Life and expectations: Random thoughts #1

Random Thoughts #1

At some point of time we all envy the ones who have relieved themselves from wordily worries and mannerism! The ones who have dedicated themselves to what they think is the actual purpose of life!

Let’s accept! when we were kids we were scared of ghost and spirits but when we grew up we learnt that people and situations are much scary than these fabled scary things! The fact is there is a child in our hearts who still wants to run away from the harsh realities of life and live a life where the biggest hurts and scares are knee wounds and weekly tests!
These things don’t happen! Yet again? Why will they happen? We all have netted a cobweb of desires and greed around us, that the little child in us is himself battling for existence! Everytime we take a step ahead towards our never ending claims, we choke him to an extent! That child keeps screaming and crying for help but we don’t listen to him! Why will we? These good for nothing worldly nuisances are more important to us than our innocence! Isn’t it?

We are taught since childhood that success means money! Success is all about luxuries in life! We were never taught that success is in achieving love and care in life!
Every second so called successful person is leading a lonely life, I guess Ratan Tata is the best example of it! People merrily say these days that, “I am married to my job!”, I want to ask them, does your job takes care of you when you fall ill? Will it actually come and place a hand over your head lovingly to comfort you? No it won’t! Then why it happens that people keep pushing for such things without pausing?

Udisha M.

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