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Mistakenly in loveAudvik stepped out of his house to take his favorite jeep from the garage, when Col. Rathore stepped in between.
“Son! She is not well today, she will catch cold if you bring her in a jeep! Take my car, here are the keys!”, Col. Rathore smiled and threw the car keys in air for Audvik to catch. Audvik found this very strange, his dad never allowed him to even touch his car as he was very possessive about it and today he himself asked him to take it! Still like an obedient son, he took the keys and followed his dad’s instruction.

Audvik started for Anvita’s home, he played his favorite song in car and it went on……………
Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya
Bekhudi Kya Cheez Hai…..
Ishq Ki Jaye Phir Samajhiye ..
Zindagi Kya Cheez Hai!!!

He was enjoying every bit of the song and started singing along with the lyrics. Jagjit Singh was his god, his each and every gazal was like his hymn and Carole. They were his favorite companions irrespective of the place and purpose he was on.
After covering a major distance, he was in her colony and needed directions to her place! He stopped at a roadside grocery shop and picked his phone and checked for Anvita’s number which her mom had given him. He called on her number and waited for her to take the call. 
His phone was still stuck to his ears when he saw a girl coming out of the grocery shop. Her fringes were covering her forehead, below which were a beautiful pairs of black eyes which looked so deep and innocent, a fragile nose which had a little nose pin and delicate lips. She was dressed in a simple pink patiala salwaar and a white chiffon kurti. She had come to the shop to buy some chocolates. Her fringes were troubling her eyes continuously, she kept jerking her head again and again to get them back but they were stubborn enough to come back to their position again and trouble her without any fail.
Audvik kept staring at her till the time she didn’t disappeared at the end of the lane. It was not that, that Audvik had never seen a girl better than this one, but there was a strange rapture in this girl which was attracting him towards her.
Suddenly, Audvik’s phone rang, 
Unse Nazar Kya Milin Roshan Fizaein Ho Gayee
Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm
Aah Haa Aah Haa Haa Haa
La La La La La La
Unse Nazar Kya Milin Roshan Fizaein Ho Gayee
Aaj Jana Pyaar Ki Jaadugari Kya Cheez Hai ….
he picked it immediately, “Hello sir, I saw a miss call from your number on my phone! May I know who are you?”, a sweet, polite female voice asked him from the other end.
“Yeah! I called you mam, I guess you are Anvita, Singhal uncle’s daughter?”,  he asked her trying to sound as gentle as he could. He was still in the thoughts of the girl he just saw.
“Oh Audvik, its you? Hi! How are you? Have you reached?”, Anvita asked from the other end trying to sound as friendly as she could be to a complete stranger.
“Yeah! Almost, actually I have reached your colony but need directions to your place!”, he replied still feeling uncomfortable.
Anvita directed him towards her place, he heard and made a note of all the ‘lefts’ and the ‘rights’ she asked him to turn.
“Itna left-right Academy mei kiya hota toh shayad do-chaar medal paa jaata!”, Audvik thought to himself as he drived towards Anvita’s place.
He finally found the house and gave her a call to come out. Audvik was literally yawning by now and was cursing his fate as to why he planned to stay at home for this dinner. “Dad should had sent his driver to pick her up! Pata nahi kaha ki queen Victoria hai jo mujhe bheja hai isse lene ke liye!”, he thought pondering over the reason as to why has his dad troubled him for such a petty job.
“Hi!”, Anvita’s voice interrupted his thoughts, he turned up and saw the same girl whom he saw at grocery store standing in front of him.
Audvik felt stunned, he couldn’t reply. He was tongue tied, he just kept staring at her, looking into her beautiful eyes, focusing on those ear-rings which were dancing against the lock of her hairs. Her glittering nose pin which looked like a tiny star twinkling and reflecting the moon light to lighten up every bit of her beauty. She was poetry personified.
“Audvik!!!!”, Anvita called his name, his weird response gave her a doubt as to he is some wrong guy.
“Ya! Yaaaa… aaa… Hi! I am Audvik!”, he stammered and stretched his hand towards her.
“Anvita!”, she gave a faint smile and shook hands with him gently. 
They both sat inside the car and Audvik started for his home. There was something so strange about the drive today, his heart was racing even when he was driving at the least possible speed just to make sure he gets to spend maximum possible time sitting next to Anvita.
Anvita was quiet all the way, as she was still little unwell and moreover Audvik was a complete stranger to her, so she couldn’t find any such topic to talk on. Audvik on the other hand was still living in a dream, he was still tongue tied and numb and was unable to come up with words to compliment Anvita.

Soon they reached Audvik’s place and Anvita tried to open the door of the car but it was locked!
“Audvik! Could you please help me!”, she asked him politely.
Audvik was still lost in his thoughts and couldn’t believe that she was talking to him.
“Aduvik!!!”, she called again a little louder this time.
“Yeah! Yeah! Just a second lady!”, Audvik immediately came to his senses and stepped out the car to open the door for Anvita like a gentleman! Anvita was fairly impresses by this gesture of his but was still irritated with his stupidity.

She said thanks to him and started walking towards the main door of the house without noticing that Audvik was still standing there staring at her like he was doing earlier. She found it a little awkward but didn’t say much and went inside the house.
-by Udisha M.

*© MagMug 2016 . Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the Author and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content*


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