Rolling Dice


Young guns not gonna take this passivity anymore,

We gotta make some points here at this crucial juncture.

Agree or not.

I don’t give a fuck.

Coz it’s the hypocrisy that proves you a schmuck.

Like a rolling dice,

we gotta whole different sides,

Just throw us a few logics,

and we will have our new reasons to fight.

Coz there’s no universal path of righteousness.

With all those rights and wrongs,

comes respective reasons along,

and a sense of selflessness.

Like I call myself an atheist,

Inclined to lead a life of a priest,

Reason being..he never showed up

to let me know,

“Is he really there or is he been cooked up?”

I called him a thug, a jerk and a murderer.

In the first place

Why should I call him anything at all.


We talk about violence, chaos and treachery,

when we’re high smoking a joint,

but that’s not even a point.

There are times when,

we change channels as we find something gruesome,

when the nature’s wrath gives us a little goosebumps.

Why sometimes watching a destitute get our eyes wet?

Why sometimes watching a movie get our palms soaked in sweat?

Why do we even bother to help someone,

when all we care about in our ganja gun.

We love banging bitches, and you’ll agree for sure.

Some do it for pleasure,

some just to keep a score.

I called them “bitches”, with no hesitation,

I am gentleman when it comes to women,

and I am the one who turns them into bitches,

inspite of them being such an exquisite creation.

One thing they surely deserve is respect,

but then I expect all of them to be perfect.

So, my point is, we’re not a coin having just two sides.

Instead we have six of them,

just like a rolling dice.

Don’t know which side gonna face up,

But that’s not  a problem coz

We’re gonna prove it right.

                                                                                              —-Anant Gyan Singh

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