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imag1080.jpgThe Karachi Deception written by Shatrujeet Nath is a gripping tale set in the backdrop of Indo-Pak rivalry and cross-border terrorism. The fiction revolves around Major Imtiaz, a super efficient Indian Army commando and a member of discreet Unit Kilo. He is given the duty of Project Abhimanyu, an ambitious plan devised by RAW and Indian Army Intelligence to kill a globally wanted terrorist and underworld don, Irshad Dilawar.

The story carries real life examples of Bombay Cinema Blast and a lot more and Irshad Dilawar’s character is starkly similar to that of Dawood Ibrabhim. The story starts on a very high note with Major Imtiaz being assigned two of the best men to execute the operation. The plot is intelligently crafted to give you a glimpse of as to how intelligence agencies work and the book keeps you gripped till the first half. But the moment Major Imtiaz realises that he has been breached and Project Abhimanyu is compromised, the story starts losing its authentic nature. It feels like watching an Abbas Mastan flick where everyone is cheating on everybody, which is usually a rarest of rare case in an institution like Indian Army. The secrets which get unfolded at the end are too quick in nature and don’t give the reader enough time to digest.

Shatrujeet Nath no wonders has conceptualized the story well, usage of language and other technical information deserve a thumbs up. It took me hardly a day to complete the book but I kept wondering for a long while as to what could have happened if the author would have written this particular incidence differently.

Overall it’s a good read for those who are looking for easy-to-read thrillers but definitely not for serious readers who believe in exploring every scratch of the plot.

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