Princess: Random Thoughts #4

 Random Thoughts #4

I have often came across girls who say that, I wish for a man who will treat me like a princess! This really makes me wonder! What is actually a princess treatment? Or how do a girl comes to know that her guy is treating her like a princess?

I heard a very popular dialogue, ‘that great powers come with great responsibilities!’ You must be wondering why I am quoting these lines? We don’t have to be the princesses of a kingdom or are answerable to a council of ministers, so we don’t owe any responsibilities!
Relationships work on mutual understandings and mutual respect! You can never expect the guy to treat you like a princess, if you cannot give him the respect of a prince! And why do you always want to be treated as only a ‘princess’ why not a ‘queen’ or and ’empress’? Those responsibilities might be too heavy for you! Isn’t it?

But dear! The fact is falling in love is easy, infact effortless but keeping a relationship is the real achievement! If you wish that your man should treat you with utter respect, then try and become a lady of that stature! Respect your man in the same way! Pamper him when he is low, give him a hug when he needs one!  Tell him he can make it when the world says he won’t be able to!

And remember A real woman isn’t the one who knows the best of her man! But its actually the one who can lend a shoulder to her soulmate when he wants to cry on!
-Udisha M.

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