No Name Story || Chapter-3

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“Home???????????????” Urvi was in a deep thought, she could not understand how to bring out the right words to explain Col. Udhesh her petty situation.

“What will he think of me? He will probably think I am some bad character! What if he took advantage of my situation? I must not open up to him!” Her turmoil kept troubling her thought process.
Col. Udhesh sensed her grief and sympathetically placed his hand on her head saying, “don’t worry child! Everything will be fine! Just tell me where your parents live! I will take you to them. They must be really worried!”

Urvi did not answered. Col. Udhesh kept comforting her in a hope that she will speak her grief out, but she didn’t. There was something extremely mysterious about Urvi’s silence.

“Who goes to the river in a full moon, that too in a season prone to flooding!” He kept thinking to himself. At an instant he actually thought of those super natural incidences, when unsatisfied soul haunted the fishermen and compelled them to become slaves.

He showed away such thoughts, there was a certain innocence and serenity on Urvi’s face which pulled him.

He recalled the moment when he was sitting on the rock relaxing, his jaws almost dropped when a pink dupatta flowing in river caught his attention. It kept drowning and rising alternatively with waves. That pink dupatta actually reminded him of someone. He felt nostalgic on seeing that piece of cloth, it felt as if that pink dupatta was way beyond mere a piece of attire! He felt lost in his thoughts for a while, when suddenly there was a woman like figure rising behind it!

He immediately sensed that something was wrong, someone was in danger. He struggled towards his belongings and picked the life jacket given to him by the camp authorities and swam towards the woman like figure. He made it wear the jacket and pulled her to the shore.

The woman was unconscious, and her entire body was swelled and had turned white because of staying in water for so long. She was not in a condition to say or explain how? and what? had happened to her! The camp authorities advised him to hand over the woman to the police, but god knows what was there in that child-like innocent face of that young woman which made a practical man like Col. Udhesh’s heart melt! He refused to the people and decided to keep her with him till the time she healthy enough to tell him about her whereabouts! He served her as a father without expecting anything. Offering her every possible support.

He made Urvi sleep after her lunch and himself went out for a walk. He walked for few kilometers and then sat on a nearby bench and pulled out that pink dupatta kept below his shirt. He held that pink dupatta in his hand and kept staring at it, as if that piece of cloth wrapped a strange mystery in it. There was a strange question in his heart, what was this girl doing with THIS dupatta?


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