MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 8th Abstract

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 8th Abstract

Almost 3-4 months passed for Audvik’s break-up. Ishita had married someone else and flied overseas with her brand new husband.
Audvik pretended to be normal but he was not able to get over with Ishita’s memories. She was his first love, their relationship had lasted for 6 long years, the moments spent with her were the best ones of his life, and Ishita had suddenly accused all of them and walked away just like that. His whole body became numb at times when Ishita’s memory came haunting him in night. It felt as if his head had landed in her lap, even when he hated this feeling. It was only Anvita who used to support him when he felt too lonely. She made sure that Audvik doesn’t falls prey to alcohol again, he doesn’t thinks of dissolving himself in intoxicants ever again.

The year was ending now, Audvik applied for a leave of 15 days, as he had some left with him and went home. He was eager to meet his family and Anvita. He never got a chance to thank her properly for whatever she did for him. So he made his mind, to ask his mom to help him in getting a good gift for Anvita.
 He reached home and got a warm welcome from his parents. Col. Rathore was really proud to see his son standing tall and brave again after all the emotional trauma he had suffered from, and he also knew it was because of whom.  

“How have you been son?”, Col. Rathore asked him once they were done with dinner and were enjoying the after-meal coffee in his room.
“I am good dad!”, Audvik smiled, those memories of Ishita still haunted him, but he had learned to keep them aside.
“So, have you thought of anything ahead?”, Col. Rathore asked him like a caring father.
“Ahead means? Dad sorry I can’t get you!”, Audvik replied.
“Son, I had talked about this to you earlier also, and I wish to ask you again! Its time when you should choose a suitable bride for yourself!”, Col. Rathore kept a loving hand over his son’s shoulder. He knew his son had suffered a lot in past few months, and should be handled with love and care this time.
“Dad! I don’t want to get married right now! I have lost all faith in love, I am scared of believing people now!”, Audvik replied staring at the ground clueless. He was a sensitive man, a loyal boyfriend, who gave his soul to his lady.
“Audvik! I know its not easy, but son life doesn’t ends here! Its really long, you need to find someone who can be there with you in all thick and thin!”, Col. Rathore tried explaining his son.
“Dad! Such things happen only in movies! I cant fall in love again, and there’s no one who will be so loyal to love me even in bad times!”, he replied hopelessly. Ishita’s deeds had left a deep wound in his heart.
“Son, there’s a very old saying ‘that a man’s good times attract the women he ‘wants’ and his bad times attract the women he ‘needs'”, Col. Rathore gave his point.
“I can’t get you dad!”, Audvik was confused hearing what his dad was saying.
“Son, there came a woman who gave you pain, and there came another one who kissed it away! Now its on you, you value the woman who had been your healer or not!”, Col. Rathore gave a little riddle for Audvik to solve.
“I am not getting dad!”, he replied.
“Child, you loved Ishita, but she didn’t valued your loyalty. But there was Anvita who didn’t let you break when you were on verge of breaking! Isn’t she a perfect woman who will be there with you when you need someone?”, Col. Rathore finally came to his point.
“Dad she is my best-friend, and I like her in that way! I don’t love her!”, Audvik replied surprised at what his dad was saying.
“Son, it might be that you don’t love her at present. But tell me, if LOVE was the only ingredient for a successful marriage, then do you think that arranged marriages would be having a better success rate than love marriages? Marriages don’t work only on love, they work on loyalty, faith and trust! A successful nuptial bond works only when both the partners are ready to compromise and forgive each other whenever things work against expected!”, Col. Rathore knew that he will be able to convince Audvik.
“Dad! She is my best-friend, I don’t want to loose her because of anything!”, Audvik said turning his head towards his father. His eyes showed the fear and pain of loosing.
“Son, Anvita is a very mature, well groomed and understanding girl! She respects your family just like hers! She was there for you when you needed someone! What else do you expect from an ideal wife? You give a thought about what I have told you! I will welcome your decision irrespective of what it is!”, Col. Rathore gave Audvik a fatherly assurance and a warm hug and wished him goodnight.


Audvik was lying in his bed staring at ceiling clueless. All those memories of Ishita were coming to him.  He closed his eyes to show them away, and started thinking of Anvita. The way she stepped out of her house to buy chocolates for his dad even when she was ill. The way she struggled with so many bags just to choose one for his girlfriend even when she didn’t knew much about her, the way she left all her work and came to his unit just because he needed someone to be there for him. She was no wonders his angel and a great girl.

He met Anvita during his leave for quite a number of times, but didn’t asked anything about marriage. He always found a strange poignant depth in Anvita’s eyes which she hided behind a fake smile. She never smiled the way he wanted her to. He tried asking her about past experiences, but she always avoided with some or the other reason.

Finally, it was the last day of his leave, he had made his mind that he will talk to Anvita no matter what outcome he gets.

“Anu I want to talk to you about something!”, he asked her in a deep and determined tone.
“Why do you never talk about your past?”, he asked in same tone.
“Because there’s nothing worth talking!”, Anvita turned her head away from Audvik, her hidden pain was overwhelming her again. She wanted to avoid the conversation as she had done earlier.
“Anu, I know you don’t like talking about it! But why are you punishing yourself like this? You need to move ahead in life! For that you need to talk, you need to let your pain come out so that it leaves you!”, Audvik held her by shoulders.
“Audvik I said na.. I don’t want to talk about it! Please leave me!”, said Anvita trying to push Audvik’s hand back.
“No Anu! I won’t let you suffer like this! You need to talk, you need to get over with things! Talk to me Anu! This silence wont let you live!”, Audvik made his grip stronger, he didn’t allow her to leave.
“Audvik please Audvik! Let me go! I don’t want to recall all that! Please Audvik! I beg of you!”, Anvita busted in tears, the past baggage was heavy, Audvik was making her recall things, from which she was running away since 4 long years.
“Anu! Why don’t you understand! You wont be able to get over with things if you don’t talk about it! Anu I am your best-friend na! Then why aren’t you sharing it with me!”, Audvik looked into her teary eyes to give her an assurance that he will be there for her.

Anvita crashed on floor in tears, a long deep wound was pricked again, she started shivering. Audvik sat in front of her and hugged her, she cried, she screamed, she groaned, but didn’t leave his arms, it seemed as if she had been searching for a shoulder to cry on since very long. Audvik kept supporting her in a hope that she will tell him the reason of this pain once she is normal.
Anvita kept crying for a long time. She didn’t knew what was going around, she just held Audvik tightly and hided her face in his chest and kept weeping.

“Anu, tell me what was it that makes you cry so much!”, Audvik finally asked her.
“His name was Tapish!”, Anvita finally uttered something in middle of all the sobbing.
“He was my college senior! He said he is in love with me right after few months of commencement of my first year! I too fell for him! We were in a relationship. Everything was sweet and rosy in starting, then he started asking me to get physically intimate! My morals didn’t allowed me, so I kept refusing. Finally it was his farewell party, he asked me to take alcohol, but I refused, so he mixed something in my food or cold-drink. I lost my senses, next morning when I woke up I found myself in his bed. My clothes were torn, my dignity was ravaged. Everything was over Audvik! I tried fighting with him but he laughed away saying he dated me because he found me hot and wanted to sleep with me, not because he loved me! I loved him so much Audvik and this is what I got!”, Anvita started crying violently. Audvik couldn’t believe his ears. How could someone do such things to a girl like Anvita.

“Anu where the hell is that bastard now? I wont leave him! He can’t do this to you!”, Audvik screamed. He felt like killing Tapish then and there.
“I don’t know Audvik! He went overseas for his PG! There he was caught in some legal matter for fake Visa or something. He was jailed, I thought that god has done his justice with me! He did wrong to me and he got an answer for that! I have just learned not to trust anyone, not to let anyone have my love! It was my mistake that I worshiped Tapish like my god and this is what he did to me!”, Anvita said in anger and disgust.

“Anu it was not your mistake! Never ever  think like that! Loving someone truly is not a crime Anu! You never did anything wrong! You were good, people were bad!”, Audvik tried explaining. He was deeply disgusted by what Tapish did to Anvita.

“Let it be Audvik! I just want to forget him, because he doesn’t deserves my forgiveness!”, she said wiping her tears. Her pain was still evident in her eyes, but she tried being strong.
Audvik stepped forward and hugged her tight, “Anu can I ask you something?”, he said.
“Will you marry me?”, he asked.
Anvita was shocked, she immediately pushed him back. “Audvik have you gone made?”, she screamed.
“Anu! I don’t anything! I just know one thing, if there’s someone who understands me, and accepts me with all my flaws, then its you and only you!”, said Audvik holding her hand tightly.
“Audvik even after knowing these things you wish to marry me? Are you out of your mind!”, Anvita couldn’t believe what was happening. She had completely lost all hopes of being loved ever again in life.
“Anu, its all past, so how does it matters?”, said Audvik vehemently. He had great respect for Anvita and it didn’t made any difference to him.
“Past is not always just a past Audvik! I was raped! Do you even understand its meaning? That man soiled my soul, my own body feels like a piece of filth to me! And you wish to spend your life with this filth!”, Anvita again busted in tears. The pain of being sexually assaulted was unimaginable, she couldn’t understand, that whom should she blame this on? whom should she ask justice for?
“Anu! Look! Whatever happened, didn’t had any fault of yours anywhere! So, why shall you be punished? You didn’t do anything wrong to anyone, so how can you be filthy? Listen, I respect you for the way you are, and will do it all my life! I will be there with you, even when my hairs grow grey and your face gets wrinkles. I will hold your hand, even when I have to hold a stick in another one, to walk properly! I want to marry you Anu, have a future with you!”, said Audvik and kissed her forehead.

She kept staring in his eyes wondering what was he made of? How much courage did he had to accept a woman with a dark past likes her’s.

They both sat together for hours, Anvita kept sobbing and Audvik kept supporting her. They didn’t talked much, Anvita just kept thinking, she had a great respect  arising for Audvik in her heart. He had proven himself as a faithful best-friend and a strong and supportive soul-mate.

Finally, the sun was setting and it was time to go home. Audvik looked in Anvita’s eyes for the last time and asked her, “Will you marry me?”
Anvita couldn’t say much, she just nodded her head in a YES! Audvik was over joyed. He hugged Anvita and almost raised her in his arms. Anvita had tears in her eyes, she never knew that god could be so merciful on her. To send an angel like Audvik to kiss away her pain. She just wanted to get lost in those heart beats of Audvik. It all seemed like a dream to her.

Audvik immediately called his dad and requested him to talk to Anvita’s family and settle all the elderly talks.
Col. Rathore and Anvita’s parents too were very happy to hear a yes from their kids.

Audvik took Anvita for a long drive before dropping to her place, Jagjit Singh went on car’s stereo…….
Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar
Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar
Kiska chehra
Kiska chehra ab main dekhoon
Tera chehra dekhkar
Meri aankhon ne chuna hai tujhko duniya dekhkar.

Audvik held Anvita’s hand tightly once she was leaving the car to get inside her house, “I wont let you go! I want a good-bye kiss in bribe”, he said playfully.
“Audvik let me go! Mom must be waiting!”, she said hitting him gently with her bag and ran away blushing. Audvik could feel that he has fallen for this girl completely. His arranged marriage had finally made him fall in love.


Audvik and Anvita’s wedding was scheduled right after 2 months, and amidst all the love and ‘ashirwaad'(blessings) of friends and family they tied the knot in a big fat Indian wedding style.

Anvita reached Audvik’s home as a newly wedded bride, and was waiting for him in his room. She heard him stepping in, he was singing her favorite ghazal……..
 Tumko dekhaa toh ye khayaal aayaa
zindagii dhuup tum ghanaa saayaa
tumako dekha toh….

He came inside with a bouquet of yellow roses in his hand.
“This is for my best-friend who was there with me in all the good an bad times!”, he said handing her the bouquet. Anvita smiled and accepted it. Her smile was so gentle and beautiful, her eyes no more had those heavy past baggage, she had started living freely.
“And this is for the world’s most gorgeous girl whom I fell in love with MISTAKENLY!”, he said pulling a bouquet of red roses from his behind.
Anvita couldn’t believe it, she simply held the bouquet and hugged him. Tears of joy were rolling down her eyes, Audvik wiped them gently and whispered “I love you!” in her ears, she smiled and blushed on hearing it, her cheeks went deep red. He stepped forward and kissed her lips.

That was true that they carried a deep and dark wound from their first loves, but creator played his conspiracy and made them fall in love MISTAKENLY!!!
and they happily lived ever after! <3

-Udisha M.

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