RED!!! – The Cold Murder

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RED!!! – The Cold Murder

Red - The Cold MurderInvestigations were going on in full swing. Inspector Dwivedi kept visiting the siblings every now and then. Every time when the inspector came for queries, he got a much valid proof showing that Akshat’s sister is the prime accused. 

She kept screaming and crying that it’s not she, who is responsible for such a heinous act, but nobody was able to prove anything in her favor! Akshat, Nischal and Jennie all were in dilemma, as to these allegations had some truth in them or were merely a part of half-way investigations! She was even asked not to leave the city till the time investigations were not over.

“Akshu! I swear! I could never as hell think of such thing for mom and dad!”, his sister cried begging him to understand her.

“Relax sister! We love you and won’t let anything wrong happen to you!”, Akshat consoled her.

“Akshu then why are they blaming me? I haven’t done anything! I swear!”, she kept sobbing on his shoulder.

“We know sister; you can never as hells do such a thing! Don’t worry! Cops will catch hold of the real culprit very soon!”, said Jennie who was sitting next to Akshat and was actually feeling very sorry for the way their sister was being made to suffer.


Few more days rolled away, it was a Sunday evening, Akshat and Jennie came back to their home after having dinner with Nischal and their sister. Both of them seemed tensed with whatever was happening in the family.

Jennie sat on the sofa, staring blankly at the ceiling.
“What happened sweetheart?”, Akshat asked her.
“Nothing  Akshu! I am just a little worried!”, she answered.
“Even I am! I am afraid of whatever is going to come next!”, said he wiping his forehead.
“Akshu can didi ever do such kind of thing?”, she asked anxiously.
“I don’t know Jennie! I won’t be able to trust anyone from now on! I can’t even think that the murderer of our parents is one of us!”, he replied.
“Me too!”, she laid her head on his shoulder.

He kissed her forehead and hugged her tight.
“Let it go sweetheart! Forget everything for a while!”, he kissed her lips and smelled her hairs.
“Akshu I am scared!”, a drop of tear rolled down Jennie’s eye.
He wiped her tears and kissed her eyes, “Your eyes are not meant to shed tears my angel! You are my queen! And you will always be treated like that, irrespective of what the world says!”, he smiled at her. Jennie smiled back faintly; she was still stressed because of things happening around.

Akshat stood up and headed towards the kitchen.
“Akshu! Where are you going?”, she questioned him.
“C’mon honey! Its Sunday today, it’s my duty to prepare the after meal coffee!”, he replied from the kitchen itself. She had actually forgotten that Akshat used to prepare coffee on every Sunday night! 

Jennie went to change her attire and when she came back, she saw Akshat sitting with two mugs of coffee in his hand. She smiled at him, “Ummm… the aroma is delicious my king!”
“Yes it is my highness!”, Akshat replied playfully.

“Hey! Why haven’t you changed your clothes till yet?”, she noticed that he was still wearing the same soiled clothes.
“I will! Once we have this royal drink!”, he winked and smelled the coffee as if it was some cocktail served to him by some spell-bounding beauty!

“Nope! I am not going to hear anything! Go and change your clothes fast! These clothes are dirty and smelly! They don’t befit my king!”, she held his hand and started pulling him.

Akshat finally gave up and went in to change; when he came back he saw Jennie had already finished her cup of coffee.  Akshat finished his coffee and they both kissed each other goodnight and went to sleep.


Next morning Jennie woke up quietly and slipped into her shoes! Without waiting much she picked a knife and packed a considerable amount of red chilli powder from the kitchen.

She opened the bedroom window discretely and slipped out of it to the apartment’s garden and hurried her steps towards the country-side Shiv temple where Akshat’s sister used to go on every Monday.

After half an hour or so, she reached the temple and saw Akshat’s sister’s slippers lying outside the temple. She understood that she is there inside still offering the prayers. She hided herself behind a nearby stall and waited for her to come out.

Akshat’s sister showed up after 10-15 minutes, Jennie started following her without giving her any clue. After passing half a distance or so Akshat’s sister realised that someone was following her! She froze away at that very place, her forehead was sweating profusely, hands were trembling in fear! She knew that something was seriously wrong around her!

She turned back, but found no one; she felt a little relieved thinking that she might be hallucinating things! She turned forward, but saw a tall figure wearing burqa attacking her with a knife, she screamed in terror and the plate with holy offerings fell out of her hands! 
She tried making an attempt but was completely blocked by the assaulter. 

“Leave me! Please let me go!”, she cried for help, making futile attempts to escape the assaulter who had pointed the knife straight at her eyes and was ready to pierce it inside.

“aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…!!!”, he screamed and suddenly fell backward. Jennie had banged his head with a heavy stone. He stood up and pulled out the veil from his face. Jennie was almost desensitized to see Akshat threatening his own sister. His head had started bleeding because of Jennie’s attempt.

He pushed Jennie aside and picked the knife to attack on his sister, Jennie couldn’t think of anything and picked the same stone again and banged his head in the same way! This time the thunder was much louder, Akshat fell on his back, with blood gushing out of his head and spilling out to make a pool.

“Jennie! I love you Jennie and these people need to learn to respect you! I won’t let them live because they hate you!”, he screamed to her like a psychologically challenged man and made an attempt to stand up and attack his sister! She didn’t think of much and banged the stone again on his face, he screamed as much loudly as he could!

His face was almost disfigured, with blood pushing its way from his nose, ears, eyes, mouth and every possible corner, still his shivering hands showed that a sign of life in his body still left, he was still a potent threat to the family. 

She pulled the stone as high she could, and banged it straight on to his chest, Akshat’s body thumped, showing a sign of pain and reaction for the last time, and those shivering hands and legs were numb forever.

Jennie had killed her own husband to save his sister. She crashed on road staring at his lifeless body lying in a pool of blood, now she knew that why he made her drink coffee on Sunday nights, so that she could be numb for the whole Monday and why he complained that he cannot figure out what he did on Monday! Why he chose Monday to kill his parents! 

Akshat’s sister called up inspector Dwivedi and Nischal immediately. She was herself startled by whatever had happened in front of her eyes! Nischal and the Inspector reached the spot with few of his assistants, his case and mystery were solved now, and they were solved only because of Jennie, who told them many such in-discrepancies in her husband’s schedule which showed him as a potent accused.  

“We are sorry for your loss ma’am! But we really want to thank-you!”, said the inspector trying to console Jennie who was still in a state of shear shock!

Akshat’s each and every memory kept flashing in front of her eyes, his hugs, his kisses, his love! And she kept staring at his lifeless body lying in the pool of RED blood! Life had taught her the most difficult lesson today that, NOT ALL LOVE-STORIES ARE FAIRY TALES!!!


-Udisha M.

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