RED !!! – AB Positive

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RED !!! – AB+

Red - ABpositiveJennie, Akshat and his sister were in shear shock! They didn’t knew how to react to such kind of situation. Akshat’s mind kept pondering over the fact that who could have been that one person who knew so well about his parents and had a grudge with them too.

He called up Nischal and asked him to come home as soon as possible! Nischal was busy with some clients and hence refused to be home soon.
“Brother! Can it actually happen this way?”, Akshat’s sister asked him almost out of senses.
“I don’t know sister! We all are being kept under surveillance as if we all are culprits! Why will you and me or Nischal even think of hurting our parents?”, he answered her back.
“Keep cool guys! Everything will be alright! Don’t worry! The real culprit will be caught soon!”, said Jennie trying to console both of them.
“Akshat I need to talk to you!”, asked Nischal.
“Yes brother!”, replied Akshat looking at Nischal strangely, he never addressed him as ‘Akshat’, that was way too formal for his brother to address him.
“You know what? I feel really alone these days!”, he told his grief.
“I can understand that brother, I am also missing mom and dad a lot!”, Akshat added.
“Can I ask you something?”, Nischal looked into Akshat’s eyes.
“Akshu! Please come back! This office, this business everything seems haunted to me now! Dad is no more, whom shall I talk too when I need someone?”, Nischal was almost in tears but was any how controlling himself. He had been working under his dad since always and suddenly now he had to take care of everything all alone! He felt lost and lonely both at personnel and professional level.
“Brother! Dad wanted me to leave this home and business, so I won’t insult him by coming back into it, but this doesn’t means I am not there with you! I will be there with you at each and every step of your life brother!”, Akshat placed a lovable hand over Nischal’s shoulder.
“Akshu! I know dad was strict but he loved you a lot, he never thought of throwing you out! That was just a little bit of anger, it wasn’t his last decision!”, Nischal tried convincing the intentions of their dad. 
“I don’t know about all that brother, and I won’t comment much as well! Just remember you will have me by your side whenever you need me! OK?”, Akshat stood up and gave a warm hug to Nischal who smiled faintly at him. 
Jennie was watching both of them talking and was feeling happy that at least Akshat’s brother understands him well.
A day or two passed for the police inquiries, inspector Dwivedi came back with the autopsy reports. 
“Can I have all the three of you before I can talk!”, asked the inspector.
“Yeah sure! Give me few minutes I will call my brothers!”, said Akshat’s sister who had opened the door for inspector Dwivedi.
After half an hour or so, Akshat, Nischal and their sister were sitting in front of the inspector.
“Where’s your wife gentleman?”, inspector Dwivedi asked Akshat sarcastically.
“She’s at office!”, Akshat replied indifferently. He hated those expressions of the inspector.
“Ammmmm… quiet a career woman she is!”, he commented.
Akshat didn’t reply to his comment but his facial expressions clearly showed that he hated the way he talked about his wife.
“By the way Mr. akshat, what’s your blood group?”, he asked changing the topic immediately.
“AB+, but why are you asking this?”, he replied.
“And yours Mr. Nischal?”, inspector turned towards Nischal without paying any heed to Akshat’s question.
“Same as my brother, AB+”, Nischal replied.
“And yours my lady?”, asked the inspector to their sister.
“Same as my brothers, AB+”, she answered completely bewildered as to why inspector was asking about these details.
“Well, that means that none of you had blood group matching to your dad, isn’t it?”, he questioned them.
“No! Actually our mom was AB+, so all three of us have this blood group, but dad was O+”, Nischal replied.
“You are right Mr. Nischal, but when your dad’s body was taken for autopsy, and the entire test were performed. We discovered that, he had made considerable attempts to fight the attack on him. He even tried to hurt the killer with some heavy object. This might have lead to some minor bleeding, and few drops of culprit’s blood had fallen on your dad’s clothes as well! When we tested that blood sample, it was found that it belongs to AB+ group!”, inspector told the siblings.
Their faces turned white, what was this strange riddle which inspector was trying to ask them. Akshat’s sister held his hand; these things were disturbing her lot within.
“What do you mean inspector? Please say it straight!”, said Nischal firmly.
“Well! Mr. Nischal as I said earlier, the murderer is not some outsider. And one more thing, if your dad had hurt the murderer that means he must be still carrying a wound over his/her body!”, told the inspector looking straight towards a tiny bandage on Akshat’s sister’s toe.
Akshat and Nischal were startled, what was inspector Dwivedi trying to say. Akshat’s sister got really conscious and stood up, “Why are you looking at me like that? I got hurt when I was coming home from Temple!”, she said.
“And I guess you were coming back from temple on a Monday morning lady?”, asked the inspector sarcastically.
“Yes! But I go to temple every Monday morning, because I am fasting on Monday!”, she replied.
“And surprisingly, your mom and dad, both of them have got murdered on a Monday morning only!”, said inspector Dwivedi firmly.
“You can’t put such kind of allegation on me inspector, they were my mom and dad!”, Akshat’s sister started shivering in tears. Nischal stood up and held her by shoulders.
“Look inspector, you can’t talk to our sister like this, this might be a mere coincidence!”, Nischal defended his sister.
“Yeah! A real great coincidence that your sister arrives at your place on a Sunday and your mom gets murdered on a Monday! That too when only two of them had stepped out of the house, nobody else!”, said the inspector and walked away!
“It’s not going to be easy!”, he murmured to himself and drove off in his jeep…………………
Udisha M.

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