MISTAKENLY IN LOVE! || 1st Abstract

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MISTAKENLY IN LOVE! || 1st Abstract

Mistakenly in love ye daulat bhii le lo, ye shoharat bhii le lo,
bhale chhiin lo mujhase merii javaanii,
magar mujhako lautaa do bachapan kaa saavan,
vo kaagaz kii kashtii, vo baarish kaa paanii!

This ghazal of Jagjit Singh was making the most appropriate music for the alumni meet of St. Pauls. Each and every old face in the party was feeling nostalgic recalling their good old days at this premier institute.

“Hey Anuj! Long time! Its great to see you!”, Col. Abhilash screamed excited as soon as he saw his childhood buddy at the college reunion.
“Rathore! You have grown old!”, said Mr. Singhal winking at Col. Rathore. They both were extremely happy to see each other after a span of 25 years.

“So, hows everything?”, Col. Rathore asked Mr. Singhal.
“Its going good, now I am a proud father of a beautiful daughter and a poor husband of a tyrant wife!”, Mr. Singhal replied jokingly. Col. Rathore started laughing at Mr. Singhal’s remark on his wife.
“By the way how about you? How is Bhabhi ji and everyone at home? I am really happy that you came back to our town after retirement”, asked Mr. Singhal curiously.
“Oh! She is doing good, actually Audvik had fallen ill, so she has gone to see him!”, he replied.
“Audvik? Your son right?”, Mr. Singhal inquired.
“How is he doing, I remember him as a tiny tot hovering around my scooter in a hope of a free ride!”, Mr. Singhal commented nostalgically.
“That tiny tot doesn’t cares for scooters now buddy, he rides a Royal Enfield and is now Capt. Audvik Rathore”, told Col. Rathore proudly, this was the best thing his life had given him. His only son had followed him in his shoes! He too was a officer in arms like him.
“Woah that’s a great news! By the way my family is here, they would love to meet you!”, Mr. Singhal held Col. Rathore by shoulder and took him to the place where his wife was standing.

Col. Rathore and Mrs. Singhal exchanged formal greetings and all three of them started recalling about their good old days.

“Anuj! Where’s your daughter man? I am waiting to see her!”, Col. Rathore asked Mr. Singhal.
“Rathore, you know nothing is hidden from you! My daughter is 23, she is quiet young! We have started looking for a suitable match for her, but she doesn’t wants to get married right now. That’s why she is angry with us!”, explained Mr. Singhal like a worried father.
“Ha.. ha.. ha.. That’s isn’t a great problem buddy! Even my son is young and in marriageable age but behaves the same!”, said Col. Rathore tapping Mr. Singhal’s shoulder.

 After a while, they all were called for dinner and Mrs. Singhal went to call her daughter inside the hall.
“Hello uncle!”, a tall, slim and graceful girl bent down and touched Col Rathore’s feet.
“God bless you child!”, He said placing a hand on her head.
She stood up, to show herself in full glory, she was dressed in a beautiful yellow dress with a cute white shrug complementing it, and the only accessory which she wore was a metallic wrist watch on her hand! She looked simple yet elegant.
“She is my daughter Anvita, Rathore!”, Mr. Singhal introduced his daughter to Col. Rathore.
“She is a blessed child Anuj! Must say, you are really pretty young lady!”, Col. Rathore smiled at Anvita.
Anvita smiled back faintly, she had a beautiful smile and those long ear rings kept shimmering against the lock of her hairs.

Col. Rathore kept talking to Anvita and kept asking her about her likes and dislikes and other preferences! She stayed cool and patient and replied to each of his question. This was a quality which Col. Rathore liked the most about her.
And finally the alumni meet was over!

“Hey Anuj I have got a plan!”, said Col. Rathore as he and Singhals were leaving the place.
“You and your weird plans Rathore!”, replied Mr. Singhal in the usual tone.
“My son and wife are coming back day after tomorrow, how about a get together at my place this weekend?”, he suggested.
“I am always ready for get together! A big yes from my side!”, Mr. Singhal gave a thumbs up to Col. Rathore.
 “See you then! Good-bye Bhabhi ji and Anu!”, 


Mr. and Mrs. Singhal reached the Rathore’s place on the decided time. Mrs. Rathore welcomed them with a big smile and warm hugs. 
“hey where’s my Anu?”, Col. Rathore asked Mr. Singhal about Anvita as if she was his own family member.
“Rathore, Anvita is a little unwell today, so she couldn’t make it!”, replied Mr. Singhal disappointingly.
“What happened to her?”, asked Mrs. Rathore like an anxious mother.
“Bhabhi she is an asthma patient, she got an attack in the morning when our maid was cleaning the house! So she was feeling really weak and hence we couldn’t get her with us!”, replied Mr. Singhal.
“Oh! Poor baby!”, Mrs. Rathore felt bad for Anvita.
“Anuj! I dont like eating like this!”, said Col. Rathore sadly when Mrs. Rathore called them for dinner.
“Why?”, Mr. Singhal questioned.
“You see, Anu is not here! I don’t feel like eating! Children are the charm of the family!”, replied Col. Rathore. He actually wanted to have Anvita for the dinner.
“I can understand Rathore, even she was excited about today, but she fell ill.”, added Mr. Singhal.
“We can do one thing!”, Col. Rathore thought of suggesting something.

“I can send my son Audvik to get Anu for the dinner, and as soon as she is done eating he will drop her back!”, Col. Rathore said with a smile.
“But they don’t know each other Rathore. They wont be able to recognise each other!”, Mr. Singhal started thinking of pros and cons of his friend’s suggestion.
“Oh shut up Anuj, you give me Anu’s number I will talk to her and settle everything!”, Col. Rathore almost snatched Mr. Singhal’s phone and started looking for Anvita’s number in contact list, he called her up and told her that Audvik, his son is coming to pick her up!
She was in a shear shock as to how will she go with a man whom she has never even heard off. But since Col. Rathore was her dad’s best friend, she couldn’t refuse him and said a yes.
Col. Rathore even asked her not to trouble herself in getting ready or any such womanish stuff and come over as if she was coming to her own place.

Col. Rathore called out Audvik and Mrs. Singhal gave him the address of their house and Anvita’s number so that he can ask for directions from her if in case he got stuck somewhere. Audvik stepped out of the house and started for Anvita’s place wondering why were his parents so keen about bringing this girl to his place.

-by Udisha M.

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