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“An’yy..!!! open the door..!!” Rio called out standing on Animesh’s door. Rio was the same guy, that Sia’s OMG types latest crush.
“An’yy..!!! a$$..!!! what the hell are you doing..?? open the door..!!!” screamed Rio even louder this time. Rio was Animesh’s friend from the same regiment but different unit.

“What happened B.*..?? Why the F@#$ are you screaming..??” Animesh opened the door and was yawning like anything. [P.S. He was a gentleman only in front of ladies, but with his friends he was one big potty mouth..!!!] “Its 1300 hours scoundrel..!!! and you are still sleeping..!!” said Rio angry and frustrated..
“so what..?? whats your problem a$$..??” said Animesh pulling back his blanket, he was still in mood to sleep again.
“Listen..!! I don’t have time for your non-sense, am coming to the point..!!! My C.O.’s daughter has asked me out for a movie..!!” said Rio.
“So what do you wan’t me to do?” inquired Animesh.
“I wan’t you to jump off the building..!!! huh… rascal..!!! I wan’t you to come along..!! ” said Rio.
“And why should I do that..??” asked Animesh with a typical, “I don’t care” look..!!!
“Because she is coming with two of her girl friends, and I don’t wan’t to go alone..!!” said Rio. The poor guy was actually looking like an innocent sheep who has said yes to Sia just because he couldn’t take the risk of saying NO to his, “C.O.’s DAUGHTER”
“hahahahahahahhaahahahaha… OMG so my brave-heart friend is scared of getting molested by those three chics..!!! hahahahahahahaha…” Animesh actually held his stomach out of the pain of hysteric laugh.
“Animesh you bloody @**$..!!! you are coming with me…!!! and by-the-way I have a news for you..!!! One of her girl friends is the same hottie for whom you threw me out of the jeep on the May Queen Ball night..!!!”
Animesh jumped up in fraction of seconds… “WTF are you talking? are you serious? Neha is coming? listen..!! if its a joke, I will put your $#^& on fire..!! trust me I will do that..!!!”
“Nah! Nah! if you don’t wanna come, its perfectly alright!” said Rio playfully.

Animesh was super excited, he switched on her favorite song in his room and it wen’t as………
mere din khushi se jhoome, gaaye raatein….!!!
pal pal mujhe dubaaye jaate jaate….. !!!
tujhe jeet jeet haaroon…!!!! 
yeh praan praan varoon…!!! 
hay aise main nihaaroon…!!! 
teri aarti utaaroon…!!! 
tere naam se jude hai saare naate…!!!! 
saiyyan ..!!!!. saiyyan…!!!! 

he opened his wardrobe and pulled out his favorite shirt and pair of jeans. He polished his shoes so well, that he could even see all his 32 teeth in its shine. He wore a whole bottle of deodorant and a pack of hair gel just to make sure he was looking at his best!

Finally the duo reached the multiplex decided and waited for the girls to arrive. Animesh was still dreaming of how would Neha look today. After a wait of over 15-20 minutes girls arrived. Animesh felt breathless when he saw her, she was dressed in a cute yellow patiala salwaar with traditional graphic prints and a white cotton kurti with Chikan work. He was moved by her simplicity.

All three of them introduced each other and exchanged those formal greetings. A midst
all this drama Animesh was interested in only one stupid motive, to any how grab the seat right next to Neha!

After a lot of discussion, they bought the tickets and checked-in the theater. Animesh pushed Rio to sit next to Sia and himself jumped over the seat next to Neha and gave her one big smile. Neha smiled back faintly. She was actually not the kind of girls who would get friendly with a guy immediately. Her indifference dishearten him a bit, but “this is just the beginning” he thought. He kept talking to her with the pretext of asking her for popcorn, soft-drinks and the etc…etc… things which you like having during a movie.

Neha was doing her bit to know Animesh, but her introvert fervor was pulling her back again and again. After the movie they all sat for the coffee. Animesh talked all the non-sense and stupid things, but his good sense of humor helped him out to carve a place in girl’s heart.

So, the Hero had actually found a way to see his Princess! and that way was RIO..!!! or rather Sia’s crush!
Whenever he wanted to see Neha, he would plead Rio to ask girls out. Although shrewd Rio charged a decent number of Tequila Shots from him for setting meetings, but Animesh had to bear it anyhow..!!

After seeing her for over 12-15 times in about 3 months, Animesh was almost stripped off all his money, Actually the poor guy used to bear all the expenses of outings, just to prove himself as a true gentleman in front of Neha and her friends, and after that Rio tortured him with his demands of countless Tequila Shots…!!! He couldn’t cut out any of them, and was almost a bankrupt retard by now..!!!

“Dude..!!! You better go and propose to her..!! or else that day is not much far… when you will have to sell-off your clothes also to make money for our weekend Old Monk Sessions..!!!” advised Rio half jokingly and half in empathy.!!!
“Man! have you gone nuts? what if she refused?” asked Animesh astound on Rio’s advice.
“oh! chill dude! if she has to say a yes, she will say it! if she has to say a no! then let it go away! as such you are almost a beggar, you have nothing to loose…” laughed Rio.
“Its not that easy!” Animesh was in a big, big dilemma!
“Be a man dude! be a Army Man! you can kill enemies, you can’t propose a girl?” Rio was trying his level best to encourage his buddy,

Neha was a typical introvert, she had never given any such gesture that have encouraged him even a bit! It was almost impossible to read her mind.

But, after those big-big lecture sessions from Rio, Animesh had finally gathered the courage to ask Neha out! [Mind It..!!! he had gathered the courage to ask her out… not to propose her..!!!] 

Animesh picked the phone to call her, a million questions were there in his minds…”will she say yes?”
“will she be ready to go out with him?”
“what if she said NO?”




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