No Grey: All Black and White


I have always found it difficult to make people understand the kind of person I am. Some think I am rude, others think I am geek. Some take me as an intellectual, others as dumbass. There’s a huge list of names I have got in this short span of life.  Some love me for the kind of mess I am and some hate me for the kind of sorted mind I am.

But nobody knows that I have seen extremities of emotions in my life. Extremity to love someone insanely, extremity to hate someone madly! Extremity to understand and also the extremity to ignore everything and let people around me get hurt.

But what I realised all this time while religiously failing to embed shades of grey in my black and white life of love or hatred; that people never understand you, no matter how much you try. They will love you, hate you, accept you, reject you…… all according to their own fancies. But does that really means you have to hate them?

I think No! You can’t really hate people just because they disliked you; you can’t really hate them because they disapproved what brought you happiness. Life is unfair, so are people. The only thing you can do to help yourself is accept the fact that, it’s OK to let it go and not ask for justice all the time. As the definition of justice varies from individual to individual. It cannot be put into a catalogue of definitions, as it will turn out to be vague at the end of the day.

My tryst with the greys have been really unpleasant. I have tried and failed, and then tried again and failed, and then again tried to fail. Registering so many failures really makes me question the stranger in the mirror, as to what it actually seeks and the only reply I get is, there can be no grey for me, only black and white!

– Udisha M.

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