MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 7th Abstract

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 7th Abstract

“Anu!”, Audvik called Anvita in the middle of the night.
“Audvik! What happened? Are you alright?”, Anvita got worried as Audvik had never called her at such odd hour and had never sounded so shattered.
Mistakenly in love“Anu…. Anu……!!!”, Audvik was not able to speak right.
“Audvik! Are you drunk? Audvik is everything OK? Audvik?”, Anvita got really worried, sleep suddenly vanished from her eyes.
“Anu… Nothing is OK! And it will never be OK! Ishita left me Anu! She is marrying someone else! Everything is over!”, Audvik cried like a two year old. Anvita was shocked, she couldn’t believe her ears. What was Audvik talking? How can Ishita leave him, that too at this point of time when Audvik’s parents were almost ready to accept them.
“Audvik you cool down! I am there na! We will make everything fine! Trust me! Is someone there with you?”, she tried pacifying him.
“Anu… nobody is there with me, I am lonely, I am lost! My love has left me Anu! She is gone!”, Audvik replied.
“Audvik! relax! We will think of some way out, you stay calm! Audvik are you listening? Audvikkkkkkkk…!!!”, Anvita realised that Audvik had hung the phone. She felt worried, Audvik was heavily drunk and had no one with him to drive him back safe. She didn’t knew what to do, she could feel her heart racing in shear terror. “What if Audvik does something extreme to himself!”, she got scared.

She immediately called Col. Rathore and asked for any of Audvik’s colleague’s number. Col. Rathore gave her the number and himself opened his computer to book tickets for Audvik’s place.
Anvita called Audvik’s colleague from his unit and requested him to check the bar and get Audvik back safely if he was there as driving would have proven fataling for Audvik in present condition.

Audvik’s colleague Ashwin was a kind and responsible man, he immediately sent his sahayak to Audvik’s room to check if he was there and he himself went to the bar where they usually went for drinking. After a lot of search he finally found him. He had gone almost numb because of over-drinking and the bar bouncers were trying to search for his address from the cards available in his wallet.

He immediately stepped in, paid the bills and carried Audvik in his car with the help of bouncers. Audvik was continuously screaming Ishita’s name sub-consciously. He loved her whole heartily and getting cheated by her was his worst nightmare which has taken a face of reality today.

Once, Ashwin had found Audvik, he immediately informed Col. Rathore and Anvita, so that they could relax now. Anvita gave a sigh of relief, that Audvik was safe for the time being, but she knew that Audvik needed her.
Luckily, Col. Rathore had booked the tickets by the time Ashwin informed about Audvik, Anvita decided to go with him to Audvik’s unit. They reached there the very next day.

Ashwin had sent a car to pick Col. Rathore and Anvita from the station.

“Sorry sir! I couldn’t come to receive you, was busy because of some official work!”, Ashwin appologised for not making it to the station.
“That’s pretty OK! Where’s my son?”, Col. Rathore asked him.
“Sir he is in his room! His hangover is still not over, he woke up with a heavy headache and was vomiting like anything in the morning! I gave him some pain killers and he is sleeping since then!”, he replied with a sorry face.
“OMG! I want to see him!”, replied Anvita worried.


“Ashwin you are Audvik’s best-friend na?”, Anvita asked Ashwin as soon as Col. Rathore got busy somewhere.
“Yes! We two were in same squadron during our academy days, even though I was his senior, we got along really very well.”, Ashwin replied.
“Then do you exactly know what went wrong with Ishita? Why is she being so harsh with Audvik?”, Anvita asked worried.
“Anvita even I tried calling her today, but she didn’t take my call even after 7-8 rings, so I called from a different number, her mother took it. When I tried asking anything she simply said that my daughter deserves a much better man! She is getting engaged in coming week and will be married by the month’s end!”,  Ashwin told her. Anvita felt mad, how can someone be so ruthless with a guy like Audvik, he was such a fine gentleman and a caring boyfriend.
“Ashwin we must try talking to Ishita once!”, Anvita suggested.
“My wife tried doing that Anvita, but it didn’t worked. Even Ishita is involved in this. She herself wants to marry someone else!”, Ashwin replied coldly, he too was disgusted with Ishita’s attitude.
“Let it be then! We must be thankful to her then, that she showed her true colors before marriage! We must concentrate on Audvik now and make sure that he recovers well!”, said Anvita determinately.


Anvita stepped in Audvik’s room, he was lying numb in his chair in balcony. He had played his favorite ghazal on his stereo and was staring at the sky clueless. Jagjit Singh’s melodious voice filled the surrounding……..
 Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai,
Shaam se aankh mein nami si hai,
Aaj phir aap ki kami si hai,
Shaam se …………..
Dafn kardo humme ke saans mile,
Dafn kardo humme ke saans mile,
nafz kuch der se thami si hai,
nafz kuch der se thami si hai,
Aaj phir aap ki kami si hai!

“Audvik!”, Anvita called him. Audvik turned his face towards her and suddenly his whole surrounding was filled with tens of soap bubbles, they all were coming close to him, touching him as if they wanted to kiss away his pain and then busting leaving a tiny impression of their existence on his face or body. He smiled and understood that Anvita was trying to play the same trick which he played sometime back on her to bring a smile on her face.
“Thanks Anu!”, he replied faintly, his face looked as if he has not slept since days together. His eyes were swollen, the over-drinking of last night was showing its ill-effect.

Anvita came forward and gave him a bouquet of yellow roses and a hand-made card which had his caricature predicting him as a superman.
“So, this is for my super-hero best-friend, who is strong and brave enough to handle anything and everything!”, she said handling things to him. Audvik started laughing, he wondered what was this girl made of? who could think of such weird things just to make him forget his pain and sufferings.

Anvita stood by his side all the way, she handled all his tantrums patiently and kept raising his spirits. Their innocent and selfless friendship was blooming to its fullest.

Anvita was no less than an angel for Audvik, she was his best-friend, his strength, someone like a fairy godmother who could make him smile just by one stroke of her magic wand. He had learnt to smile again. He never expected that a girl like Anvita could also have a brilliant sense of humor.

Anvita stayed in Audvik’s unit for a week and then came back as she had to get back to her work as well, but she made sure that she kept calling Audvik on a daily basis so that he never feels alone at any point of time.
Col. Rathore was watching all this and was silently smiling at his heart for the way these two were getting closer day by day.

 -by Udisha M.

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