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RED!!! – Blame Game

Red - Blame Game“Akshu what is this happening to our family?”, cried Akshat’s sister on his shoulder.
“Everything will be fine sister don’t worry!”, Jennie tried and consoling her.

“Go away woman! Its because of you only that I have lost my mom and dad! This all has started since the day you married my brother!”, screamed Akshat’s sister sobbing. 
Jennie felt disgusted. She never expected this kind of behaviour from Akshat’s sister atleast, she thought that she was a kind and understanding woman. Who understood their love for each other, but today all the myths were broken. Jennie was in tears, she stood up and slowly walked to the washroom with heavy steps.

“How can you say like that sister? She is my wife, and your sister-in-law!”, screamed Akshat on his sister. He couldn’t tolerate his wife’s insult again and again.

“What? You are screaming on me! Just see what kind of fate your wife has brought for our family! We lost our parents! We have no one to take care of us!”, wept his sister.
“So what has Jennie done in this tell me? In fact she is the one supporting us in everything! She respects each one of us as her own family, and you people are such that you can’t even return back the same respect which she deserves!”, Akshat tried convincing his sister.
“So, you want that I should accept her in our house! Something which mom and dad would have never done!”, she questioned Akshat.
“Listen sister! If you can’t allow Jennie in our house, well and good; don’t do that! I won’t force you, but atleast give her the respect which she deserves!”, Akshat requested.

“I hate her!”, Akshat’s sister turned her head away from Akshat.

Akshat was about to same something out of anger, but he was interrupted by inspector Dwivedi who had been observing the entire episode between them secretly.

“Seems like an interesting conversation is going on between the brother-sister duo!”, he said in the same sarcastic and mysterious tone.
“Nothing much inspector! Just a bit of family talks!”, said Akshat hating his looks.
“Ahan! Your family talks don’t look much like family talks gentleman! By the way mam, what do you think? Who can be behind your parent’s killings?”, inspector Dwivedi turned towards Akshat’s sister.

“I don’t know! I don’t know anything inspector! My parents were the most noble people, I don’t understand why will someone ever think of killing them!”, Akshat’s sister sobbed in front of the inspector.
“If they were so noble my lady, then why did they threw your brother out of the house?”, questioned inspector Dwivedi raising a brow.
“What do you mean to say inspector? This is our family matter!”, Akshat interrupted in between.
 “Where is your brother Mr. Nischal mam?”, asked inspector Dwivedi without paying much heed to Akshat’s talks.
“He has gone to attend some meeting which dad had finalised for today!”, Akshat answered.
“So, why didn’t you go with him? I guess you were also into family business, isn’t it?”, asked inspector Dwivedi sarcastically.
“What do you mean inspector? I left my family business on my own will and my brother is good enough to handle it all alone!”, Akshat replied firmly.

“Look gentleman! I am a cop! Its my job to get into each and every detail of your life! And as far as I know, even though your dad had thrown you out of the house, he had not thrown you out of the property matters yet! He had called his lawyer on the day your mother was murdered, but because of the tragedy he delayed it for sometime, and before he could again revive his plan of changing his will! He was murdered! This means, now you too have a fair share in your dad’s property! Isn’t it a valid reason for you to kill him!”,

“Shut-up inspector Dwivedi, just shut-up!”, Jennie screamed from behind. She was coming back from the washroom when she heard the inspector putting such deadly acquisitions on Akshat.
“What do you think of yourself? How can you even think of putting such baseless acquisitions on my husband? If he would have been so much fond of money, he would have never married me!”, Jennie’s eyes were burning in anger. Her body was almost shivering in rage. She could tolerate anything on herself, but someone insulting Akshat was just not acceptable to her.

“You can’t put such allegations on my brother without any concrete evidence inspector! My brother is an ideal gentleman, he respected his parents to the core!”, added Akshat’s sister. She too was shocked by what inspector Dwivedi had just said about Akshat.

“Well mam! As far as I know, you too had some feuds with your parents too!”, inspector Dwivedi turned towards Akshat’s sister.
“What do you mean?”, Akshat’s sister felt a little confused as to what Dwivedi was trying to imply.
“I mean to say that your dad was a very orthodox man! He had decided to distribute his entire property among his sons without sparing any penny for you just because you are his daughter! Isn’t that a fair enough reason!”, inspector Dwivedi had done his homework well, and was observing each and every little reaction of the siblings.
“How can you even think like that?  I am happily married and my dad had spent enough on my education and my marriage, I didn’t expected anything more from him! And I was absolutely fine with the fact that property is getting distributed between my own brothers! My parents had done all the duties towards me well!”, Akshat’s sister made her point clear.

“Cool down mam! Each and every evidence says that the murderer is a near one! The person who knew each and every detail of your parent’s routine!”, inspector claimed.
“But! Anyone can come to know about our parent’s routine by keeping a watch on them for sometime!”, asked Akshat’s sister unable to sulk-in the facts that inspector was trying to unfold in front of them.
“Yes! That’s true that anyone can come to know about the routine of your parents by keeping and eye on them for sometime, but not everyone knows that the gold chain’s locket which your father wore had the password of his bank account scripted on them!”, said the inspector.

Akshat and his sister were taken aback, this was a detail which only the siblings and their mother knew about their dad’s belonging. Even the house helps and closest relatives were never told about such minute details of their father’s private things.

“Listen to me carefully Mr. Akshat and mam! The killer is not an outsider, he is within the walls of your house, a member of your own family! It will be better that you try and check as many things as possible and try and find out if there was anyone else who knew these details about your family!”, said the inspector and stood up to leave.

Akshat, Jennie and his sister were all numb. The idea of their parents being murdered by someone of their own family was not so easy to accept. They kept staring blankly at the floor, wondering how awful and painful the reality could be…………

-Udisha M.

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