MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 3rd Abstract

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE || 3rd Abstract

Mistakenly in loveAnvita reached inside the house. Mrs. Rathore gave her a warm welcome hug, “God! Mrs. Singhal your daughter is so pretty!”, she said keeping a lovable hand on Anvita’s head.
“Thank-you so much aunty!”, Anvita replied in a well groomed tone.
“What are you doing kid?”, Mrs. Rathore asked her.
“Aunty I have just completed my college and have joined a job with a MNC!”, she answered Mrs. Rathore.

“Oh wifey! will you stop bothering my girl with your never ending questions! Give her something to eat as well!”, Col. Rathore interrupted both of them, he indeed had a great sense of humor and love for Anvita.

Both the families were now sitting on dinning table waiting for the dinner to be served. When suddenly Mr. Singhal noticed that Audvik was missing.
“Rathore where’s Audvik?”, he asked his friend.
“Yeah! where’s he?”, he repeated Mr. Singhal’s question mischievously.
“Oh! Stop pulling my son’s leg colonel, let me see, he must be parking the car!”, said Mrs. Rathore in a typical ‘Indian mom’ tone trying to protect her son in front of his dad.

She walked outside and heard Audvik arguing with someone over the phone, she went closer to hear what was going on.
“Listen! Listen to me Ishoo.. don’t be so childish! I said na.. I will talk to you… I will surely talk to you kiddo… there are some guests in house! I need to attend them!” Audvik was trying to convince someone over the phone.

“Audvik!”, Mrs. Rathore called out.
“Yeahhhhhhhh! Yeah mom!”, Audvik stammered as soon as he heard his mom’s voice.
“Whom were you talking to son?”, she questioned him, she had sensed that something was wrong.
“Nothing much mom! Just a friend! Come lets go inside, I am really hungry!”, said Audvik trying to avoid his mother’s eye. Mrs. Rathore understood that she needs to talk to Audvik about this matter, but it was not the right time to speak to him about it.

Audvik went inside the dining hall and saw a chair vacant next to Anvita, he was about to grab that place when his dad interrupted in between.
“Hey son, switch on some good music! It will add spice to our food!”

Audvik smiled and switched on his favorite Jagjit Singh’s gazal and it went on………..

Jhuki Jhuki see nazar bekaraar hai ke naheen
dabaa dabaa saa sahee dil mein pyaar hai ke naheen
tu apne dil ki jawaan dharkanon ko gin ke bataa
meri tarah teraa dil bekaraar hai ke naheen
Mrs. Rathore and Mrs. Singhal also joined them on dinning table and both the families enjoyed the food. Anvita was quiet most of the time, she only smiled and answered if anyone asked her anything. Audvik could feel his heart skipping beats every time he saw Anvita smile. Her eyes had a strange twinkle whenever her lips stretched in smile. Her fingers were so long and delicate, as if they were meant to be held for a walk of miles together. 
Audvik didn’t talked to her directly at any moment, he just kept staring her from a distance even when his parents were bidding good-bye to Singhal family. He kept making a wish that Anvita will atleast once turn back to look at him but she didn’t. Audvik felt a little disheartened when the Singhal’s car drove away.
“Son I wish to talk to you about something!”, said Col. Rathore as soon as Singhal’s left.
“Yeah dad say!”, replied Audvik a little scared by the serious tone of his dad.
“Come to my room!”, Col. Rathore ordered.
Audvik followed his dad to his room with his mother coming from behind. Col. Rathore made him sit comfortably and himself sat on his rocking chair with his wife standing next to him. Even though Col. Rathore was very friendly with his son, but still Audvik was scared of his dad specially when he made him sit like this, he knew that he was going to pass some ‘life changing, as well as life challenging’ orders.

“Son, Anuj Singhal is a very old friend of mine! He is indeed one of the most trustworthy people I have ever known in my life!”, Col. Rathore finally started talking.
“Yeah dad! I know that!”, Audvik added trying to make a wild guess as to what was his dad trying to point at.
“Son, they are really very educated, well mannered and people with high values!”, Col. Rathore said. 
Audvik was totally confused now, as to why was his dad singing praises in the name of Singhals. He knew about them since childhood then why was his dad giving so many details today?
“Dad I am not getting what are you trying to imply?”, he finally decided to clear his confusion.
“Son! How was your drive with Anvita? Were you kids comfortable with each-other?”, Mrs. Rathore lastly interrupted between son and dad thinking Col. Rathore will take eternity to come to the point.
“Yeah mom, she is a nice girl, very well mannered!”, he smiled at her name.
“Do you think she is a good girl to count on”, Mrs. Rathore asked her son.
“Mom we didn’t talked much, but you see when I reached she was buying chocolates for dad just because he loves it, even when she was sick today! That’s really sweet of her!”, Audvik told his mom recalling the grocery shop incidence.
“Well son! I want to tell you this, its high time that you find a suitable bride for yourself, me and mom find Anvita perfect for you! She will be a perfect spouse for you and a perfect daughter in law for us!”, Col. Rathore gave his opinion which sounded like an order to his son.

“Dad! What are you saying? Mom what’s wrong with you? I find Anvita nice, this doesn’t means I wish to marry her!”, Audvik stood up in shock, this was the last thing he expected to happen. He started sweating profusely. He didn’t knew how and what to say.
“Why are you behaving so weird son?”, Col. Rathore asked him trying to calm him down.
“Dad! I can’t marry her!”, Audvik replied trying to gain strength to match his dad’s eyes.
“Why?”, Col. Rathore thundered, he didn’t liked hearing a NO from anyone!
“Dad because!”, Audvik stopped and looked towards his mom trying to convey something through eyes.
“Say son, say whatever is in your heart!”, Mrs. Rathore understood her child’s gesture and placed a sympathetic hand over his shoulder.
“Mom you know whom I was talking to when you caught me in the garden?”, he said holding his mom’s hand like a little kid.
“Her name is Ishita, she is my girlfriend, I want to marry her mom! I can’t think of any other girl as my life partner other than her!”, Audvik lowered his eyes after saying all this, he knew his dad will be angry, very angry after hearing all this.
“Audvik! You know what are you talking?”, Col. Rathore screamed.
“Dad! Please dad, I love Ishita a lot, you see her once, you too will like her I am sure!”, Audvik pleaded.

Col. Rathore felt offended, he didn’t say anything and walked away in the balcony, pulled out his cigarette and lighter and started smoking. He had seen a perfect daughter-in-law in Anvita and his son was trying to change that image now which was not acceptable to him.
Mrs. Rathore gave a warm hug to Audvik and promised him that she will meet Ishita, and if she finds her good enough she will talk to his dad about her. Audvik felt terrified by his dad’s response, he was madly in love with Ishita and was scared of the fact that his dad might not approve his love.

-by Udisha M.

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