Respect: Random Thought#7

Random Thought#7


Well, respect and tolerance are one of the few entities which make us different from each-other! I have often seen people behaving as haters of prolific people like, actors, writers, sportsmen etc. I mean why are you jealous or a hater? Just because that person doesn’t fits into your frame of greatness! Or that person is way to high or different for you to understand!

I have seen people saying that they hate Chetan Bhagat as a writer, or Shahrukh Khan as an actor or any other prominent personality! I really want to put up a question to them!
Do you think that your hatred will bring any change to their worshipers? I don’t think so. And honestly people who are following them are neither stupid nor idiots, its just that they have a different frame of greatness which doesn’t matches up with you!

You can never deny the fact that these men or women are highly gifted souls that they have such huge mass appeals. They can motivate or de-motivate a crowd and you need to accept and respect this! 

Always remember something, it is very easy to accuse or criticize anyone for his/her’s achievements! But very difficult to walk in their shoes and put in the enormous effort to reach the heights they have reached!

P.S.: I am not a Shahrukh Khan or Chetan Bhagat fan but I really feel sorry when people hate them just because they are popular.
-Udisha M.

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