MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 4th Abstract

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 4th Abstract

Mistakenly in love

“Rathore how are you doing man?”, Mr. Singhal called Col. Rathore a day after the dinner night.
“I am good buddy! How about you? How’s my Anu doing?”, Col. Rathore asked his best-friend. He felt a daughterly attachment towards Anvita. He cared for her from the bottom of his heart.
“Anu is good, she has recovered well, and she was very happy to see you all on that day! She even said that bhabhi ji is a great cook!”, Mr. Singhal told.

“Oh! my sweet little child!”, Col. Rathore smiled at Anvita’s good mannerism and sensitive nature.
“OK! Now let me come to the point! Listen, there’s a golf tournament starting from this weekend at the club, I want you and Audvik to participate in it!”, Mr. Singhal suggested.
“Ah! Actually Audvik is going back on Sunday night, so I don’t think so he will be able to participate, but I will do it for sure!”, Col. Rathore promised.
“Oh! No issues, then we will be having a party in the evening for all the members and participant’s family on Saturday, do get Audvik and bhabhi ji for that!”, said Mr. Singhal.
“Sure man!”, Col. Rathore assured and the phone was hung.


Finally, it was Saturday evening and Anvita was getting ready for the party at the club. She was dressed in a beautiful indo-western blue dress, which had tiny white embroidery on the borders and the neck. She wore no jewellery except those long pearl ear-rings and a wrist watch. Her white bellies complemented her beautiful legs, she looked simple yet elegant!

Mrs. Singhal entered her room. “Mom how am I looking?”, she asked her mom with a smile.
“Gorgeous as ever sweetheart!”, her mom replied and kissed her forehead. She took a little kajal out from her eyes and placed a ‘kaala tika’ behind her daughter’s ears! She was a little superstitious.
“Daughter! I wish to talk to you about something!”, she said holding Anvita’s hand lovingly.
“Say mom!”, Anvita replied. She was really close to her mom and her mother’s every wish was her command.
“You know that we had been looking for a suitable match for you since a year.”, her mom said.
“Yeah mom! But I don’t want to get married!”, Anvita’s face turned pale as soon as she heard the name of marriage.
“Listen child! I know you are reluctant to get married but you see, every person has to get married some day including you!”, Mrs. Singhal tried explaining her daughter.
“Mom! I don’t want to get married please! I can’t imagine that I will have to share my life with someone, mom please!”, Anvita busted in tears. The idea of getting married seemed like a nightmare for her.
“Anu stop crying kiddo! Look! Me and dad found Audvik perfect for you, he is a fine gentleman as well as son of your dad’s best-friend! They are trustworthy people child! You meet Audvik for once, you kids talk to each other, still if you aren’t comfortable I swear I will say a big NO to your dad, no matter what all I have to face after that!” Mrs. Singhal promised and hugged Anvita. She was a very strong woman or rather a very strong mother. She could even fight the world for her daughter’s sake.

Anvita trusted her mom and got ready to see Audvik but still she was not ready to get married to him. She kept weeping on her mom’s shoulder.


Anvita had made her mind that she will ask Audvik to reject her to get over this marriage drama, on the other Audvik had made his mind that he will openly tell Anvita that he is already committed and cannot think of marrying her.

The party was arranged in a beautifully decorated hall against a swimming pool.

Both the families met each other and exchanged formal greetings. Audvik and Anvita, both of them were very quiet, may be because of the sudden thunderbolts their parents had given on their heads. They sat together on a table and were served the starters.
The organisers had arranged for a ‘ghazal sandhya’ and an artist was sitting with his orchestra on a stage in the middle of the hall. Col. Rathore stood up and requested the artist to sing his favorite one and they went on………..

Badi naazuk hai ye manzil, mohabbat ka safar hai 
Badi naazuk hai ye manzil, mohabbat ka safar hai 
Dhadak aahista se, eh dil!
Dhadak aahista se, eh dil!

Mohabbat ka safar hai,
Badi naazuk hai ye manzil, mohabbat ka safar hai

Koyi sun le na ye qissa, bahot darr lagta hai,
Koyi sun le na ye qissa, bahot darr lagta hai,
Magar darr hi se kya haasil!
Magar darr hi se kya haasil!
Mohabbat ka safar hai,
Badi naazuk hai ye manzil, mohabbat ka safar hai

Audvik was looking at Anvita, she was still looking so pretty, as if these all songs were written for her only! The Rathore and Singhals couple kept talking but Audvik and Anvita didn’t speak much. They were continuously avoiding each-other’s eye feeling uncomfortable because of the each-other’s presence.

After sometime, few couples in party started dancing on the songs which orchestra was playing. Col. Rathore stood up and stretched his hands gracefully towards Anvita and asked her politely, “Would you like to dance with me pretty lady?” Anvita was not in mood of dancing, but refusing a man of her dad’s age was not in her manners. So, she smiled faintly and gave her hand in Col. Rathore’s hand and started dancing with him. Audvik was watching her, and felt what was so good about her that his dad admired her so much.
Mrs. Rathore asked her son to dance with her and within few moments, Audvik was also on dance floor with his mom. After dancing for sometime, Col. Rathore gave Anvita’s hand to Audvik for dancing and took his wife from him and started dancing with her.

Audvik and Anvita both wanted to talk to each-other but were not feeling like holding each-other. Anvita had kept her hand on Audvik’s shoulder, but her heart refused to hold it. Audvik was himself not willing to hold her by waist. They kept looking here and there instead of being in dancing posture. It was clearly visible how reluctant they both are to be with each other.

This continued for 10-12 minutes when finally Audvik gathered up some courage and asked Anvita, “Anvita I wish to talk to you about something, could you please come outside with me for sometime!”
“Yeah!”, she replied, she herself wanted to talk to Audvik and ask him to reject her.

They walked outside the hall and sat on a table near the pool, there was no one near by. The pool’s water was shining in moon light with sweet smell of roses planted in the garden filling the atmosphere.
“Anvita I guess you know why our parents are making us meet again and again!”, said Audvik.
“Hmmm…”, she nodded.
“Look I don’t want to hurt you! You are a real nice girl, you are my dad’s best-friend’s daughter! Buttttttt……..!!!”, Audvik stopped, worried of how Anvita may react.
“Audvik, listen I don’t have any problem with you or your family but I don’t want to get married! I don’t believe in relationships and marriages!”, said Anvita calmly.
“Oh! thank-god you too don’t want to get married! I was worried how to tell you this! Actually I already have a girl-friend and I love her a lot! I wish to marry her and only her!”, he said with a big smile of relief.

Anvita too was very happy to hear that Audvik doesn’t wants to marry her, they both felt like a sheep who has just ran out of a butcher’s grip and saved his life for ever.
“I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I am!”, Audvik smiled.
“Me too!”, she added.
“By the way if you don’t mind! May I know the reason why are you so reluctant towards marriage?”, he asked.
“Just like that Audvik, some personnel bad experiences! I don’t like discussing much about it!”, replied Anvita, she went quiet after that, some bitter memories were over-whelming her, her eyes going moist. She stood up and walked towards the washroom without saying much.

Audvik saw her walking away, he had understood there was something wrong with her, she needed someone’s support at the moment, but he couldn’t force her to talk as he didn’t knew her much. He no more felt happy for getting rid of this forced relation. He quietly made a promise to himself that he will make Anvita smile, if not as spouse then as a good-friend!

 -by Udisha M.

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