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    Dear Parents: Your kid might be a ‘Misfit’ and it’s OK! 

    Dear Parents, You know what, what is our biggest fear? it’s the fact that at times people like us suffer from Identity crisis. We don’t know who we are, either we’re the ones who wear creative ideas on our sleeves or the ones who know number munching by the back of our hands. I’ve suffered

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  • Hike Messenger: Rise of The Indian Unicorn

    Hike Messenger hit the billion dollar evaluation mark in the month of August and grabbed my attention. Following its success story for quiet some time now, here’s a candid take on the mobile messenger’s success. The recent evaluation of Hike Messenger has set the industry on rage. Founded on 12-12-12, it’s the youngest Indian startup

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  • I Will Never Grow Up

    I will never learn to grow up. I will always be that little girl with larger than life dreams. I don’t want to give up on the thought of fairy tales. I still want to believe that I will fight the demons and win over them. I still feel that someday, somewhere I will meet

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