RED!!! – An Interesting Love Story

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RED!!! – An Interesting Love Story  

Red- An Interesting love story“Jennie! Jennie!”, Akshat screamed anxiously.

“Yeah sweetheart! What happened?”, she came running from the kitchen.

“What is the day today? Tell me what is the day today?”, he asked impatiently.

“It’s Tuesday honey!”, she replied worried. She didn’t have any clue why was Akshat behaving so weird.

“Jennie! What’s wrong with me? Why am I not able to figure out days and time properly? Jennie my head is aching! Jennieeeee!!!”, Akshat almost fainted. Jennie held him and any how made him sit on a chair.
“Akshu! Akshu! Nothing is wrong! Trust me nothing is wrong!”, she hugged him tightly and kept patting his back lovingly to comfort him.

She made him have some breakfast and asked him to take off from work and take rest. Akshat followed her instruction, but his mind refused to get stable. It kept drifting from one thought to another, from one worry to another. It felt as if his eyes are asleep but his mind hasn’t slept for days together. So many things kept coming and leaving in his thoughts.

Suddenly his concentration was disturbed by a sudden phone ring. He stood up to see that it was his brother Nischal calling.
“Akshu! Akshu dad!”, Nischal panicked as soon as he heard Akshat’s voice.
“What happened with dad brother? Is everything alright? Nischal??????”, Akshat’s heart started racing, he was worried as to what might come up next.

“Akshu! Dad has been attacked in the same way as mom was! I am taking him to the hospital! Please be there!”, Nischal screamed in a shivering and choking voice.

Akshat couldn’t think of much, he picked his phone and wallet and ran for the hospital in his bathroom slippers itself. 


Akshat reached the hospital. This was the place where he saw his mother lying lifelessly on the bed just a fortnight back! This was the place where he had cried for forgiveness from his family. This was the place whose name also felt like a nightmare to him. He walked towards the ICU with heavy steps.
“Akshu! Akshu! Dad is calling you!”, Nischal cried as soon as he saw Akshat.

“Is he fine? What has happened to him? Nischal he will be alright na?”, Akshat fired as many questions as he could in those few seconds. But Nischal didn’t had any answer for his questions, all he could do is to take Akshat to the place where their dad was lying almost half dead. 

His body was also brutally assaulted, with every inch carrying a deep and sharp wound, his eyes were pierced, ear drums ruptured, his tongue was into pieces. He couldn’t utter anything properly. But he wanted to tell something to his sons. He kept calling Akshat even when he was losing consciousness.

“Dad! Say dad! I am here!”, Akshat tried to hide his worry and fear.
“Yoooooooo….uuuuu…!!!!” , Akshat’s dad tried uttering something but his ruptured tongue couldn’t bring out the words correctly.
“Dad! Dad! Don’t worry everything will be fine!”, Nischal tried to calm his father down.
“Yoooooooo…. uuuuu….aaa….!!!”, Akshat’s dad again tried saying something, but this attempt took a toll on his suffering body. His heart started slowing the beats, his brain started becoming numb.
“Dad! Dad!”, Akshat tried calling in a hope against hope.
“Doctor! Doctor!”, screamed Nischal.
Doctors and nurses immediately took the charge and the brother duos were asked to move out of ICU and wait there.

Akshat held Nischal’s hand as he used to do whenever he made a mistake as a child. Both of them saw the doctors screaming for oxygen masks, giving their dad electric shocks to bring his dead heart to life! Akshat and Nischal watched it all standing outside. They could see the most important man of their life walking away from them. They had become orphans in a mere span of 14 days!!!

“Sorry! We couldn’t save your father!”, said the doctor walking out of the ICU with a poignant face.
Akshat and Nischal went numb. They didn’t know how to react on this news. What should be done now? Akshat stepped forward and hugged Nischal as tight as he could.

“Brother I swear I won’t leave that @#$&*@#. Let’s call the police in! We can’t let anybody hurt our family and walk away just like that!”, Akshat stood up. This time he was not just sad, he was angry and determined to find the person behind his parent’s brutal killings.


“Tell us exactly what all has happened!”, asked Inspector Dwivedi to the brother duo.
“Sir, we don’t what is going on, our mom dad both have been killed in similar fashion! We don’t know what to do inspector!”, Nischal was any how trying to control his grief and was describing the course of events in as much details as he could. Inspector Dwivedi kept listening to him patiently; occasionally questioning him in between. He understood this case was absolutely different and may be one of the most complicated cases of his life. 

“We understand you pain Mr. Nischal, but we would suggest that you send your father’s body for autopsy so that we can get a detail report of the way of killing!”, suggested Inspector Dwivedi.

“But sir! It will delay the last rites of our father!”, said Akshat’s sister anxiously.

“Ma’am but it is very important for us to do the autopsy, we are expecting to get some concrete evidences from it!”, said the inspector confidently.

“Let them do their duty well, it is important for us!”, said Akshat keeping a consoling hand on her shoulder.

“Akshu! What has happened to dad?”, Jennie finally got the news of Akshat’s dad and came running to the hospital. Till the time Akshat could hold her and calm her down, Inspector Dwivedi noticed them and came walking towards Akshat and Jennie.

“Hello mam! Sorry to interrupt but Mr. Akshat didn’t introduced me to you!”, said the inspector showing a strange expression of doubt and kindness.

“She’s my wife Jennie!”, Akshat introduced her to the inspector. 
“Jennie… ammm….!!!”, inspector’s brows were raised. “But Jennie is a Christian name i guess and you people aren’t Christian if am not wrong!”, said Dwivedi giving Akshat and Jennie a mysterious look.
“Sir, my family was against our togetherness, but I loved her, and hence we are married!”, said Akshat firmly, he was not liking the way Inspector Dwivedi was looking at his wife.

“You seem to be quite possessive for your wife Mr. Akshat! Anyways you both are a great couple together! I take a leave now! Will come back with the autopsy report!”, said Inspector Dwivedi and walked away.

“Seems like an interesting love-story!”, he murmured to himself and drove away in his Jeep.


-Udisha M.

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