RED!!! -The Waiting Room

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Red - The waiting room

Akshat reached the hospital where his mom was admitted. He was still running out of breath. Huffing and puffing he asked the receptionist about his mother’s bed number in ICU and ran towards it.

Entire family was standing outside the ICU, “brother! How’s mom?” Askhat asked his elder brother Nischal.
He didn’t reply to his question, instead turned his head away from him in disgust. Entire family stared at him as if he was the culprit.

Akshat felt like breaking down, he was being held guilty for a crime he had not even committed! ‘Dad! Please dad I am sorry! Please tell me how’s mom!”, he begged to his dad who didn’t bothered to show any trace of emotion towards his son.

“Didi! Atleast you try and understand me! I love mom and you all! Please tell me how is she, what’s wrong with her!”, Akshat begged to his elder sister, she was his only ray of hope.

“Go away Akshu! You don’t love us; you just love that woman for whom you left all of us! Look at mom! She is lying lifeless there! And do you even care of what she is going through?”, Akshat’s sis finally showed her aggression.

Akshat kept begging to meet his mom once! Finally after few hours his elder sis took him inside the ICU where his mom was lying.

“Mom!”, Akshat called out in trembling tone but there was no reply! His mother was unconscious, with a oxygen masked placed on her face! A whole pipe was inserted inside her body to remove the toxins inside.
“We found her lying outside our gate; her body was completely in blood and was attacked by flies. We couldn’t recognise her at first sight, but Nischal made an attempt and went close. He screamed out horrified, on seeing her! Her whole body was full of wounds, as if someone had made tiny holes on her body to make her bleed to death. Initially we thought that she has been attacked by some street animal, but doctors say that animals don’t attack like this! The murderer even tried to pierce her eyes and destroy her ear drums!”,
Akshat’s sis broke in tears.  Never in her worst dreams could she have thought of this kind of thing for her mother.

Akshat hugged his sis and tried consoling her; he himself had tears in his eyes! They had a common pain and anger in them.

Akshat’s sis went outside after sometime as only one person was allowed to sit next to the patient in an ICU. He sat on the stool next to the bed and stared at his mother’s lifeless face.

His mind went back to the last day when he was leaving home to marry Jennie.
“Akshu! Akshu! Son you can’t do this to us!”, his mom screamed as he packed his belongings.
“Mom! I tried convincing you all but you didn’t get me and my love for Jennie!”, he screamed back in disgust.
“Yeah Akshu, you love Jennie but you don’t love me or your family!”, his mom’s voice started trembling in pain.
“Mom I said it earlier also and am saying it again! I don’t have anything against you all, instead you all are against me and Jennie! I am leaving this home, this business, this money everything! I don’t need people who dont understand me!”, Akshat roared and stormed out of his house.
“Akshu! Akshu! Listen to me son! Akshuuuuuuuuu…………!!!!”, his mom’s voice kept ringing in his mind making him feel sad and guilty at the same time.

“I am sorry mom!” Akshat whispered and closed his eyes, drops of tears rolled down his cheeks and felt on his mother’s numb hand.


Akshat called Jennie from hospital to tell her about his mom’s condition.
“What? What are you talking honey? I am coming! I am coming to see mom!” Jennie screamed as soon as she heard of Akshat’s mom.
“No Jennie don’t come here! Dad won’t be liking it! Stay at home and take care of everything!” Akshat instructed her.

Jennie couldn’t keep herself away from Akshat in such a crisis; she picked her purse and took an auto for the hospital. She knew that she will be ridiculed there, but she didn’t bothered, her love for her husband was much more than anything.

Jennie reached the hospital and found a strange dead silence covering the place! She reached near the ICU and saw Akshat’s sis weeping on Nischal’s shoulder. She went numb as to what may come upon her.

“Jennie!”, Akshat called from behind. Jennie turned back, she had never seen Akshat so depressed and disturbed. His eyes were in tears. He was shivering in trauma.
“Akshu!”, she screamed and held Akshat tight.
“Jennie my mom!”, he sobbed.
“Don’t worry Akshu everything will be alright!”, Jennie tried consoling Akshat and herself crossed her fingers in terror.
“Jennie my mom! My mom is no more!”, Akshat screamed in pain. Jennie couldn’t believe her ears. She didn’t knew what to say. She felt frozen for a while. All she could do, was to hug Akshat tight and hear him sobbing! She didn’t know is she consoling him or is she herself wants to be consoled………………..


-Udisha M.

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