Soulmate: Random Thoughts #3

Random Thoughts #3

We all are fascinated by the concept of ‘soulmates’. We all wish to find one someday. Everyday when we stand in prayers, somewhere we all ask almighty to grant us someone who will be with us in all thick and thins! But there are many questions which start popping up at the back of our brains!

Who will be that soulmate? Will he/she actually come in our life some day? Or do we need to find him/her? Or shall we sit and wait for them to arrive? There are few fears which do surround us, when we think that what if that person didn’t came? Or we landed up with a wrong one!

What I feel is, it might feel great to have someone by your side! But you need to learn to live for yourself. Even if the so called soulmate arrives in your life, he too will get separated from you someday due to break-up, divorce or death! Will you be able to cope up with that? Will you be able to live with that loss? Question yourself once!

Its a very old saying, that we all have came alone in this world, and will die alone! Then why do people make so much fuss on being with someone! You are strong enough to lead a life you have always dreamt of. Then why do you run behind the wordily tie-ups. Trust me! They are merely temporary ones, they won’t last forever! Even the fairy tales say, “and they happily live ever after” and not ” they happily lived forever!” That’s why, there’s nothing like forever!
I know my notions are condemning! But they are plain blunt truth!

-Udisha M.

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