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I have had a strange love and hate relationships with pets, especially dogs.Future-in-car I loved them simply because they are so lovable at the same time hated them because they have a shorter life span, this filled me with fear; what if my dog leaves me before I die? Will I be able to survive that agony? The answer came in a reflex and it was always NO! May be dogs have a shorter life span than humans because they fill your world with quadruple the affection anybody can ever give you. Coming home to a dog and seeing him jump all around out of happiness is the best thing that can happen to you. Those puppy eyes which keep staring at you every time you leave home and keep following you till the time you don’t disappear on the horizon. You know, I have this strange habit of looking back every time I am bidding good  bye to someone and let me tell you other than my parents I have never seen anyone waiting for me till the time I have walked past the distance but a dog always does that for me. He keeps looking at me with those innocent puppy eyes anticipating that I will turn back once and wave a final good bye to him and he will jump around saying, woof…woof… He senses sadness much better and earlier than anyone else and sits by my side.


This is not just my own story, it’s a story of every human who has ever had a dog. Dogs are what happiness and hope is made up of. They teach you to be selfless and loving, no matter where they go, they will come back to you. They are epitome of loyalty.

Not long ago, I had come across the concept of ‘pet-friendly-offices’, I found it strange but was curious about how a pet-friendly workplace will look alike? I finally found one, Silversparro Technologies, a small Gurgaon-based startup founded by three IIT Delhi graduates that is churning out some great Deep Learning ideas and solutions. Based in a small flat of one of the co-founders, this rapidly growing startup not just has a CEO, CTO, CRO but also a CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) and their CHO is not a human but a four-pawed fur ball!


Meet Future, CHO, Silversparro Technologies

Yeah, you read that right, the coveted position of Chief Happiness Officer lies with none other than Future, a happy and healthy Labrador!

Future & Jiggly having a nap time with the co-founder

Startups usually have long working hours and immense work pressure. Future, the handsome fur ball makes sure that he keeps everyone around engaged and happy. Since he has the ability to sense sadness or boredom, he’s always up for FREE HUGS! Imagine, getting to play with a cutesy in your tea break or picking up a ball and playing with your dog in lunch hours? How cool? isn’t it? And guess what, Future is an amazing host too. He welcomes everyone with a friendly round of woof…woof… and hugs and helps people get comfortable. Smartly dressed in a tuxedo, he takes a round in his office several times a day and makes sure there are smiles everywhere. He even gets angry and starts barking if he sees people getting into an argument and forces them to have a peaceful discourse right away. Future knows that organizations need to work like a team and there are no fights and feuds in a team.

Future also makes sure that nobody forgets food amidst work pressure as he’s always hungry and will make you feed him and yourself well in time and sometimes even several times a day. The little boy is a source of entertainment for the entire team, he’s the best cuddle toy for the afternoon naps. He often welcomes his bestfriend Jiggly, the Asst. Chief Happiness Officer of the organization when he needs support at his difficult job. He stood like a rock support even when the Silversparro team took the difficult challenge of a 48-hour hackathon.

Future-carFuture recently celebrated his first birthday and also his first year of association with Silversparro Technologies. He has undertaken his job seriously and has given a strong message that having dogs like him at workplaces are a boost to company’s productivity. He has helped the team keep the spirit high in toughest times. His welcome style has helped even the most sleepy heads wake up to a beautiful day.

Having a pet at the workplace changes the dynamics completely, every move is measured and monitored by your dog and he helps you overcome the difficult times.

In case you ever want to meet Future and his colleagues, drop in by Silversparro Technologies here. 


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