‘Shop Now’ on Instagram: From Marketing to Sales

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Instagram has registered a phenomenal growth since its inception. The photo sharing app boasts of a 500 million user base and is only behind its parent company, Facebook in terms of user-engagement. Research says that 7 out 10 hashtags used on Instagram are that of brands and 65% of top featured posts are that of products, this clearly speaks volume of the branding that enterprises have done through the platform. Being an image driven social network, Instagram quickly grabbed the eyeballs of  brands and individuals. Verticals like Food tech, E-commerce, Photography, etc. works wonders on Instagram. Not just this, individuals got to the platform to express their personal views, paving way to the rise of a whole new level of ‘influencer marketing’, concepts like; ‘Insta-Meet’ no more sound strange to the Social Media savvy generation.

Moving on, Instagram has shown a great progress in commercializing itself. The introduction of videos, analytics and many more has boosted the commercial power of the mobile app. Instagram is also expanding its market by making it available on Windows 10 PCs. The future of this feature is yet to be decoded but it seems promising.

What took me by surprise is the recent introduction of ‘Shop now’ button for Instagram. The platform will no more be a ‘window shopping only’ place but will ensure a complete shopping experience for the E-commerce portals. Now brands can tag upto 5 products in a picture and can redirect the users to their website. I expect this to be a huge game changer for the brands as well for the influencers. Bloggers working on brands can directly measure the amount of sale garnered because of their participation and can ask for direct share in profit, in the similar way brands can focus on creating more inclusive and collaborative campaigns.

The only drawback which I see now is the rise of ethical issues in advertising. Brands might pay a good amount to Instagram to advertise on the platform but how will the users identify between the real and paid recommendations given by Bloggers/Influencers. This might not be a concern from the commercial point of view, but looking from the Instagram’s credibility perspective; this will create issues as it is still a self-reporting platform which relies on user recommendations for flagging the irrelevant posts.

To conclude, we can only say that right now its time to simply sit back and watch the feature growing. It might become a great success or might meet the fate of Pinterest shop now feature, this genuinely depends on the shoppers.

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    Good One!

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    Good one !

  • March 26, 2017 at 10:53 am

    Very well written. Its interesting to see how marketing and advertising have evolved over time and continue to evolve with social media. It will be up to Instagram to find the optimum balance between commercializing and keeping it authentic and real for its users.

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