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Love @ Indian Railways

“Kal phir NDA Special ek stag ka intezaar kar rahi hogi!”, Kshitij thought to himself, the poor NDA cadet who tried his level best to find a girl-friend in his term break! He joined thousands of groups and pages on Facebook, praised girls even for nonsensical comments, gave friend request to millions, but god wasn’t merciful on him, not even a bit! He asked almost every second girl thinking atleast one of them will be kind enough to become his ‘girl-friend’ and most importantly ‘ball-partner’.

He packed his bags, praised his hairs and stylish beard for the last time looking into the mirror and went to the barber to get the same ‘katora-cut’ or ‘crew-cut’ cadet’s style hair do. He kept wondering what was wrong with him, that his misfortune was not leaving him at any cost!
“Bhagwaan ab toh daya karo! Itne saare terms beeta diye academy mei! ab toh ek ladki bhej do!”, he made a wish.

But nobody was there to listen him, he gave a sigh and picked his luggage and started for the station in an auto-rickshaw with a heavy heart, he watched the guys speeding their bikes on road with their girl-friends sitting with them holding them by waist tightly, laughing and giggling with them. He turned his head away from them out of jealousy.

As told earlier, his misfortune was just not ready to leave him, soon his auto was stucked in a traffic jam. Amidst all the honking-ponking of the vehicles he kept looking at his watch impatiently, he was getting late, and was afraid of missing his train. He couldn’t think of getting out and walking to the station as it was quite far and he had enough luggage with him.

Kudos, to the great Indian traffic and great Indian Railways, Kshitij missed his NDA special, and depressingly he again cursed god for being so rude to him. “Kya bhagwaan! Ladki toh de nahi rahe, train bhi nahi mili!”


Kshitij didn’t knew what to do. He called one of his uncle who was in Indian Railways and begged him to arrange a ticket for Pune as soon as possible. His uncle acted promptly and got a ticket in ‘tatkaal’ for him. But it was merely a RAC seat, that meant he was supposed to share his seat with a stranger for this long journey.

“Kaha meri AC 3 tier NDA special, aur kaha ye khataara sleeper! Ab koi motte se uncle aenge, ya do baccho waali motti aunty aengi. Jo raste bhar mujhe lecture deti hui jaegi!”, he thought to himself as he boarded the train and placed his luggage.

Kshitij was standing on the compartment’s door wondering when will the train start. After few minutes, the train started moving, he was still standing at the door as the weather was hot and humid, and standing at the door allowed him to catch some fresh air.  Suddenly, he saw a girl running after the train. Bouncy stylish hairs, big black eyes, dimpled cheeks, cute smile! Oh hell! She was the girl of Kshitij’s dreams. He suddenly felt as if he was SRK of DDLJ, “Tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam…….. pyaar hota hai deewana sanammmmm…..” It all started playing in his mind, and he was ready with thousand date plans in micro seconds.

“Dumb-ass, get off my way!”, the girl screamed and pushed him aside. She had a huge bag with her, and climbing a moving train was a toll taking task and on top of that Cadet Kshitij Tyagi was standing on the door busy admiring her beauty instead of helping her out. She was considerably pissed off, but controlled her composure and started looking for her berth in the compartment. She found the seat number and dumped her luggage on it. She was sipping water from her ‘rail-neer’ bottle when she noticed Kshitij sitting on the same seat as her’s.
“What’s wrong with you? This is my seat!”, she said with a stern look.
“It’s my seat too!”, he replied showing her the ticket. Finally she realised that it was an RAC seat and hence she has to share it with this ‘dumb-ass’. Kshitij looked pathetic with that crew cut hairstyle and super skinny body.


An hour or two passed to the journey, Kshitij had opened a novel to read but he couldn’t. His mind was still busy in manipulating the circumstances in which he could ask this girl out. She too pulled out a book from her bag and started turning the pages.
“Hey are you in engineering?”, Kshitij finally asked trying to begin a talk.
“yeah!”, she answered engrossed in her book.
“Oh! Studious girl!”, he remarked. She immediately pulled her head up as if she was a bit offended.
“I am not studious! OK!”, she replied.
“Then why are you studying in a train journey?”, he giggled.
“Because I don’t have anything else to do!”, she said with a hopeless expression. It was a long journey and she was traveling alone. 
“We can do something!”, he smiled.
“Let’s play a story-telling game, I will say one line, you add another, I will add another… and it will go on…!!!”, Kshitij gave his idea thinking he was a born genius..
“It sounds so boring!”, she turned her head into her book again.
“We don’t have any other option I guess!”, Kshitij felt a little dishearten. His misfortune was coming back again, and depriving him of yet another pretty girl. Poor cadet!!!!

“Alright let’s start!”, finally she gave a nod.
“Cool! OK! So I started for Pune!”, he told the first line excitedly.
“I got late for station!”, she added.
“I met a handsome guy on train!”, he smirked.
“But he was just some stupid fellow!”, she didn’t showed any interest.
“But he was a cadet!”
“Cadet was not so cool!”
“But cadet acted like a gentleman!”
“Gentleman was very boring!”
“But gentleman asked the girl to be his ball partner!”
“But the girl refused!”
“But after sometime she realised her mistake, and gave a yes to the cadet!”, Kshitij completed the story.

“Here I won!”, he screamed.
“What? What do you mean? How can you just win like that?”, she questioned raising her brow.
“Now since i gave the final conclusion, so I am the winner!”, he said flaunting all his 32teeth.
“God!”, she started laughing. Kshitij’s poor jokes also made her laugh like anything.
“So what’s your name cadet?”, she asked.
“I am Kshitij and what’s yours?”
“Ahan pretty lady has got a pretty name!”, Kshitij complimented, Chhavi blushed on hearing it. Finally the poor cadet had got a fair chance to please the lady.

Chhavi was a cheerful girl, they both were in teens, laughing and giggling with each other, sharing each-other’s food. Kshitij being a cadet, had a diet which would have given inferiority complex to cavemen also, but since he was with a lady, he tried behaving as good and gentle as he could.
He told her about the splendid infrastructure of NDA, about awesome food, ragda, and most importantly everything about the BALL PARTY in a hope that he will any how woo her to be his partner. Chhavi was getting impressed by his simplicity, even though she didn’t liked him at first sight but now her prejudices were getting over. They didn’t sleep even when it was late and they were busy talking and they had an urge to know each other more and more.

Time passed at a blink of an eye, the journey was about to get over. Kshitij and Chhavi had discovered great companions in each other. Kshitij helped Chhavi in carrying her luggage at the platform, he wanted to ask for her number, but was not able to come up with right words to ask for it. His heart was aching somewhere down, as she was leaving.
“Give me your hand!”, Chhavi asked as she sat in auto to her college.
Kshitij stretched it in front of her. She pulled out a pen from her bag and jotted down her phone number on it. Kshitij smiled and kissed her hands and her auto sped away.

“Finally! NDA special jis stag ka intezaar kar rahi thi! Ab wo stag, stag nahi raha! Bhagwaan ne daya dikha di thi us par! Uski girl-friend aur most importantly BALL PARTNER aa gayi thi uski life mei!”,

Kudos to Indian Railways who make people meet and at times make them fall in love!
So, this is how Kshitij and Chhavi’s love-story started at love@IndianRailways. They talked on phone, chatted online and finally found their soul-mates in each other, just to live a ‘and they happily live ever after life.’

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