MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 6th Abstract

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 6th Abstract

Mistakenly in loveAudvik’s leaves were over now, he was going back on his duty. He wanted to talk to his dad about his girlfriend Ishita for once again, but his dad’s temperament didn’t showed any scope of talking. Col. Rathore still stood like a hard rock, he was not ready to give any space for conversation between him and his son. Mrs. Rathore felt helpless, she was stuck between the father-son ego clash. Still she wished that somehow Col. Rathore understands Audvik’s stand and meet Ishita atleast once, just to give them a fair chance to prove themselves.

Audvik left his city with a heavy heart, he felt dishearten and lost. He called his girlfriend as soon as his train left the station to tell her that his dad was not ready to accept them. 
“Audvik I don’t want to hear anything! How can you behave like a looser? Can’t you convince your own dad?”, Ishita screamed for the other end.
“Ishoo I am sorry, but I need time to convince my family. My mom is ready to meet you, and once she likes you she will convince dad also, I know!”, he was himself felt very disappointed by his dad’s behavior and Ishita was irritating him even more.
“Audvik you are such a looser! What do you think? My dad will give me so much time that I will be able to wait for you to convince your family!”, said Ishita disgustingly.
“Ishoo please! Ishoo! Try and understand! I love you, and I can’t think of anyone else except you!”, Audvik was trying his level best to convince his girl but everything seemed impossible today.
“Audvik if you actually love me, then its high time! Prove your love, convince your family as fast as you can!”, said Ishita and banged the phone. 

Audvik felt helpless, he didn’t knew what to do! It seemed that the world was collapsing in front of him, suffocating him to the core. He picked plucked his ear-phones and played the music…………..
Koyi fariyaad tere dil mein dabi ho jaise,
Koyi fariyaad tere dil mein dabi ho jaise,
Tune aankhon se koyi baat kahi ho jaise,
Jaagte jaagte ek umr kati ho jaise,
Jaagte jaagte ek umr kati ho jaise,
Jaan baaki baaki hai magar saas ruki ho jaise.

Audvik was in a mess, in such a situation all he could think of was Anvita. He immediately dialed her number and waited for her to take the call.

“Hey Audvik!”, Anvita picked the call.
“Hi Anu! how are you doing?”, asked Audvik trying to begin a conversation.
“Audvik is everything OK? You are sounding really low!”, Anvita had sensed the quietness in Audvik’s tone. She understood Audvik was in some trouble.
“Anu you know what?”, he said.
“Dad is totally against me and my Ishoo, even she is not able to understand my situation. I feel so lost and lonely these days!”, he told his heart out.
“Audvik relax! I know its a tough time for you but I know, you too are really tough! So smile dude, you can handle much bigger problems than this!”, she said in a proud tone to cheer him up!
“Do you think I will be able to convince dad and Ishoo?”, he asked her, he actually needed someone to raise his spirits at this point of time.
“Off-course buddy! How dare you doubt your caliber? Listen this is just a phase, which will pass away very easily! Just have faith! And why fear when Anu is here! I will talk to Rathore uncle, he wont say a NO to me! I am damn sure!”, Anvita rattled, she had sensed that Audvik needed her help badly this time, and she needs to take this responsibility to cheer him up at any cost.
“Will you be able to convince dad?”, Audvik felt a little relieved after hearing Anvita.
“I will Audvik, trust me I will be able to convince uncle, you just take care of Ishita, everything will be fine at the end!”, she assured him. 
“Thanks Anu! I can’t find right words to thank you appropriately!”, said Audvik.
“Chill Audvik no need to thank me, just give me a big smile! That will be enough!”, Anvita said from other end. Her words and gestures made Audvik smile, he forgot everything and went off to sleep peacefully wondering what all good he has done in life that god blessed him with a true friend like Anvita, that too when he needed someone like her the most.


“Uncle please uncle! Try and understand, he loves her uncle!”, Anvita was trying to convince Col. Rathore.
“Anu you are such a sweet child! You don’t know this boy! He is such a jerk!”, said Col. Rathore, it was difficult for him to say NO to Anu, as she was his sweetheart.
“Uncle please uncle! Ishita is really a good girl, you just meet her once! I am damn sure you will like her!”, she said with a big smile to blackmail him emotionally.
“Anu now you too are talking like Audvik! I said, I won’t means I won’t!”, Col. Rathore turned his head away from Anvita to avoid her, he had started falling weak on her childish demand.
“Uncle please! uncle! You had said that I am like your own daughter! Can’t you do this for your only daughter! Uncle pleassssssssssssssssssseeeee!!!!”, Anvita held Col. Rathore’s hand and started shaking it like a 2 year old asking for lollipop saying innumerable ‘pleases!”
“OK! OK! I surrender kiddo! I will meet Ishita or whatever is the name of that girl! But I will judge her with my own parameters, and whatever decision I will give after that, will be full and final!”, said Col. Rathore in a hope that Anvita will calm down now and will allow him to read his daily newspaper peacefully.
“Yay! Yay! Thank you so much uncle!”, she screamed and hugged him. Col. Rathore also smiled back and kissed her forehead wondering what was wrong with his son that he was leaving this girl for god knows whom.

Anvita went in the garden area and dialed Audvik’s number to give him the good news.
“Oh Anu! You are a genius!”, he rattled as soon as he heard that his dad was ready to meet Ishita.
“Yeah! Yeah! I know! Now listen! You convince your girl and make all the arrangements for the meeting as soon as possible! OK?”, she suggested.
“Yope! You are right lady will do that!”, he said wondering what will happen when his mom and dad will meet Ishita?

 -by Udisha M.

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