Premchand & Potter !! What’s in the Date?

“Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.” – J.K.Rowling  

“Like timidity, bravery is also contagious.” – Munshi Premchand 



Considered as one of the greatest authors of the 20th century in their respective languages, it came as a surprise when I realised that Munshi Premchand and J.K.Rowling share the same birth date. 

It’s not the date which astonishes most but their ability to create some of the most memorable characters & bringing them to life, which enchanted readers both young and old. Creating a generation of readers, who once story ended, would strive for more to read and understand the real world. 

Munshi Premchand

460-jk-rowling-harr_802976cIt’s astounding when we were touched by the story of two bulls, Heera & Moti or a simple House elf Dobby. From Mirror of Erised to Hamid’s ‘Chimta’ you just pour your heart out for the protagonist.

From Devasthan Rahasya to Godaan or The Philospher’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows, what gives you ability to compare the two is their artistry to create a magical world around you which makes you one of the characters in the book. 

Often termed as ‘Upanyas Samrat’ – Premchand was influenced by Gandhian movement, his novel touched the dark side of the society. While most of his writings dwell in the socio-economic status of the society and talked about the poor and affected, the humour was rare and black . The protagonist was usually a common man, and story about his struggle, loss & courage. What kept the story intact was the potency of  narrating the ongoing in a poor person’s voice. His story was a means to connect poor to rich, man to woman, citizens to government. 

Rowling created an imaginary world for her readers which had characters that were easy to relate. From like of a mean kid Draco, naive Neville, cheeky Fred & George, the cool kid Ron, to the wise teacher like Dumbledore. But what connects you to the book is the depth of these characters in the story, the story of outcasts; where an orphan kid finds love in others, a geeky girl is accepted by peers and a fat bullied guy turns to be the hero. It’s a story of friendship, betrayal, loss, courage and most probably every said or unsaid emotion that a human heart can interpret.  

Different to their genre, different to their era, different by the language but what they shared

was creating a world of possibilities where the characters had their own flaws, own vigour and were true to themselves. The characters felt like one among us and the world surreal.    

On this day I wish you  …….

 जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं – श्री मुंशी प्रेमचंद


Happy Birthday – J.K.Rowling

Ohh & if I missed

Happy Birthday ‘HARRY POTTER’ too……. 

** Harry Potter is way better than LOTR**(Even the Movie)

– Just another Fan

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Beautiful tears

A story by Dove for her lifebouy..

A few months ago when they saw each other for the first time..Days passed and turned in to weeks and months. It seems like a digit but during this time every breath they took has narrated the feeling of longingness. Lonely nights, Dove’s amateur fights and Lifebuoy’s meaningful phone calls.
They finally met 9 months later…

When they first met it was Lifebuoy waiting for her standing tall next to his only love of life – his only car. ? But, This time it was Dove’s turn to wait for him as Lifebuoy is going to arrive in her city.

Dove to herself: OMG!! He is coming.. Just with the thought of “his coming” she blushed everytime she cross marked the calendar and thanked god. She reached at the decided place and decided to take a stroll into the nearby park until he arrive. She was busy analysing the statue of the ruler of the city and her phone rang..

He: Hello…kaha hai tu?
She: Yahi pe pass vale garden me..ok ok I saw you..stay there am coming. ?

She reached till him wanted to hug him but knowing his nature she decided not to hug him publicly. They traveled till hotel in an auto Dove’s favourite transportation mode and his nightmare like travel mode. Hahaha but that is how he is! <3 They hugged each other followed by a gentle kiss. I am so happy that you came ignoring all the odds she whispered. I so wanted to love and he wrapped her in his arms once again and kissed her forehead. A silent tear of love rolled down her cheek. <3


Reader’s note: Lifebuoy- The hero of our story is a very sensitive same like all the other good men of this planet, he weighs words before uttering them and one such beautiful man. <3


They rested for a while in each other’s arms before going for the sightseeing. The city which was unfamiliar for her too turned magical instantly. They went for boat ride, palaces, lake side and visited 1000 years old temple. Meaningful silence surrounded them while appreciating beauty of the city. They lived once again like happily ever after.. 🙂 Returned back after the long tiring tour actually he was tired after travelling thousands kms for her.. during the bed time her never ending questionnaire started: Did you miss me? How many times a day and all those deliberate and annoying for him KBC session started as he loves to sleep and “not to let him” is her solemn duty. He took her in his arms and replied: Nah! I didn’t. Just to annoy her. She said “ok” and she kissed him knowing the fact that how much he actually loves her.

The next day arrived and they went for shopping. She was constantly busy thinking how blessed she is to have him in her life. He was a kind of man we can put into the category of a beautiful man. Even though he was a family oriented guy he always manages to find time for her no matter what. This time he travelled almost 1000kms to fulfill her wish and finally the time came which none of them actually like. Time to depart. Before leaving the residence Dove asked to LB how many times do you remember me?

LB replied in his sensible man like manner: Every time I look at any girl, I remember you. In fact I always miss you so much..sensing her sadness she decided to stay strong and this time she pulled him towards her and took him in her arms, hugged him tightly and kissed him.

“Kya baat hai that was awesome” he teased her. And they both laughed. They thanked god for making it happen. <3

His words are enough for her to understand his feelings. It was not easy for him either. She started crying in his arms wanting him not to go. And the tears of love- “the beautiful tears”, had filled her eyes. It was uncontrollable for her knowing how disturbing it could be for him. But she cried her heart out in his arms any way. Tears might have manny different types and kinds or reasons. But for her it was all beautiful to cry for him, with him and for “not to leave without him”. It all started seeming meaningless in that particular moment to her as she realised how ghastly the clock was tick-toking. He kissed her forehead and hold her in his arm tightly for some time saying “yehi hi tto hoon, kaha kahi jaa raha”
With his kind word the “sob sob session” touched the new heights. It was unbearable for her to watch him go. But as usual taking care of her he asked her to leave and reach at her place safely. As soon as she entered inside the room the silence of the empty room made her miss him even more. She started missing him like anything. She went near the temple and asked a question to god, “This entire universe is yours including my pumpkin but can’t you give him to me? Can’t you make him mine? It is Dove’s nature to punish her loved ones by asking questions. Automatically she remembered the dress she wore on the previous day. It must have got his smell intake she thought and took them out from her bag. She hugged her clothes sensing his presence in the surrounding and slept in her bed. Tears roll down her eyes whenever she missed him but she calls them “tears of love”.

“The beautiful tears of love”.

He called her and pampered her saying just stay strong, The more you smile, the sooner I will arrive. And kissed her over the phone.

She followed her command and replied “I know and I am waiting……” then she insisted him to sleep, as he was going to travel thousands kms back again, and kissed him back.

Some stories are not meant to be end they are meant to be loved and lived. Such was their love unique in their own way and incomplete without each other.


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