MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 5th Abstract

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 5th Abstract

Mistakenly in loveAudvik kept thinking about Anvita all night. Her innocent face battling those tears peeping out of her eyes kept flashing in his mind. He kept tossing and turning in his bed. Anvita was no doubt a good girl, and Audvik kept thinking who could think of hurting such a girl like her. Audvik made up his mind that he will call her tomorrow for some purpose and talk to her.

He woke up early morning and packed all his luggage as he had to leave the very same night for his duty. Once he was done with packing he dialed Anvita’s number and waited for her to take the call…………

“Hi Audvik!”, said Anvita as soon as she picked the call.
“Hey hi Anvita, how are you doing?”
“Me good! You say?”
“Anvita actually, I needed a favor from you! If you don’t mind!”, he asked gently.
“Actually my girlfriend has asked for a gift from this town, but you see I don’t know much about the market place, moreover I am very bad at buying womanish stuff! So if you are comfortable, can you come with me to the market? Only if you are comfortable!”, Audvik was putting each and every word cautiously as he didn’t wanted to hear a NO in any case.
“Oh! That’s perfectly alright, Audvik! You don’t need to be so formal! I will come with you! At what time do I need to come to the market?”, Anvita was a real helpful and understanding girl. Even though Audvik wasn’t a very close person but she never refused anyone who asked her for help.

Audvik on the other hand was extremely happy to hear a yes from her and smiled and told her the complete plan, “Look, I don’t know where’s the market place exactly! So I will pick you from your place at 1300 hours and then you direct me to the market place. Is that OK with you?”
“Yeah! I am fine! See yaa…!!!”


Audvik reached her place at 1300 hours sharp and called her, she stepped out of her place. She was dressed in a simple blue long skirt with a white short tank top and blue stole complementing it. A pink bang hung on her shoulder with a cute bow on it. Her hairs were bouncing in grace at her back adding charm to her walk. She seemed like some angel walking on earth. Audvik was spell-bound by her simple yet divine beauty.

“Hi!”, she waved her hand on seeing him.
“Hello! Must say lady you are unlike other women, you are on time!”, Audvik smiled.
“I am quiet punctual gentleman!”, she answered back.
“Hahahaha…!!!”, he laughed and opened the car’s door to make her sit.

Once she was comfortably seated, he took his driving seat and switched on the music in car and it went on………
Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho,
Kya Gham Hai Jisko Chhupa Rahe Ho.

Aankhon Mein Nami, Hansi Labon Par,
Kya Haal Hai Kya Dikha Rahe Ho.

This ghazal of Jagjit Singh reminded him of Anvita’s brimming tears last night. How she fought them to hide her grief, how she avoided his eyes and walked from the place where they were sitting. What was the reason of her tears? It kept disturbing him.

“Anvita please direct me to the market place!”, he asked her.
“Yeah sure… Take a left, then after few meters a right and then………………!!!”
“Woah Miss Google Map! Easy! I wont be able to remember this much, let me know when I have to take a turn 50 meters before the turn! Alright?”, he said interrupting her.

Anvita smiled faintly and apologised for her mistake and started directing him as he had asked her to. Finally after 10-15 minutes they reached the market place.


“So, what do you wish to buy for your girl?”, Anvita asked Audvik stepping out of the car.
“I don’t know! I actually have no idea! That’s why I got you with me! Suggest me something!”, he asked.
“ammm… that’s a little tough thing! What kind of gift would you prefer?”, she asked him again.
“Anu!!! You are always so dumb? Or there’s something very special today?”, he asked her jokingly.
“What do you mean haan?”, Anvita asked him, giving him an artificial stern look.
“I mean to say my highness, that I don’t have any idea. I beg you to give me some idea for the gift!”, replied Audvik in a mocking sorry tone in answer to Anvita’s look.
“ammm… how about a nice dress?”, she suggested.
“Nah.. she is very choosy! She won’t be liking it!”
“Then how about a new make-up kit?”
“She already has many!”
“How about a new pair of bellies?”
“I don’t know her shoe size!”
“How about a new perfume?”
“No, she has a set brand, she doesn’t wears anything else!”

“What the hell Audvik? Your girlfriend is some alien or what? You are not ready to buy anything which normal women use!”, Anvita got angry with so many No’s coming from Audvik.
“ahhhh… Sorry Anu.. I didn’t mean to irritate you! But Ishita actually doesn’t uses these things! She is very different! You know when she smiles, her two dimples! Gosh! They make me go ooooooo….”, said Audvik recalling the enchanting beauty of his girlfriend.
“Sir! Sorry to disappoint you but I am not here to listen to your ‘girlfriend-puraan’ we are here for some work, better concentrate on it, or else I might be hearing the description of her anger very soon!”, added Anvita teasing Audvik.
“OK! OK! Let me think of something else.You know what? She is fond of collecting bags, she has a BIGgggggggggg… bag collection! I would take one for her from here. She will definitely jump and hug me as soon as she sees the gift!”, Audvik gave a big smile when he came to conclusion.
“That’s a good idea!”, Anvita added. Audvik gave her a big smile, she too smiled back faintly.
“If he already knew what to buy, then why the hell was he eating my head since so long!”, she thought to herself.

Their friendship had started blooming.

They went to the bag’s shop and started selecting bags. Audvik didn’t do much, he had left the entire responsibility on Anvita’s shoulder. She struggled with atleast fifty-sixty pieces which the shopkeeper had shown her to pick that one for a girl whom she didn’t even knew. Audvik was observing her from a distance. She was such a sincere and dedicated girl who was ready to help him even when they had known each-other for hardly anytime. A real sign of a true and selfless friend.

Finally she selected a bag for Ishita and Audvik got it packed without even taking any second look at it. He had learnt to trust her choice.


It was almost lunch-hour by the time they were done shopping.
“Anu I am hungry!”, said Audvik.
“Me too!”, she replied.

They both went to a near by restaurant and ordered food. Audvik kept talking to Anvita about all sorts of things. There was a strange urge to know her more and more. He found Anvita like a mysterious book enveloped in happiness but having pain at interiors. Every time she smiled, her eyes showed a poignant depth. He kept wondering what was that! He wanted to see her smiling care-freely but somehow the past baggage which she carried were too heavy to allow her lips to take a full stretch.

“Anvita!”, Audvik called her as soon as they stepped out of the restaurant.
“Ya!”, suddenly her surrounding was filled with tens of  soap bubbles, each bubble shined brightly in sunlight, exhibiting a little rainbow in it. Some came over Anvita’s face and hands and busted as soon as she wished to catch them. They looked like tiny butterflies flying near her as if she was some beautiful and delicate flower. She tried catching them, but they didn’t came in her hand, each busted leaving a tiny impression of a tender kiss on her face and hand. For seconds, she was completely lost in this tiny bubble world, it made her smile, she had such a child-like and rapturous smile! Just like some goddess ready to grant you a boon of life-time happiness.

“Audvik how did you know I love these soap bubbles?”, she asked him.
“Just like that!”, he stopped blowing the bubbles for a while and started staring at her. He was seeing her smile and laugh like this for the first time in his life.
“You have a beautiful smile!”, Audvik complimented her. Something stuck Anvita as soon as she heard Audvik’s compliment. Something was coming back to haunt her thoughts again. Her carefree laugh soon changed into a fake smile. Her eyes went moist again, but she controlled her grief and turned towards Audvik, “Audvik let’s go home! I am getting late!”

Audvik didn’t say much and followed her, he opened the door of the car for her and drove her back to her place. Jagjit kept singing on his car’s stereo………….

Ban Jayenge Zehar Peete Peete,
Yeh Ashk Jo Pite Ja Rahe Ho.
Jin Zakhmon Ko Waqt Bhar Chala Hai,
Tum Kyon Unhe Chhedhe Ja Rahe Ho.
Rekhaon Ka Khel Hai Muqaddar,
Rekhaon Se Maat Kha Rahe Ho.
Tum Itna Jo Muskura rahe ho,
kya gum hai jisko chupa rahe ho!
-by Udisha M.

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