RED!!! – The Lost Monday

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 RED!!! – The Lost Monday 

the lost monday“Awww… my baby is finally up! How are you doing honey?”, asked Jennie rolling her hands lovingly in Akshat’s hairs.

Akshat still felt a heaviness in his head, “where were you?” he finally asked her in a trembling tone.

“I was here only all the time sweetheart! I guess you had taken too much wine that’s why your head is troubling you so much!”, Jennie replied playfully! That was true that Akshat had enough wine, but it wasn’t so much also that would had made him numb for so long!

“I am still not getting what’s going on! What is the day today? tell me!”, Akshat asked her impatiently.

“Its Tuesday sweety!”, she said still rolling her hands in his hairs trying to comfort him.

“What? What are you talking?”, Akshat stood up with a swift!

“Yes! Baby its Tuesday! What happened?”, Jennie asked him still surprised as to why was he behaving so weird?

“We got married on Sunday isn’t it?”, he questioned her still holding his head in agitation.

“yeah! So?”, she asked him still wondering what’s wrong with him.

“And we had our wedding night also on Sunday itself!”, he again fired the question in same tone.

“Obviously!”, Jennie replied, still clueless.

“So, how come its Tuesday today? I slept on a Sunday night, I should had woken up on a Monday morning! How is it happening?”, Akshat was feeling mad. He felt confused, angry, frustrated all at once! It was impossible to figure out where had those 24 hours of his life vanished!

“Honey! You cool down! Listen to me!”, Jennie took his face in her hands and kissed his lips. “Relax! Everything will be fine! Nothing is wrong! Trust me sweety! Nothing is wrong! Let me get a cup of hot lemon tea. You will feel better!”, Jennie said trying to pacify him and walked towards the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea for him.

Akshat lied down on his bed staring at the ceiling, his mind was still in utter confusion.

Jennie returned with a cup of tea and his favorite biscuits. She never expected that her husband will be behaving so weird right after 48 hours of their marriage. She was still getting phone calls from her friends who were teasing her as any newly wedded bride. “Where are you going on honeymoon ma’am? Better go to some exotic place, where’s its just you and him! Hope you are getting what I mean!”, chuckled Jennie’s best-friend Riya over phone.
“Riya! You know na! How me and Akshat have managed to save for our wedding! This honeymoon and all is not for now! We need to join back our work as soon as possible, as such we are on leave-without-pay!”,  Jennie told her quite disappointed. She knew since beginning that marrying without families consent won’t be easy, they both will be sacrificing many valuable things.

Akshat was still in the same pity condition. Jennie made him sit up right and handed over the cup to him.
“Have it! You will feel better!”, she said trying to fake a smile to hide her worries and disappointments.
“Jennie! I am still worried!”, Akshat said blankly.
“Everything will be fine Akshat! Just try and relax! I am telling you na! You had too much wine on our wedding day, it is just its toll! Relax! We need to join our work from tomorrow, remember? So, forget about everything and just look at me once in the same way as you used to before our wedding”, Jennie hugged him and stared into his eyes.

Akshat forgot everything for a while and hugged her back. Her love was enough to make him forget all the adversities.

Everything became normal for the day, Akshat and Jennie went shopping in the evening, there was a lot to be bought for their new home! After the shopping they both lied down on their terrace staring at the stars and recalling their college days and teasing each-other about all the stupidity they did. Akshat couldn’t be more happier than this, his love was his for a life-time now!


Next morning Akshat and Jennie both got ready for their respective offices, Jennie kissed Akshat good-bye and took her metro train and Akshat took his!

He reached the office and was expecting a cheerful welcome by his friends, but there was something absolutely unexpected waiting for him. Akshat entered the office and found a sudden chillness in the atmosphere, he felt as if every eye was staring at him, and that stare was surely not a friendly one. Nobody greeted him, even with a formal gesture.
He held his bag close and walked towards his desk quietly and sat there trying to avoid everybody’s gaze.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, Adrit, his best-friend and second cousin came to him. “What are you doing here man? You should have been at home at present!”
Akshat felt a little bewildered at Adrit’s advice, he actually couldn’t figure out exactly that Adrit was giving him an advice or was charging a question on him?

“Why? What happened? You know I had taken leaves for only 2 days!”, he replied trying to avoid Adrit’s eye.
“Akshat! Are you nuts? Man aunty needs you! She is fighting for her life! She needs you! And you are still clueless!”, Adrit held Akshat by his shoulder and shook him swiftly.
Akshat was taken aback, what was Adrit talking. “What? What’s wrong with mom? Tell me? Adrit tell me!”, Akshat almost screamed on Adrit.

“I don’t know! Nobody knows! She went for a walk yesterday morning and didn’t returned on the expected time. We kept searching for her all day long, but couldn’t find her. Today in the morning, housemaid spotted her on the house’s gate brutally wounded! It seems as if she been attacked by some mad street dog or something like that! But wounds are deep and scary.”, Adrit narrated Akshat’s mother’s condition to him. His facial expression were telling how horrified he himself was after seeing the pathetic condition of Akshat’s mother. Akshat could clearly see goosebumps rising on Adrit’s body recalling about his mother’s miseries.

Akshat forgot everything and ran for his mom. His life was taking a tough turn now. Leading him to somewhere where he was no where!

TO BE CONTINUED…………………..!!!!

 -Udisha M.

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