started abusing us (the people of UP) just because we are from UP!
Is it a crime to be born in a state which is considered to be the land of Shiv, Ram, and Krishna?
Atrocities on women is not just a problem of my own state. If you go through the statistics, the number of cases of female foeticide, domestic violence, child abuse are happening everywhere even higher in the so called ‘hi-tech’ states. This doesn’t means I or any of UPite doesn’t wants the criminals to be punished.
We boast of the highest number of world heritage sites(including the Taj Mahal) highest number of elite services officers, ISRO scientists, and all blinded people can see is the number of labors going from UP and Bihar to their states.
Even in our state we have labor class coming from different parts of our country. Trust me, they too are as illiterate and as ill-mannered as you describe the UP and Bihar’s labor class. They too are making an average of more than 70% criminals of our states. At times we feel fed up of them, but we blame them not the place or people they belong to. We understand that good and bad people are everywhere, and the bad ones should be nailed. We never insult anyone saying that, “Meri kaam-waali ya mera garbage uthaane wala ladka tumhare state ka hai! Or your state is producing only rapists and thieves!”
Because we understand, underprivileged are underprivileged, they do not have any cast, creed or color and even “REGION” If they have chosen to leave their home behind and walk into a new world, there must be some agony behind it.
As far as our habit of saying, ‘Bhaiya’ or ‘Didi’ is concerned. Then let me remind you, ‘Bhaiya and Didi’ are the words of your national language. and I don’t think so talking in your national language is a crime anywhere!
We address everyone with these words as a mark of respect, even you people use such words in your native language, which we find funny. But we don’t make fun of it as we respect the fact that’s its your mother tongue and you are emotional about its use.
As far as our weird habits are concerned, that our men eat pan-masala, or walk around with a ‘angocha’ on their shoulder. Then there are people in this country, who wear sarongs(lungi to be precise) 8 meter dhoti sarees, weird headgear and what not!
But we never laugh on them, because we have been brought up believing that we must respect the diversity of our country, and we have always done that! And as far as eating Pan/Masala and spitting on random places is considered, our state has started drives to get rid of them. And yeah, leave this, there are states where the consumption of alcohol and drugs tops the charts! Those states are not ours, they are the hi-tech ones with ‘Modern people’
UP and Bihar men are being beaten up in other states, just because they are able to qualify the exams and grab the jobs more easily than the localities! Now tell me, is it a crime in being more hardworking or more intellectual than other people? Children from UP and Bihar grow up with the fact that they have a tough competition to face, be it on state level, or on National level or any damn level. They grow up facing the harsh realities, they know if they don’t grab a decent job, their parents don’t have enough to set up a business or start something for them. The ones from small towns have to leave their homes at tender age of 13-14 for further studies.The age at which you people throw teenage tantrums to your family members. If you actually want to see the struggle, come over, I will take you to the dungeon corners of Lucknow and Allahabad, where students burn the night oil to make a future. We have seen young boys living on salt and rice and becoming class one officers with shear hard-work! If you think I am joking, then just read any random story of an elite services officers from our state, what all they face for the sake of career. On top of that, people blame them for eating away their jobs! Heights! If you feel so insecure about your job, then work harder than them and beat them in competition! As simple as that!
Yes, I do agree to the fact that UP and Bihar still need a lot of development in few aspects. We have produced the maximum number of Prime Ministers for the country, we are considered to be the king-makers in national politics. And may be this is the curse of our fate. Every time politicians try to woo us with their long and wide promises only to prove them futile after elections. Be it Narendra Modi or be it Rahul Gandhi. They know our potentials, they know our caliber, but still all they can see is their vote banks! But it doesn’t means that these states are worthless. At present, the maximum number of youngsters joining the armed forces officer cadre are being produced by these 2 states. The highest number of IAS, IES, IFS officers are coming from these two states( surprised? check the statistics baby!)
and if you still think that people who speak your national language are ‘gawars’ toh ‘Bhaiya ji/ behan Ji! ye rahi aap ki soch! Mujhe geeri huvi mili thi!’
An anonymous woman from UP.
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10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier-Chapter 2

10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier- 2

1] Now, you know that there are places like, Wellington, Khadakwasla, Kirkee, Mhow etc. on the map of our country. Something, which others will never understand or bother to know it.

2] When other girls pray that their boyfriend/husband stays with them all their lives, you just pray that they somehow he stays in peace postings, so that you can visit him anytime. And just in case, anyhow he gets posted in your city! [Goddddddddd!!! Its a miracle] 😀

3] Getting a call from satellite phones is not something way too out of the world for you! Because he calls you from such numbers[you know when!]

4] If you are married to him, you can stay in any kind of accommodation, even if its a single room or a huge bungalow! Because for you, every moment spent with him is a bliss! 🙂

5] He wants you to learn how to cook, not just because he is a big time foodie, but his coursemates and other unit bachelors can storm your house any given time! 

6] Now, any of his fauji friend’s girlfriend or wife seems like a soul-sister to you. Because, she is the one who understands your situation better than your girlfriends with civilian boyfriends.

7] Watching a fauji movie with him can be a pain, still exciting, as he keeps disturbing you with technical comments like, ‘ye camo aisa nahi, aisa hota hai! Ye rank aise nahi aise command karti hai!… and blah….blah…blah……………….’

8] You try to keep a record of all his messages, letters, photos almost everything which reminds you of the beautiful moments spend with him, as it keeps you going in his absence! 🙂

9] You know no matter how flirty he gets with other girls, he is a thorough gentleman who loves you truly, madly and completely! And that is what makes you fall for him even more!

10] There will always be thousands who will never understand why you love him, despite the distance and hardships. But only you and your heart knows that no matter what they say you know, “that the girl he left behind, is still behind him supporting her hero!” <3

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Whom am I?

I lay down in my bed,
Tossing and turning adjusting myself in life’s twilight!
A series of moments flash in front of my eyes.
Like a sinking boat on a cyclone’s tide!
What all I did and what all I got?
What all I lost and what all I forgot?
Millions of question flock around,
Like a lost rain cloud craving to pour down!
Whom am I the question rises?
A doll of imperfections or a mountain of flaws.
I am made answerable for every scar I carry.
I am interrogated for every stain in my personal diary.
i stand in front of the mirror,
trying to recognise the stranger in it!
“you are a paradox!”, it screams on my face.
my eyes go quiet and body turns stoned!
living a life of flaws and imperfections,
but still they say, i am doing right.
i try to be a part of crowd,
only to be thrown out,
who am I? the question rises.
A stranger to myself, a question for the soul, 
I wander, I roam, on unknown lands, 
And into unknown worlds, 
Only to know, I am a bird, caged in a golden prison.
I try to flap my wings, 
And try to fly away, 
But I am held by a cage. 
I see the beautiful world, the colors it holds,
Just like a rainbow after  the first rain, 
Just like the golden Sun kissing the horizon, 
I try to reach there, to touch the sun, 
To touch the horizon! 
But what I discover is that they too are mere illusions, 
The horizon keeps shifting and the rainbow disappears! 
Only to make me realise that nothing is real. 
I submit myself to the golden cage, 
Taking it as my fate, 
Who am I? The question rises. 
But this time, I refuse to answer it! 
-Udisha M.

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Confession of a writer

“What do you want to become in life?”, somebody asked me.
“May be a writer!”, I replied
“What? A love-story writer! Isn’t it?”, the person again fired a question at me! He had gone through my blog and was quiet convinced that I have no-brains, hence love writing love stories! [are love story writers brainless? o.O I didn’t knew that!]

“NO! I would like to a be comics writer, or may publish a graphic novel some day!”, I replied.
“Graphic what?”, That person made a face as if I have cracked a ridiculously pathetic joke!

“Kindly google ‘graphic novels’! You may get what I am trying to say!”, I replied with a poker face. This was not the first time someone had looked down upon me, because I write love stories that too when I am ‘seriously grammatically challenged!’ [and I gracefully accept that, yes I am!]

*after consulting google for graphic novels*

“Ha..ha..ha..ha.. What a crap! Only you can think of doing such stupidity!”, he laughed.
“Yeah, I know I am super stupid! But still, can I ask you for a favor?”, I asked him looking straight at his face.
“Say!”, he replied with a smirk.
“Can you help me in drawing a picture presentation for my little cousin! Its an emergency, or else I wouldn’t have asked you for it!”, I asked him.
“Sure! What all I have to draw?”
“You just need to convey the tale of thirsty crow via pictures!”
“Oh that’s an age old story, who doesn’t knows about it!”
“Yeah, that’s why it will be very easy, go ahead! No words, only pictures!”, I said, and gave him the pencil and paper.

I saw him struggling with the images in his mind, he would draw random things on paper and then rubbed them! I saw him scratching his head, looking here and there for inspiration, but nothing was working.

*after an hour*

“So, are you done with the story?”, I asked him.
“NO!”, he replied giving a ‘god-I-am-fed-up-of-this-work!’ expression.
“You said, that conveying a story through pictures is so easy that it falls in category of stupidity! Now, you only failed in it! Now which category should you fall in?”, I asked him with a stern look.

He went quiet, embarrassment was all he had on his face.

“If you don’t know about something, kindly don’t hold an opinion about it driven by your pseudo intellectuality!”

-Udisha M.

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10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier

10 Things you experience when you are in love with a Soldier!

1] When other girls take hours to get ready, you can get ready in minutes as he can make and break plans anytime-anywhere!

2] You have settled for the fact[even if you don’t like it!] that he loves his Royal Enfield and Uniform more than you!

3] He has spoiled you with his chivalry and gentlemen like gestures to such levels that every second civilian guy you meet, seems ill-mannered to you!

4] You have become such a braveheart, that you can travel for kilometers and hours together alone just to see him, but want to hold his hand while walking together, because you don’t know when it will happen again!

5] Even though he fancies the thought of going on a war and dying in the line of duty, you silently feel like killing him when he talks about it! As its very concept shivers your spine. 🙁

6] You have atleast came across 2-3 such girls, who ask if you can help them in getting a fauji to marry! And you seriously get pissed off when they ask you so! Because you love your man, because he loves you and not because he is a fauji!

7] You have watched ‘LOC-Kargil’ for more than 50 times atleast, and everytime Kareena and Saif’s episode[Capt. Anuj Nayyar’s and his fiance’s episode to be precise] makes you senti, because you can relate to every word, every dialogue of it!

8] Now if you are in a Cantonment area, you are either a ‘mam’ or a ‘aunty’ or ‘Mrs. XYZ'[in case you are married] Forget your first name for sometime! 😛

9] You know the best birthday gift you can get, is a surprise visit by him! <3

10] Last but not the least! 😉

Patriotism: The Social Media Patriots

Patriotism: meaning and perception

Patriotism is it real

Google says ‘Patriotism’ means “the quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one’s country.”
Well, that’s pretty confusing. Honestly, I never understood the real meaning of being a patriot or being patriotic or patriotism. I always felt proud when I saw my country’s flag flying high, I always had goosebumps while singing my national anthem, I danced like hell when I saw the Indian Cricket Team Captain lifting the World Cup Trophy, I clapped every time I saw any Indian bagging a medal at Olympics, I felt angry and frustrated when I saw my innocent countrymen getting killed in terrorist attack.

This what patriotism means? Isn’t it?
I guess, most of you will say yes! May be, in some ways it is! But is singing a national anthem or saluting a flag enough? What about the small and tiny things which we usually ignore without giving it a second thought?

What about keeping the roads of our country clean? or what about making sure that the laws and rules of our constitution are followed well? Many of you will say that its the work of judiciary to assure that these things are taken care off. Frankly speaking, if it is so, then why does the law asks you to ‘wear a helmet while driving’? Or why does it comes to your doorsteps to check whether your child has taken his dose of polio vaccine or not? 

Its non of government’s business if you meet with an accident and suffer serious injuries because of absence of helmet, or your child doesn’t takes the vaccines and falls prey to a contagious disease.

Being patriotic is not a ‘gesture’, it is supposed to be a ‘way of life’. You complain about rising petrol prices and at the same time, don’t even bother to take a receipt after refuelling your bike/car, in a way you are yourself supporting black-marketing of the black gold, as we call it! You might haven’t noticed it, but this is the truth. Somewhere, down the line, mine and yours way of living is corrupted, and this little corruptions has given birth to the bigger monster which is ready to swallow our integrity and self-respect on the national level.

We keep putting stupid updates and mock around the politicians on Facebook just to show how ‘cognizant’ we are! But how many of you actually take pains to register yourself to vote?
I guess hardly handful of you! You can put thousand allegations on some party’s PM candidate but you yourself don’t know who is the contender of that party from your constituency! Is it being ‘cognizant’? I don’t think so! This is being stupid and ignorant.

Above things are condemning! Isn’t it? But they are the harsh truth. It is said that ‘take care of the smaller things! The bigger ones will fall in place on their own!’, you want bigger changes in your country, but you don’t want to change the smaller things in you! You don’t want to take pains to park your car in a paid parking lot, and then you expect that the roads shouldn’t be congested. You don’t want to take pains to walk to the dust-bin to throw the trash but you expect that the roads should be clean! You raise a voice against the injustice done to a rape victim but don’t mind watching/reading movies or novels where women are been projected as an object!

Is it shameful? Or its shear hypocrisy?
If you expect someone else to change, then be that ‘someone’ first! Do your bit for the country and then expect others to follow!
I repeat my words, ‘patriotism is not a gesture, its a way of life!’

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Confessions of an Ugly girl!

Confessions of an Ugly girl!

What is ugly? Or what does being ugly means?
Avni never understood this! She was a below average student in her school days. She was 4 feet, 11 inches in height and was gifted with extremely dark complexion! She wore a thick pair of spectacles and was quiet heavy in weight!
She was a loner! Nobody wanted to be her friend as she wasn’t the ‘cool chic’ of the class. She was secluded and even ignored! Here’s her story from her point of view!

I am Avni Awasthi, and I am ugly as they call me! My mom always taught me that beauty is about a person’s perception and his/her’s thought process and not about the color of skin or facial features. But this world kept proving my mom wrong! I was put down again and again for being dark in complexion, for being short in height! For being heavy in weight! I was not good at studies but was a good dancer, but I was never given the center stage as I was fat, short in height and didn’t had a pretty face!

As a kid, I always tried pleasing the teachers by giving them flowers or little gifts which children of my age did, but I never got that, ‘awwww…. so cute!’ response by any of them! May be I didn’t looked like a cute kid of my age. That was disheartening, but my mom said that was OK! I tried smiling all along but it started affecting my confidence level. 

When I came in my teens, the girls around me started forming the ‘cool gang’ in school and my locality! For them I was always a misfit or an insult to their ‘cool’ group! They laughed at me if I tried dressing up like them, they laughed at me if I dressed like myself, they laughed at me if I wore heels, they laughed if I didn’t, according to them, I was born ugly and was supposed to be laughed at! I felt humiliated an dishonored but things didn’t changed. I had accepted the fact that I was ugly and god had taken some kind of revenge by making me the way I was! Still a hope existed in my heart that things will get better when I step in college as college crowd is better than that of school!

I entered the college with many excitements and some fears in heart. Soon, after commencement of our semesters we had fresher party, where we had to go in couples. I saw the pretty girls of my class getting approached by tens of boys, but nobody approached me, I felt cornered and rejected yet again. My looks proved that I will never be able to find affection from anyone. 

Time changed and I started focusing on my studies, I was a good performer in class now. Teachers had started appreciating me for my good grades, some of my classmates became my friends because they needed help in studies. I found it selfish of them but still I entertained them because the idea of cornered again and yet again had started haunting me!

Out of all the friends which I had in my group, I had started falling for one of my guy-friend. He was indeed a great friend and respected me alot, but I knew he will never like me as in the way I liked him. I wanted to try once, but becoming a ‘butt of joke’ again was a nightmare for me. I stayed silent and he found some girl for himself. I felt rejected but I bared with it quietly, as they said I was ugly!

I passed out from college and found a job for myself, by this time alot of things had changed, people didn’t discriminated in terms of looks atleast on professional level. They employed you if you prove that you had brains. Still, girls who were prettier grabbed more attention of the senior men, and got better opportunities. I had to put up a brave fight at every damn level. Still, I fought for my survival!

Few years rolled by, my parents had started looking for a suitable match for me, but nobody wanted to marry me. For obvious reason, I was 4 feet, 11 inches and resembled any Red Indian you would have came across. Many parents rejected me for their sons saying how can they marry their sons to such a ‘ugly’ girl, whereas the guys put me down saying, that everything is OK about me, but still they need a wife who is representable, and I was surely not that! Some asked for huge dowry in return of marrying an ‘ugly’ girl like me!
My fears and insecurities of teens had come back again and yet again! The world was teaching me, that in a MAN-made world, an ‘ugly’ WOman [as they call me] has no space! May be the ‘MAN’-kind has named us ‘WO’-man because they find us as an object which is suppose to ‘WOO’men! 

I decided that I will never marry! I will never let any man see that part of my soul which I think isn’t ‘ugly’. I don’t know why the world is obsessed with fairer skin but I loved my dark skin!
I am 30 now, and a successful career woman! My parents don’t force me to get married anymore as they have also understood that not everyone has got a ‘soul-mate’ in this world! And I have decided something, some years down the line, I will adopt an ‘ugly’ girl and teach her that how ‘fair’ the world is to the ‘fairer’ skin and how ‘unfair’ the world is to the ‘darker’ skin!

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Love @ Indian Railways

“Kal phir NDA Special ek stag ka intezaar kar rahi hogi!”, Kshitij thought to himself, the poor NDA cadet who tried his level best to find a girl-friend in his term break! He joined thousands of groups and pages on Facebook, praised girls even for nonsensical comments, gave friend request to millions, but god wasn’t merciful on him, not even a bit! He asked almost every second girl thinking atleast one of them will be kind enough to become his ‘girl-friend’ and most importantly ‘ball-partner’.

He packed his bags, praised his hairs and stylish beard for the last time looking into the mirror and went to the barber to get the same ‘katora-cut’ or ‘crew-cut’ cadet’s style hair do. He kept wondering what was wrong with him, that his misfortune was not leaving him at any cost!
“Bhagwaan ab toh daya karo! Itne saare terms beeta diye academy mei! ab toh ek ladki bhej do!”, he made a wish.

But nobody was there to listen him, he gave a sigh and picked his luggage and started for the station in an auto-rickshaw with a heavy heart, he watched the guys speeding their bikes on road with their girl-friends sitting with them holding them by waist tightly, laughing and giggling with them. He turned his head away from them out of jealousy.

As told earlier, his misfortune was just not ready to leave him, soon his auto was stucked in a traffic jam. Amidst all the honking-ponking of the vehicles he kept looking at his watch impatiently, he was getting late, and was afraid of missing his train. He couldn’t think of getting out and walking to the station as it was quite far and he had enough luggage with him.

Kudos, to the great Indian traffic and great Indian Railways, Kshitij missed his NDA special, and depressingly he again cursed god for being so rude to him. “Kya bhagwaan! Ladki toh de nahi rahe, train bhi nahi mili!”


Kshitij didn’t knew what to do. He called one of his uncle who was in Indian Railways and begged him to arrange a ticket for Pune as soon as possible. His uncle acted promptly and got a ticket in ‘tatkaal’ for him. But it was merely a RAC seat, that meant he was supposed to share his seat with a stranger for this long journey.

“Kaha meri AC 3 tier NDA special, aur kaha ye khataara sleeper! Ab koi motte se uncle aenge, ya do baccho waali motti aunty aengi. Jo raste bhar mujhe lecture deti hui jaegi!”, he thought to himself as he boarded the train and placed his luggage.

Kshitij was standing on the compartment’s door wondering when will the train start. After few minutes, the train started moving, he was still standing at the door as the weather was hot and humid, and standing at the door allowed him to catch some fresh air.  Suddenly, he saw a girl running after the train. Bouncy stylish hairs, big black eyes, dimpled cheeks, cute smile! Oh hell! She was the girl of Kshitij’s dreams. He suddenly felt as if he was SRK of DDLJ, “Tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam…….. pyaar hota hai deewana sanammmmm…..” It all started playing in his mind, and he was ready with thousand date plans in micro seconds.

“Dumb-ass, get off my way!”, the girl screamed and pushed him aside. She had a huge bag with her, and climbing a moving train was a toll taking task and on top of that Cadet Kshitij Tyagi was standing on the door busy admiring her beauty instead of helping her out. She was considerably pissed off, but controlled her composure and started looking for her berth in the compartment. She found the seat number and dumped her luggage on it. She was sipping water from her ‘rail-neer’ bottle when she noticed Kshitij sitting on the same seat as her’s.
“What’s wrong with you? This is my seat!”, she said with a stern look.
“It’s my seat too!”, he replied showing her the ticket. Finally she realised that it was an RAC seat and hence she has to share it with this ‘dumb-ass’. Kshitij looked pathetic with that crew cut hairstyle and super skinny body.


An hour or two passed to the journey, Kshitij had opened a novel to read but he couldn’t. His mind was still busy in manipulating the circumstances in which he could ask this girl out. She too pulled out a book from her bag and started turning the pages.
“Hey are you in engineering?”, Kshitij finally asked trying to begin a talk.
“yeah!”, she answered engrossed in her book.
“Oh! Studious girl!”, he remarked. She immediately pulled her head up as if she was a bit offended.
“I am not studious! OK!”, she replied.
“Then why are you studying in a train journey?”, he giggled.
“Because I don’t have anything else to do!”, she said with a hopeless expression. It was a long journey and she was traveling alone. 
“We can do something!”, he smiled.
“Let’s play a story-telling game, I will say one line, you add another, I will add another… and it will go on…!!!”, Kshitij gave his idea thinking he was a born genius..
“It sounds so boring!”, she turned her head into her book again.
“We don’t have any other option I guess!”, Kshitij felt a little dishearten. His misfortune was coming back again, and depriving him of yet another pretty girl. Poor cadet!!!!

“Alright let’s start!”, finally she gave a nod.
“Cool! OK! So I started for Pune!”, he told the first line excitedly.
“I got late for station!”, she added.
“I met a handsome guy on train!”, he smirked.
“But he was just some stupid fellow!”, she didn’t showed any interest.
“But he was a cadet!”
“Cadet was not so cool!”
“But cadet acted like a gentleman!”
“Gentleman was very boring!”
“But gentleman asked the girl to be his ball partner!”
“But the girl refused!”
“But after sometime she realised her mistake, and gave a yes to the cadet!”, Kshitij completed the story.

“Here I won!”, he screamed.
“What? What do you mean? How can you just win like that?”, she questioned raising her brow.
“Now since i gave the final conclusion, so I am the winner!”, he said flaunting all his 32teeth.
“God!”, she started laughing. Kshitij’s poor jokes also made her laugh like anything.
“So what’s your name cadet?”, she asked.
“I am Kshitij and what’s yours?”
“Ahan pretty lady has got a pretty name!”, Kshitij complimented, Chhavi blushed on hearing it. Finally the poor cadet had got a fair chance to please the lady.

Chhavi was a cheerful girl, they both were in teens, laughing and giggling with each other, sharing each-other’s food. Kshitij being a cadet, had a diet which would have given inferiority complex to cavemen also, but since he was with a lady, he tried behaving as good and gentle as he could.
He told her about the splendid infrastructure of NDA, about awesome food, ragda, and most importantly everything about the BALL PARTY in a hope that he will any how woo her to be his partner. Chhavi was getting impressed by his simplicity, even though she didn’t liked him at first sight but now her prejudices were getting over. They didn’t sleep even when it was late and they were busy talking and they had an urge to know each other more and more.

Time passed at a blink of an eye, the journey was about to get over. Kshitij and Chhavi had discovered great companions in each other. Kshitij helped Chhavi in carrying her luggage at the platform, he wanted to ask for her number, but was not able to come up with right words to ask for it. His heart was aching somewhere down, as she was leaving.
“Give me your hand!”, Chhavi asked as she sat in auto to her college.
Kshitij stretched it in front of her. She pulled out a pen from her bag and jotted down her phone number on it. Kshitij smiled and kissed her hands and her auto sped away.

“Finally! NDA special jis stag ka intezaar kar rahi thi! Ab wo stag, stag nahi raha! Bhagwaan ne daya dikha di thi us par! Uski girl-friend aur most importantly BALL PARTNER aa gayi thi uski life mei!”,

Kudos to Indian Railways who make people meet and at times make them fall in love!
So, this is how Kshitij and Chhavi’s love-story started at love@IndianRailways. They talked on phone, chatted online and finally found their soul-mates in each other, just to live a ‘and they happily live ever after life.’

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 8th Abstract

MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 8th Abstract

Almost 3-4 months passed for Audvik’s break-up. Ishita had married someone else and flied overseas with her brand new husband.
Audvik pretended to be normal but he was not able to get over with Ishita’s memories. She was his first love, their relationship had lasted for 6 long years, the moments spent with her were the best ones of his life, and Ishita had suddenly accused all of them and walked away just like that. His whole body became numb at times when Ishita’s memory came haunting him in night. It felt as if his head had landed in her lap, even when he hated this feeling. It was only Anvita who used to support him when he felt too lonely. She made sure that Audvik doesn’t falls prey to alcohol again, he doesn’t thinks of dissolving himself in intoxicants ever again.

The year was ending now, Audvik applied for a leave of 15 days, as he had some left with him and went home. He was eager to meet his family and Anvita. He never got a chance to thank her properly for whatever she did for him. So he made his mind, to ask his mom to help him in getting a good gift for Anvita.
 He reached home and got a warm welcome from his parents. Col. Rathore was really proud to see his son standing tall and brave again after all the emotional trauma he had suffered from, and he also knew it was because of whom.  

“How have you been son?”, Col. Rathore asked him once they were done with dinner and were enjoying the after-meal coffee in his room.
“I am good dad!”, Audvik smiled, those memories of Ishita still haunted him, but he had learned to keep them aside.
“So, have you thought of anything ahead?”, Col. Rathore asked him like a caring father.
“Ahead means? Dad sorry I can’t get you!”, Audvik replied.
“Son, I had talked about this to you earlier also, and I wish to ask you again! Its time when you should choose a suitable bride for yourself!”, Col. Rathore kept a loving hand over his son’s shoulder. He knew his son had suffered a lot in past few months, and should be handled with love and care this time.
“Dad! I don’t want to get married right now! I have lost all faith in love, I am scared of believing people now!”, Audvik replied staring at the ground clueless. He was a sensitive man, a loyal boyfriend, who gave his soul to his lady.
“Audvik! I know its not easy, but son life doesn’t ends here! Its really long, you need to find someone who can be there with you in all thick and thin!”, Col. Rathore tried explaining his son.
“Dad! Such things happen only in movies! I cant fall in love again, and there’s no one who will be so loyal to love me even in bad times!”, he replied hopelessly. Ishita’s deeds had left a deep wound in his heart.
“Son, there’s a very old saying ‘that a man’s good times attract the women he ‘wants’ and his bad times attract the women he ‘needs'”, Col. Rathore gave his point.
“I can’t get you dad!”, Audvik was confused hearing what his dad was saying.
“Son, there came a woman who gave you pain, and there came another one who kissed it away! Now its on you, you value the woman who had been your healer or not!”, Col. Rathore gave a little riddle for Audvik to solve.
“I am not getting dad!”, he replied.
“Child, you loved Ishita, but she didn’t valued your loyalty. But there was Anvita who didn’t let you break when you were on verge of breaking! Isn’t she a perfect woman who will be there with you when you need someone?”, Col. Rathore finally came to his point.
“Dad she is my best-friend, and I like her in that way! I don’t love her!”, Audvik replied surprised at what his dad was saying.
“Son, it might be that you don’t love her at present. But tell me, if LOVE was the only ingredient for a successful marriage, then do you think that arranged marriages would be having a better success rate than love marriages? Marriages don’t work only on love, they work on loyalty, faith and trust! A successful nuptial bond works only when both the partners are ready to compromise and forgive each other whenever things work against expected!”, Col. Rathore knew that he will be able to convince Audvik.
“Dad! She is my best-friend, I don’t want to loose her because of anything!”, Audvik said turning his head towards his father. His eyes showed the fear and pain of loosing.
“Son, Anvita is a very mature, well groomed and understanding girl! She respects your family just like hers! She was there for you when you needed someone! What else do you expect from an ideal wife? You give a thought about what I have told you! I will welcome your decision irrespective of what it is!”, Col. Rathore gave Audvik a fatherly assurance and a warm hug and wished him goodnight.


Audvik was lying in his bed staring at ceiling clueless. All those memories of Ishita were coming to him.  He closed his eyes to show them away, and started thinking of Anvita. The way she stepped out of her house to buy chocolates for his dad even when she was ill. The way she struggled with so many bags just to choose one for his girlfriend even when she didn’t knew much about her, the way she left all her work and came to his unit just because he needed someone to be there for him. She was no wonders his angel and a great girl.

He met Anvita during his leave for quite a number of times, but didn’t asked anything about marriage. He always found a strange poignant depth in Anvita’s eyes which she hided behind a fake smile. She never smiled the way he wanted her to. He tried asking her about past experiences, but she always avoided with some or the other reason.

Finally, it was the last day of his leave, he had made his mind that he will talk to Anvita no matter what outcome he gets.

“Anu I want to talk to you about something!”, he asked her in a deep and determined tone.
“Why do you never talk about your past?”, he asked in same tone.
“Because there’s nothing worth talking!”, Anvita turned her head away from Audvik, her hidden pain was overwhelming her again. She wanted to avoid the conversation as she had done earlier.
“Anu, I know you don’t like talking about it! But why are you punishing yourself like this? You need to move ahead in life! For that you need to talk, you need to let your pain come out so that it leaves you!”, Audvik held her by shoulders.
“Audvik I said na.. I don’t want to talk about it! Please leave me!”, said Anvita trying to push Audvik’s hand back.
“No Anu! I won’t let you suffer like this! You need to talk, you need to get over with things! Talk to me Anu! This silence wont let you live!”, Audvik made his grip stronger, he didn’t allow her to leave.
“Audvik please Audvik! Let me go! I don’t want to recall all that! Please Audvik! I beg of you!”, Anvita busted in tears, the past baggage was heavy, Audvik was making her recall things, from which she was running away since 4 long years.
“Anu! Why don’t you understand! You wont be able to get over with things if you don’t talk about it! Anu I am your best-friend na! Then why aren’t you sharing it with me!”, Audvik looked into her teary eyes to give her an assurance that he will be there for her.

Anvita crashed on floor in tears, a long deep wound was pricked again, she started shivering. Audvik sat in front of her and hugged her, she cried, she screamed, she groaned, but didn’t leave his arms, it seemed as if she had been searching for a shoulder to cry on since very long. Audvik kept supporting her in a hope that she will tell him the reason of this pain once she is normal.
Anvita kept crying for a long time. She didn’t knew what was going around, she just held Audvik tightly and hided her face in his chest and kept weeping.

“Anu, tell me what was it that makes you cry so much!”, Audvik finally asked her.
“His name was Tapish!”, Anvita finally uttered something in middle of all the sobbing.
“He was my college senior! He said he is in love with me right after few months of commencement of my first year! I too fell for him! We were in a relationship. Everything was sweet and rosy in starting, then he started asking me to get physically intimate! My morals didn’t allowed me, so I kept refusing. Finally it was his farewell party, he asked me to take alcohol, but I refused, so he mixed something in my food or cold-drink. I lost my senses, next morning when I woke up I found myself in his bed. My clothes were torn, my dignity was ravaged. Everything was over Audvik! I tried fighting with him but he laughed away saying he dated me because he found me hot and wanted to sleep with me, not because he loved me! I loved him so much Audvik and this is what I got!”, Anvita started crying violently. Audvik couldn’t believe his ears. How could someone do such things to a girl like Anvita.

“Anu where the hell is that bastard now? I wont leave him! He can’t do this to you!”, Audvik screamed. He felt like killing Tapish then and there.
“I don’t know Audvik! He went overseas for his PG! There he was caught in some legal matter for fake Visa or something. He was jailed, I thought that god has done his justice with me! He did wrong to me and he got an answer for that! I have just learned not to trust anyone, not to let anyone have my love! It was my mistake that I worshiped Tapish like my god and this is what he did to me!”, Anvita said in anger and disgust.

“Anu it was not your mistake! Never ever  think like that! Loving someone truly is not a crime Anu! You never did anything wrong! You were good, people were bad!”, Audvik tried explaining. He was deeply disgusted by what Tapish did to Anvita.

“Let it be Audvik! I just want to forget him, because he doesn’t deserves my forgiveness!”, she said wiping her tears. Her pain was still evident in her eyes, but she tried being strong.
Audvik stepped forward and hugged her tight, “Anu can I ask you something?”, he said.
“Will you marry me?”, he asked.
Anvita was shocked, she immediately pushed him back. “Audvik have you gone made?”, she screamed.
“Anu! I don’t anything! I just know one thing, if there’s someone who understands me, and accepts me with all my flaws, then its you and only you!”, said Audvik holding her hand tightly.
“Audvik even after knowing these things you wish to marry me? Are you out of your mind!”, Anvita couldn’t believe what was happening. She had completely lost all hopes of being loved ever again in life.
“Anu, its all past, so how does it matters?”, said Audvik vehemently. He had great respect for Anvita and it didn’t made any difference to him.
“Past is not always just a past Audvik! I was raped! Do you even understand its meaning? That man soiled my soul, my own body feels like a piece of filth to me! And you wish to spend your life with this filth!”, Anvita again busted in tears. The pain of being sexually assaulted was unimaginable, she couldn’t understand, that whom should she blame this on? whom should she ask justice for?
“Anu! Look! Whatever happened, didn’t had any fault of yours anywhere! So, why shall you be punished? You didn’t do anything wrong to anyone, so how can you be filthy? Listen, I respect you for the way you are, and will do it all my life! I will be there with you, even when my hairs grow grey and your face gets wrinkles. I will hold your hand, even when I have to hold a stick in another one, to walk properly! I want to marry you Anu, have a future with you!”, said Audvik and kissed her forehead.

She kept staring in his eyes wondering what was he made of? How much courage did he had to accept a woman with a dark past likes her’s.

They both sat together for hours, Anvita kept sobbing and Audvik kept supporting her. They didn’t talked much, Anvita just kept thinking, she had a great respect  arising for Audvik in her heart. He had proven himself as a faithful best-friend and a strong and supportive soul-mate.

Finally, the sun was setting and it was time to go home. Audvik looked in Anvita’s eyes for the last time and asked her, “Will you marry me?”
Anvita couldn’t say much, she just nodded her head in a YES! Audvik was over joyed. He hugged Anvita and almost raised her in his arms. Anvita had tears in her eyes, she never knew that god could be so merciful on her. To send an angel like Audvik to kiss away her pain. She just wanted to get lost in those heart beats of Audvik. It all seemed like a dream to her.

Audvik immediately called his dad and requested him to talk to Anvita’s family and settle all the elderly talks.
Col. Rathore and Anvita’s parents too were very happy to hear a yes from their kids.

Audvik took Anvita for a long drive before dropping to her place, Jagjit Singh went on car’s stereo…….
Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar
Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar
Kiska chehra
Kiska chehra ab main dekhoon
Tera chehra dekhkar
Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar.

Audvik held Anvita’s hand tightly once she was leaving the car to get inside her house, “I wont let you go! I want a good-bye kiss in bribe”, he said playfully.
“Audvik let me go! Mom must be waiting!”, she said hitting him gently with her bag and ran away blushing. Audvik could feel that he has fallen for this girl completely. His arranged marriage had finally made him fall in love.


Audvik and Anvita’s wedding was scheduled right after 2 months, and amidst all the love and ‘ashirwaad'(blessings) of friends and family they tied the knot in a big fat Indian wedding style.

Anvita reached Audvik’s home as a newly wedded bride, and was waiting for him in his room. She heard him stepping in, he was singing her favorite ghazal……..
 Tumko dekhaa toh ye khayaal aayaa
zindagii dhuup tum ghanaa saayaa
tumako dekha toh….

He came inside with a bouquet of yellow roses in his hand.
“This is for my best-friend who was there with me in all the good an bad times!”, he said handing her the bouquet. Anvita smiled and accepted it. Her smile was so gentle and beautiful, her eyes no more had those heavy past baggage, she had started living freely.
“And this is for the world’s most gorgeous girl whom I fell in love with MISTAKENLY!”, he said pulling a bouquet of red roses from his behind.
Anvita couldn’t believe it, she simply held the bouquet and hugged him. Tears of joy were rolling down her eyes, Audvik wiped them gently and whispered “I love you!” in her ears, she smiled and blushed on hearing it, her cheeks went deep red. He stepped forward and kissed her lips.

That was true that they carried a deep and dark wound from their first loves, but creator played his conspiracy and made them fall in love MISTAKENLY!!!
and they happily lived ever after! <3

-Udisha M.

* © MagMug 2016 . Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the Author and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content *

MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 7th Abstract

MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 7th Abstract

“Anu!”, Audvik called Anvita in the middle of the night.
“Audvik! What happened? Are you alright?”, Anvita got worried as Audvik had never called her at such odd hour and had never sounded so shattered.
Mistakenly in love“Anu…. Anu……!!!”, Audvik was not able to speak right.
“Audvik! Are you drunk? Audvik is everything OK? Audvik?”, Anvita got really worried, sleep suddenly vanished from her eyes.
“Anu… Nothing is OK! And it will never be OK! Ishita left me Anu! She is marrying someone else! Everything is over!”, Audvik cried like a two year old. Anvita was shocked, she couldn’t believe her ears. What was Audvik talking? How can Ishita leave him, that too at this point of time when Audvik’s parents were almost ready to accept them.
“Audvik you cool down! I am there na! We will make everything fine! Trust me! Is someone there with you?”, she tried pacifying him.
“Anu… nobody is there with me, I am lonely, I am lost! My love has left me Anu! She is gone!”, Audvik replied.
“Audvik! relax! We will think of some way out, you stay calm! Audvik are you listening? Audvikkkkkkkk…!!!”, Anvita realised that Audvik had hung the phone. She felt worried, Audvik was heavily drunk and had no one with him to drive him back safe. She didn’t knew what to do, she could feel her heart racing in shear terror. “What if Audvik does something extreme to himself!”, she got scared.

She immediately called Col. Rathore and asked for any of Audvik’s colleague’s number. Col. Rathore gave her the number and himself opened his computer to book tickets for Audvik’s place.
Anvita called Audvik’s colleague from his unit and requested him to check the bar and get Audvik back safely if he was there as driving would have proven fataling for Audvik in present condition.

Audvik’s colleague Ashwin was a kind and responsible man, he immediately sent his sahayak to Audvik’s room to check if he was there and he himself went to the bar where they usually went for drinking. After a lot of search he finally found him. He had gone almost numb because of over-drinking and the bar bouncers were trying to search for his address from the cards available in his wallet.

He immediately stepped in, paid the bills and carried Audvik in his car with the help of bouncers. Audvik was continuously screaming Ishita’s name sub-consciously. He loved her whole heartily and getting cheated by her was his worst nightmare which has taken a face of reality today.

Once, Ashwin had found Audvik, he immediately informed Col. Rathore and Anvita, so that they could relax now. Anvita gave a sigh of relief, that Audvik was safe for the time being, but she knew that Audvik needed her.
Luckily, Col. Rathore had booked the tickets by the time Ashwin informed about Audvik, Anvita decided to go with him to Audvik’s unit. They reached there the very next day.

Ashwin had sent a car to pick Col. Rathore and Anvita from the station.

“Sorry sir! I couldn’t come to receive you, was busy because of some official work!”, Ashwin appologised for not making it to the station.
“That’s pretty OK! Where’s my son?”, Col. Rathore asked him.
“Sir he is in his room! His hangover is still not over, he woke up with a heavy headache and was vomiting like anything in the morning! I gave him some pain killers and he is sleeping since then!”, he replied with a sorry face.
“OMG! I want to see him!”, replied Anvita worried.


“Ashwin you are Audvik’s best-friend na?”, Anvita asked Ashwin as soon as Col. Rathore got busy somewhere.
“Yes! We two were in same squadron during our academy days, even though I was his senior, we got along really very well.”, Ashwin replied.
“Then do you exactly know what went wrong with Ishita? Why is she being so harsh with Audvik?”, Anvita asked worried.
“Anvita even I tried calling her today, but she didn’t take my call even after 7-8 rings, so I called from a different number, her mother took it. When I tried asking anything she simply said that my daughter deserves a much better man! She is getting engaged in coming week and will be married by the month’s end!”,  Ashwin told her. Anvita felt mad, how can someone be so ruthless with a guy like Audvik, he was such a fine gentleman and a caring boyfriend.
“Ashwin we must try talking to Ishita once!”, Anvita suggested.
“My wife tried doing that Anvita, but it didn’t worked. Even Ishita is involved in this. She herself wants to marry someone else!”, Ashwin replied coldly, he too was disgusted with Ishita’s attitude.
“Let it be then! We must be thankful to her then, that she showed her true colors before marriage! We must concentrate on Audvik now and make sure that he recovers well!”, said Anvita determinately.


Anvita stepped in Audvik’s room, he was lying numb in his chair in balcony. He had played his favorite ghazal on his stereo and was staring at the sky clueless. Jagjit Singh’s melodious voice filled the surrounding……..
 Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai,
Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai,
Aaj phir aap ki kami si hai,
Shaam se …………..
Dafn kardo humme ke saans mile,
Dafn kardo humme ke saans mile,
nafz kuch der se thami si hai,
nafz kuch der se thami si hai,
Aaj phir aap ki kami si hai!

“Audvik!”, Anvita called him. Audvik turned his face towards her and suddenly his whole surrounding was filled with tens of soap bubbles, they all were coming close to him, touching him as if they wanted to kiss away his pain and then busting leaving a tiny impression of their existence on his face or body. He smiled and understood that Anvita was trying to play the same trick which he played sometime back on her to bring a smile on her face.
“Thanks Anu!”, he replied faintly, his face looked as if he has not slept since days together. His eyes were swollen, the over-drinking of last night was showing its ill-effect.

Anvita came forward and gave him a bouquet of yellow roses and a hand-made card which had his caricature predicting him as a superman.
“So, this is for my super-hero best-friend, who is strong and brave enough to handle anything and everything!”, she said handling things to him. Audvik started laughing, he wondered what was this girl made of? who could think of such weird things just to make him forget his pain and sufferings.

Anvita stood by his side all the way, she handled all his tantrums patiently and kept raising his spirits. Their innocent and selfless friendship was blooming to its fullest.

Anvita was no less than an angel for Audvik, she was his best-friend, his strength, someone like a fairy godmother who could make him smile just by one stroke of her magic wand. He had learnt to smile again. He never expected that a girl like Anvita could also have a brilliant sense of humor.

Anvita stayed in Audvik’s unit for a week and then came back as she had to get back to her work as well, but she made sure that she kept calling Audvik on a daily basis so that he never feels alone at any point of time.
Col. Rathore was watching all this and was silently smiling at his heart for the way these two were getting closer day by day.

 -by Udisha M.

* © MagMug 2016 . Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the Author and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content *

MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 6th Abstract

MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 6th Abstract

Mistakenly in loveAudvik’s leaves were over now, he was going back on his duty. He wanted to talk to his dad about his girlfriend Ishita for once again, but his dad’s temperament didn’t showed any scope of talking. Col. Rathore still stood like a hard rock, he was not ready to give any space for conversation between him and his son. Mrs. Rathore felt helpless, she was stuck between the father-son ego clash. Still she wished that somehow Col. Rathore understands Audvik’s stand and meet Ishita atleast once, just to give them a fair chance to prove themselves.

Audvik left his city with a heavy heart, he felt dishearten and lost. He called his girlfriend as soon as his train left the station to tell her that his dad was not ready to accept them. 
“Audvik I don’t want to hear anything! How can you behave like a looser? Can’t you convince your own dad?”, Ishita screamed for the other end.
“Ishoo I am sorry, but I need time to convince my family. My mom is ready to meet you, and once she likes you she will convince dad also, I know!”, he was himself felt very disappointed by his dad’s behavior and Ishita was irritating him even more.
“Audvik you are such a looser! What do you think? My dad will give me so much time that I will be able to wait for you to convince your family!”, said Ishita disgustingly.
“Ishoo please! Ishoo! Try and understand! I love you, and I can’t think of anyone else except you!”, Audvik was trying his level best to convince his girl but everything seemed impossible today.
“Audvik if you actually love me, then its high time! Prove your love, convince your family as fast as you can!”, said Ishita and banged the phone. 

Audvik felt helpless, he didn’t knew what to do! It seemed that the world was collapsing in front of him, suffocating him to the core. He picked plucked his ear-phones and played the music…………..
Koyi fariyaad tere dil mein dabi ho jaise,
Koyi fariyaad tere dil mein dabi ho jaise,
Tune aankhon se koyi baat kahi ho jaise,
Jaagte jaagte ek umr kati ho jaise,
Jaagte jaagte ek umr kati ho jaise,
Jaan baaki baaki hai magar saas ruki ho jaise.

Audvik was in a mess, in such a situation all he could think of was Anvita. He immediately dialed her number and waited for her to take the call.

“Hey Audvik!”, Anvita picked the call.
“Hi Anu! how are you doing?”, asked Audvik trying to begin a conversation.
“Audvik is everything OK? You are sounding really low!”, Anvita had sensed the quietness in Audvik’s tone. She understood Audvik was in some trouble.
“Anu you know what?”, he said.
“Dad is totally against me and my Ishoo, even she is not able to understand my situation. I feel so lost and lonely these days!”, he told his heart out.
“Audvik relax! I know its a tough time for you but I know, you too are really tough! So smile dude, you can handle much bigger problems than this!”, she said in a proud tone to cheer him up!
“Do you think I will be able to convince dad and Ishoo?”, he asked her, he actually needed someone to raise his spirits at this point of time.
“Off-course buddy! How dare you doubt your caliber? Listen this is just a phase, which will pass away very easily! Just have faith! And why fear when Anu is here! I will talk to Rathore uncle, he wont say a NO to me! I am damn sure!”, Anvita rattled, she had sensed that Audvik needed her help badly this time, and she needs to take this responsibility to cheer him up at any cost.
“Will you be able to convince dad?”, Audvik felt a little relieved after hearing Anvita.
“I will Audvik, trust me I will be able to convince uncle, you just take care of Ishita, everything will be fine at the end!”, she assured him. 
“Thanks Anu! I can’t find right words to thank you appropriately!”, said Audvik.
“Chill Audvik no need to thank me, just give me a big smile! That will be enough!”, Anvita said from other end. Her words and gestures made Audvik smile, he forgot everything and went off to sleep peacefully wondering what all good he has done in life that god blessed him with a true friend like Anvita, that too when he needed someone like her the most.


“Uncle please uncle! Try and understand, he loves her uncle!”, Anvita was trying to convince Col. Rathore.
“Anu you are such a sweet child! You don’t know this boy! He is such a jerk!”, said Col. Rathore, it was difficult for him to say NO to Anu, as she was his sweetheart.
“Uncle please uncle! Ishita is really a good girl, you just meet her once! I am damn sure you will like her!”, she said with a big smile to blackmail him emotionally.
“Anu now you too are talking like Audvik! I said, I won’t means I won’t!”, Col. Rathore turned his head away from Anvita to avoid her, he had started falling weak on her childish demand.
“Uncle please! uncle! You had said that I am like your own daughter! Can’t you do this for your only daughter! Uncle pleassssssssssssssssssseeeee!!!!”, Anvita held Col. Rathore’s hand and started shaking it like a 2 year old asking for lollipop saying innumerable ‘pleases!”
“OK! OK! I surrender kiddo! I will meet Ishita or whatever is the name of that girl! But I will judge her with my own parameters, and whatever decision I will give after that, will be full and final!”, said Col. Rathore in a hope that Anvita will calm down now and will allow him to read his daily newspaper peacefully.
“Yay! Yay! Thank you so much uncle!”, she screamed and hugged him. Col. Rathore also smiled back and kissed her forehead wondering what was wrong with his son that he was leaving this girl for god knows whom.

Anvita went in the garden area and dialed Audvik’s number to give him the good news.
“Oh Anu! You are a genius!”, he rattled as soon as he heard that his dad was ready to meet Ishita.
“Yeah! Yeah! I know! Now listen! You convince your girl and make all the arrangements for the meeting as soon as possible! OK?”, she suggested.
“Yope! You are right lady will do that!”, he said wondering what will happen when his mom and dad will meet Ishita?

 -by Udisha M.

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 5th Abstract

MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 5th Abstract

Mistakenly in loveAudvik kept thinking about Anvita all night. Her innocent face battling those tears peeping out of her eyes kept flashing in his mind. He kept tossing and turning in his bed. Anvita was no doubt a good girl, and Audvik kept thinking who could think of hurting such a girl like her. Audvik made up his mind that he will call her tomorrow for some purpose and talk to her.

He woke up early morning and packed all his luggage as he had to leave the very same night for his duty. Once he was done with packing he dialed Anvita’s number and waited for her to take the call…………

“Hi Audvik!”, said Anvita as soon as she picked the call.
“Hey hi Anvita, how are you doing?”
“Me good! You say?”
“Anvita actually, I needed a favor from you! If you don’t mind!”, he asked gently.
“Actually my girlfriend has asked for a gift from this town, but you see I don’t know much about the market place, moreover I am very bad at buying womanish stuff! So if you are comfortable, can you come with me to the market? Only if you are comfortable!”, Audvik was putting each and every word cautiously as he didn’t wanted to hear a NO in any case.
“Oh! That’s perfectly alright, Audvik! You don’t need to be so formal! I will come with you! At what time do I need to come to the market?”, Anvita was a real helpful and understanding girl. Even though Audvik wasn’t a very close person but she never refused anyone who asked her for help.

Audvik on the other hand was extremely happy to hear a yes from her and smiled and told her the complete plan, “Look, I don’t know where’s the market place exactly! So I will pick you from your place at 1300 hours and then you direct me to the market place. Is that OK with you?”
“Yeah! I am fine! See yaa…!!!”


Audvik reached her place at 1300 hours sharp and called her, she stepped out of her place. She was dressed in a simple blue long skirt with a white short tank top and blue stole complementing it. A pink bang hung on her shoulder with a cute bow on it. Her hairs were bouncing in grace at her back adding charm to her walk. She seemed like some angel walking on earth. Audvik was spell-bound by her simple yet divine beauty.

“Hi!”, she waved her hand on seeing him.
“Hello! Must say lady you are unlike other women, you are on time!”, Audvik smiled.
“I am quiet punctual gentleman!”, she answered back.
“Hahahaha…!!!”, he laughed and opened the car’s door to make her sit.

Once she was comfortably seated, he took his driving seat and switched on the music in car and it went on………
Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho,
Kya Gham Hai Jisko Chhupa Rahe Ho.

Aankhon Mein Nami, Hansi Labon Par,
Kya Haal Hai Kya Dikha Rahe Ho.

This ghazal of Jagjit Singh reminded him of Anvita’s brimming tears last night. How she fought them to hide her grief, how she avoided his eyes and walked from the place where they were sitting. What was the reason of her tears? It kept disturbing him.

“Anvita please direct me to the market place!”, he asked her.
“Yeah sure… Take a left, then after few meters a right and then………………!!!”
“Woah Miss Google Map! Easy! I wont be able to remember this much, let me know when I have to take a turn 50 meters before the turn! Alright?”, he said interrupting her.

Anvita smiled faintly and apologised for her mistake and started directing him as he had asked her to. Finally after 10-15 minutes they reached the market place.


“So, what do you wish to buy for your girl?”, Anvita asked Audvik stepping out of the car.
“I don’t know! I actually have no idea! That’s why I got you with me! Suggest me something!”, he asked.
“ammm… that’s a little tough thing! What kind of gift would you prefer?”, she asked him again.
“Anu!!! You are always so dumb? Or there’s something very special today?”, he asked her jokingly.
“What do you mean haan?”, Anvita asked him, giving him an artificial stern look.
“I mean to say my highness, that I don’t have any idea. I beg you to give me some idea for the gift!”, replied Audvik in a mocking sorry tone in answer to Anvita’s look.
“ammm… how about a nice dress?”, she suggested.
“Nah.. she is very choosy! She won’t be liking it!”
“Then how about a new make-up kit?”
“She already has many!”
“How about a new pair of bellies?”
“I don’t know her shoe size!”
“How about a new perfume?”
“No, she has a set brand, she doesn’t wears anything else!”

“What the hell Audvik? Your girlfriend is some alien or what? You are not ready to buy anything which normal women use!”, Anvita got angry with so many No’s coming from Audvik.
“ahhhh… Sorry Anu.. I didn’t mean to irritate you! But Ishita actually doesn’t uses these things! She is very different! You know when she smiles, her two dimples! Gosh! They make me go ooooooo….”, said Audvik recalling the enchanting beauty of his girlfriend.
“Sir! Sorry to disappoint you but I am not here to listen to your ‘girlfriend-puraan’ we are here for some work, better concentrate on it, or else I might be hearing the description of her anger very soon!”, added Anvita teasing Audvik.
“OK! OK! Let me think of something else.You know what? She is fond of collecting bags, she has a BIGgggggggggg… bag collection! I would take one for her from here. She will definitely jump and hug me as soon as she sees the gift!”, Audvik gave a big smile when he came to conclusion.
“That’s a good idea!”, Anvita added. Audvik gave her a big smile, she too smiled back faintly.
“If he already knew what to buy, then why the hell was he eating my head since so long!”, she thought to herself.

Their friendship had started blooming.

They went to the bag’s shop and started selecting bags. Audvik didn’t do much, he had left the entire responsibility on Anvita’s shoulder. She struggled with atleast fifty-sixty pieces which the shopkeeper had shown her to pick that one for a girl whom she didn’t even knew. Audvik was observing her from a distance. She was such a sincere and dedicated girl who was ready to help him even when they had known each-other for hardly anytime. A real sign of a true and selfless friend.

Finally she selected a bag for Ishita and Audvik got it packed without even taking any second look at it. He had learnt to trust her choice.


It was almost lunch-hour by the time they were done shopping.
“Anu I am hungry!”, said Audvik.
“Me too!”, she replied.

They both went to a near by restaurant and ordered food. Audvik kept talking to Anvita about all sorts of things. There was a strange urge to know her more and more. He found Anvita like a mysterious book enveloped in happiness but having pain at interiors. Every time she smiled, her eyes showed a poignant depth. He kept wondering what was that! He wanted to see her smiling care-freely but somehow the past baggage which she carried were too heavy to allow her lips to take a full stretch.

“Anvita!”, Audvik called her as soon as they stepped out of the restaurant.
“Ya!”, suddenly her surrounding was filled with tens of  soap bubbles, each bubble shined brightly in sunlight, exhibiting a little rainbow in it. Some came over Anvita’s face and hands and busted as soon as she wished to catch them. They looked like tiny butterflies flying near her as if she was some beautiful and delicate flower. She tried catching them, but they didn’t came in her hand, each busted leaving a tiny impression of a tender kiss on her face and hand. For seconds, she was completely lost in this tiny bubble world, it made her smile, she had such a child-like and rapturous smile! Just like some goddess ready to grant you a boon of life-time happiness.

“Audvik how did you know I love these soap bubbles?”, she asked him.
“Just like that!”, he stopped blowing the bubbles for a while and started staring at her. He was seeing her smile and laugh like this for the first time in his life.
“You have a beautiful smile!”, Audvik complimented her. Something stuck Anvita as soon as she heard Audvik’s compliment. Something was coming back to haunt her thoughts again. Her carefree laugh soon changed into a fake smile. Her eyes went moist again, but she controlled her grief and turned towards Audvik, “Audvik let’s go home! I am getting late!”

Audvik didn’t say much and followed her, he opened the door of the car for her and drove her back to her place. Jagjit kept singing on his car’s stereo………….

Ban Jayenge Zehar Peete Peete,
Yeh Ashk Jo Pite Ja Rahe Ho.
Jin Zakhmon Ko Waqt Bhar Chala Hai,
Tum Kyon Unhe Chhedhe Ja Rahe Ho.
Rekhaon Ka Khel Hai Muqaddar,
Rekhaon Se Maat Kha Rahe Ho.
Tum Itna Jo Muskura rahe ho,
kya gum hai jisko chupa rahe ho!
-by Udisha M.

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 4th Abstract

MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 4th Abstract

Mistakenly in love

“Rathore how are you doing man?”, Mr. Singhal called Col. Rathore a day after the dinner night.
“I am good buddy! How about you? How’s my Anu doing?”, Col. Rathore asked his best-friend. He felt a daughterly attachment towards Anvita. He cared for her from the bottom of his heart.
“Anu is good, she has recovered well, and she was very happy to see you all on that day! She even said that bhabhi ji is a great cook!”, Mr. Singhal told.

“Oh! my sweet little child!”, Col. Rathore smiled at Anvita’s good mannerism and sensitive nature.
“OK! Now let me come to the point! Listen, there’s a golf tournament starting from this weekend at the club, I want you and Audvik to participate in it!”, Mr. Singhal suggested.
“Ah! Actually Audvik is going back on Sunday night, so I don’t think so he will be able to participate, but I will do it for sure!”, Col. Rathore promised.
“Oh! No issues, then we will be having a party in the evening for all the members and participant’s family on Saturday, do get Audvik and bhabhi ji for that!”, said Mr. Singhal.
“Sure man!”, Col. Rathore assured and the phone was hung.


Finally, it was Saturday evening and Anvita was getting ready for the party at the club. She was dressed in a beautiful indo-western blue dress, which had tiny white embroidery on the borders and the neck. She wore no jewellery except those long pearl ear-rings and a wrist watch. Her white bellies complemented her beautiful legs, she looked simple yet elegant!

Mrs. Singhal entered her room. “Mom how am I looking?”, she asked her mom with a smile.
“Gorgeous as ever sweetheart!”, her mom replied and kissed her forehead. She took a little kajal out from her eyes and placed a ‘kaala tika’ behind her daughter’s ears! She was a little superstitious.
“Daughter! I wish to talk to you about something!”, she said holding Anvita’s hand lovingly.
“Say mom!”, Anvita replied. She was really close to her mom and her mother’s every wish was her command.
“You know that we had been looking for a suitable match for you since a year.”, her mom said.
“Yeah mom! But I don’t want to get married!”, Anvita’s face turned pale as soon as she heard the name of marriage.
“Listen child! I know you are reluctant to get married but you see, every person has to get married some day including you!”, Mrs. Singhal tried explaining her daughter.
“Mom! I don’t want to get married please! I can’t imagine that I will have to share my life with someone, mom please!”, Anvita busted in tears. The idea of getting married seemed like a nightmare for her.
“Anu stop crying kiddo! Look! Me and dad found Audvik perfect for you, he is a fine gentleman as well as son of your dad’s best-friend! They are trustworthy people child! You meet Audvik for once, you kids talk to each other, still if you aren’t comfortable I swear I will say a big NO to your dad, no matter what all I have to face after that!” Mrs. Singhal promised and hugged Anvita. She was a very strong woman or rather a very strong mother. She could even fight the world for her daughter’s sake.

Anvita trusted her mom and got ready to see Audvik but still she was not ready to get married to him. She kept weeping on her mom’s shoulder.


Anvita had made her mind that she will ask Audvik to reject her to get over this marriage drama, on the other Audvik had made his mind that he will openly tell Anvita that he is already committed and cannot think of marrying her.

The party was arranged in a beautifully decorated hall against a swimming pool.

Both the families met each other and exchanged formal greetings. Audvik and Anvita, both of them were very quiet, may be because of the sudden thunderbolts their parents had given on their heads. They sat together on a table and were served the starters.
The organisers had arranged for a ‘ghazal sandhya’ and an artist was sitting with his orchestra on a stage in the middle of the hall. Col. Rathore stood up and requested the artist to sing his favorite one and they went on………..

Badi naazuk hai ye manzil, mohabbat ka safar hai 
Badi naazuk hai ye manzil, mohabbat ka safar hai 
Dhadak aahista se, eh dil!
Dhadak aahista se, eh dil!

Mohabbat ka safar hai,
Badi naazuk hai ye manzil, mohabbat ka safar hai

Koyi sun le na ye qissa, bahot darr lagta hai,
Koyi sun le na ye qissa, bahot darr lagta hai,
Magar darr hi se kya haasil!
Magar darr hi se kya haasil!
Mohabbat ka safar hai,
Badi naazuk hai ye manzil, mohabbat ka safar hai

Audvik was looking at Anvita, she was still looking so pretty, as if these all songs were written for her only! The Rathore and Singhals couple kept talking but Audvik and Anvita didn’t speak much. They were continuously avoiding each-other’s eye feeling uncomfortable because of the each-other’s presence.

After sometime, few couples in party started dancing on the songs which orchestra was playing. Col. Rathore stood up and stretched his hands gracefully towards Anvita and asked her politely, “Would you like to dance with me pretty lady?” Anvita was not in mood of dancing, but refusing a man of her dad’s age was not in her manners. So, she smiled faintly and gave her hand in Col. Rathore’s hand and started dancing with him. Audvik was watching her, and felt what was so good about her that his dad admired her so much.
Mrs. Rathore asked her son to dance with her and within few moments, Audvik was also on dance floor with his mom. After dancing for sometime, Col. Rathore gave Anvita’s hand to Audvik for dancing and took his wife from him and started dancing with her.

Audvik and Anvita both wanted to talk to each-other but were not feeling like holding each-other. Anvita had kept her hand on Audvik’s shoulder, but her heart refused to hold it. Audvik was himself not willing to hold her by waist. They kept looking here and there instead of being in dancing posture. It was clearly visible how reluctant they both are to be with each other.

This continued for 10-12 minutes when finally Audvik gathered up some courage and asked Anvita, “Anvita I wish to talk to you about something, could you please come outside with me for sometime!”
“Yeah!”, she replied, she herself wanted to talk to Audvik and ask him to reject her.

They walked outside the hall and sat on a table near the pool, there was no one near by. The pool’s water was shining in moon light with sweet smell of roses planted in the garden filling the atmosphere.
“Anvita I guess you know why our parents are making us meet again and again!”, said Audvik.
“Hmmm…”, she nodded.
“Look I don’t want to hurt you! You are a real nice girl, you are my dad’s best-friend’s daughter! Buttttttt……..!!!”, Audvik stopped, worried of how Anvita may react.
“Audvik, listen I don’t have any problem with you or your family but I don’t want to get married! I don’t believe in relationships and marriages!”, said Anvita calmly.
“Oh! thank-god you too don’t want to get married! I was worried how to tell you this! Actually I already have a girl-friend and I love her a lot! I wish to marry her and only her!”, he said with a big smile of relief.

Anvita too was very happy to hear that Audvik doesn’t wants to marry her, they both felt like a sheep who has just ran out of a butcher’s grip and saved his life for ever.
“I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I am!”, Audvik smiled.
“Me too!”, she added.
“By the way if you don’t mind! May I know the reason why are you so reluctant towards marriage?”, he asked.
“Just like that Audvik, some personnel bad experiences! I don’t like discussing much about it!”, replied Anvita, she went quiet after that, some bitter memories were over-whelming her, her eyes going moist. She stood up and walked towards the washroom without saying much.

Audvik saw her walking away, he had understood there was something wrong with her, she needed someone’s support at the moment, but he couldn’t force her to talk as he didn’t knew her much. He no more felt happy for getting rid of this forced relation. He quietly made a promise to himself that he will make Anvita smile, if not as spouse then as a good-friend!

 -by Udisha M.

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 3rd Abstract

MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 3rd Abstract

Mistakenly in loveAnvita reached inside the house. Mrs. Rathore gave her a warm welcome hug, “God! Mrs. Singhal your daughter is so pretty!”, she said keeping a lovable hand on Anvita’s head.
“Thank-you so much aunty!”, Anvita replied in a well groomed tone.
“What are you doing kid?”, Mrs. Rathore asked her.
“Aunty I have just completed my college and have joined a job with a MNC!”, she answered Mrs. Rathore.

“Oh wifey! will you stop bothering my girl with your never ending questions! Give her something to eat as well!”, Col. Rathore interrupted both of them, he indeed had a great sense of humor and love for Anvita.

Both the families were now sitting on dinning table waiting for the dinner to be served. When suddenly Mr. Singhal noticed that Audvik was missing.
“Rathore where’s Audvik?”, he asked his friend.
“Yeah! where’s he?”, he repeated Mr. Singhal’s question mischievously.
“Oh! Stop pulling my son’s leg colonel, let me see, he must be parking the car!”, said Mrs. Rathore in a typical ‘Indian mom’ tone trying to protect her son in front of his dad.

She walked outside and heard Audvik arguing with someone over the phone, she went closer to hear what was going on.
“Listen! Listen to me Ishoo.. don’t be so childish! I said na.. I will talk to you… I will surely talk to you kiddo… there are some guests in house! I need to attend them!” Audvik was trying to convince someone over the phone.

“Audvik!”, Mrs. Rathore called out.
“Yeahhhhhhhh! Yeah mom!”, Audvik stammered as soon as he heard his mom’s voice.
“Whom were you talking to son?”, she questioned him, she had sensed that something was wrong.
“Nothing much mom! Just a friend! Come lets go inside, I am really hungry!”, said Audvik trying to avoid his mother’s eye. Mrs. Rathore understood that she needs to talk to Audvik about this matter, but it was not the right time to speak to him about it.

Audvik went inside the dining hall and saw a chair vacant next to Anvita, he was about to grab that place when his dad interrupted in between.
“Hey son, switch on some good music! It will add spice to our food!”

Audvik smiled and switched on his favorite Jagjit Singh’s gazal and it went on………..

Jhuki Jhuki see nazar bekaraar hai ke naheen
dabaa dabaa saa sahee dil mein pyaar hai ke naheen
tu apne dil ki jawaan dharkanon ko gin ke bataa
meri tarah teraa dil bekaraar hai ke naheen
Mrs. Rathore and Mrs. Singhal also joined them on dinning table and both the families enjoyed the food. Anvita was quiet most of the time, she only smiled and answered if anyone asked her anything. Audvik could feel his heart skipping beats every time he saw Anvita smile. Her eyes had a strange twinkle whenever her lips stretched in smile. Her fingers were so long and delicate, as if they were meant to be held for a walk of miles together. 
Audvik didn’t talked to her directly at any moment, he just kept staring her from a distance even when his parents were bidding good-bye to Singhal family. He kept making a wish that Anvita will atleast once turn back to look at him but she didn’t. Audvik felt a little disheartened when the Singhal’s car drove away.
“Son I wish to talk to you about something!”, said Col. Rathore as soon as Singhal’s left.
“Yeah dad say!”, replied Audvik a little scared by the serious tone of his dad.
“Come to my room!”, Col. Rathore ordered.
Audvik followed his dad to his room with his mother coming from behind. Col. Rathore made him sit comfortably and himself sat on his rocking chair with his wife standing next to him. Even though Col. Rathore was very friendly with his son, but still Audvik was scared of his dad specially when he made him sit like this, he knew that he was going to pass some ‘life changing, as well as life challenging’ orders.

“Son, Anuj Singhal is a very old friend of mine! He is indeed one of the most trustworthy people I have ever known in my life!”, Col. Rathore finally started talking.
“Yeah dad! I know that!”, Audvik added trying to make a wild guess as to what was his dad trying to point at.
“Son, they are really very educated, well mannered and people with high values!”, Col. Rathore said. 
Audvik was totally confused now, as to why was his dad singing praises in the name of Singhals. He knew about them since childhood then why was his dad giving so many details today?
“Dad I am not getting what are you trying to imply?”, he finally decided to clear his confusion.
“Son! How was your drive with Anvita? Were you kids comfortable with each-other?”, Mrs. Rathore lastly interrupted between son and dad thinking Col. Rathore will take eternity to come to the point.
“Yeah mom, she is a nice girl, very well mannered!”, he smiled at her name.
“Do you think she is a good girl to count on”, Mrs. Rathore asked her son.
“Mom we didn’t talked much, but you see when I reached she was buying chocolates for dad just because he loves it, even when she was sick today! That’s really sweet of her!”, Audvik told his mom recalling the grocery shop incidence.
“Well son! I want to tell you this, its high time that you find a suitable bride for yourself, me and mom find Anvita perfect for you! She will be a perfect spouse for you and a perfect daughter in law for us!”, Col. Rathore gave his opinion which sounded like an order to his son.

“Dad! What are you saying? Mom what’s wrong with you? I find Anvita nice, this doesn’t means I wish to marry her!”, Audvik stood up in shock, this was the last thing he expected to happen. He started sweating profusely. He didn’t knew how and what to say.
“Why are you behaving so weird son?”, Col. Rathore asked him trying to calm him down.
“Dad! I can’t marry her!”, Audvik replied trying to gain strength to match his dad’s eyes.
“Why?”, Col. Rathore thundered, he didn’t liked hearing a NO from anyone!
“Dad because!”, Audvik stopped and looked towards his mom trying to convey something through eyes.
“Say son, say whatever is in your heart!”, Mrs. Rathore understood her child’s gesture and placed a sympathetic hand over his shoulder.
“Mom you know whom I was talking to when you caught me in the garden?”, he said holding his mom’s hand like a little kid.
“Her name is Ishita, she is my girlfriend, I want to marry her mom! I can’t think of any other girl as my life partner other than her!”, Audvik lowered his eyes after saying all this, he knew his dad will be angry, very angry after hearing all this.
“Audvik! You know what are you talking?”, Col. Rathore screamed.
“Dad! Please dad, I love Ishita a lot, you see her once, you too will like her I am sure!”, Audvik pleaded.

Col. Rathore felt offended, he didn’t say anything and walked away in the balcony, pulled out his cigarette and lighter and started smoking. He had seen a perfect daughter-in-law in Anvita and his son was trying to change that image now which was not acceptable to him.
Mrs. Rathore gave a warm hug to Audvik and promised him that she will meet Ishita, and if she finds her good enough she will talk to his dad about her. Audvik felt terrified by his dad’s response, he was madly in love with Ishita and was scared of the fact that his dad might not approve his love.

-by Udisha M.

*© MagMug 2016 . Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the Author and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content*




Mistakenly in loveAudvik stepped out of his house to take his favorite jeep from the garage, when Col. Rathore stepped in between.
“Son! She is not well today, she will catch cold if you bring her in a jeep! Take my car, here are the keys!”, Col. Rathore smiled and threw the car keys in air for Audvik to catch. Audvik found this very strange, his dad never allowed him to even touch his car as he was very possessive about it and today he himself asked him to take it! Still like an obedient son, he took the keys and followed his dad’s instruction.

Audvik started for Anvita’s home, he played his favorite song in car and it went on……………
Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya
Bekhudi Kya Cheez Hai…..
Ishq Ki Jaye Phir Samajhiye ..
Zindagi Kya Cheez Hai!!!

He was enjoying every bit of the song and started singing along with the lyrics. Jagjit Singh was his god, his each and every gazal was like his hymn and Carole. They were his favorite companions irrespective of the place and purpose he was on.
After covering a major distance, he was in her colony and needed directions to her place! He stopped at a roadside grocery shop and picked his phone and checked for Anvita’s number which her mom had given him. He called on her number and waited for her to take the call. 
His phone was still stuck to his ears when he saw a girl coming out of the grocery shop. Her fringes were covering her forehead, below which were a beautiful pairs of black eyes which looked so deep and innocent, a fragile nose which had a little nose pin and delicate lips. She was dressed in a simple pink patiala salwaar and a white chiffon kurti. She had come to the shop to buy some chocolates. Her fringes were troubling her eyes continuously, she kept jerking her head again and again to get them back but they were stubborn enough to come back to their position again and trouble her without any fail.
Audvik kept staring at her till the time she didn’t disappeared at the end of the lane. It was not that, that Audvik had never seen a girl better than this one, but there was a strange rapture in this girl which was attracting him towards her.
Suddenly, Audvik’s phone rang, 
Unse Nazar Kya Milin Roshan Fizaein Ho Gayee
Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm
Aah Haa Aah Haa Haa Haa
La La La La La La
Unse Nazar Kya Milin Roshan Fizaein Ho Gayee
Aaj Jana Pyaar Ki Jaadugari Kya Cheez Hai ….
he picked it immediately, “Hello sir, I saw a miss call from your number on my phone! May I know who are you?”, a sweet, polite female voice asked him from the other end.
“Yeah! I called you mam, I guess you are Anvita, Singhal uncle’s daughter?”,  he asked her trying to sound as gentle as he could. He was still in the thoughts of the girl he just saw.
“Oh Audvik, its you? Hi! How are you? Have you reached?”, Anvita asked from the other end trying to sound as friendly as she could be to a complete stranger.
“Yeah! Almost, actually I have reached your colony but need directions to your place!”, he replied still feeling uncomfortable.
Anvita directed him towards her place, he heard and made a note of all the ‘lefts’ and the ‘rights’ she asked him to turn.
“Itna left-right Academy mei kiya hota toh shayad do-chaar medal paa jaata!”, Audvik thought to himself as he drived towards Anvita’s place.
He finally found the house and gave her a call to come out. Audvik was literally yawning by now and was cursing his fate as to why he planned to stay at home for this dinner. “Dad should had sent his driver to pick her up! Pata nahi kaha ki queen Victoria hai jo mujhe bheja hai isse lene ke liye!”, he thought pondering over the reason as to why has his dad troubled him for such a petty job.
“Hi!”, Anvita’s voice interrupted his thoughts, he turned up and saw the same girl whom he saw at grocery store standing in front of him.
Audvik felt stunned, he couldn’t reply. He was tongue tied, he just kept staring at her, looking into her beautiful eyes, focusing on those ear-rings which were dancing against the lock of her hairs. Her glittering nose pin which looked like a tiny star twinkling and reflecting the moon light to lighten up every bit of her beauty. She was poetry personified.
“Audvik!!!!”, Anvita called his name, his weird response gave her a doubt as to he is some wrong guy.
“Ya! Yaaaa… aaa… Hi! I am Audvik!”, he stammered and stretched his hand towards her.
“Anvita!”, she gave a faint smile and shook hands with him gently. 
They both sat inside the car and Audvik started for his home. There was something so strange about the drive today, his heart was racing even when he was driving at the least possible speed just to make sure he gets to spend maximum possible time sitting next to Anvita.
Anvita was quiet all the way, as she was still little unwell and moreover Audvik was a complete stranger to her, so she couldn’t find any such topic to talk on. Audvik on the other hand was still living in a dream, he was still tongue tied and numb and was unable to come up with words to compliment Anvita.

Soon they reached Audvik’s place and Anvita tried to open the door of the car but it was locked!
“Audvik! Could you please help me!”, she asked him politely.
Audvik was still lost in his thoughts and couldn’t believe that she was talking to him.
“Aduvik!!!”, she called again a little louder this time.
“Yeah! Yeah! Just a second lady!”, Audvik immediately came to his senses and stepped out the car to open the door for Anvita like a gentleman! Anvita was fairly impresses by this gesture of his but was still irritated with his stupidity.

She said thanks to him and started walking towards the main door of the house without noticing that Audvik was still standing there staring at her like he was doing earlier. She found it a little awkward but didn’t say much and went inside the house.
-by Udisha M.

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE! || 1st Abstract

MISTAKENLY IN LOVE! || 1st Abstract

Mistakenly in love ye daulat bhii le lo, ye shoharat bhii le lo,
bhale chhiin lo mujhase merii javaanii,
magar mujhako lautaa do bachapan kaa saavan,
vo kaagaz kii kashtii, vo baarish kaa paanii!

This ghazal of Jagjit Singh was making the most appropriate music for the alumni meet of St. Pauls. Each and every old face in the party was feeling nostalgic recalling their good old days at this premier institute.

“Hey Anuj! Long time! Its great to see you!”, Col. Abhilash screamed excited as soon as he saw his childhood buddy at the college reunion.
“Rathore! You have grown old!”, said Mr. Singhal winking at Col. Rathore. They both were extremely happy to see each other after a span of 25 years.

“So, hows everything?”, Col. Rathore asked Mr. Singhal.
“Its going good, now I am a proud father of a beautiful daughter and a poor husband of a tyrant wife!”, Mr. Singhal replied jokingly. Col. Rathore started laughing at Mr. Singhal’s remark on his wife.
“By the way how about you? How is Bhabhi ji and everyone at home? I am really happy that you came back to our town after retirement”, asked Mr. Singhal curiously.
“Oh! She is doing good, actually Audvik had fallen ill, so she has gone to see him!”, he replied.
“Audvik? Your son right?”, Mr. Singhal inquired.
“How is he doing, I remember him as a tiny tot hovering around my scooter in a hope of a free ride!”, Mr. Singhal commented nostalgically.
“That tiny tot doesn’t cares for scooters now buddy, he rides a Royal Enfield and is now Capt. Audvik Rathore”, told Col. Rathore proudly, this was the best thing his life had given him. His only son had followed him in his shoes! He too was a officer in arms like him.
“Woah that’s a great news! By the way my family is here, they would love to meet you!”, Mr. Singhal held Col. Rathore by shoulder and took him to the place where his wife was standing.

Col. Rathore and Mrs. Singhal exchanged formal greetings and all three of them started recalling about their good old days.

“Anuj! Where’s your daughter man? I am waiting to see her!”, Col. Rathore asked Mr. Singhal.
“Rathore, you know nothing is hidden from you! My daughter is 23, she is quiet young! We have started looking for a suitable match for her, but she doesn’t wants to get married right now. That’s why she is angry with us!”, explained Mr. Singhal like a worried father.
“Ha.. ha.. ha.. That’s isn’t a great problem buddy! Even my son is young and in marriageable age but behaves the same!”, said Col. Rathore tapping Mr. Singhal’s shoulder.

 After a while, they all were called for dinner and Mrs. Singhal went to call her daughter inside the hall.
“Hello uncle!”, a tall, slim and graceful girl bent down and touched Col Rathore’s feet.
“God bless you child!”, He said placing a hand on her head.
She stood up, to show herself in full glory, she was dressed in a beautiful yellow dress with a cute white shrug complementing it, and the only accessory which she wore was a metallic wrist watch on her hand! She looked simple yet elegant.
“She is my daughter Anvita, Rathore!”, Mr. Singhal introduced his daughter to Col. Rathore.
“She is a blessed child Anuj! Must say, you are really pretty young lady!”, Col. Rathore smiled at Anvita.
Anvita smiled back faintly, she had a beautiful smile and those long ear rings kept shimmering against the lock of her hairs.

Col. Rathore kept talking to Anvita and kept asking her about her likes and dislikes and other preferences! She stayed cool and patient and replied to each of his question. This was a quality which Col. Rathore liked the most about her.
And finally the alumni meet was over!

“Hey Anuj I have got a plan!”, said Col. Rathore as he and Singhals were leaving the place.
“You and your weird plans Rathore!”, replied Mr. Singhal in the usual tone.
“My son and wife are coming back day after tomorrow, how about a get together at my place this weekend?”, he suggested.
“I am always ready for get together! A big yes from my side!”, Mr. Singhal gave a thumbs up to Col. Rathore.
 “See you then! Good-bye Bhabhi ji and Anu!”, 


Mr. and Mrs. Singhal reached the Rathore’s place on the decided time. Mrs. Rathore welcomed them with a big smile and warm hugs. 
“hey where’s my Anu?”, Col. Rathore asked Mr. Singhal about Anvita as if she was his own family member.
“Rathore, Anvita is a little unwell today, so she couldn’t make it!”, replied Mr. Singhal disappointingly.
“What happened to her?”, asked Mrs. Rathore like an anxious mother.
“Bhabhi she is an asthma patient, she got an attack in the morning when our maid was cleaning the house! So she was feeling really weak and hence we couldn’t get her with us!”, replied Mr. Singhal.
“Oh! Poor baby!”, Mrs. Rathore felt bad for Anvita.
“Anuj! I dont like eating like this!”, said Col. Rathore sadly when Mrs. Rathore called them for dinner.
“Why?”, Mr. Singhal questioned.
“You see, Anu is not here! I don’t feel like eating! Children are the charm of the family!”, replied Col. Rathore. He actually wanted to have Anvita for the dinner.
“I can understand Rathore, even she was excited about today, but she fell ill.”, added Mr. Singhal.
“We can do one thing!”, Col. Rathore thought of suggesting something.

“I can send my son Audvik to get Anu for the dinner, and as soon as she is done eating he will drop her back!”, Col. Rathore said with a smile.
“But they don’t know each other Rathore. They wont be able to recognise each other!”, Mr. Singhal started thinking of pros and cons of his friend’s suggestion.
“Oh shut up Anuj, you give me Anu’s number I will talk to her and settle everything!”, Col. Rathore almost snatched Mr. Singhal’s phone and started looking for Anvita’s number in contact list, he called her up and told her that Audvik, his son is coming to pick her up!
She was in a shear shock as to how will she go with a man whom she has never even heard off. But since Col. Rathore was her dad’s best friend, she couldn’t refuse him and said a yes.
Col. Rathore even asked her not to trouble herself in getting ready or any such womanish stuff and come over as if she was coming to her own place.

Col. Rathore called out Audvik and Mrs. Singhal gave him the address of their house and Anvita’s number so that he can ask for directions from her if in case he got stuck somewhere. Audvik stepped out of the house and started for Anvita’s place wondering why were his parents so keen about bringing this girl to his place.

-by Udisha M.

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An encounter with an army wife!

An encounter with an army wife!
[a page from my diary!]

Encounter with an army wifeArmy wives are strong, yes they are! But how much strong? I always wondered! Thinking why do army men always praise their wives for being their backbone, when they are themselves born to kill and trained to serve!
My doubts were cleared when I met this incredible woman!
She shifted in our locality just a few months back, we being caring and responsible neighbours invited her family for a dinner at our place. Her facial features clearly showed that she was not much older than me, hardly 5-7 years senior! May be because of that we got along very well. I asked her, why is she staying in our locality instead of her comfortable cantonment, she replied saying that her workplace is quiet near to our locality and very far from cantonment area, plus she has a 4 year old daughter so she can easily come home during her lunch hours to see her.

Her daughter was a real cute and chubby kid, who often came to our place to play with my toys, as I still have a considerable collection.
One fine day, I came home from my office and heard few ladies talking in my drawing room, she too was there among them. Since, she was my friend as well I joined the group even when I was getting too bored with their ‘I grew up my child like that!’, ‘When I was in my pregnancy blah…blah..blah… things happened!’ and all that!

These talks were irritating for me, as I am neither married nor a mother, so obviously wanted to run away.
‘Mrs. Rawat why don’t you share something!’, one of the ladies asked her.
‘What can I say Mrs. Pandey? My daughter was a pre-mature child, so I didn’t get much to plan and think of my child or the things will come!’, she replied with a smile.
“OMG! Then your daughter must have been a very difficult child! Who all were there with you at that time?’, some lady asked her.
‘Nobody!’, she replied with the same smile.

I was shocked to hear this, I raised my head and started staring at her, wondering what is she talking? Is she serious?

‘What do you mean Mrs. Rawat? Your husband or any other family member was not there with you during your child-birth?’, somebody asked.
‘As I said, my daughter is a pre-mature baby! My husband was posted out of the city and I was living alone, my mom and dad were supposed to come 15 days before my delivery date for my support but things went wrong I had to help myself to the hospital much before the due date!’, she replied.
‘OMG! How did you do that? How can you go alone to the hospital in so much pain?’, our jaws almost dropped.
‘When you are in trouble, god is there with you! That’s what I believe, I called my mom and asked her to take the next flight to my place as soon as I started feeling the pain, then I called the hospital and requested them to send an ambulance as I was no more in condition to drive! Hospital nurses were kind enough to come as early as they could, they helped me lock the doors of house and get inside the ambulance, I don’t remember what happened exactly after that! I was just following the orders which were given to me and kept requesting the nurses to keep my child safe till the time my mom doesn’t arrives! Luckily, by the time my child was born few of my neighbors had got the news and came to receive my child and take care of her!’, she told us.

‘Were you scared at that time?’, I asked her thinking what was she made of?
‘I was dear, but you see at that time the only thing which was important was my child’s well-being! So I did what was right for her! My husband had told me before our wedding itself that I am getting married to an army man, I should be strong enough to bear anything and everything!’, she replied proudly! Her sparkling eyes showed how much she must have bared at that moment, her fears, her fortitude, everything!

I literally had goosebumps on hearing all what she narrated, becoming a mother is a dream for every woman, but we can’t dream of a childbirth in which we won’t be having anyone to support us. Their was a sense of great respect arising in my eyes for her. It is truly said, ‘If you think soldiers are very strong, then look at the women who stand behind them.’

-Udisha M.

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RED!!! – The Cold Murder

RED!!! – The Cold Murder

Red - The Cold MurderInvestigations were going on in full swing. Inspector Dwivedi kept visiting the siblings every now and then. Every time when the inspector came for queries, he got a much valid proof showing that Akshat’s sister is the prime accused. 

She kept screaming and crying that it’s not she, who is responsible for such a heinous act, but nobody was able to prove anything in her favor! Akshat, Nischal and Jennie all were in dilemma, as to these allegations had some truth in them or were merely a part of half-way investigations! She was even asked not to leave the city till the time investigations were not over.

“Akshu! I swear! I could never as hell think of such thing for mom and dad!”, his sister cried begging him to understand her.

“Relax sister! We love you and won’t let anything wrong happen to you!”, Akshat consoled her.

“Akshu then why are they blaming me? I haven’t done anything! I swear!”, she kept sobbing on his shoulder.

“We know sister; you can never as hells do such a thing! Don’t worry! Cops will catch hold of the real culprit very soon!”, said Jennie who was sitting next to Akshat and was actually feeling very sorry for the way their sister was being made to suffer.


Few more days rolled away, it was a Sunday evening, Akshat and Jennie came back to their home after having dinner with Nischal and their sister. Both of them seemed tensed with whatever was happening in the family.

Jennie sat on the sofa, staring blankly at the ceiling.
“What happened sweetheart?”, Akshat asked her.
“Nothing  Akshu! I am just a little worried!”, she answered.
“Even I am! I am afraid of whatever is going to come next!”, said he wiping his forehead.
“Akshu can didi ever do such kind of thing?”, she asked anxiously.
“I don’t know Jennie! I won’t be able to trust anyone from now on! I can’t even think that the murderer of our parents is one of us!”, he replied.
“Me too!”, she laid her head on his shoulder.

He kissed her forehead and hugged her tight.
“Let it go sweetheart! Forget everything for a while!”, he kissed her lips and smelled her hairs.
“Akshu I am scared!”, a drop of tear rolled down Jennie’s eye.
He wiped her tears and kissed her eyes, “Your eyes are not meant to shed tears my angel! You are my queen! And you will always be treated like that, irrespective of what the world says!”, he smiled at her. Jennie smiled back faintly; she was still stressed because of things happening around.

Akshat stood up and headed towards the kitchen.
“Akshu! Where are you going?”, she questioned him.
“C’mon honey! Its Sunday today, it’s my duty to prepare the after meal coffee!”, he replied from the kitchen itself. She had actually forgotten that Akshat used to prepare coffee on every Sunday night! 

Jennie went to change her attire and when she came back, she saw Akshat sitting with two mugs of coffee in his hand. She smiled at him, “Ummm… the aroma is delicious my king!”
“Yes it is my highness!”, Akshat replied playfully.

“Hey! Why haven’t you changed your clothes till yet?”, she noticed that he was still wearing the same soiled clothes.
“I will! Once we have this royal drink!”, he winked and smelled the coffee as if it was some cocktail served to him by some spell-bounding beauty!

“Nope! I am not going to hear anything! Go and change your clothes fast! These clothes are dirty and smelly! They don’t befit my king!”, she held his hand and started pulling him.

Akshat finally gave up and went in to change; when he came back he saw Jennie had already finished her cup of coffee.  Akshat finished his coffee and they both kissed each other goodnight and went to sleep.


Next morning Jennie woke up quietly and slipped into her shoes! Without waiting much she picked a knife and packed a considerable amount of red chilli powder from the kitchen.

She opened the bedroom window discretely and slipped out of it to the apartment’s garden and hurried her steps towards the country-side Shiv temple where Akshat’s sister used to go on every Monday.

After half an hour or so, she reached the temple and saw Akshat’s sister’s slippers lying outside the temple. She understood that she is there inside still offering the prayers. She hided herself behind a nearby stall and waited for her to come out.

Akshat’s sister showed up after 10-15 minutes, Jennie started following her without giving her any clue. After passing half a distance or so Akshat’s sister realised that someone was following her! She froze away at that very place, her forehead was sweating profusely, hands were trembling in fear! She knew that something was seriously wrong around her!

She turned back, but found no one; she felt a little relieved thinking that she might be hallucinating things! She turned forward, but saw a tall figure wearing burqa attacking her with a knife, she screamed in terror and the plate with holy offerings fell out of her hands! 
She tried making an attempt but was completely blocked by the assaulter. 

“Leave me! Please let me go!”, she cried for help, making futile attempts to escape the assaulter who had pointed the knife straight at her eyes and was ready to pierce it inside.

“aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…!!!”, he screamed and suddenly fell backward. Jennie had banged his head with a heavy stone. He stood up and pulled out the veil from his face. Jennie was almost desensitized to see Akshat threatening his own sister. His head had started bleeding because of Jennie’s attempt.

He pushed Jennie aside and picked the knife to attack on his sister, Jennie couldn’t think of anything and picked the same stone again and banged his head in the same way! This time the thunder was much louder, Akshat fell on his back, with blood gushing out of his head and spilling out to make a pool.

“Jennie! I love you Jennie and these people need to learn to respect you! I won’t let them live because they hate you!”, he screamed to her like a psychologically challenged man and made an attempt to stand up and attack his sister! She didn’t think of much and banged the stone again on his face, he screamed as much loudly as he could!

His face was almost disfigured, with blood pushing its way from his nose, ears, eyes, mouth and every possible corner, still his shivering hands showed that a sign of life in his body still left, he was still a potent threat to the family. 

She pulled the stone as high she could, and banged it straight on to his chest, Akshat’s body thumped, showing a sign of pain and reaction for the last time, and those shivering hands and legs were numb forever.

Jennie had killed her own husband to save his sister. She crashed on road staring at his lifeless body lying in a pool of blood, now she knew that why he made her drink coffee on Sunday nights, so that she could be numb for the whole Monday and why he complained that he cannot figure out what he did on Monday! Why he chose Monday to kill his parents! 

Akshat’s sister called up inspector Dwivedi and Nischal immediately. She was herself startled by whatever had happened in front of her eyes! Nischal and the Inspector reached the spot with few of his assistants, his case and mystery were solved now, and they were solved only because of Jennie, who told them many such in-discrepancies in her husband’s schedule which showed him as a potent accused.  

“We are sorry for your loss ma’am! But we really want to thank-you!”, said the inspector trying to console Jennie who was still in a state of shear shock!

Akshat’s each and every memory kept flashing in front of her eyes, his hugs, his kisses, his love! And she kept staring at his lifeless body lying in the pool of RED blood! Life had taught her the most difficult lesson today that, NOT ALL LOVE-STORIES ARE FAIRY TALES!!!


-Udisha M.

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RED !!! – AB Positive

RED !!! – AB+

Red - ABpositiveJennie, Akshat and his sister were in shear shock! They didn’t knew how to react to such kind of situation. Akshat’s mind kept pondering over the fact that who could have been that one person who knew so well about his parents and had a grudge with them too.

He called up Nischal and asked him to come home as soon as possible! Nischal was busy with some clients and hence refused to be home soon.
“Brother! Can it actually happen this way?”, Akshat’s sister asked him almost out of senses.
“I don’t know sister! We all are being kept under surveillance as if we all are culprits! Why will you and me or Nischal even think of hurting our parents?”, he answered her back.
“Keep cool guys! Everything will be alright! Don’t worry! The real culprit will be caught soon!”, said Jennie trying to console both of them.
“Akshat I need to talk to you!”, asked Nischal.
“Yes brother!”, replied Akshat looking at Nischal strangely, he never addressed him as ‘Akshat’, that was way too formal for his brother to address him.
“You know what? I feel really alone these days!”, he told his grief.
“I can understand that brother, I am also missing mom and dad a lot!”, Akshat added.
“Can I ask you something?”, Nischal looked into Akshat’s eyes.
“Akshu! Please come back! This office, this business everything seems haunted to me now! Dad is no more, whom shall I talk too when I need someone?”, Nischal was almost in tears but was any how controlling himself. He had been working under his dad since always and suddenly now he had to take care of everything all alone! He felt lost and lonely both at personnel and professional level.
“Brother! Dad wanted me to leave this home and business, so I won’t insult him by coming back into it, but this doesn’t means I am not there with you! I will be there with you at each and every step of your life brother!”, Akshat placed a lovable hand over Nischal’s shoulder.
“Akshu! I know dad was strict but he loved you a lot, he never thought of throwing you out! That was just a little bit of anger, it wasn’t his last decision!”, Nischal tried convincing the intentions of their dad. 
“I don’t know about all that brother, and I won’t comment much as well! Just remember you will have me by your side whenever you need me! OK?”, Akshat stood up and gave a warm hug to Nischal who smiled faintly at him. 
Jennie was watching both of them talking and was feeling happy that at least Akshat’s brother understands him well.
A day or two passed for the police inquiries, inspector Dwivedi came back with the autopsy reports. 
“Can I have all the three of you before I can talk!”, asked the inspector.
“Yeah sure! Give me few minutes I will call my brothers!”, said Akshat’s sister who had opened the door for inspector Dwivedi.
After half an hour or so, Akshat, Nischal and their sister were sitting in front of the inspector.
“Where’s your wife gentleman?”, inspector Dwivedi asked Akshat sarcastically.
“She’s at office!”, Akshat replied indifferently. He hated those expressions of the inspector.
“Ammmmm… quiet a career woman she is!”, he commented.
Akshat didn’t reply to his comment but his facial expressions clearly showed that he hated the way he talked about his wife.
“By the way Mr. akshat, what’s your blood group?”, he asked changing the topic immediately.
“AB+, but why are you asking this?”, he replied.
“And yours Mr. Nischal?”, inspector turned towards Nischal without paying any heed to Akshat’s question.
“Same as my brother, AB+”, Nischal replied.
“And yours my lady?”, asked the inspector to their sister.
“Same as my brothers, AB+”, she answered completely bewildered as to why inspector was asking about these details.
“Well, that means that none of you had blood group matching to your dad, isn’t it?”, he questioned them.
“No! Actually our mom was AB+, so all three of us have this blood group, but dad was O+”, Nischal replied.
“You are right Mr. Nischal, but when your dad’s body was taken for autopsy, and the entire test were performed. We discovered that, he had made considerable attempts to fight the attack on him. He even tried to hurt the killer with some heavy object. This might have lead to some minor bleeding, and few drops of culprit’s blood had fallen on your dad’s clothes as well! When we tested that blood sample, it was found that it belongs to AB+ group!”, inspector told the siblings.
Their faces turned white, what was this strange riddle which inspector was trying to ask them. Akshat’s sister held his hand; these things were disturbing her lot within.
“What do you mean inspector? Please say it straight!”, said Nischal firmly.
“Well! Mr. Nischal as I said earlier, the murderer is not some outsider. And one more thing, if your dad had hurt the murderer that means he must be still carrying a wound over his/her body!”, told the inspector looking straight towards a tiny bandage on Akshat’s sister’s toe.
Akshat and Nischal were startled, what was inspector Dwivedi trying to say. Akshat’s sister got really conscious and stood up, “Why are you looking at me like that? I got hurt when I was coming home from Temple!”, she said.
“And I guess you were coming back from temple on a Monday morning lady?”, asked the inspector sarcastically.
“Yes! But I go to temple every Monday morning, because I am fasting on Monday!”, she replied.
“And surprisingly, your mom and dad, both of them have got murdered on a Monday morning only!”, said inspector Dwivedi firmly.
“You can’t put such kind of allegation on me inspector, they were my mom and dad!”, Akshat’s sister started shivering in tears. Nischal stood up and held her by shoulders.
“Look inspector, you can’t talk to our sister like this, this might be a mere coincidence!”, Nischal defended his sister.
“Yeah! A real great coincidence that your sister arrives at your place on a Sunday and your mom gets murdered on a Monday! That too when only two of them had stepped out of the house, nobody else!”, said the inspector and walked away!
“It’s not going to be easy!”, he murmured to himself and drove off in his jeep…………………
Udisha M.

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RED!!! 7th Abstract

RED!!! – Blame Game

Red - Blame Game“Akshu what is this happening to our family?”, cried Akshat’s sister on his shoulder.
“Everything will be fine sister don’t worry!”, Jennie tried and consoling her.

“Go away woman! Its because of you only that I have lost my mom and dad! This all has started since the day you married my brother!”, screamed Akshat’s sister sobbing. 
Jennie felt disgusted. She never expected this kind of behaviour from Akshat’s sister atleast, she thought that she was a kind and understanding woman. Who understood their love for each other, but today all the myths were broken. Jennie was in tears, she stood up and slowly walked to the washroom with heavy steps.

“How can you say like that sister? She is my wife, and your sister-in-law!”, screamed Akshat on his sister. He couldn’t tolerate his wife’s insult again and again.

“What? You are screaming on me! Just see what kind of fate your wife has brought for our family! We lost our parents! We have no one to take care of us!”, wept his sister.
“So what has Jennie done in this tell me? In fact she is the one supporting us in everything! She respects each one of us as her own family, and you people are such that you can’t even return back the same respect which she deserves!”, Akshat tried convincing his sister.
“So, you want that I should accept her in our house! Something which mom and dad would have never done!”, she questioned Akshat.
“Listen sister! If you can’t allow Jennie in our house, well and good; don’t do that! I won’t force you, but atleast give her the respect which she deserves!”, Akshat requested.

“I hate her!”, Akshat’s sister turned her head away from Akshat.

Akshat was about to same something out of anger, but he was interrupted by inspector Dwivedi who had been observing the entire episode between them secretly.

“Seems like an interesting conversation is going on between the brother-sister duo!”, he said in the same sarcastic and mysterious tone.
“Nothing much inspector! Just a bit of family talks!”, said Akshat hating his looks.
“Ahan! Your family talks don’t look much like family talks gentleman! By the way mam, what do you think? Who can be behind your parent’s killings?”, inspector Dwivedi turned towards Akshat’s sister.

“I don’t know! I don’t know anything inspector! My parents were the most noble people, I don’t understand why will someone ever think of killing them!”, Akshat’s sister sobbed in front of the inspector.
“If they were so noble my lady, then why did they threw your brother out of the house?”, questioned inspector Dwivedi raising a brow.
“What do you mean to say inspector? This is our family matter!”, Akshat interrupted in between.
 “Where is your brother Mr. Nischal mam?”, asked inspector Dwivedi without paying much heed to Akshat’s talks.
“He has gone to attend some meeting which dad had finalised for today!”, Akshat answered.
“So, why didn’t you go with him? I guess you were also into family business, isn’t it?”, asked inspector Dwivedi sarcastically.
“What do you mean inspector? I left my family business on my own will and my brother is good enough to handle it all alone!”, Akshat replied firmly.

“Look gentleman! I am a cop! Its my job to get into each and every detail of your life! And as far as I know, even though your dad had thrown you out of the house, he had not thrown you out of the property matters yet! He had called his lawyer on the day your mother was murdered, but because of the tragedy he delayed it for sometime, and before he could again revive his plan of changing his will! He was murdered! This means, now you too have a fair share in your dad’s property! Isn’t it a valid reason for you to kill him!”,

“Shut-up inspector Dwivedi, just shut-up!”, Jennie screamed from behind. She was coming back from the washroom when she heard the inspector putting such deadly acquisitions on Akshat.
“What do you think of yourself? How can you even think of putting such baseless acquisitions on my husband? If he would have been so much fond of money, he would have never married me!”, Jennie’s eyes were burning in anger. Her body was almost shivering in rage. She could tolerate anything on herself, but someone insulting Akshat was just not acceptable to her.

“You can’t put such allegations on my brother without any concrete evidence inspector! My brother is an ideal gentleman, he respected his parents to the core!”, added Akshat’s sister. She too was shocked by what inspector Dwivedi had just said about Akshat.

“Well mam! As far as I know, you too had some feuds with your parents too!”, inspector Dwivedi turned towards Akshat’s sister.
“What do you mean?”, Akshat’s sister felt a little confused as to what Dwivedi was trying to imply.
“I mean to say that your dad was a very orthodox man! He had decided to distribute his entire property among his sons without sparing any penny for you just because you are his daughter! Isn’t that a fair enough reason!”, inspector Dwivedi had done his homework well, and was observing each and every little reaction of the siblings.
“How can you even think like that?  I am happily married and my dad had spent enough on my education and my marriage, I didn’t expected anything more from him! And I was absolutely fine with the fact that property is getting distributed between my own brothers! My parents had done all the duties towards me well!”, Akshat’s sister made her point clear.

“Cool down mam! Each and every evidence says that the murderer is a near one! The person who knew each and every detail of your parent’s routine!”, inspector claimed.
“But! Anyone can come to know about our parent’s routine by keeping a watch on them for sometime!”, asked Akshat’s sister unable to sulk-in the facts that inspector was trying to unfold in front of them.
“Yes! That’s true that anyone can come to know about the routine of your parents by keeping and eye on them for sometime, but not everyone knows that the gold chain’s locket which your father wore had the password of his bank account scripted on them!”, said the inspector.

Akshat and his sister were taken aback, this was a detail which only the siblings and their mother knew about their dad’s belonging. Even the house helps and closest relatives were never told about such minute details of their father’s private things.

“Listen to me carefully Mr. Akshat and mam! The killer is not an outsider, he is within the walls of your house, a member of your own family! It will be better that you try and check as many things as possible and try and find out if there was anyone else who knew these details about your family!”, said the inspector and stood up to leave.

Akshat, Jennie and his sister were all numb. The idea of their parents being murdered by someone of their own family was not so easy to accept. They kept staring blankly at the floor, wondering how awful and painful the reality could be…………

-Udisha M.

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RED!!! – An Interesting Love Story


RED!!! – An Interesting Love Story  

Red- An Interesting love story“Jennie! Jennie!”, Akshat screamed anxiously.

“Yeah sweetheart! What happened?”, she came running from the kitchen.

“What is the day today? Tell me what is the day today?”, he asked impatiently.

“It’s Tuesday honey!”, she replied worried. She didn’t have any clue why was Akshat behaving so weird.

“Jennie! What’s wrong with me? Why am I not able to figure out days and time properly? Jennie my head is aching! Jennieeeee!!!”, Akshat almost fainted. Jennie held him and any how made him sit on a chair.
“Akshu! Akshu! Nothing is wrong! Trust me nothing is wrong!”, she hugged him tightly and kept patting his back lovingly to comfort him.

She made him have some breakfast and asked him to take off from work and take rest. Akshat followed her instruction, but his mind refused to get stable. It kept drifting from one thought to another, from one worry to another. It felt as if his eyes are asleep but his mind hasn’t slept for days together. So many things kept coming and leaving in his thoughts.

Suddenly his concentration was disturbed by a sudden phone ring. He stood up to see that it was his brother Nischal calling.
“Akshu! Akshu dad!”, Nischal panicked as soon as he heard Akshat’s voice.
“What happened with dad brother? Is everything alright? Nischal??????”, Akshat’s heart started racing, he was worried as to what might come up next.

“Akshu! Dad has been attacked in the same way as mom was! I am taking him to the hospital! Please be there!”, Nischal screamed in a shivering and choking voice.

Akshat couldn’t think of much, he picked his phone and wallet and ran for the hospital in his bathroom slippers itself. 


Akshat reached the hospital. This was the place where he saw his mother lying lifelessly on the bed just a fortnight back! This was the place where he had cried for forgiveness from his family. This was the place whose name also felt like a nightmare to him. He walked towards the ICU with heavy steps.
“Akshu! Akshu! Dad is calling you!”, Nischal cried as soon as he saw Akshat.

“Is he fine? What has happened to him? Nischal he will be alright na?”, Akshat fired as many questions as he could in those few seconds. But Nischal didn’t had any answer for his questions, all he could do is to take Akshat to the place where their dad was lying almost half dead. 

His body was also brutally assaulted, with every inch carrying a deep and sharp wound, his eyes were pierced, ear drums ruptured, his tongue was into pieces. He couldn’t utter anything properly. But he wanted to tell something to his sons. He kept calling Akshat even when he was losing consciousness.

“Dad! Say dad! I am here!”, Akshat tried to hide his worry and fear.
“Yoooooooo….uuuuu…!!!!” , Akshat’s dad tried uttering something but his ruptured tongue couldn’t bring out the words correctly.
“Dad! Dad! Don’t worry everything will be fine!”, Nischal tried to calm his father down.
“Yoooooooo…. uuuuu….aaa….!!!”, Akshat’s dad again tried saying something, but this attempt took a toll on his suffering body. His heart started slowing the beats, his brain started becoming numb.
“Dad! Dad!”, Akshat tried calling in a hope against hope.
“Doctor! Doctor!”, screamed Nischal.
Doctors and nurses immediately took the charge and the brother duos were asked to move out of ICU and wait there.

Akshat held Nischal’s hand as he used to do whenever he made a mistake as a child. Both of them saw the doctors screaming for oxygen masks, giving their dad electric shocks to bring his dead heart to life! Akshat and Nischal watched it all standing outside. They could see the most important man of their life walking away from them. They had become orphans in a mere span of 14 days!!!

“Sorry! We couldn’t save your father!”, said the doctor walking out of the ICU with a poignant face.
Akshat and Nischal went numb. They didn’t know how to react on this news. What should be done now? Akshat stepped forward and hugged Nischal as tight as he could.

“Brother I swear I won’t leave that @#$&*@#. Let’s call the police in! We can’t let anybody hurt our family and walk away just like that!”, Akshat stood up. This time he was not just sad, he was angry and determined to find the person behind his parent’s brutal killings.


“Tell us exactly what all has happened!”, asked Inspector Dwivedi to the brother duo.
“Sir, we don’t what is going on, our mom dad both have been killed in similar fashion! We don’t know what to do inspector!”, Nischal was any how trying to control his grief and was describing the course of events in as much details as he could. Inspector Dwivedi kept listening to him patiently; occasionally questioning him in between. He understood this case was absolutely different and may be one of the most complicated cases of his life. 

“We understand you pain Mr. Nischal, but we would suggest that you send your father’s body for autopsy so that we can get a detail report of the way of killing!”, suggested Inspector Dwivedi.

“But sir! It will delay the last rites of our father!”, said Akshat’s sister anxiously.

“Ma’am but it is very important for us to do the autopsy, we are expecting to get some concrete evidences from it!”, said the inspector confidently.

“Let them do their duty well, it is important for us!”, said Akshat keeping a consoling hand on her shoulder.

“Akshu! What has happened to dad?”, Jennie finally got the news of Akshat’s dad and came running to the hospital. Till the time Akshat could hold her and calm her down, Inspector Dwivedi noticed them and came walking towards Akshat and Jennie.

“Hello mam! Sorry to interrupt but Mr. Akshat didn’t introduced me to you!”, said the inspector showing a strange expression of doubt and kindness.

“She’s my wife Jennie!”, Akshat introduced her to the inspector. 
“Jennie… ammm….!!!”, inspector’s brows were raised. “But Jennie is a Christian name i guess and you people aren’t Christian if am not wrong!”, said Dwivedi giving Akshat and Jennie a mysterious look.
“Sir, my family was against our togetherness, but I loved her, and hence we are married!”, said Akshat firmly, he was not liking the way Inspector Dwivedi was looking at his wife.

“You seem to be quite possessive for your wife Mr. Akshat! Anyways you both are a great couple together! I take a leave now! Will come back with the autopsy report!”, said Inspector Dwivedi and walked away.

“Seems like an interesting love-story!”, he murmured to himself and drove away in his Jeep.


-Udisha M.

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RED!!! – The Rejection

RED!!! – The Rejection

Red - The Rejection“So finally you are back!”, said Jennie welcoming back Akshat.
“Yeah Jennie!”, Akshat replied in a heavy and poignant tone. Jennie understood that Akshat is depressed by the loss of his mother; she didn’t say much and just tried to comfort him as much as possible.

“You don’t worry sweety! Everything will be fine!”, she said as she brought water for Akshat.

“Nothing is going to be alright Jennie! Mom is gone! My mother is no more Jennie! There’s no one to take care of me now! I feel like an orphan!”, Akshat started crying like a little child lost in a fair.

“Akshat  baby! Don’t cry! See I am there! I am there to take care of you na! Everything will be fine!”, said Jennie and hugged him tight. They both wept on each other’s shoulder.

“Nothing is going to be fine Jennie! Dad is still the same. He says that its because of you that mom is no more! Instead of helping the police to find the real culprit, he blames you of bringing ill-omen for the family!”, Akshat said in pain and disgust.
Jennie was taken aback! She knew that Akshat’s family was orthodox and even superstitious, but she could never ever think of that she will be the one who will be blamed for such a heinous crime. She wanted to scream and shout to show her abhorrence. But she knew that Akshat needs her right now and she needs to keep strong for her husband’s sake. She wiped her tears and silently whispered, “We will see that later Akshu!” and kissed Akshat’s forehead. 


Slowly and steadily Akshat was learning to live with the loss. Jennie took care of every little thing so that Akshat didn’t missed his mother much! His best friend and second cousin Adrit was another pillar of strength for him. He made sure that Akshat never felt alone on work! Almost a week passed away. Akshat went to see his family on weekend with Jennie accompanying him.

Akshat opened the gate and rang the door bell. The house help Kiran opened the door. Akshat greeted her with a smile and asked her to call Nischal and dad. But her face went white suddenly in fear, as if something was seriously wrong. 
“akshu bhaiya butttttt…..”, she tried saying something.
“What but? Kiran tell dad and Nischal that I am home to see them!”, Akshat ordered.

Kiran ran upstairs to inform Nischal and Akshat’s dad.

“Why was she behaving so weird?”, Jennie asked Akshat.
“Don’t know. Maybe she is disturbed because of mom’s demise!”, he tried making a wild guess.

“Akshat how dare you bring this woman in our house?”, akshat’s dad roared as he descended the staircase in white kurta and pajama. The red tilak on his forehead showed that he was sitting in puja. 
“But dad!” , Akshat’s tongue was frozen. He had never dared to look into his father’s eye. His retired colonel father treated him like his academy’s cadet instead of his own son.

“What dad haan? Haven’t i told you earlier? This house is not for such women!”, he screamed on top of his voice.
“Dad please! We are sorry!”, Jennie tried saying something.
“Don’t you think of calling me dad lady! Never in this life time will you get the status of a daughter-in-law in this house! it will be better for you that you leave as soon as possible and please don’t come back again ever, i don’t like insulting women!”, Akshat’s dad gave his verdicts loud and clear and climbed back to staircase to attend his Puja which he had left in between without showing any trace of emotions for Akshat and jennie.

Jennie’s eyes were in tears. She had never thought that someone could have hated her so much! She held Akshat’s hand tightly and wanted to fall and cry on his shoulders. Akshat’s dad had insulted her far more than she could have taken. Akshat supported her by shoulder and brought her back to their place. he himself couldn’t match Jennie’s eyes as it kept making him feel guilty of his complete silence in front of his dad.

Jennie kept crying all night and Akshat kept making attempts to pacify her. But he couldn’t console her.


next morning Akshat woke up early as it was a Monday morning and he had to comfort Jennie as he thought she was still upset.

He checked his phone after stepping out of his bed; it showed the day as ‘TUESDAY’, Akshat felt confused. The memory of past few days and the terrifying things following it started haunting him again!
He walked to the main door and picked the newspaper only to see that it was the Tuesday’s edition. Newspaper slipped out of his hand. What was this strange game happening around him?


-Udisha M.

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RED!!! – The Murder

Red - The Murder

“Your mom hated your wife and hence I don’t want her in your mom’s last rites!”, Akshat’s dad gave his verdict to him.

“But dad! What’s wrong in it? Jennie respected mom as her own mother!”, Akshat couldn’t argue in such a condition so made a request to his dad.

“I don’t want to discuss much son! My decision is final! If you want to attend the last rites of your mother then ask than christian woman to leave! Choice is yours!”, said Akshat’s dad and walked out of the room.

Akshat knew that there was no point in arguing with his dad because his decisions were final and irreversible. He needs to ask Jennie to leave the house. He stood up and started walking towards the living room where Jennie was sitting. His steps felt heavy, his eyes were lowered in guilt and embarrassment to ask Jennie to take a leave that too when she was here only for him.

“Jennie! I need to talk to you! Please come to the garden!”, he called her.
Jennie walked behind him like a faithful wife without asking a single question.
“Baby! I need to tell you something!”, Akshat held her by shoulder and turned his face slightly away from her eyes in remorse.
“Say sweety!”, Jennie lifted his face lovingly.
“Jennie! I don’t how to say this but…………………………………..”, he stopped in between as if the guilt has frozen his tongue.
“Say honey whatever you want to! I am listening!”, she again tried to cheer him up.
“Jennie! Dad! Dad has ordered that you shouldn’t stay up for mom’s last rites!”, Akshat finally gathered up the courage and conveyed what his dad had asked him to.
“But Akshu! I wanted to……..!!!”, Jennie’s eyes were also in tears, she wanted to stay back and attend her mother-in-law’s last rites. This was insulting as well as pain staking for her.
“I know I am being ruthless on you! I should have taken a stand for you Jennie but I am too helpless today! I want to bid good-bye to mom for the last time. That’s why I need to send you back!”, Akshat’s self esteem was hurt today, asking his wife to leave was like leaving half of his life somewhere else and moving out incomplete.
“Its ok Akshu! I understand! I am leaving, you stay up here! Your family needs you!”, she said and kissed his cheeks. Her own eyes were in tears but she controlled her grief for the love of her husband and walked away to her home.

Akshat and his entire family wept as his mother’s last journey began. His sister and brother Nischal kept receiving people who came for condolence of the grief stricken family.
“How has this happened Akshu?”, asked a worried aunty from him.
“I don’t know aunty, I got a call that mom is ill and I came running to the hospital just to discover that she is taking her last breathes.”, Akshat replied staring at the ongoing rites blankly.
“Where were you? Dont you stay with your parents?”, She again pinched him with a question.
“Aunty, I have married Jennie! And yes I don’t stay with my parents anymore! Do you have any other question now?”, Akshat gave a disgusted look to the woman! Such questions were surely not meant for such occasions.
“Huh… I have seen your choice kid, your wife is such a ‘Lakshmi’ that she ate away her own mother-in-law’s life as soon as she became a daughter in law of your house!”, murmured that woman into someone else’s ears.
Akshat understood that there is no point in arguing with these superstitious women! He loved Jennie and she was his lucky charm no matter what the world enforced.
The family was heading to Haridwar for the ‘asthi visarjan’, Akshat took a leave for few hours from his family and went to see Jennie. He knew he couldn’t be with her in all these days. He reached home but saw it locked. He took the keys from the neighbours and opened the door lock. There was a note kept on the centre table of the drawing room,
“Hey Akshu,
I got a call from office, so I need to leave. Your lunch is prepared! Do have it! And eat properly, you haven’t had enough in last few days, I will be back by five.
Love you!
Akshat smiled at the note and thanked god for such a loving and caring wife. He went to his room, packed his essentials and then went for a shower. He came back and saw few missed calls from his home on phone.
He called back on Nischal’s number,
“Akshu hurry up brother, we are leaving in next 10 minutes, I will be picking you from your place only!”, Nischal said.
“Alright I am ready and waiting for you!”, Akshat replied. He forgot everything about the lunch and got ready to leave with his brother.
He left a short text message on Jennie’s phone,
“Hey Jennie!
I didn’t get time to have lunch, sorry! But thanks for preparing it with so much of love!
Love you!”
Nischal gave a honk to call Akshat out! He stepped out and locked his door and gave the keys to neighbours.
“Akshat how have you been?”, Nischal asked him.
Akshat didn’t understood what Nischal was trying to say. “What do you mean brother?”, he asked him with a bewildered look.
“How is Jennie? Is she alright?”, he asked him again in the same style.
“Yes brother! She is fine and is at office!”, Akshat replied still not getting what Nischal was trying to imply.
“Akshu! You know what?”, Nischal gave a serious look to Akshat.
“Yes brother!”
“Mom’s death was not some accident, it was a murder; a cold blooded murder and the way she has been killed the police officials say that the killer is not some ordinary one! He/she has a deep and dark grudge with our mother!”, Nischal stopped the car as his own thoughts had made him numb.
Akshat was himself desensitized after hearing Nischal’s words. He couldn’t think of a reason as to why anyone would kill his mom. His mother was strict yet a simple woman at heart who would never as hell did any such thing which would provoke anyone to kill her. He kept staring at the car’s window wondering what the world was trying to do to him and his family!
TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………………………………
-Udisha M.



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RED!!! -The Waiting Room

Red - The waiting room

Akshat reached the hospital where his mom was admitted. He was still running out of breath. Huffing and puffing he asked the receptionist about his mother’s bed number in ICU and ran towards it.

Entire family was standing outside the ICU, “brother! How’s mom?” Askhat asked his elder brother Nischal.
He didn’t reply to his question, instead turned his head away from him in disgust. Entire family stared at him as if he was the culprit.

Akshat felt like breaking down, he was being held guilty for a crime he had not even committed! ‘Dad! Please dad I am sorry! Please tell me how’s mom!”, he begged to his dad who didn’t bothered to show any trace of emotion towards his son.

“Didi! Atleast you try and understand me! I love mom and you all! Please tell me how is she, what’s wrong with her!”, Akshat begged to his elder sister, she was his only ray of hope.

“Go away Akshu! You don’t love us; you just love that woman for whom you left all of us! Look at mom! She is lying lifeless there! And do you even care of what she is going through?”, Akshat’s sis finally showed her aggression.

Akshat kept begging to meet his mom once! Finally after few hours his elder sis took him inside the ICU where his mom was lying.

“Mom!”, Akshat called out in trembling tone but there was no reply! His mother was unconscious, with a oxygen masked placed on her face! A whole pipe was inserted inside her body to remove the toxins inside.
“We found her lying outside our gate; her body was completely in blood and was attacked by flies. We couldn’t recognise her at first sight, but Nischal made an attempt and went close. He screamed out horrified, on seeing her! Her whole body was full of wounds, as if someone had made tiny holes on her body to make her bleed to death. Initially we thought that she has been attacked by some street animal, but doctors say that animals don’t attack like this! The murderer even tried to pierce her eyes and destroy her ear drums!”,
Akshat’s sis broke in tears.  Never in her worst dreams could she have thought of this kind of thing for her mother.

Akshat hugged his sis and tried consoling her; he himself had tears in his eyes! They had a common pain and anger in them.

Akshat’s sis went outside after sometime as only one person was allowed to sit next to the patient in an ICU. He sat on the stool next to the bed and stared at his mother’s lifeless face.

His mind went back to the last day when he was leaving home to marry Jennie.
“Akshu! Akshu! Son you can’t do this to us!”, his mom screamed as he packed his belongings.
“Mom! I tried convincing you all but you didn’t get me and my love for Jennie!”, he screamed back in disgust.
“Yeah Akshu, you love Jennie but you don’t love me or your family!”, his mom’s voice started trembling in pain.
“Mom I said it earlier also and am saying it again! I don’t have anything against you all, instead you all are against me and Jennie! I am leaving this home, this business, this money everything! I don’t need people who dont understand me!”, Akshat roared and stormed out of his house.
“Akshu! Akshu! Listen to me son! Akshuuuuuuuuu…………!!!!”, his mom’s voice kept ringing in his mind making him feel sad and guilty at the same time.

“I am sorry mom!” Akshat whispered and closed his eyes, drops of tears rolled down his cheeks and felt on his mother’s numb hand.


Akshat called Jennie from hospital to tell her about his mom’s condition.
“What? What are you talking honey? I am coming! I am coming to see mom!” Jennie screamed as soon as she heard of Akshat’s mom.
“No Jennie don’t come here! Dad won’t be liking it! Stay at home and take care of everything!” Akshat instructed her.

Jennie couldn’t keep herself away from Akshat in such a crisis; she picked her purse and took an auto for the hospital. She knew that she will be ridiculed there, but she didn’t bothered, her love for her husband was much more than anything.

Jennie reached the hospital and found a strange dead silence covering the place! She reached near the ICU and saw Akshat’s sis weeping on Nischal’s shoulder. She went numb as to what may come upon her.

“Jennie!”, Akshat called from behind. Jennie turned back, she had never seen Akshat so depressed and disturbed. His eyes were in tears. He was shivering in trauma.
“Akshu!”, she screamed and held Akshat tight.
“Jennie my mom!”, he sobbed.
“Don’t worry Akshu everything will be alright!”, Jennie tried consoling Akshat and herself crossed her fingers in terror.
“Jennie my mom! My mom is no more!”, Akshat screamed in pain. Jennie couldn’t believe her ears. She didn’t knew what to say. She felt frozen for a while. All she could do, was to hug Akshat tight and hear him sobbing! She didn’t know is she consoling him or is she herself wants to be consoled………………..


-Udisha M.

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RED!!! – The Lost Monday

 RED!!! – The Lost Monday 

the lost monday“Awww… my baby is finally up! How are you doing honey?”, asked Jennie rolling her hands lovingly in Akshat’s hairs.

Akshat still felt a heaviness in his head, “where were you?” he finally asked her in a trembling tone.

“I was here only all the time sweetheart! I guess you had taken too much wine that’s why your head is troubling you so much!”, Jennie replied playfully! That was true that Akshat had enough wine, but it wasn’t so much also that would had made him numb for so long!

“I am still not getting what’s going on! What is the day today? tell me!”, Akshat asked her impatiently.

“Its Tuesday sweety!”, she said still rolling her hands in his hairs trying to comfort him.

“What? What are you talking?”, Akshat stood up with a swift!

“Yes! Baby its Tuesday! What happened?”, Jennie asked him still surprised as to why was he behaving so weird?

“We got married on Sunday isn’t it?”, he questioned her still holding his head in agitation.

“yeah! So?”, she asked him still wondering what’s wrong with him.

“And we had our wedding night also on Sunday itself!”, he again fired the question in same tone.

“Obviously!”, Jennie replied, still clueless.

“So, how come its Tuesday today? I slept on a Sunday night, I should had woken up on a Monday morning! How is it happening?”, Akshat was feeling mad. He felt confused, angry, frustrated all at once! It was impossible to figure out where had those 24 hours of his life vanished!

“Honey! You cool down! Listen to me!”, Jennie took his face in her hands and kissed his lips. “Relax! Everything will be fine! Nothing is wrong! Trust me sweety! Nothing is wrong! Let me get a cup of hot lemon tea. You will feel better!”, Jennie said trying to pacify him and walked towards the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea for him.

Akshat lied down on his bed staring at the ceiling, his mind was still in utter confusion.

Jennie returned with a cup of tea and his favorite biscuits. She never expected that her husband will be behaving so weird right after 48 hours of their marriage. She was still getting phone calls from her friends who were teasing her as any newly wedded bride. “Where are you going on honeymoon ma’am? Better go to some exotic place, where’s its just you and him! Hope you are getting what I mean!”, chuckled Jennie’s best-friend Riya over phone.
“Riya! You know na! How me and Akshat have managed to save for our wedding! This honeymoon and all is not for now! We need to join back our work as soon as possible, as such we are on leave-without-pay!”,  Jennie told her quite disappointed. She knew since beginning that marrying without families consent won’t be easy, they both will be sacrificing many valuable things.

Akshat was still in the same pity condition. Jennie made him sit up right and handed over the cup to him.
“Have it! You will feel better!”, she said trying to fake a smile to hide her worries and disappointments.
“Jennie! I am still worried!”, Akshat said blankly.
“Everything will be fine Akshat! Just try and relax! I am telling you na! You had too much wine on our wedding day, it is just its toll! Relax! We need to join our work from tomorrow, remember? So, forget about everything and just look at me once in the same way as you used to before our wedding”, Jennie hugged him and stared into his eyes.

Akshat forgot everything for a while and hugged her back. Her love was enough to make him forget all the adversities.

Everything became normal for the day, Akshat and Jennie went shopping in the evening, there was a lot to be bought for their new home! After the shopping they both lied down on their terrace staring at the stars and recalling their college days and teasing each-other about all the stupidity they did. Akshat couldn’t be more happier than this, his love was his for a life-time now!


Next morning Akshat and Jennie both got ready for their respective offices, Jennie kissed Akshat good-bye and took her metro train and Akshat took his!

He reached the office and was expecting a cheerful welcome by his friends, but there was something absolutely unexpected waiting for him. Akshat entered the office and found a sudden chillness in the atmosphere, he felt as if every eye was staring at him, and that stare was surely not a friendly one. Nobody greeted him, even with a formal gesture.
He held his bag close and walked towards his desk quietly and sat there trying to avoid everybody’s gaze.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, Adrit, his best-friend and second cousin came to him. “What are you doing here man? You should have been at home at present!”
Akshat felt a little bewildered at Adrit’s advice, he actually couldn’t figure out exactly that Adrit was giving him an advice or was charging a question on him?

“Why? What happened? You know I had taken leaves for only 2 days!”, he replied trying to avoid Adrit’s eye.
“Akshat! Are you nuts? Man aunty needs you! She is fighting for her life! She needs you! And you are still clueless!”, Adrit held Akshat by his shoulder and shook him swiftly.
Akshat was taken aback, what was Adrit talking. “What? What’s wrong with mom? Tell me? Adrit tell me!”, Akshat almost screamed on Adrit.

“I don’t know! Nobody knows! She went for a walk yesterday morning and didn’t returned on the expected time. We kept searching for her all day long, but couldn’t find her. Today in the morning, housemaid spotted her on the house’s gate brutally wounded! It seems as if she been attacked by some mad street dog or something like that! But wounds are deep and scary.”, Adrit narrated Akshat’s mother’s condition to him. His facial expression were telling how horrified he himself was after seeing the pathetic condition of Akshat’s mother. Akshat could clearly see goosebumps rising on Adrit’s body recalling about his mother’s miseries.

Akshat forgot everything and ran for his mom. His life was taking a tough turn now. Leading him to somewhere where he was no where!

TO BE CONTINUED…………………..!!!!

 -Udisha M.

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RED!!! – The Lost Love

 RED!!! – The Lost Love


Red - The Lost Love“Liked it sweetheart?” Akshat hugged Jennie from behind who was still busy observing the new house which the broker had shown them!

“Its nice Akshat!” she replied!”
“This will be our home after wedding!” Akshat kissed her cheeks warmly.
“Akshat! Can I ask you something?”  Jennie looked into his eyes! There were million questions in her mind but she couldn’t decide which one to ask first!
“Say sweetheart!” Akshat said lovingly and held her hand. He was trying to explore every corner of the house excitedly which would be becoming their home soon!
“Are we doing right?” Jennie asked him. There was a sense of guilt in her tone.
“Tell me some thing my angel!” Akshat pulled Jennie closed to him!
“Say!”  she replied still keeping her eyes low in self guilt.
“Do you love me?” he asked her in a determined and composite tone!
“Yes!” she replied, a drop of tear rolled down her eye!
“Then let it be! Our parents do not understand our love today! But trust me! Some day they will!”  Akshat wiped her tear and hugged her tight. Jennie was still feeling guilty but forgot everything in his love for a while. A drop of tear rolled down her eye.
Jennie and Akshat were college classmates! Since the very beginning, they were the ‘meant to be!’ couple. Akshat felt sparks on the very first day of his college when he saw her! Soon, they became friends, and then best-friends! Finally, it was their farewell, when Akshat gathered enough courage to express his feelings to Jennie! Jennie felt numb at that moment; she too loved Akshat a lot but didn’t have enough courage to accept it. She knew that Akshat’s traditional Hindu family won’t accept a Christian daughter in law at any cost. But Akshat’s love was strong enough to make her forget the rules and restrictions of the society!
They both worked hard, to grab good jobs after their education and finally were taking a step forward towards a lifetime commitment! As expected, Akshat’s family threw him out of the house. Taking away all sorts of rights in family matters and legal property from him. Jennie felt sorry for whatever was happening with Akshat! But Akshat stayed strong in front of her and kept assuring her that everything will be fine someday!
Soon, after a week both of them were signing their Marriage registration papers in front of the advocate and some few close friends! After few legal procedures they both were declared legally married. Akshat and Jennie hugged each other and smiled. A dream was coming true for both of them.
They stepped out of the court and Akshat held Jennie’s hand and asked her with a big smile, “Happy?”
She nodded in yes, trying to control her tears of joy! Her cheeks went deep red in shy.
“There’s a surprise waiting for you!” he whispered in her ears.
“What?” she asked bewildered.
“That’s a surprise!” Akshat winked and blind folded Jennie. Jennie couldn’t do much but smile and blush!
Akshat made her sit in the car and drove her to a silent place! Jennie had no clue, what was Akshat upto!
He helped her out of the car, and made her walk few baby steps! “Akshat what are you doing? Where are we?” she kept inquiring! But Akshat didn’t reply and kept smiling! Finally, after a while he opened her blind-fold.
“There you go sweetheart!”  He said kissing her cheeks lovingly.
She saw her favourite country side church decorated beautifully. It was no doubt a celebration of their wedding!
“Akshat I love you!” she almost jumped and hugged him tight! Soon, she was approached by all her girl-friends and was taken to a separate room and was dressed up like a beautiful bride in white gown! Akshat’s best-friend and second cousin Adrit played the best-man’s role and brought Jennie to Akshat, who himself looked handsome in the groom’s suit!
Jennie walked towards him in pride and adoration, she felt so lucky to have a man who understood her so well! There was a huge round of applause when they exchanged rings! Both of them knew, that they were not earning enough to arrange for diamonds and pearls for each other! But their togetherness was enough to make them feel complete.
After some rituals, they were declared as ‘Man and wife’ by the Church’s priest.  Jennie and Akshat were made to play games, in which Jennie was blind-folded and was asked to recognise Akshat in a bunch of men! Finally after a lot of struggle, she found Akshat and fell in his arms! He tenderly unfolded her eyes and kissed her forehead. Their friends cheered them up; they all enjoyed the food, wine, music and each other’s presence!
Finally after a long and tiring celebration, they reached their new home!
“Akshat I want to tell you something!” Jennie laid down her head on his shoulder.
“Say baby!” he wrapped her is his arms.
“I love you!” she smiled and hugged him back even more tightly and both of them melted in each other.


Next morning, Akshat woke up with a heavy head; he didn’t find Jennie in their bedroom.
“Jennie…!!!!” he called out, but there was no one in the house to hear him.
He picked his phone to dial her number, and noticed that it was Tuesday today! “What’s wrong with my phone? Has its calendar stopped working?” he thought to himself. Akshat and Jennie got married on Sunday, and to his belief, he had slept on Sunday night, he felt bewildered as to why his phone was showing Tuesday instead of Monday.
He walked towards the main door to pick the daily newspaper, and he again noticed that it was Tuesday’s edition! He went numb, the newspaper felt out of his hands! There was a sudden pulse throbbing his head, making it fall apart! His eyes were going blank! What was happening around him……………………………………???????????????????

– Udisha M.

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